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Jenny McLachlan

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Love Bomb

Love Bomb Perfect Valentine s reading for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison Betty Plum has never been in love She s never even kissed a boy But when H O T Toby starts school it s like Betty has been hit wit

  • Title: Love Bomb
  • Author: Jenny McLachlan
  • ISBN: 9781408856093
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect Valentine s reading for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison.Betty Plum has never been in love She s never even kissed a boy But when H.O.T Toby starts school it s like Betty has been hit with a thousand of Cupid s arrows It s like a bomb has exploded a love bomb More than ever Betty wishes her mum hadn t died when Betty was a baby She really needs her mumPerfect Valentine s reading for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison.Betty Plum has never been in love She s never even kissed a boy But when H.O.T Toby starts school it s like Betty has been hit with a thousand of Cupid s arrows It s like a bomb has exploded a love bomb More than ever Betty wishes her mum hadn t died when Betty was a baby She really needs her mum here to ask her advice And that s when she finds hidden letters for just these moments Letters about what your first kiss should feel like and what real love is all aboutIs Betty ready to fall in love Will she finally have her first kiss See at bloomsbury uk love bom

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    One thought on “Love Bomb

    1. Sophie on said:

      As I have an ARC of book 3, Sunkissed, this was the perfect opportunity to read Love Bomb for the first time. Love Bomb follows Betty, who I adored in book 1, Flirty Dancing. Betty is weird, and wacky, and just the perfect amount of strange and loveable that we need in cutesy contemporary fiction. Even though I'm now 20, I adore reading UKYA contemporaries such as the Geek Girl series, and Jessica Cole: Model Spy. The Ladybirds is no exception to this! To be honest, I feel like I'm back to being [...]

    2. Kelly (Diva Booknerd) on said:

      divabooknerd/2015/03/aI absolutely love this series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but introduces readers to the lives of the former children's playgroup The Ladybugs, girls who have since drifted apart although their lives still entwine with one another. Love Bomb follows Betty, the quirky teen who has never felt the loss of her mother more than when Toby walks into her life. He's the new kid, described as unnaturally attractive and quite the catch. It's love at first sight for Betty, [...]

    3. Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws on said:

      Love Bomb is the second book in The Ladybirds and the first one that I have read. From what I understand, the books in this series can also be read as standalone even though the series centers around a group of friends. Love bomb introduces us to Betty, a fifteen year old trying to handle school, friends, family drama and her first crush. Betty had lost her mother at a very young age. Her connection to her mother is through the letters her mother has left for her. As she turns fifteen, Betty fin [...]

    4. Daphne (Illumicrate) on said:

      Another really solid story from the Ladybirds series. This time, it involved Betty, new hot guy Toby and her best friend Bill. I liked the friendships, focus on first love and first kisses, the cute ending and the letters from her dead mum. Overall though, I enjoyed it a bit less than Flirty Dancing because the majority was Betty obsessing about Toby who is not very likable. I also didn't appreciate some of Betty's choices. These would be great reads for 10+

    5. Amanda G. (Nellie and Co. on said:

      With most reviews, there's a defined overruling emotion that I have throughout, and an overall feelings towards the book in question, but on this occasion, with Love Bomb, I don't have that joy, in fact, this review may just turn heads, and I've done that a few times already in the past. To put it in plain and simple terms, Love Bomb could have and would have been, in my eyes, a perfect book, a book with the right amount of humour and snark, with beautiful friendships and relationships between f [...]

    6. Joy on said:

      - - - -4.5 out of 5 starsHave you read the first book, Flirty Dancing? Read my review before you continue onto Love Bomb!The Ladybirds are back, and this time we get to follow the unique Betty Plum as she navigates high school, boys and her dad's new girlfriend. Flirty Dancing gave us a glimpse into Betty's world and I absolutely loved it. Love Bomb - if you can believe it - was even better. There was a deeper sense of emotional depth in this book as Betty finally comes to terms with the lo [...]

    7. Yolanda Sfetsos on said:

      Last year I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of a mega cute book called Flirty Dancing. Both my daughter and I absolutely loved it, so we were mega excited when we received the ARC for the second book in the Ladybirds series. And just like the first book, I read it in a day!Betty Plum has just turned fifteen. She might be running late like usual, but she's still having a great day with her friends. When she meets the new kid in school, she sets her sights on this hottie. Toby is tall, cool, th [...]

    8. Eugenia (Genie In A Book) on said:

      *This review also appears on my blog Genie In A Book*Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewIn this second book from 'The Ladybirds' series, you'll find the same lighthearted vibe for the most part, with some teenage drama relating to friendship, boys and family. While this book may seem superficial at first with the seemingly immature choices of the characters, there was a deeper message which I really appreciated.Betty's mother pass [...]

    9. Eva Lucia on said:

      Also posted on Eva Lucias blogTak til Gyldendal for anmeldereksemplaret!Hjertestarter er anden del i Ladybirds-serien af Jenny McLachlan. Jeg var vild med Flirty Dancing og jeg gav den glædeligt 4 stjerner. Det er tit, at 2’eren i en serie ikke kan toppe den første, men Hjertestarter kunne bare det hele. Den var endnu bedre end 1’eren, så 5 stjerner er fuld fortjent.Først og fremmest, så er Betty verdens skønneste karakter. Hvorfor er hun ikke min veninde rigtigt? Hun er stærk og usik [...]

    10. Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) on said:

      Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Love Bomb is the second book in the Ladybugs series by Jenny McLachlan and this time follows quirky and unique Betty in yet another smile inducing and enjoyable tale.Betty Plum is turning fifteen, an important day in any teenage girl’s life. Not only that but she’s just caught the eye of the new boy at her school Toby an [...]

    11. Emma on said:

      Again, the book begun on a event of some sorts, rather than a dancing audition, this time is was a Autumn show, where Betty would bring out her personality by singing with either Kat her best friend, or the new kid Toby! I knew from the start that something wasn't right here. Although it was Betty's love is feeling getting in the mix she really couldn't tell and to be honest, it was after all her first time falling for someone. But it seemed that is someone closer to home that she had fallen for [...]

    12. Nic on said:

      Love Bomb is book two in the delightful Ladybirds series, with each novel following one of the girls from the childhood group, so far chronicling their adventures in young love. Book one, Flirty Dancing, was an absolute pleasure to read.Love Bomb tells the story of Betty, who falls deeply and suddenly for the new boy in school. The best thing about this book is the way that McLachlan managed to perfectly encapsulate how easy it is, as a teenaged girl, to be infatuated by a total dropkick (partic [...]

    13. Anna Branson on said:

      I loved the first book, 'Flirty Dancing' and I think Jenny is a fantastic author. I am very excited that soon her third book will be coming out soon. Me and my mum both loved 'Flirty Dancing' and I recommend this amazing book to ages 10+.

    14. The Book Girl (Andrea) on said:

      Previously posted on The Young Girl Who Loved Books"Betty Plum has never been in love. She's never even kissed a boy. But when Toby starts school it's like Betty has been hit with a thousand of Cupid's arrows. A bomb has exploded-a love bomb." She has never been in love because they are still young, in high school, and she still has years to go. I honestly think I missed something with all these 5-star reviews of this book. Or perhaps my reading tastes have changed, and this isn't the kind of bo [...]

    15. Regitze on said:

      Slightly predictable, but not worse off for it. Just the kind of fluffy summer read that I was in the mood for.

    16. Sophie on said:

      Posted originally reviewedthebook/2015 Love Bomb is book two in the Ladybirds series, which got off to a fabulous start last year with Flirty Dancing. I was so excited for the next book and I really adored Love Bomb even more than the first book. I read it all in one go and I just loved everything about it – from the teenage fun and games to the more impacting and powerful message brought across with the involvement of some pretty special letters. Definitely cute, but also a very beautiful rea [...]

    17. Mehsi on said:

      I was kind of worried about this book. I was looking forward to it, but also worried that it might not be as awesome as the first book. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that I would hate a second book in a series. But thank Lord, I loved this book, I adored it, and it is now one of my many favourites. This time we have a new main character. The previous book we had Bea, but this time we have Betty. Betty who has enough problems/things going on in her life. She and her dad are alone, her [...]

    18. Faith on said:

      My Rating:I haven't read Flirty Dancing and in all honesty, you didn't have to when reading this one. This book follows one of the best friends of the main character from Flirty Dancing - Betty and her love life.This book was kind of frustrating for me. I expected this to be a light, flirty, happy read like Anna and the French Kiss. I dismissed the cheesy title and cover and convinced myself to give this book a try as I do end up loving the books I doubt. Everyone had been talking about how grea [...]

    19. Daisy on said:

      I'd never read anything by Jenny McLachlan before, but this sounded cute and quirky, so I was good to go.And I did enjoy reading Love Bomb, though it took me a while to get used to Betty's voice. She's 15, but it's a pretty young 15 in my opinion. Also, she's a bit odd, which is not a problem, but I could not immediately groove with her particular kind of oddness, so we had to get to know each other for a bit before I could go with the flow of the story. I think that Betty is one of those people [...]

    20. Meera Nair on said:

      Betty Plum who never before approached boys with romantic intentions has her eye on the new boy in school. Surely his smiles mean something or so is her wishful thinking. Toby is the typical girl magnet – mysterious with a notorious reputation. When he invites Betty to audition for vocals in his band, she is beyond ecstatic. Not realizing the compromises she would have to make, she agrees to audition. And that’s when a horde of issues land in her way; driving her to quit school, turn to her [...]

    21. Amanda on said:

      Love Bomb is the second book in Jenny McLachlan's The Ladybirds series, and this time the main character is Betty Plumb - hooray! Betty was my favourite character from Flirty Dancing and I was thrilled to find out this book would revolve around her.So, onto Betty! Betty lives with her Dad and her cat, Mr Smokey. Her mother died of cancer just before Betty's second birthday, and since then it's just been them. But after spotting a few clues, Betty is shocked and annoyed to find her father has sta [...]

    22. Naruto4Hokage(Jessica) on said:

      I remember seeing reviews of this when it first came out, and after I just read the first one, I was wondering why lots of the ratings for this sequel was so, MEH. Unfortunately, as a lover of the first book, Flirty Dancing, this was was very disappointing.I think what I loved about the first book was how even though it had such simple writing, it was so adorably sweet, that it didn't really matter. It was like a guilty pleasure read. PLUS, the best thing about it was Bea's younger sister Emma, [...]

    23. Barbara on said:

      Fifteen-year-old Betty Plum has never been kissed, and she's certainly never been in love. But suddenly, she finds herself crushing on new boy Toby Gray when he asks her to audition as the lead singer in his band, Vanilla Chinchilla. These new experiences could be the start of something very good for Betty, but she starts lying to her father, letting down her friends, and questioning everything about herself. Most of all, she isn't sure whether she and Toby are in a relationship. Readers will re [...]

    24. Lara on said:

      In this second installment of the Ladybirds series, Betty Plum meets the new boy, Toby, and is immediately smitten. Betty becomes the lead singer for his band, only to discover that she is going to have to let her best friend, Kat, down for the talent show since now she will be singing with Toby’s band instead of with Kat. With the help of some secret letters from her mother who died when she was two, Betty learns the difference between infatuation and true love. I truly enjoyed the first two [...]

    25. Leah on said:

      I absolutely love this series. Jenny McLachlan's Flirty Dancing sucked me in roughly a year ago, and when Love Bomb landed on my doorstep I was eager to step back into the world of the Ladybirds. This did not disappoint. This book is even more fun than Flirty Dancing and I really felt like I could empathise with Betty so much! I love that these books encapsulate all that it is to be a teenager. All of the emotions that explode through the pages are ones that will be oh so familiar to everyone re [...]

    26. Caroline on said:

      Having read and enjoyed Flirty Dancing late last year I was very much looking forward to the second book in the series and I actually think this one was even better.This time around we get Betty's story. She has never been in love but when a hot new boy turns up at school she is immediately infatuated with him. She really needs her mum to ask for some love advice but sadly her mum died when she was a baby. Her mum has written letters for Betty to read on each birthday and when she receives the l [...]

    27. Nicole on said:

      This is book 2 in the Ladybird Girls series. I loved Bea's ArseTalk in Flirty Dancing but this book focuses on another of the 4 'friends' Betty Plum.Each year on her birthday Betty gets a letter from her Mum (Mumface) who died of cancer when she was 2. When she turns 15 this is her last letter.Not only that but the Autumn celebration at school has arrived and the hot new boy who she has a crush on just asked her to audition for his band! I loved Bea and her jiving and getting together with Olly [...]

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