First Beginnings

Clare Atling

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First Beginnings

First Beginnings Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B CHH Z A Sarah has everything in place for the first time in her life She and her friend Callie are about to open their lifelong dream ba

Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00CHH0Z9A.Sarah has everything in place for the first time in her life She and her friend Callie are about to open their lifelong dream bakery when one night turns everything she thought she knew upside down A dangerous Wolves stalks Callie and Sarah forcing them to run and find help with a pack of wolves.SeLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00CHH0Z9A.Sarah has everything in place for the first time in her life She and her friend Callie are about to open their lifelong dream bakery when one night turns everything she thought she knew upside down A dangerous Wolves stalks Callie and Sarah forcing them to run and find help with a pack of wolves.Seth is the alpha of his pack and has waited years to find his mate Can he convince Sarah she will be happy on Penn Lake Island or will she choose the life she has worked so hard for Please note after listening to your feedback I have now had this proof read by a professional company This is an updated version.

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One thought on “First Beginnings

  1. Emily on said:

    Sarah and her best friend Callie are excited to finally be living their dream, opening a bakery. Going out and celebrating puts Sarah in danger and Callie revealing she is a shifter. Hiding out, Sarah and Callie find themselves under the care of Seth, Alpha of a pack who can protect them both. However, Seth knows Sarah is his mate and now needs to convince her that he is worth putting her trust in.This was a fun one, Sarah kind of flips out when she realizes that there are shifters in the world. [...]

  2. Lady S on said:

    I liked the premise for this storyBUT, why oh why can't self-publishing authors go back and read their own stories to try to correct misspelled and incorrect words, as well as making sure the periods and commas are all in the correct places???? Grammar matters author. THEN, they should get family, friends, or even volunteers to act as beta readers (at least 4 of them) to help catch whatever mistakes are still left. Face it authors, if you want to make it in the writing world, you just can't driv [...]

  3. Lyn on said:

    It was okaythis is the first time that I've tried this author's book. The story seemed rushed which is evident by the number of pages that makes up this book. Seth who is the lead character shows amazing restraint from claiming his mate Sarah who lives with him while getting familiar and comfortable with the man and wolf. I didn't really care for how Sarah, who is human and never having been exposed to anything supernatural, was first surprised, shocked and feelings hurt all of '10 minutes' befo [...]

  4. Dina on said:

    like what?! I couldn't finish the d*mn thing! Sarah is immature and how many times do you have to write that her best friend is fat?! does it matter? some men actually like meat on their women. something to hold on to. something soft to their own hard body? I don't see it and it just gets worse with Logan. I stopped reading after Logan stormed off after meeting with Callie. I just couldn't get through this story! bad writing and poor editing! I'm not usually this harsh when it comes to reviews b [...]

  5. Deborah on said:

    Good start to a new series 3.5 stars.Sarah and Callie have been best friends for over six years, they've just finished their final exams and are now hoping to realise their dreams and open a bakery. On a night out to celebrate everything changes and Sarah's world is turned upside down.I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to start the next one, it has some great characters, I loved both Sarah and Seth as well as Callie and all Seth's family, apart from Logan I haven't made my mind up about h [...]

  6. Jane Doe on said:

    2 1/2 Super fast read. Would like it to have been a longer story. The price for the paperback is way to much for this short of a story. I love shifter stories. I will be reading more of this series for free on Kindle. Not the second book because of the reviews and the two characters were in the first book while I liked Callie the secondary character in book 1. I couldn't stand Logan her mate who thinks she's not good enough and to fat, he is an a@$hat in book 1. I'm going to read book 3 next. It [...]

  7. Ms. Ali Cat on said:

    4-in-1 Review on All The Things Inbetween!This is a four-in-one book review of Clare Atling’s Penn Lake Wolves novella series. Come meet the Penn Lake Wolves and get my yays, nays, thumbs ups, flipped birds and mmmm… mmmms about these stories. Someone package me a shifter like Colt for my birthday next month. I like the ambiguously moral ones the best.Read it here now! Tongue Wagger - Penn Lake Wolves Series by Clare Atling

  8. Shay on said:

    I think this was a good idea for a story, but the strange writing made it difficult to read. I kept trying to figure out where the story was set because the characters said "Mum" instead of "Mom" and the guy repeatedly (as in way too much) called the girl "sweetness", not a standard American term of endearment. There were also typos that threw me off a few times. While not a bad story, it wasn't enough to make me want to read more. Especially with how big a jerk Logan was in this story. I wouldn [...]

  9. Patti Ashley on said:

    Interesting take on werewolves. SAra and her roommate are attacked by a serial sadistic wolf and rescued by the wolves of Penn Lake. The story is good, but e everything seems so rushed. There is not enough time to enjoy the very well written characters.The editing is pretty bad, and I usually just skip that unless it affects the story. It does!

  10. Ceola on said:

    Crazy wolf and son hunt women human and other. Story of Sarah and Callie one wolf,Callie, the other human. Psycho father killed sons mother. Son Searching for mother wonder what he will do to father when he finds out dad killed his mom. Story for another time?

  11. Lois Gosline-Pomeroy on said:

    First BeginningsJust finished Clare Atling's book, it was the first one I have read of hers. I enjoyed it very much. The characters were charming and showed how deep love can be especially love at first sight. Come and enjoy these shifters. I did

  12. Shellie Johnson on said:

    This was a very good read. I really feel in love with it. In fact I finished this book in 1 setting and started the next book in the series. It was that good. There were a few grammar errors in it so if you are a grammar snob you may not like it but otherwise, it was awesome!!!

  13. Rhonda on said:

    Ok story. I got into the characters and want more from this family!

  14. Emily on said:

    A good shifter book. I enjoyed the storyt the most original of storylines, but it held my attention and proved to be very entertaining.

  15. Sieera on said:

    Good storyline but the story arrangement is suck. It should be examined and improved. And the story should be expanded.

  16. Megan on said:

    Aside from the sex. It was like reading really young YA fantasy books. Just strange combo of immature and nsfw language. Odd book

  17. Kathy Harrington on said:

    Really liked this book. Cannot wait to see where it leads.

  18. Michelle on said:

    First beginningsSeth and Sara are a great couple. just hope the what Marcus has planned gets messed up. can't wait for the next book

  19. Alicia Huxtable on said:

    Didn't like the whiplash from the 'don't like you, yes I do' constantly. If that's your thing then by all means read this book, but personally I couldn't do it.

  20. Þórey Jónsdóttir on said:

    The book is too short to have a good storyline with believable and relatable characters. Unfortunately I don't think I'll bother reading the others in the series :/

  21. Michele bookloverforever on said:

    nor bad a serial there are a lot of loose ends left

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