The Dunning Man

Kevin Fortuna

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The Dunning Man

The Dunning Man The six stories in The Dunning Man feature anti heroes who reject society s rules Characters from all walks of life a rogue hip hop star a blackjack dealing mom a middle aged drunk plowing through h

  • Title: The Dunning Man
  • Author: Kevin Fortuna
  • ISBN: 9781935084631
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The six stories in The Dunning Man feature anti heroes who reject society s rules Characters from all walks of life a rogue hip hop star, a blackjack dealing mom, a middle aged drunk plowing through his inheritance, and an empty nester housewife trying to make peace with the past They each exist in the here and now, living for what s possible and what s left not what theThe six stories in The Dunning Man feature anti heroes who reject society s rules Characters from all walks of life a rogue hip hop star, a blackjack dealing mom, a middle aged drunk plowing through his inheritance, and an empty nester housewife trying to make peace with the past They each exist in the here and now, living for what s possible and what s left not what they ve left behind Redemption awaits all, but only along the rutted, gut churning path of honest self examination Age quod agis Set in Atlantic City, New Orleans, Washington, D.C the Hudson Valley and Manhattan, Fortuna s stories depict the violent clash between society s expectations and the chaotic arc of individual destiny These are powerful tales of truth seekers imbued with larger than life personalities and the all consuming need to find something worth seeking.

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      314 Kevin Fortuna
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    One thought on “The Dunning Man

    1. Rachel Pollock on said:

      I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review on here, so here goes.Let me start by saying that i am not this book's audience. The literature of "straight white dudes with drinking problems"? Generally not my bag, not my chosen reading material. But if you do dig what i think of as "the Dickbag Oeuvre"--Bukowski, Exley, Toole--then you will probably enjoy this story collection. I appreciated the overall authorial voice, as well as the ability to imbue the nar [...]

    2. Bill Lavender on said:

      This title launches in October, but see the advance review at Kirkus:kirkusreviews/book-re

    3. Stephanie Ward on said:

      3.5 Stars'The Dunning Man' is a delightful collection of six short stories that takes the reader on a backstage tour to life. The stories occur in various locations - Washington D.C Atlantic City, New Orleans, Manhattan, and the Hudson Valley. Just as the locations vary, so do the narrators in each story. The characters come from all walks of life - all races, differing social standing, both genders, and each one unique. I'm not normally a fan of short story collections, but I thought I'd broade [...]

    4. Molly Lychee on said:

      What sustains throughout each story in the book is the skill with which the very best short fiction writers are endowed: the ability to twist these amusing stories into something quite profound with the turn of a phrase. You'll reminisce about Fortuna's characters long after you turn the last page. They are complex, captivating, and relatable. You're bound to either see yourself in them, or wish you'd known them.

    5. Cindy on said:

      As I was reading each of these six short stories, I was engaged. There's something about each one that sucked me in. But, they were very short, didn't go anywhere, and just ended. I would like to see Kevin Fortuna write a full length novel. I would be interested in reading it because he has a nice writing style.The stories in this collection are:-Dead-Weddings and Burials-Sullapalooza-Poor Jimmy-Flogging Maggie-The Dunning Man

    6. Maya Makarycheva on said:

      A great artwork! The book is composed of 6 independent stories showing a moment of life of the characters. A small moment which shows us all the story and the problems of them. All the characters are completely different - men an women, rich and poor, aged and young, married and not. What join them all is the fact that they are happy and unhappy at the same time, captured in their life routine not sure if they have chosen the right path, like we all. And the author managed to show this 'tragedy [...]

    7. The Book Girl (Andrea) on said:

      Disclaimer : I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review on here. This is a book that is a collection of six stories that make up The Dunning Man. It has characters from all walks of life—a rogue hip-hop star, a blackjack dealing mom, a middle-aged drunk plowing through his inheritance, and an empty-nester housewife trying to make peace with the past. The book is basically set in Atlantic City, New Orleans, Washington, D.C the Hudson Valley and Manhattan. Before I [...]

    8. Ashley on said:

      *I received a free copy of this book from the Giveaway program*I'm a big fan of short story collections and one of my favorite things about them is that even if one or two stories aren't your cup of tea, there are still more in the book to wet your whistle. This is what happened with this book for me. I wasn't a huge fan of two of the stories, two of them I wished were longer, and the other two were enjoyable in their own ways. The characters are well-developed, the stories have interesting pre [...]

    9. Brent on said:

      Reading The Dunning Man is like listening to an album by your favorite band for the first time. Each track - or in this case, chapter - introduces new characters, new environments, in new, imaginative plots, while maintaining an elegant rhythm and thematic code that ties everything together harmoniously. Read the first page or two and you will be hooked, unable to look away as Fortuna's masterfully-realized characters pull you deeper into their vivid, gripping,and often poignant lives. Each of t [...]

    10. Jonathon Burns on said:

      In his debut novel, Kevin Fortuna allows us to peek inside the lives of 6 characters through six short stories. The characters and their situations never overlap, but they’re tied together in their humanity. These characters have their own struggles, and their own problems. One of them has planned a wonderful evening with the woman of his dreams, but nothing seems to be going his way as he takes the train to pick her up. Another man struggles with tenants, all of whom are in quite strange situ [...]

    11. Zan on said:

      Having friends who work in publishing means I am inundated with advanced copies of books, most of them just blah.But this one has stuck with me for some reason. The Dunning Man is a collection of short stories, most of them strangely dark and captivating.Descriptions are often startlingly beautiful – “Her red-brown hair hangs over the deep, scabbed-up gash on her cheek, almost covering it like a picture over a long crack in a wall.” Almost Stephen King-esque, you know?Another wonderful ski [...]

    12. Vicki on said:

      I love short stories, and this book did not disappoint me. All the stories were unique and the characters were interesting and quirky. The stories are short, the whole book is only 140 pages, and can be read in a short time. If you’re like me, you won’t want to put it down until the last word.This is the debut book for the author, but you’d never know that by reading it. It reads like a book from a well seasoned author.The stories take place in a mix of places, with a diverse group of peop [...]

    13. Deirdre Dillow on said:

      Loved, loved, loved this collection of short stories!! So well written, a literary treat. The writing, the way the author described the characters, put words in their mouths, described their gestures and their appearances made me laugh out loud at times, and quietly nod to myself in recognition of people in my own world. A beautiful collection of stories about marriage, family, failed relationships, friendships, middle life, hopes, fears, and trying to make it big. I absolutely can not wait to r [...]

    14. Will Armitage on said:

      A wonderfully engaging and diverse collection of visceral, empathetic tales of alcohol, lust and life.Kevin Fortuna in this debut novel shows a remarkable talent for creating brilliant scenes and cracking characters with the minimum of words, yet with the maximum of impact.He transports the reader seamlessly into the centre of the prose from the outset and one remains therein, living the story and visualising the protagonists & secondary players as though you can touch them.Brilliant writing [...]

    15. Liz Cleland on said:

      The Dunning Man was a real short collection of six stories. Set in Atlantic City, New Orleans, Washington, D.C the Hudson Valley and Manhattan. They are very short and all set in different situations, atmospheres and times. I would say these stories would be some great stories if they were a bit longer. The characters are developed and you do feel like you are living in the moments. Since they are short there is not a whole lot to say but I would recommend to young adults or adults, mature audie [...]

    16. Mark Allen on said:

      A view into the twisted lives of well written characters. Each story is a snapshot, a vignette, into people about to . fall? The stories are fluid and accessible - not simple at all, words are chosen carefully and used wisely. This is the work of someone who is writing as a craft rather than a way of getting a story across.There aren't many stories in this collection, I was left wanting more, and I'm sure there is a lot more on the way from this writer.

    17. Sameet Durg- on said:

      I recently finished reading "The Dunning Man" and loved it. The character development in each story is incredible and in my opinion very witty and complex. Mr. Fortuna is extremely descriptive in each story and it enables the reader to visualize each character's respective journeys. The author is able to invoke many emotions with the reader which makes this book hard to put down and a very enjoyable read. Highly Recommended.

    18. Melissa on said:

      The tone and sentiments in these stories are sad as they present characters who are not at good places in their lives. The narratives also end rather abruptly which shows that there is no happy ending, at least not yet, for these characters. If you are looking for short stories with interesting writing and a stark sense of realism then give THE DUNNING MAN a try.For my full review visit my site: wp/p4IB1p-fu

    19. Maxine Page on said:

      I just finished reading an advance copy of Dunning Man that was sent to me (I'm an editor of a Pop culture website) and it is amazing! Love, love, LOVED it! Very dark, edgy, compellingnd of Cormack McCarthy-ish in tone and feel yet it has an original, unique voiceblew me away!I literally could not put it down once I started reading, which resulted in a 4am bedtime—that always sucks the next morning but is the true sign of a great read. Highly recommend to peeps.

    20. Suzy Mccoppin on said:

      LOVED! And I'm not a big reader. But this didn't feel like reading, it felt like I was watching a bunch of really compelling movies with great, weird, twisted characters. In fact, I could see virtually anyone of these stories being developed into a screenplay. His descriptive powers transport you to the various location. The characters were so fresh and original-my favorite was the blackjack dealing mom! Brilliant!

    21. Katie Wooten on said:

      This collection of short stories has been consistently suggested to me and its short so it was easy to pick up and try. I was surprised at how much I liked it and how disappointed I was when it ended. I just wanted one more story. The collection essentially focuses on different antiheroes. They're all entertaining and upsetting in their own unique way and Fortuna certainly left me wanting more.

    22. Melissa Dusenberry on said:

      Fortuna's rich collection of stories rushes to the crux of the human experience in startling and profound ways. His pen plunges the reader into a raw, subversive worlds whose characters plummet down paths that most would fear to tread. Surrender to Fortuna's masterful storytelling and expect to be stirred

    23. Terry Runkle on said:

      had the opportunity to grab an advance copyEach story grabs the reader from the first lineCharacters are larger than life yet realEach story puts the reader the reader in the place and time I felt I was looking over the shoulder of the narratorThank goodness this is short storiesI would have missed work to finish

    24. Mary T on said:

      This book is great. Compelling enough to keep me awake after an exhausting day with my hyperactive kids and bite-sized to fit in my purse and be finish-able. Smart author, evocative images, I say go for it!

    25. Kate Kerrigan on said:

      Not usually a fan of short stories but I really loved this collection. Characters really resonated & stayed around Eithne afterwards. His first book but would love to see a novel by this writer.

    26. guiltlessreader on said:

      Really good stuff. Astute, precise, and funny! Full review on my blog Guiltless Reading.

    27. Matthew on said:

      Too slice of life for me. I found myself asking, What is the importance of these stories? I didn't feel a connection to the characters.

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