Bunny vs Monkey: Book 1

Jamie Smart

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Bunny vs Monkey: Book 1

Bunny vs Monkey Book None

  • Title: Bunny vs Monkey: Book 1
  • Author: Jamie Smart
  • ISBN: 9781910200070
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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      391 Jamie Smart
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    One thought on “Bunny vs Monkey: Book 1

    1. JasonR on said:

      My eight year old son loves these books. All three books are frenetic and funny, with great art and truly memorable characters. We were able to find the first two in the series on , but oddly the third was only available from the Book Depository in London. Good thing they have free shipping!

    2. Simon Chadwick on said:

      If ever a modern strip struck a chord with kids, it’s Bunny vs Monkey. While there are plenty of worthy contenders, particularly from the pages of the Phoenix, this is the one I hear most enthused about when I talk to kids.It’s not an overtly difficult plot. Bunny and his buddies Pig and Weenie have their peaceful woodland home disturbed when scientists crash land a spacecraft containing a monkey just a short distance from the launch site. The monkey, believing he’s arrived on a new world, [...]

    3. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* on said:

      Smart, Jamie Bunny vs. Monkey 64 pgs. , 2016. $7.99 Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G Violence: G GRAPHIC NOVELBunny, Squirrel, and Pig live in a peaceful quiet woodland, getting into their own mischief and fun when something happens that changes their peaceful existence. Mad scientists are trying to send an evil monkey into outer space but it doesn’t make it even close to that far and crashes in the forest. What follows is a long series of 2 page misadventures where the monke [...]

    4. Chris on said:

      Peaceful Bunny just wants to live a quiet life in the forest with his innocent (i.e. really, really not smart) friends. Then their space is invaded by a megalomaniacal Monkey intent on conquest and destruction. He recruits a gadget master and a couple of ruffians, and high jinks ensue. They are cute little animals one and all, and, while they wish harm on one another and get a little mean with their insults, it's all harmless cartoon fun where no one actually gets hurt. Monkey's schemes follow i [...]

    5. Barbara on said:

      This collection of cartoon strips highlights the battle between Monkey and Bunny as they wage war for the heart and soul of the forest. Monkey was part of a failed space launch, and his craft barely goes past the first hill before crashing. He's certain that he's landed in a new world and intends to bring it to its knees. With help from his ally, Skunky, and Skunky's inventions, he wreaks havoc on the quiet forest. What else can Bunny and his somewhat clueless friends, Weenie and Pig, do but fig [...]

    6. Steph on said:

      Quite a few reviews I read about Bunny vs. Monkey referred to it as "quick and easy to read." Maybe it's the adult coming out in me (Ugh! That's painful to say!) but while this graphic novel is short, it was much more difficult for me to read than a Babymouse or Bird & Squirrel. There's so much going on in each frame and so many frames squished onto a frame that I found myself frustrated while trying to get through each little story. I can understand the humor of it but the layout left me wa [...]

    7. Dawn Parsonage-kent on said:

      By all the gods, to say that I was a little excited that Bunny Vs Monkey is now available in book form, is so much of an understatement,that 'excitement' needs to take a look hard look at itself and think about what it's done. This collection will be enjoyed by every single child in the world as well as every adult. So basically if you're reading this thinking, 'Oh I'm not sure oh I've not seen the characters before ra ra ra' JUST BUY IT, READ IT and watch how your life changes FOREVER.

    8. Brenda Kahn on said:

      A new series for your graphic novel fans, especially elementary and middle grade fans. Frenetic, colorful art featuring a band of woodland creatures whose peaceful existence is disturbed by a wayward monkey who thinks he has blasted into outer space. Monkey crowns himself king and causes mayhem until bunny thwarts him. Should appeal to fans of Bird and Squirrel.

    9. Kristy McRae on said:

      OMG, this is hysterical! My son got this one as an advance reader copy from my bookstore. I'd never heard of it, but it looked cute. We laughed so hard, I thought the neighbors might hear us! There were some pages where we would get to the end, and my son, still gasping with laughter, would say, "Read that one again!" And we did. Sometimes more than once!

    10. Kathleen on said:

      Loads of fun! The whole book is three-page comics very much in the style of a sit-com. There's a monkey trying to either ruin or take over the forest, a bunny trying to stop him, and a few other characters doing their own things, who both help and get in the way. Recommended for mid-level, especially boys, who will enjoy the crazy inventions and zany fight scenes.

    11. Chelsea on said:

      Unfortunately, I did not find this graphic novel to be enjoyable. While I realize the title itself reads "Bunny vs. Monkey" and indicates that there will be some kind of disagreement and fight between them, it appeared that all this graphic novel focused upon (other than causing trouble) was name calling and attempting to hurt each other. ?Book-List

    12. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      Well, sorry to say this did nothing for me. It gets a couple of points for cute art. It is a bunch of comic shorts that have no plot except that evil monkey has come to the forest and wants to take it over as ruler, thereby each short has Monkey vs the other forest animals. It's mean humour with name-calling, bashing, and smashing. There is no wit. Not for me.

    13. Gwen on said:

      This book is hilarious! It details the antics of a group of woodland critters led by Bunny in their attempts to foil the destructive plans of a genetically engineered monkey who thinks he is on an alien planet.

    14. Katie Rybakova on said:

      Not my favorite graphic novel. It could work for 3-5 for leisure reading but doesn't have too much substance beyond violence.

    15. Brady Greiner on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It has a lot of humorous action. Every chapter is a different story. This is one of the best graphic novels I have read.

    16. Amanda Marquart on said:

      Bunny vs. Monkey is a hilarious graphic novel for kids! Told in many short stories, it is an easy and quick read and will keep kids entertained with the adorable and fun illustrations.

    17. Peacegal on said:

      "Zany" is the best word for this comic, which features the adventures of cute yet bizarre woodland critters.

    18. Ms. B on said:

      This looks like it should be a simple graphic novel as it looks similar to a TOON book. The reality is each page is crammed with many cels and lots of text about Bunny, Monkey and their friends.

    19. Amanda on said:

      Almost every page made me laugh out loud; yep, sitting here at the desk, laughing to myselfat always look good!

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