Experimental Heart: Pieces

Shannon Pemrick

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Experimental Heart: Pieces

Experimental Heart Pieces Revised and re released as Destiny Librarian note alternate cover edition of Do you know what it s like to kill without regret Eira only knew one thing in life To kill Designed to be an

  • Title: Experimental Heart: Pieces
  • Author: Shannon Pemrick
  • ISBN: 9780991221
  • Page: 280
  • Format: ebook
  • Revised and re released as Destiny Librarian note alternate cover edition of 2940149101702 Do you know what it s like to kill without regret Eira only knew one thing in life To kill Designed to be an emotionless killing machine of war she had no desire to be a puppet of another s master plan Escape was the only option A normal, free life was the only goal LabelRevised and re released as DestinyLibrarian note alternate cover edition of 2940149101702 Do you know what it s like to kill without regret Eira only knew one thing in life To kill Designed to be an emotionless killing machine of war she had no desire to be a puppet of another s master plan Escape was the only option A normal, free life was the only goal Labeled as a failure, she took the opportunity to run and was hunted Do you know what it s like to kill without being able to feel Now given a second chance at life thanks to a mysterious dragon, Eira is forced to make a crucial decision Accept his help to gain her desired freedom or keep running with an eye over her shoulder Do you know what it s like to live in hell But, can she really trust him Didn t think so

    • Ì Experimental Heart: Pieces || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Shannon Pemrick
      280 Shannon Pemrick
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    One thought on “Experimental Heart: Pieces

    1. Zara Lethallan on said:

      ( I received this book in exchange for an honest review)I once read somewhere about the different type of writing styles. I have learned that each author has their own way of writing the story out. From what I read, this book is more based on character development then it is on the plot. The reason I say that is because in the beginning we are faced with Eira is on her death-bed, where she meets Raikidan. Someone who has promised her to help get revenge on those who have done her wrong ~ which i [...]

    2. Sammie Pemrick on said:

      this book was everything i wanted to read and more. action, suspence, romance, comedy! truly a great find! it may be a lot of pages, but if you get into it, the book is finished before you know it. I give this book 5 stars for creativity and down right amazing detail and hooks! it kept me reading, and I'm a picky reader.

    3. Stefania on said:

      4,5 starsI wonder1) Why didn't I discover this book sooner?2) Why isn't it a best seller yet?I am absolutely IN LOVE. I've never seen fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi blending so perfectly before. I had understood this would be an amazing book since the first pages full of mistery and surprise. And the most surprising thing is (if I assumed right) that all this book is just a sort of anticipation of the real story, which will be told in the sequel.All characters are particular and original. I've m [...]

    4. Christopher Buckner on said:

      (Note: I got this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review)Get ready to sit and read this book for a while - it is quite long and that might put off some readers, thankfully I converted it into an audio book which made the whole process quicker. However, this book has a interesting mix of genres. I was a bit torn between some of these crossovers going into this book but ultimately it works out quite well. The two characters are fun together as they kind of have a love/hate [...]

    5. Meena on said:

      I found this book on amazon and thought I gave it a try since it was free and sounded interesting.This book did not disappoint!!! It was full of actions, fast- paced, full of interesting characters, and lots of magic!!Laz/Eira is such a badass character and also a good leader. I am still waiting for her to realize that she is in love with Raikidan. Raikidan, the beautiful black dragon; he is odd, curious, adorable, and protective. I can't wait to read more about him in the next book. I also can' [...]

    6. Chandra Fry on said:

      Absolutely Loved This Book!This Book is simply amazing. The story was in depth and well written. I enjoyed all the well developed characters and their interactions. It was a Dystopian with a great Urban Fantasy flair to it. Needless to say I really enjoyed this book! I'll be buying the next two books asap! Well worth reading!

    7. F.P. Spirit on said:

      I was first drawn to Experimental Heart by the cover. It is rather beautiful artwork. After chatting with the author (we belong to the same book club), I discovered it is urban fantasy fiction, an area I find difficult to mix effectively. Now, thoroughly intrigued, I agreed to read and provide honest feedback on the book. I must admit to being thrown off at first by the first person point of view. It is heavily oriented from that perspective, and took a bit of adjusting for me. Once I got beyond [...]

    8. Jodi Woody on said:

      (Revised Review) I was given a copy of "Experimental Heart:Pieces" by the author, Shannon Pemrick, in exchange for an honest review. I asked to review this book for two reasons, the cover is great and the story sounded very interesting. A dystopian/fairytale sounded like a fun genre bending book. I am so torn with this book. I loved the story line, humans with modified DNA, dragons, elves The writing style was pretty good. There were some editing issues, mostly grammar. Also, though I don't mind [...]

    9. Mati on said:

      Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Experimental Heart: Pieces is a well-thought out book that clearly has more story to tell. With a rich world, interesting characters, and an action filled story, there is a lot of promise in this novel. Eira is a interesting narrator, and her relationship with Radikidan develops slowly as the story progresses. I liked the world and the setting, and would be interested to see where it would go from here.I did feel li [...]

    10. Susan on said:

      Destiny is the first book by Shannon Pemrick that I have read, so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was a storyline that was a combination of fantasy and paranormal. filled with supernatural creatures. There is violence.The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that all of that info here. If you like an Alpha kick butt female lead character who is a NuHuman (human with modified DNA), dragons, and elves then you will enjoy this book. The author did a go [...]

    11. T. on said:

      I received Destiny as a review copy through Reading Deals. The gifting did not determine the review/rating, which reflects my honest opinion. I absolutely adored the dragon Rai, but the rest of the cast of characters-- naa, not so much. Eira's multiple names were confusing, and I found her to be petulant and irritating. This is a rare book that took me almost two weeks to get through, rather than a few dedicated hours. Destiny read like a YA novel (the characters acted young and angsty), but Eir [...]

    12. Samaris Creech on said:

      I was given a gift copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Eira has never felt as if she fit in. She is half human half something else. An experiment in genetics like many others but always different no matter how hard she tries to fit in. Eira runs away from the city in an attempt to keep her friends safe from harm, When it seems as though the Hunters have finally succeed in their mission to be rid of her she is saved by a most unexpected source one she thought to be a myth. Raikada [...]

    13. Devinder Dhiman on said:

      Initially I thought, it may take me about one month to finish reading this book as it is a long book, but I was proved wrong, I finished reading it in one week, it was very interesting. Eira is commander of a group of soldiers, who have revolted against the tyranical rule of Zarda. She gets seperated from her group and is runnig for her life. When she is nearly exhausted and facing death, she finds a strange character in front of her, who saves her. After she gets well, she again heads for the c [...]

    14. Susanne Leist on said:

      The book takes the main character, Eira, on an adventure to save the city from the evil ruler Zarda. She feels different from everyone else and runs from the Hunters. She is saved by Radikidan, who morphs from human to dragon. He joins her on her quest to save the city. She is the strong one with her superhuman abilities. She is the heroine of the story. But Radikidan is also a hero who helps to save her and is beside her in the fierce battles.The battles are very intense, almost like playing a [...]

    15. Angela on said:

      This book has a beautiful opening. It draws the reader in with its colorful descriptions of the main character’s surroundings. You discover who Eira is through not only her emotions but actions and reactions around others. As the story develops it is obvious that Eira does not hold herself in high esteem. The reason being the purpose she was created for, which is to kill. However, someone, a dragon will show her she has more left to offer the world than death. At first she’s unsure of her ow [...]

    16. Lily on said:

      So where do i begin with experimental pieces? Well,first things first, Experimental Heart: Pieces, was a long but worthy ride. 740 pages ain't no joke! I received a copy of this beautiful book for an honest review. This novel has interesting dialogue, relatable characters and a voice that does not make it a tiresome read. Eira is a strong lead, with a unique character that is both edgy and surprising which makes it an even more interesting read. I loved her charming relation with Raikadain, The [...]

    17. Yliesa on said:

      This book started out with great potential. Interesting world, decent character building, etc. but by Chapter 20 I was cringing at every paragraph due to the excessive use of the same sentence. Over. And over. And. Over. Every time I saw the words "I/She/he rolled their eyes" I wanted to kill a kitten. There are so many ways to convey a persons mind-set that by repeating themselves continually the author (at best) made themselves look lazy and (at worse) makes their editor a person who should NO [...]

    18. Laura Whiskens on said:

      At first I was daunted by the length of this book, but you shouldn't let this put you off! The concept is interesting and keeps at a steady pace, with a colourful array of characters and a well-thought out world to place them in.The main character is well fleshed out with a colourful past and interesting relationship with the secondary and minor characters in the book. One of the main secondary characters, a shape-shifting dragon, asks the questions that help the reader better understand the sto [...]

    19. Magus Tor on said:

      Certainly took me a while to finish it as it was really long. But never boring.It hooked me from the start to the end. I hope to learn more about Eira and her dragon comrade.This is a really good fantasy/scifi story. The actions scenes and emotional aspect of the protagonist are well written. I had enjoyed myself tremendously reading it, as if I was walking around the city where they dwell in.

    20. Michelle on said:

      HOLY COW! What an ending!!!I had to say that first before I said anything else! The world this author has created is incredible, the characters are larger than life and I was completely engrossed in the storyline.Destiny isn't a quick read. There is so much to take in that I found myself stopping a lot to try and fit all the pieces together. I don't mean this as a criticism but more to point out that despite its length, I was heavily invested in seeing how everything worked out.Eira is an assass [...]

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