Forever in Love

Leeanna Morgan

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Forever in Love

Forever in Love A baby A man A secret Amy Sullivan s life might have been lonely but it was safe until she found a baby on her doorstep With her alcoholic mother gone and a five month old sister to look after Amy

  • Title: Forever in Love
  • Author: Leeanna Morgan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A baby A man A secret.Amy Sullivan s life might have been lonely but it was safe, until she found a baby on her doorstep With her alcoholic mother gone, and a five month old sister to look after, Amy has no choice but to give her sister what she never had a family and that means moving back to Montana and the only man she s ever loved.Nathan Gray s life has turned uA baby A man A secret.Amy Sullivan s life might have been lonely but it was safe, until she found a baby on her doorstep With her alcoholic mother gone, and a five month old sister to look after, Amy has no choice but to give her sister what she never had a family and that means moving back to Montana and the only man she s ever loved.Nathan Gray s life has turned upside down and the last person he wants to see is Amy Sullivan Nine years earlier she left him faster than a howling nor wester and now, burned and broken after a barn fire, he has even reason to keep his distance Only this time fate and a meddling family have other ideas and their lives are about to come crashing down Right on top of each other.If this is the first time you have read a Montana Brides story, you can easily read each book as a standalone The Montana Brides series Book 1 Forever Dreams Gracie and Trent Book 2 Forever in Love Amy and Nathan Book 3 Forever After Nicky and Sam Book 4 Forever Wishes Erin and Jake Book 5 Forever Cowboy Emily and Alex Book 6 Forever Together Kate and Dan Book 7 Forever and a Day Sarah and Jordan The Bridesmaids Club Book 1 All of Me Tess and Logan Book 2 Loving You Annie and Dylan Book 3 Head Over Heels Sarah and Todd Book 4 Sweet on You Molly and Jacob

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      428 Leeanna Morgan
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    One thought on “Forever in Love

    1. booklover4life on said:

      A solid readThis was a solid readgood writing, nice series set up, and some interesting characters. I especially loved Catherine. The story sounded great, but it never really hooked me. I wasn't very invested in it, and unfortunately, it wasn't all that memorable. It wasn't a bad story, it just needed more excitement and character development. Something to really grab the reader's attention. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes sweet, simple and clean stories.

    2. Pam Koenig on said:

      Something missingI really enjoyed the story, my problem, is I felt like I came in in the middle of the tale. The hero is recovering from severe burns suffered in a barn fire, but you never fully learn about the fire. How did it start, why was he the only one hurt, you never find out. The lack of the back story kind of dimmed the good points in the tale.

    3. Nancy Brady on said:

      A contemporary romance that is good clean fun to read. It is not full of spicy bits, but kissing can be pretty fulfilling.Amy has returned home to Montana, home to the Gray family, which includes Nathan. She has her younger sister, Catherine, with her. After her mother dumped the five-month-old on her doorstep in Chicago, Amy sought temporary custody and brought her here.Old feelings between Nathan and Amy emerge, but can either one release control? Especially when each is (or feels) damaged in [...]

    4. Cynthia on said:

      RenewingThey fell for each other as teens but then she left to become a doctor. He survived a fire and she has custody of her little sister. And she brought her to Bozeman to the only people she considers family. A wonderful continuation of the series.

    5. Barbi on said:

      I really am enjoying this series. I got it as a boxed set with the 1st 3 books and I can hardly wait to read the next one.Amy and Nathan are 2 people who knew each other when they were younger but the time wasn't right for either one of them. Amy has returned to town with her baby half-sister, Catherine. Nathan is still trying to return to normal after a fire left him unable to do the things that he used to. When they finally realize their feelings for one another, it is super sweet.

    6. Grace Augustine on said:

      Another winnerThe second book in the Montana Brides series is just as good as the first. Nathan and Amy are two stubborn people who finally come to their senses in this happy ever after romance. Can't wait to begin book 3.

    7. Jackie on said:

      I fell in love with baby Catherine first and liked Amy with Nathan better as got to know them through the story.Nicely executed second addition to the series.

    8. Nicole Galbraith on said:

      This was a sweet romance and I really liked the main characters. Some of it felt rushed to me though. Amy and Nathan have known each other for a long time and have a history, but are both facing personal issues. Amy had a difficult childhood and is now raising her baby sister. Nathan was recently in a fire and is struggling with his physical limitations. While these issues are addressed, I felt like they weren't fully developed and were sort of dropped in a rush to get to the happy ending.

    9. Lori Feldpausch on said:

      Sweet storyThis was such a great read! I love the story. Sweet family, strong togetherness. Something you don't find often in a story. I recommend it!

    10. Rosa Ascenso on said:

      Loved it. R. ACute love story but it dragged a little. I still say a must read .I wish they had talked a little more about her growing up.

    11. on said:

      Didn't finish after page 15. It might be an okay read but I don't like reading a book that feels like I am starting in the middle. I also get tired of characters who have rules for themselves. Like this girl, whose "rule" is to not to lose her heart to the guy. I'm just over that type of conflict. I want the characters to just live. And for the authors to quit putting emphasis on the "rules" characters create for themselves. I get tired of the age old self beratement monologuing. You know, where [...]

    12. Birgit on said:

      "Amy Sullivan's life might have been lonely but it was safe, until she found a baby on her doorstep. With her alcoholic mother gone, and a five-month-old sister to look after, Amy has no choice but to give her sister what she never had - a family - and that means moving back to Montana and the only man she's ever loved. Nathan Gray's life has turned upside down and the last person he wants to see is Amy Sullivan. Nine years earlier she left him faster than a howling nor'wester and now, burned an [...]

    13. Sandi Ramirez on said:

      This is the first Montana Brides book i have read need to grab book 1 next. I really like this story just wish i knew what started the fire Nathan was in. Not sure if the Montana Brides series are connected so maybe book 1 talks about it if so I will adjust my review after reading it.Amy comes back home after being gone for years. When she returns she comes home with a baby. It is her half sister. Seems her mom left her with Dr Amy and took off to lands unknown. Amy came home to The Grays where [...]

    14. Cayla on said:

      This was a wonderful book. I think the language, at times, was unnecessary, but overall, I was pretty satisfied with the progression of the book and its ending. I liked the fact that there was a page turner in regards to Amy's mother. I did notice that there were still some things unfinished/underdeveloped/unanswered such as: How did the barn catch on fire? Who rescued Nathan? There's some indication of a near-rape incident in Amy's past which makes one question if this was a stand-alone inciden [...]

    15. Jo-Anne on said:

      Amy had a bad childhood with a drunken mother who wasn't around much. The Gray's let her live with them on their Montana ranch for a couple of years but she left after school, becoming a doctor. Nine years after leaving she returned to the only place she thought of as home, with her baby sister in tow. Everybody was happy to see her except Nathan. He never stopped loving her even after she hurt him by leaving.This was a nice light read with the main characters being very troubled by issues from [...]

    16. Michelle Carlson on said:

      This book is wonderful. Beautifully written, engaging plot, believable characters, as well as believable situations. However, like a lot of books out there, I didn't see much growth in the characters. This story was more about the two main characters coming to terms with the craziness life has shown them and their feelings for one another, but Amy didn't seem like she had grown much in the 9 years she had been away. I get that certain people and/or places have a way of taking you back to another [...]

    17. Joan on said:

      This was a pretty decent read even though it was highly predictable and overly simplistic. The characters were mostly well-developed and likable, and the writing style was smooth with few structural and grammatical errors. (The author did have a major problem with apostrophe usage that a good editor should have corrected. There were at least 10 or more examples of apostrophes where they shouldn't be or places where apostrophes should have been but were not.) I appreciated and admired the fact th [...]

    18. Betty Lambert on said:

      This was a good book. A light and breezy feel good book. This is about Amy Sullivan who literally finds a 5 month old baby on her door step. Her mother, who is an alcoholic and gone missing is the baby's mother and is depending on Amy to take care of her. Amy knows she will never see her mom again or if she does it will only be because she needs something. Amy takes her sister back to the only place she felt at homeMontana and the Gray family. She has always loved Nathan Gray but had to leave to [...]

    19. Abbie on said:

      Sweet and honest love storyI was swept away by this honest, wholesome book. Leanne Morgan writes real life like stories that leave the reader to imagine what happens next rather than belittle the characters with steamy scenes that are usually so overdone and barely realistic. The writing is so flawless I felt like I took a trip to Bozeman, Montana myself. Can't wait to read the next book.

    20. Debbie Duncalf on said:

      This is a truly lovely story of love and finally being with the one that you wanted even if it has taken you nine years to get there.Amy returns to Bozeman but this time she is not alone she has Catherine her ten month old half sister with her. Nathan is still suffering from the accident in the burning barn. Can they each deal with their demons to be able to spend the rest of their lives together.Lovely well written story.

    21. Janet Batchelor on said:

      Forever in Love(Montana Brides Book 2)Nathan the heir to the ranch and his brothers worked well together to run 7 thousand acres of prime Montana land Hard ship was just a sample of Nathan s life after being burned badly in the barn fire. Then there's Any who left after. The family took her in with out a blink. Now he was moving Back home to Montana to raise her half sister. Would Nathan and her come to terms this time Time will only tell.

    22. Dawn-Ann on said:

      This book was too short. There was so much story left to be told. The secret was nothing they delved into other than a mention and a brush off. And the story ended wide open. I would have liked to have more pages of story for what came next. It really had a lot of potential but fell short unfortunately. I will say it was fairly well written and it had me intrigued, I just wanted more story.

    23. Jessie on said:

      I loved this book. Nathan and Amy are good together and there was just something about Nathan that was endearing. I will say the end left me wanting more about them. It seemed to move kinda fast and thats okay, but I wanted to see more about what happened after his accident and how their relationship developed.

    24. Jennifer on said:

      This was a good book. I really liked how Amy loves her sister and her second family, he Grays. She was super sweet, even though I felt she didn’t fight hard enough for some of the things she wanted in life. Then there is Nathan Gray. He is a man that knew what he wanted and he fought for it. I liked that there was build up in the relationship between them.

    25. Dawn Hicks on said:

      true love does existAmy has always felt alone except for when she was at The Grays. they all welcome her and love her but she is nervous because she wants and tries to deny her feelings for Nathan. Fate has a different plan. Nathan has always loved Amy and has been mad or hurt since she left 9 years ago. True love always finds a way. Such a good story of true love, fate, and family.

    26. Cheri Snuggs on said:

      Amy and NathanGood story but ended to abruptly for my taste. Wish there was an epilogue that could've cleared up everything that was left hanging as far as their lives are concerned. Would still recommend.

    27. Mary Stockwell on said:

      Another great seriesI'm loving this series. This book was as good as the first one but with a totally different story. This writer has good imagination and creativity. I can't wait to read more.

    28. Emily Finch on said:

      I enjoyed it, I did. But I never got sucked in. In fact, I put it down multiple times and distracted myself from reading it. I wasn't really emotionally invested in it either. I like the characters and I liked the premise but I just didn't connect with it.

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