Earth's Changing Climate (Great Courses, #1219)

Richard Wolfson

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Earth's Changing Climate (Great Courses, #1219)

Earth s Changing Climate Great Courses lectures minutes lecture Audio CDsCourse Lecture Titles Is Earth Warming Butterflies Glaciers and Hurricanes Ice Ages and Beyond In the Greenhouse A Tale of Three Planets Global R

  • Title: Earth's Changing Climate (Great Courses, #1219)
  • Author: Richard Wolfson
  • ISBN: 9781598032949
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Audio CD
  • 12 lectures, 30 minutes lecture6 Audio CDsCourse Lecture Titles1 Is Earth Warming 2 Butterflies, Glaciers, and Hurricanes 3 Ice Ages and Beyond 4 In the Greenhouse 5 A Tale of Three Planets 6 Global Recycling 7 The Human Factor 8 Computing the Future 9 Impacts of Climate Change 10 Energy and Climate 11 EnergyResources and Alternatives 12 Sustainable Futures

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      191 Richard Wolfson
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    One thought on “Earth's Changing Climate (Great Courses, #1219)

    1. James on said:

      Very informative but doesn't really work as an audiobook. I'll have to download the study guide and review the charts Richard Wolfson constantly makes reference to. I appreciated the dispassionate tone and focus on science rather than propaganda. The last two chapters on sources of energy and solutions to warming were especially well done.

    2. Jim on said:

      This skeptic is now less skepticalabout anthropomorphic climate change (or ACC, aka AGW = anthropomorphic global warming).Prior to listening (yes, I listened to the audio download) I was not a proponent of ACC, in fact I doubted its scientific validity (the man-made parts). Due to my background in earth science, I believed that the earth's climate can changemetimes rapidly and drastically and has changed countless times in the past. I have witnessed geologic evidence in a variety of environments [...]

    3. Joshua on said:

      I really liked this series. It clearly explains the scientific information on global warming, the different models, and much of the background one needs to understand the science. I particularly like the way that he explains each of the topics in detail. Great if you're trying to learn more about the science of global warming.

    4. Kristi Richardson on said:

      I finally have more knowledge to fight back with climate change deniers thanks to Prof. Richard Wolfson.These 12 half hour courses are fairly easy to understand, (some of it I know I will forget) and show the various reasons scientists have concluded that man since the industrial revolution has been upsetting the balance of the ozone layer which helps maintain our climate. The 12 Lectures are:1 Is Earth Warming?2Butterflies, Glaciers, and Hurricanes3Ice Ages and Beyond4In the Greenhouse 5A Tale [...]

    5. Roy on said:

      I just finished this lecture series and am very impressed with the quality and quantity of science-based information the Professor Wolfson shared. While it is difficult to refute anthropogenic climate change (i.e human-influenced climate change), these lectures really bring the argument into focus. Wolfson has a great ability to emphasize the impact of human influence on climate change without "preaching the panic." This is a great read for anyone interested in seeing what current research and c [...]

    6. Tanya on said:

      I am not a science person, and generally am not interested in learning more about scientific topics, but I thought I should know more about global warming, so I gave this lecture series a chance. Information was presented in an engaging accessible manner, and the connections between different topics were clearly drawn. Granted, at times I had to work to understand the chemistry behind climate changes, but putting in that effort led me to a real intellectual high. I learned so much, and feel much [...]

    7. Jennifer Melnyk on said:

      This book left me with a lot to think about. I listened to the audio book and feel that there was a lot that was missing with not being able to view the graphs and charts that the professor referred to throughout the lecture. I would have preferred to watch this lecture as a video instead of an audio book.

    8. Chris on said:

      Prof. Wolfson does a great service by presenting the state of scientific knowledge about climate change. He's showing what is known to date and leaves it up to us to decide what to do about it. Another great Teaching Company course.

    9. Shane Burgel on said:

      This book was pretty interesting and gave a good overview of the science behind global warming. I think it would be hard to argue against the existence of human induced warming after reading this.

    10. David on said:

      Wolfson talks a lot but doesn’t say quite as much. He gives some valuable information about an important topic, but doesn’t do it quite as efficiently as I would have liked.

    11. Juan Rivera on said:

      I think that to talk about some subject with a little conscience you must know the subject. Global warming is a hot topic, especially after the United States has withdrawn from international agreements.To learn more about this topic I took the course "Earth's Changing Climate" produced by The Great Courses with Professor Richard WolfsonFrom the course I made the following reflections:- Man if he is affecting the global climate importantly in a few years he will reach a critical point.- The effec [...]

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