The Field of Someone Else's Dreams

Amelia C. Gormley

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The Field of Someone Else's Dreams

The Field of Someone Else s Dreams Chris Boyden loved Matt VanderVeen since junior high But growing up gay in the Bible belt of west Michigan was difficult and unlike Matt he wasn t brave enough to face the prejudice head on Especial

  • Title: The Field of Someone Else's Dreams
  • Author: Amelia C. Gormley
  • ISBN: 9781626226043
  • Page: 206
  • Format: ebook
  • Chris Boyden loved Matt VanderVeen since junior high But growing up gay in the Bible belt of west Michigan was difficult, and unlike Matt, he wasn t brave enough to face the prejudice head on Especially when his family told him over and over that he wouldn t be able to attend college without a scholarship.Back in high school, he worried that coming out would get him kickChris Boyden loved Matt VanderVeen since junior high But growing up gay in the Bible belt of west Michigan was difficult, and unlike Matt, he wasn t brave enough to face the prejudice head on Especially when his family told him over and over that he wouldn t be able to attend college without a scholarship.Back in high school, he worried that coming out would get him kicked off the baseball team or make recruiters reluctant to scout him Eventually, Matt broke up with him when he couldn t handle being Chris s secret boyfriend any longer, but college has given them a second chance if Chris has the courage to take it.When a terrible injury puts Chris s baseball scholarship in jeopardy, it reminds Chris of all the reasons he stayed in the closet to begin with, and his ultra masculine father s expectations and thoughtless homophobia aren t helping Baseball has always been Chris s hope for the future, but now that dream could cost him Matt s love.

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      206 Amelia C. Gormley
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    One thought on “The Field of Someone Else's Dreams

    1. Exina on said:

      Chris and Matt have been dating secretly since junior high. The Field of Someone Else's Dreams tells the story of Chris’ coming out to his family, and the events that led to this decision. God damn it. Tears burned my eyes and I couldn’t stop them. Everything hurt so bad and there was nothing. No hope. I was screwed. By the economy, by the educational system, by the national health care system… I was twenty years old, and I’d done everything I could possibly do to give myself a future.Ch [...]

    2. Mandy*reads obsessively* on said:

      This was a beautiful picture prompt for the LHNB collection.This is a little story with a big message.It covers a lot of ground for such a short story, without feeling preachy.For Chris to go to college without a shitload of debt he needs a scholarship, but what happens when he has an injury that makes playing impossible? Matt has a scholarship too, but to really do what he wants, where he wants it, he would need to go to another school. But if he goes there, he loses the scholarship, a catch 22 [...]

    3. Jonetta on said:

      This is an honest but painful look at one young man's journey from being in the closet to acknowledging to his family that he's gay. The impact on those around him was frank and unpredictable. Really good short story.

    4. Leta Blake on said:

      As always, Amelia brings her characters to life in a moving and exciting way. This was a fantastic read and, from what I understand, a taste of a universe in which many books will be set in the future! Amelia's writing is always crisp and detailed and the characters are real, people you can sink your emotional teeth into! Loved it!

    5. rameau on said:

      That was really good. A story about a college student and an injured baseball player drifting, trying to decide what he wants or even dares to expect from the uncertain future. There's a secret boyfriend and there are difficult parents. Read it.

    6. Sara on said:

      I need, want, MUST thank this group for these reads. I have had the best weekend getting lost in them and this was no exception. I took my time with Chris and Matt. Their story was not one to be rushed. I do wish that I saw them when they were in high school but I was given enough to know what they went through. I ached for everyone in this story, even Chris' parents. This read so real and true to life for me. Sure, it's nice to read the easy stories but this one broke my heart. If keeping my se [...]

    7. Serena Yates on said:

      One of many examples of a closeted young man trying to make things work with an out boyfriend, this is the story of Chris and Matt. They've known each other since high school and are now attending the same college. They love each other, but Chris is scared to death about coming out. And as the story develops, it becomes pretty obvious why.Chris is on a baseball scholarship, urged along by his father. His dad is also a very macho man, who utters homophobic slurs every 5 minutes and doesn't even r [...]

    8. Kazza on said:

      I'm not into college-age stories. I'm not into jock stories, I'm not into established couples, unless they are part of a series I really, really like. I also very rarely read free reads. So these things were all against me reading this short. So why did I read it? Because Amelia C Gormley wrote it. I also loved the title of the book and the play on Field of Dreams and baseball, and the direction of the book from an emotional standpoint.This story of a young man who has a baseball scholarship was [...]

    9. Jewel on said:

      An excellent introduction to this series and a good illustration as to how casual homophobia can really hurt. Chris wants his relationship with Matt to be in the open, but he is afraid of how his family will react. His dad has always been very macho in his outlook, meaning gay=sissy, etc. So, understandably, Chris is scared. Matt is very understanding of Chris' situation, even though he really wants Chris to come out. He knows it isn't always easy to do.Their relationship and the things they go [...]

    10. Chris Cox on said:

      This story made me tear up several times. The author showes us very real and realistic emotions through her MCs, one who is out and proud and wants his boyfriend to walk in the light with him, and one who knows his family will reject him when he admits to them that he is gay. The empathy of the characters for their family, the sadness they feel for hiding who they are, is all on the page in a very moving portrayal. A great, emotion-provoking read.

    11. Tina on said:

      The reason I've actually read this novella is Topher, who is first mentioned here. In May his novel ‘Saugatuck Summer’ will come out and I look forward to reading more about Chris and Matt’s friend whohides absolutely nothing, and doesn’t bother to play anything low-key, even if it makes others squirm, who just lets it all hang out and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.I really enjoyed reading this short, engaging story about coming out and coping with some tough issues like the p [...]

    12. Julesmarie on said:

      This was fucking depressing. I'm 100% an escapist reader. I read so I can get lost in someone else's reality for a while (and the further that reality is from my own, the better! especially if it's sappy and fluffy with guaranteed happy endings!) and this reality was miserable.While I appreciate that the characters were realistic and their situation, especially the coming-out to the conservative family, was realistic, I don't read for realism. I don't read so I can hear about other peoples' fina [...]

    13. Edina Rose on said:

      I loved this book very much because it portrayed a regular and loving family like millions out there who have a gay kid. I liked that the kid understood that his dad's reaction was due to ignorance, not evil. He knew his dad loved him, he knew where his dad was coming from. I think it hurts a lot when the parent loves his kid to pieces but is just ignorant. That kind of parents are not portrayed enough in MM romance. Most of the time it's just evil parents, abusive parents, distant parents, etc. [...]

    14. Annika on said:

      This short story really captivated me. Apart from the likable characters this felt like a real life story, the economical crises and its impact on a family, the need and pressure for a scholarship to attend college and what'll happen if if you loose it, hospital bills and a family that has mighty big problems accepting a gay son but, despite their convictions, is struggling to accept it at least partly. It's not an escapism read and I liked that (for a change). It's about real life, which is oft [...]

    15. Matthew on said:

      I was captivated by this different take on a coming out story.The life problems were well-captured and the characters worked. There was essentially no sex in this story - one scene that faded to black after some heavy kissing and another scene that was interrupted. But it was an engaging story, shedding light on some real issues and telling a story I haven't seen in writing before.

    16. Anke on said:

      Another one in preparation for Rainbow Con - and I loved it! It's a very short story but what an impact in these few pages. I really hope that there will be a follow-up with Chris and Matt. In the meantime I'll read the other Saugatuck book, well, when it's finally released. Only a few more weeks:)

    17. Bev on said:

      Nice little story about Chris and Matt, Chris eventually finding the courage to come out of that closet to his moderately religious and 'manly man' dad. 4 stars

    18. T.M. Smith on said:

      Chris and Matt have been in a relationship a couple times now. First in high school, but Matt left Chris when he wouldn’t come out. Now in college they are trying to make a go of it again. But the same issues that drove a wedge between them before are not yet resolved. Can Chris come to terms with his sexuality and be honest with his conservative family about who he really is? Or will he allow his pride and appearances to cause the man he loves to leave him alone, again.Chris Boyden loves base [...]

    19. Maria on said:

      Well, this one covered a lot of complex issues in just a few pages. Chris, a young and promising athlete, needs a scholarship in order to not leave college with a debt as high as Mount Everest. But a sports scholarship and coming out just doesn't seem to go together, no matter how much you're wishing for a loophole. Add the pressure of a man-ly man as a father and the guy you're in love with and just can't shove back in the closet as if it'S nothing, and Chris has more than one full plate to dea [...]

    20. Shirley on said:

      I kind of read this book out of order, but that’s actually okay. Even though the events The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams happen before the events in Saugatuck Summer, nothing is given away. This one is great if you want a taste of either Amelia C. Gormley’ or the Saugatuck series. Since I already had both, the main thing that I walked away from this short sweet read was hoping there was more.That’s not saying that The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams was lacking. It wasn’t. It gave r [...]

    21. PJ Mooney on said:

      I wanted to like this story. The premise is sound, the characters believable, and the plot engaging. The execution, however, is unfortunate. It's possible I was predisposed to disappointment, because my expectations were high--I have read and adored other works by this author.The difference lies in editing. Hard as I tried to share in Chris and Matt's journey, I simply could not get past the comma splices, pronoun-antecedent disagreements, split infinitives, and misplaced modifiers. When I'm for [...]

    22. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie on said:

      This was a great free read. Chris is a baseball player that has been injured, and may not be able to play the next season. If he can't play he will lose his scholarship. Matt is his the physical therapist aid, and unbeknownst to everyone, Chris's boyfriend. Matt is out and proud and Chris is very much in the closet. This was a really short story. Chris and Matt have such a good chemistry. I wish this had been a longer book, and we would have met Chris and Matt in HS and gotten to see them fall i [...]

    23. Furio on said:

      Writing is an asset in this coming-out short story: it is not only professional but capable of moving the reader with finely worded, relatable feelings.The story itself reads more like a difficult coming-out SHOULD be than how it actually WOULD be but the author's intentions are good and it is easy to overlook the problem.P.S. What is dramatically real and perfectly pictured is the abysmal Usonian healthcare which will not allow even hard-working, honest, lower middle-class or working-class peop [...]

    24. Discerningcritic on said:

      I enjoyed this. It's short (short stories generally are) and I found this difficult. There simply wasn't enough space for full character development. That said, it was a pleasant enough read, for the time the author had to tell it. I'd like to see this concept taken a little further by the author, so she has a chance to explore her characters deeply and give them some body and soul. The bones are there, it just needs flesh, and I think with a little effort and a bit more time, it could be someth [...]

    25. Don Bradshaw on said:

      Chris knew that his parents would shun him if he came out. Matt was totally out with an accepting family so thought that Chris was over exaggerating his parent's reaction. His parents reacted just as he expected when Chris came out to his father. I was blown away by the way Chris's mother reacted. I thought his father was much more the likable character. Where his mother was just homophobic and ugly, his father was at least open to listening to Chris. Family is who you choose.

    26. Ronna on said:

      Sweet story about coming out, the power of expectations and the challenge of being gay in the bible belt. While the story is complete, I am eager to find out what's next for these two and will likely continue on with the series. Recommended for fans of m/m, especially if its still free on Kindle!

    27. Sandra on said:

      Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!

    28. Eve on said:

      So glad I found these boys. Loved Chris & Matt. Happy to see established relationship make it through the coming out. And happy to see Chris's dad come close to acceptance. Would love to read more about them!

    29. Rachel Emily on said:

      This was so sweet. I really liked Chris and Matt, and was happy to see that Chris' dad didn't just shut him out when he found out. Would definitely love to read more about these guys and more of Chris' family. Really enjoyed this one, thank you!

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