Oscar and the Mooncats

Lynda Gene Rymond Nicoletta Ceccoli

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Oscar and the Mooncats

Oscar and the Mooncats Oscar the cat loves his boy He also loves to climb way up where he can see everything He jumps onto the fridge onto the bookshelf and onto the roof of the garage but if he jumps just a little bit h

  • Title: Oscar and the Mooncats
  • Author: Lynda Gene Rymond Nicoletta Ceccoli
  • ISBN: 9780618563166
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oscar the cat loves his boy He also loves to climb way up where he can see everything He jumps onto the fridge, onto the bookshelf, and onto the roof of the garage, but if he jumps just a little bit higher, his view would be out of this world With the mightiest leap of his life, Oscar makes it all the way to the moon Oscar makes some new friends there.

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      199 Lynda Gene Rymond Nicoletta Ceccoli
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    One thought on “Oscar and the Mooncats

    1. Leila Melody on said:

      Adorably illustrated and very imaginative. And, how can a book about a cat on the moon possibly be bad?

    2. Leslie on said:

      Oscar is a bit wild in that his exuberance takes him a bit too far. He doesn’t rein it in in time despite the pleas and scolding of his boy and from the roof he “sprang into the mightiest leap of his life…” The trouble in which he finds himself does not seem so troublesome at first, but being home is good too; and when that ability to return looks to be lost? Well, author Lynda Gene Rymond shows us that Oscar’s ability to take risks works in his favor as well. Oscar learns his lesson t [...]

    3. Rachel on said:

      Oscar is a housecat who loves to jump up on things, like the refrigerator or the top the bookshelf. One night he jumps out the window and onto the moon! Then the story turns into a cat version of the myth of Hades and Persephone. I thought it was a little disturbing for a picture book but the disturbing bits went right over my four-year-old's head.There is a page where the black text is placed on top of a dark gray moonscape and it's VERY hard to read. Adult readers will find it hard to read and [...]

    4. Relyn on said:

      I told you how much I love Nicoletta Ceccoli's work. I ordered each book the library had that she had illustrated. I must say, none of the illustrations lived up to the first one of hers I discovered. I that could be the subject matter, though as I have a thing for museums, castles, and art. The art was whimsical and fun on this one. The story was fine, but not great. I won't be reading it aloud to my class.

    5. Alice on said:

      2.25 starsAfter two pages I thought I was going to like this bookd then.It just got weird. I thought the idea of cats on the moon was cool, but then a cow shows up? The fantasy was lost on me. I was yawning and hoping it would be over.What saved if from giving a 2 star or lowerwell I liked that Oscar called the boy "his boy" We think of animals as our cat, but it is cool to think we are 'their humans"

    6. Coral on said:

      This is a 3-star story with 5-star illustrations. The pictures more than make up for what the story lacks. My daughter liked it well enough, but once Oscar got to the moon, it was a little creepy for me. (Maybe I read too much into a children's story, but the mooncats reminded me of cult members trying to get Oscar to drink the cream, forget his past life and become one of them.)

    7. The Brothers on said:

      An interesting story about a little kitten who likes to jump and manages to make it to the moon. He plays with large silvery cats he finds there and is almost persuaded to drink some cream provided by the the cow the jumps over the moon - which would turn him into a moon cat too.The illustrations are really interesting to look at.

    8. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer on said:

      It's cute, with fanciful illustrations, and certainly an original story idea, but it just didn't grab me. I liked the part where the cat was on earth, but once he leaped to the moon, that was too much of a stretch for me, I guess. I did enjoy the illustrations, though, and would like to see more from the illustrator, Nicoletta Ceccoli.

    9. Ashley on said:

      d the cow jumped over the moon! Who says that only a cow could jump to the moon? Try telling that to adventurous Oscar, a small earth cat who goes a little wild one night. But once he jumps to the moon, can Oscar find his way back to the Earth and back to his boy? Beautifully illustrated and enjoyable to read. A sharing book for cat lovers and non.

    10. Jillybean on said:

      i havent yet found the book but i love this artist-- i first found her work on postcards in shops around paris. so beautiful!

    11. Shockvalue on said:

      Illustrations are great. Story is good. My son (3) loves to hear it, and I (40) love to read it.

    12. Aerin on said:

      How much does a cat love his boy? Enough to come back from the moon, but what will really send you soaring are the amazing illustrations. A great gift for a child.

    13. Sadie on said:

      This is such a touching story,especially that he risks his life to get back to his owner.It is one of my favorite stories!

    14. Natalie on said:

      Fantastic Mark Ryden like illustrations create a surreal environment for an adventurous kitty who jumps to the moon and narrowly makes it back home to his boy.

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