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Hidden Monster

Hidden Monster For seventeen year old Samantha Campbell running back woods trails usually means freedom from her less than perfect life That is until the day a morning run turns into a living nightmare When Samant

  • Title: Hidden Monster
  • Author: AmandaStrong
  • ISBN: 9781940534930
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • For seventeen year old Samantha Campbell, running back woods trails usually means freedom from her less than perfect life That is, until the day a morning run turns into a living nightmare When Samantha wakes up to find herself bound to a dirty, pinstriped mattress, she realizes she s anything but free With a masked abductor repeatedly injecting her arm with an unknownFor seventeen year old Samantha Campbell, running back woods trails usually means freedom from her less than perfect life That is, until the day a morning run turns into a living nightmare When Samantha wakes up to find herself bound to a dirty, pinstriped mattress, she realizes she s anything but free With a masked abductor repeatedly injecting her arm with an unknown substance while holding her captive, Samantha tries in vain to find out what he wants, but he refuses to speak Until the day he breaks his silence and his twisted words are worse than what she d imagined He promises her one day she will fall in love with him but the best part will be that she won t know who he is until it s too late Finding herself freed from captivity, with her captor still at large, Samantha is on guard against everything and everyone around her Unfortunately, walling up her heart proves difficult when eighteen year old Blake Knightley moves in next door When Samantha starts experiencing strange changes within her, she realizes her captor may have left her damaged than she originally thought Now she must turn to Blake for help in order to unearth the truth behind the monster who started this all or risk experiencing worse things than just falling in love.

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    • Free Read [Nonfiction Book] ✓ Hidden Monster - by AmandaStrong ↠
      474 AmandaStrong
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    One thought on “Hidden Monster

    1. Sarah on said:

      (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Clean Teen Publishing and NetGalley.)This was an okay story, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.Sam was an okay character, but I just couldn’t relate to her very well. I also didn’t really believe that she acted like someone who has been kidnapped, and was maybe a little too trusting of people.The storyline in this wasn’t what I was expecting, I was expecting a kidnapping story, and that only la [...]

    2. Snow on said:

      The song No of Megan Trainor comes to mindThis book is :The rating is:The story is :And :By the middle of this book, I was just begging it to please stop. Please let it just end.I’m sorry to say my experience was not one I would like to go through again. I had very high hopes for this book. Abduction by a mysterious man and then she would eventually fall in love with her captor without realizing it!? Sold!It started off so well.I could immediately identify with the character. I could sense a g [...]

    3. Kris on said:

      This book pissed me off for a lot of reasons. First of all, it is very poorly written. It violates just about every single grammar rule there is.But most of all, the worst for me was that it perpetuates many gender stereotypes, such as the idea that men have high sex drives and that women don't understand these sex drives, or the idea that men are the pursuers and women are the pursued. And there's the (hopefully unintentional) metaphor for rape victim-blaming: the protagonist's scent is suppose [...]

    4. Abbie on said:

      (I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review.)Actual rating - 2.5I felt sorry for Sam at the start of this, but I can't say I really liked her character.This started out alright, but it went downhill rather fast unfortunately. I found the whole thing quite weird, and it just couldn't keep my interest, so I felt bored for the majority of it. Overall, Not a book for me.

    5. CrazyBookworm99 on said:

      I didn't know what to expect The book far exceeded my expectations from the blurb, which is saying a lot as I read the blurb and started the book 5 minutes later ;)We start with Samantha, in an unknown cabin with a strange guy drugging her. From the first page the mystery of who her captive was starts and you are kept guessing (about this and much more) till the very end of the book. This is something I much appreciate in a book as I am the sort of person who guesses correctly (most of the time) [...]

    6. Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen on said:

      Another one to add to the list for this weekend!!

    7. Danielle Ash on said:

      UghTerrible just because it's fantasy doesn't mean you can just throw any trite crap into the plot or characters' personalities and expect your reader to go along c I struggled to finish this. It was really awful and none of the characters behaved like real people. You could tell they only did things to further the plot rather than being true to who the author wrote them to be. It was awful

    8. E. C. McRoy on said:

      I received a copy of this for free in exchange for an honest review.**Also published on my YA Book Blog**I think this book tried to be too many things at once. Full of convoluted plot points that don't really come together to form a coherent picture, this story starts off as one thing and as the story progresses it shifts into something else entirely. The interest invoked by the shotgun kidnapping, the hints at an overbearing and pressurized family, the twists and turns of who could be the kidna [...]

    9. sleepywriter on said:

      I kindly received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I'm going to be upfront with you all. I only finished this book for two reasons: 1) I received the book for free from NetGalley, and I wanted to do right by them by finishing the book; and 2) train wreck syndrome.That's right, this book was so bad it was good. If only in the sense that I had to keep sending snippets to my friend because I was laughing so hard at the horrible writing and thought she needed to share in my [...]

    10. Michelle on said:

      Wow! 5 stars! No doubt in my mind! This book was awesome! I loved it from start to finish. This is definitely going in my favorites folder. Such an insanely good story. I can't even seem to get my thoughts in order to write this review. Here's my attempt - This story was so well written and so complete. I feel like some books leave a lot to be desired. This was NOT one of those books. Lots of info - on the characters, the storyline, the "creatures" - all delivered perfectly. The pacing was magic [...]

    11. booknerd_dork on said:

      *I received an ARC copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.*It was AWESOME, EXHILARATING!!!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless. Wow! The whole story line sucked me in. Author kept me on edge and kept me guessing who ‘Hidden Monster’ was. With every step of further reading my guess kept switching to different characters.The start was ordinary being abducted by a masked kidnapper but author Amanda Strong made the whole story extraordinary. I would have never guessed what it was about in millio [...]

    12. Cody Smith-Candelaria on said:

      This book is brilliantly written with twists and turns you won't see coming, all the way to the end. Samantha goes for a jog one day only to find herself abducted. For weeks she is held captive with no information, and less and less hope and then suddenly she is free. Following the abduction, strange things start happening to her and she's feeling more and more like she's losing her mind and maybe herself. Then there's the new boy, the one she could fall for but how can she, she can't trust him [...]

    13. Masquerade Crew on said:

      REVIEWER: DANIELLE4.0 ON THE MASQ SCALEHidden Monster by Amanda Strong is a surprising YA read. We begin with a horrific kidnapping that reminds you of Silence of the Lambs and end up with a surprising paranormal with a twist.Strong does a great job detailing the aftermath of the victim of kidnapping and abuse, Samantha. I must applaud her for that.So, if you are looking for something completely different, this is a book to pick up.

    14. Gail on said:

      I was one of the first people (if not the first!) to get to read this amazing book!! LOVED IT! Kept me guessing the whole time! :)

    15. Sue on said:

      What started out as an interesting abduction story turned into a surprising fantasy story with some similarities to the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer, but replacing vampires and wolves with dragonflies. I didn’t like the main character Samantha, she seemed to cope extraordinarily well with firstly being abducted for several weeks and then suddenly finding out she had wings one day and was actually a female dragonfly. I didn’t really like Blake much, who was Samantha’s love interest, hi [...]

    16. Crystal Collier on said:

      In the paranormal trope, I've seen most everything, but I haven't seen this. The author takes us on what seems like a normal "hidden identity" story, but ends up being something completely new. I even thought I had the big bad guy figured out by the end. Nope. Huge thanks to the author for the unexpected bit, and the new creature aspects. This was a fun read.Content warning: Minor cussing. Some violence.

    17. Laura on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSamantha “Sammy” is a typical girl. She has a wonderful mom and dad along with two sisters. One day while going for a run in the woods, she is kidnapped and held against her will in a cabin. Her captor kept her tied up and injected her with something that made her dizzy and sick. She is in and out of consciousness because of the injections. Samantha tried to reason with her captor but only got the response “she will love him. [...]

    18. ☆Eiko on said:

      WTF did I just read? This definitely wasn't at all what I was expecting the premise was there, and it definitely held my interest but since I was too curious to see if anything progressed between what happened at the beginning and what the heroine's reaction would be at finding out whodunnit. To be honest, I didn't check to see what genre it was going to be, and so I assumed it was going to be a YA, thriller or something along those lines, not actually a paranormal YA. I seriously wanted the her [...]

    19. Marsha on said:

      (2.5 Stars)"Hidden Monster" is one of those books that leaves you scratching your head in wonderment and asking, "What just happened?" The premise of the book had such potential but ended up being a convoluted mess.Samantha loves to jog but one morning while enjoying a vigorous run she is kidnapped. Her abductors keeps his identity hidden and he injects her with some type of medicine that makes her ill. After about a week, she manages to escape but she doesn't reveal to her family all that the a [...]

    20. Joood Hooligan on said:

      I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.It was actually really hard for me to get into this book. It wasn't the editing, but the content. It felt unrealistic, to a level of silliness. An example: The mother is a horribly selfish person that cares more about her daughter's appearance and interest in boys than she cares that her daughter was KIDNAPPED AND MISSING for a while.As someone who has suffered abuse, I found the actions of the main character and those around her t [...]

    21. Kristy Hamilton on said:

      I was given an ARC of Hidden Monster by Amanda Strong. The title of the book thrown me off. I had no idea what to expect with this story.When it opens up with a girl being abducted, I thought that is what the story was going to be about, but no, it surprised me againSamantha is not your typical girl. Many years ago she was involved in a near fatal drowning, and then being abducted had really changed her.While she was healing, Samantha meet Blake. She had no idea that he knew what was going on wi [...]

    22. Rosemarie Short on said:

      When I originally read the synopsis for Hidden Monster, I assumed I was going to get a good chunk of ‘terrifying kidnapped situation’ before getting into a greater mystery. If that is the reason why you picked up this book, allow me to enlighten you – it’s not going to happen. One of the things I didn’t like about this book was the fact that the kidnapping, so integral to the plot though it is, takes up a mere handful of pages. The aftermath is what the book is about and, to be blunt, [...]

    23. C. Erani Kole on said:

      This was a pretty good read. The concept was interesting, and I was really excited about not being able to figure out exactly who it was that kidnapped and drugged her. Even til the near end, I had a hard time choosing, until some things got just too obvious, but by then it was too late. I will say that nearly no one will be able to figure out the real mastermind. BLEW. ME. AWAY.It was amazingly fun finding out who did it and then going back to look at all the little subtle hints that I didn't e [...]

    24. Joshua Simister on said:

      This is a realistic fiction for the most part, with the exception of people growing dragonfly wings. A teenage girl is kidnapped by someone who promises she will love him someday, and it could be anyone she knows.I did not like this book. At all. First of all, there were so many grammar mistakes that it hurt to read. Also, the main character's personality was too cliche and got on my nerves. Strong personality that gets mad at herself whenever she finds herself acting feminine or in love. There [...]

    25. Reece Evhans on said:

      This was such an enjoyable and surprising book! I did not know what to expect when I started it and it turned out to be so much fun. Strong's forte is in creating complex, imaginative plot lines and Hidden Monster takes you on a roller coaster ride from the very first scene. Her characters are wonderful, as well. Samantha is a strong protagonist and I was rooting for her until the very end. Blake is a truly swoon-worthy book boyfriend and I look forward to seeing how life turns out for them in t [...]

    26. Alicia on said:

      Magical wings in what started off as a kidnapping story. So I'm confused about what the book's actual intentions were but then as I got into the story and started to understand the dynamics and accept the fact that this was a paranormal romance/dragonfly fantasy, I was okay to move on. The writing pushes the story forward and maintains interest, as do the various characters, including Mack who becomes more important as the story comes to its conclusion. So while I spent most of the middle of the [...]

    27. Sue Holmes on said:

      *I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*The first few chapters were beautifully written and had me riveted, but the story slowly declined until I was reading just because I was near the end. I thought I had a winner story in my hands with the breathtaking exciting start. Poor world building and insipid characters, combined with a slow storyline lost the plot - This was a disappointing read.

    28. Philomena Callan Cheekypee on said:

      A fantastic gripping story from a new author to me. I so love a book that keeps me guessing and this certainly did. It's a real page turner. Brilliant storyline with fantastic characters. I seriously did not wanna put this book down so kindle went everywhere with me. If you like captive reads then 1-click this. Twists and turns that I really didn't expect had me gripped. Who is the Hidden Monster?Great read that I'll certainly be re-reading. Loved it.

    29. Roxanna on said:

      WOW! This book goes directly to my favorites list! I got so attached to the characters, I did not want it to end! So many wonderful surprises keep your interest from beginning to end.

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