Nine-Fifty Six on a Tuesday


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Nine-Fifty Six on a Tuesday

Nine Fifty Six on a Tuesday Sterek FanficStiles turns eighteen in three minutes and twenty four seconds and he bets that not a single person could guess where he s standing right now Words complete

  • Title: Nine-Fifty Six on a Tuesday
  • Author: i_amtheoutlaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek FanficStiles turns eighteen in three minutes and twenty four seconds and he bets that not a single person could guess where he s standing right now.Words 7367 complete

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      198 i_amtheoutlaw
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    One thought on “Nine-Fifty Six on a Tuesday

    1. Rosa, really on said:

      Yeah, so, if you like KNOTTING, read this. However, if you like KNOTTING, biting, getting stuck on a knot, HUGE AMOUNTS OF COME and, uh, butter, the head over to archiveofourown/works/2349 The first 5 or so chapters anyway.You're welcome.

    2. Jenni Lea on said:

      Snort-laugh funny series in which Stiles counts down the minutes until he turns eighteen while standing like a creeper over a sleeping Derek. Derek's game when he wakes up and then it's on!Yeah buddy!Oh yeah, found out I'm not a Scisaac fan.

    3. Jennifer☠Pher☠ on said:

      So yeah. That was beyond hot. I mean, that was explosive! So. Much. KNOTTING, So. Much. Biting! Even better? So. Much. I didn’t know! Poor Derek, or not.Happy Birthday Stiles!!So, after reading I realized there was more, it’s actually a series called On a Tuesday - archiveofourown/series/15 - Then I realized it is kind of a WIP which is killer since I have never experienced this waiting thing. So far there are two more stories, the second has 8 chapters complete with a teaser for the 9th whi [...]

    4. Susan on said:

      This was goooooooooooood.Stiles turns 18 in several minutes. He is standing beside Derek’s bed. Aaaaaaaaaaand they have sex.Oh, and there is knotting!

    5. Lori on said:

      Others review fan fic much better than me (by which I of course mean they find the best Sterek gifs) but just know, this was short but very, very sexy!

    6. R * A Reader Obsessed * on said:

      Update!Just wanted to say that the 2 sequels are now finished! They definitely elevate this to a bit more than PWP. Pretty funny take on how everyone finds out about Derek deflowering Stiles… or actually Stiles deflowering himself on Derek. Part 2 - archiveofourown/works/228 Part 3 - archiveofourown/works/2349Yes, Stiles is about to turn 18 and you know what that means right???He knows it, but Derek doesn't…yet.This was overall PWP with KNOTTING, but since I highly enjoyed What Fresh Heat is [...]

    7. Alvin on said:

      So how did this short made me feel?I felt like I wanna tore my clothes off then just flat out j**k off but I can't because we have been remodeling our house. So I don't have walls in my room right now and I don't have the privacy to do that. XDHOORAY FOR HOT KNOTTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 HOT FUCKING STEREK STARS.

    8. Nick Pageant on said:

      Very hot!(apologies for reposting, but I found that awesome gif!)

    9. Dalia on said:

      Knotting? Biting? I’m in. Stiles receives his own personal present from Derek on his eighteenth birthday!The first part is a PWP, but the further ones actually have some plot.(view spoiler)[Twelve Twenty Two on a Tuesday"Thank God!" Scott cheered. "I thought for a second Danny was trying to say Stiles was having sex with Derek, but see! Isaac just forgot to invite him!"Oh, Scott. You’re so oblivious.Later That NightI think Scisaac is not my cup of tea. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br [...]

    10. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ on said:

      I love Sterek knotting!!!!I wish this was longer, and had some story to go with it. But it was HOT! with just a hint of feels, and just what I was in the mood for.

    11. Tara♥ on said:

      It's nine-fifty six on a Tuesday morning.Stiles will officially be legal at ten.He is standing at the foot of Derek's bed waiting.Can you say PORN?Some interesting knotting also included!

    12. Meep on said:

      Sterek fanfic leans more towards porn than plot but funny, Stiles is engaging and it's hotoh and there's knotting ;)There's also a sequel that starts off hysterical - more knotting with butter and LOTS of cum! but the povs change fast enough to give whiplash and it gets rambly/farcical.

    13. Vivian on said:

      Creepy Stiles, Pouncing, and KnottingPlus the two follow ups are great, really one story in three parts.

    14. Meags on said:

      Well, that was awesome, short and to the point. This was a saucy little Sterek treat, with surprise knotting - the best kind!!! *scurries off to read parts 2-4*

    15. Trisha Harrington on said:

      Knotting and biting? Gimme!I seriously loved this! I wanted more.

    16. BWT (Belen) on said:

      So this is actually a multi-part storyPart 1 - Nine-Fifty Six on a Tuesday Cute!Cute, sexy funwith a slightly stalker-ish, creepy Stiles.Part 2 - Twelve Twenty Two on a Tuesday MehUnnecessary filler about the birthday party to be held at Stiles' place. Doesn't include Stiles and Derek - it's all the secondary characters.Part 3 - Three Thirty Seven on a Tuesday OkBreaks up the sex-fest and brings Stiles and Derek to Stiles' birthday party.Part 4 - Later That Night Disjointed and a bit MehFinds an [...]

    17. Rachel on said:

      This is the first of a series that takes place starting the moment Stiles turns 18. I made it through three installments of the series/ serial(?). This first one was very much a PWP, but as you read number two and three, somewhat more of a plot emerges. (Mainly Scott and Derek's banter over their possessiveness of Stiles and the packs reaction to the Sterek relationship). The dialogue is comical at times and I believe this was written for some light fun and porn to poke fun at the characters, em [...]

    18. Vallie on said:

      Excellent smut!PS. I didn't care for part 2 but I just started part 3 and it's pornylicious!

    19. Maygirl7 on said:

      Another one I've read and forgot to mark. Oh well, it was good the second time around.

    20. karlakolumna on said:

      Rounded up to 3 starsP. No more, no less.So don't expect more than virgin-Stiles getting off his rocks with Derek and a little surprise coming in the form of Derek losing his knot-virginity.I find it peculiar, however, that Stiles' and Derek's relationship seems to be very canon-like so Stiles "breaking into" Derek's flat unannounced (more or less), all the while thinking that without ever having talked about potential feelings and without having shared so much as a single kiss, him expecting th [...]

    21. RB Martin on said:

      HOT! But what is knotting anyway? Is it just sex or something different?

    22. Sandra on said:

      Fun little hotness with a little bit of feels. Definitely on to #2, Twelve Twenty Two on a Tuesday.

    23. Day-thief on said:

      Liked the idea, but the writing wasn't so great. As the series progresses, it reads more and more like a rough first draft. But, if I remember correctly, it says that it's not beta'd.

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