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Deserved Five years after leaving Rockingham Jade Moore is still trying to move on Easier said than done when your heart lies in your hometown She finds friendship with a man who bears a dark secret one that

  • Title: Deserved
  • Author: Kira Johns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five years after leaving Rockingham, Jade Moore is still trying to move on Easier said than done when your heart lies in your hometown She finds friendship with a man who bears a dark secret, one that could destroy her Shadow has spent the last five years in misery over losing Jade He still loves her, but knows he lost his chance Now married to his worst nightmare, ShFive years after leaving Rockingham, Jade Moore is still trying to move on Easier said than done when your heart lies in your hometown She finds friendship with a man who bears a dark secret, one that could destroy her Shadow has spent the last five years in misery over losing Jade He still loves her, but knows he lost his chance Now married to his worst nightmare, Shadow sees the light at the end of the tunnel when Jade returns home, only to find out she has been hiding something from him for years Will Jade and Shadow find their happily ever after Both are determined to make it happen, but when the past collides with the present, Shadow fears he will lose Jade forever Warning this book is intended for adults 18 years of age and over due to graphic scenes involving sex, language, and violence Deserved is book 3 in the Satan s Rebels MC series and is not a standalone novel This is the final installment of Jade s story and ends in a HEA with no cliffhanger.

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    One thought on “Deserved

    1. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛ on said:

      TITLE: DESERVEDSERIES: (Satan's Rebels MC #3)AUTHOR: Kira JohnsGENRE: Dark | Contemporary RomancePUBLISHED: October 10th 2014MY RATING: ★★★★★I'm having an Author Kira Johns marathon and reading this series back to back for the second time around, if you are into hardcore gritty biker books that know no boundaries, it's dark, it's raw, it's emotional, and with hot alpha males then this series is for you!!Once you start this series you won't be able to put it down, it's highly addictive, [...]

    2. Claudine Van on said:

      5 Awesome, Frustrating but beautiful stars!!!Damn where do I even start? This series was one of the best Biker series I have read so far. The author did an amazing job, the story line was excellent Heartbreaking at times, steamy and also adorable but also very mush fucked. I fell in love with the main characters in Book 1 and I still love them all in book 3. I must admit that in book 1 I didn't know what to expect but the book ended and I was so relieved that I had book 2 handy. Book 2 broke my [...]

    3. Tate on said:

      Are you fucking with me?!image:image:NO NO NOat was so shitty. the whole thing with Jade, kids, SHADOW AND VIPER!!!image:PLEASE!!!!!I'm not sure if I'm going to read the others story, if it going to be such a bullshit for merry guys

    4. Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty on said:

      Omg this series. I don't even know what to sayThis was so good, but now I'm wiped out. I need laughter

    5. Deborah on said:

      Absolutely ridiculous.Unusually for me I didn't read the synopsis or the reviews before starting this book, I was still reeling from the last one and totally committed to this series so I didn't see the point.After the events of the previous book Jade has packed up and moved on, she's starting a fresh life for herself and Blake but of course things can't run smoothly and Jade gets the news we've been waiting for since the end of the last bookw this brings me to a huge déjà vu moment, as soon a [...]

    6. Āwhina on said:

      If there was EVER an MC Series to add to your TBR this is 'IT'!!I read all 3 back to back **like there was ever a choice!!From the very first page you're captivated, so be sure to carve out a couple uninterrupted hours to get thru all 3 cause' it will be next to impossible to put down.Every emotion you've ever felt, U WILL feel while reading this. Every swear word in your vocab, U WILL mouth/shout/curse while reading this. Every scrunchy face u have ever made, U WILL make while reading this.You [...]

    7. Rashida on said:

      This book was the perfect ending to an amazing story. I love all the characters and this book was just WOW!!!Kira Johns is definitely an author worth following.

    8. Susan W on said:

      I enjoyed the story. I am rating it a 4 because some of it was truly unbelievable, like soap opera unbelievable. I will definitely read #4.

    9. Avid Reader Amy's Reviews on said:

      Deserved begins five years after Destined, when Jade leaves Rockingham. Life has changed for Jade and Shadow. Both have moved on with their lives but are not completely happy. Jade hasn’t spoken to Shadow since she left but when tragedy happens, she is forced back into the life of the MC. Jade shows that she is a strong character in the face of everything she goes through. She lost the man she loved and also her friend. She comes back, not weak but stronger that before. I love Jade’s charact [...]

    10. Kodie Mackay on said:

      Ohhhh ma god!!!!!!!!!no joke I have melted in to a big fat puddle of love!!!!!so much love for this book it's unreal, I don't think It could have been anymore perfect (sigh) so for obvious reason I'm not going into detail now I know it's a pain in the arse when people say that cause it makes me pissed when I read a review for spoilers and there's nada!!! but take some friendly advise of a nosy impatient cow herself thats telling you, knowing any spoiler/details would totally ruin it! I was over [...]

    11. Lora Borzelleca on said:

      Good book but I freaking HATE love triangles. I really really wanted to hate Jadebut she thought Viper was dead and was only trying to move onbut dammit did I want to hate her for going after Shadow. I also didn't like that fact that she was stringing two guys along. You knew she was completely in love with Viper but was selfish to keep Shadow along for the ride because she didnt want to hurt him. And Shadown't even get me started on that man. He disgusts me. He knew Viper was alive and that Jad [...]

    12. Carmen Baldwin on said:

      Redemption!Jade have been thou so much and still a strong woman. Five years away and tough life with children until a bad guy go to far, jade needs her MC family so she is back and Shadow finds out a secret, for being her best friend he says some means things to her and it like I forgive you from her. But Shadow does love her, to much and she loves him but there that part of her heart for Viper. Things are going good when a surprise from the past shows up. But what I don't understand is jade has [...]

    13. Tina on said:

      I don't even know where to start with this review. I was so overwhelmed with this bookwith all three really. The emotions I had while reading these books are some that I haven't felt while reading in a long long time. To say I enjoyed this series so far is a huge understatement. I can't write a review of this book without giving the story away. It is something that must be read and felt with no hints or spoilers. I am in love with the way this author tells a story, the connection I feel with the [...]

    14. Genney Blass on said: stars. The finale of an emotional rollercoaster from a beautiful adoring couple. First book, Second Book and This third book was wrapped to a beautiful story. I loved every Alpha Male in this MC Club. The love, the passion, the revenge. Every chapter had me edgy, I was all over emotionally. How strong Jade stay, she has endure so much in her life. So much to be said, but words can't come out because I do not want to spoil it for others. Bravo to the Author, you made your character come t [...]

    15. Anna the Naughty Nun on said:

      Not the HEA I hoped for. It was all so messed up and there was so much BS storyline that made other two books cheap and pointless. Not to mention such a huge effort to play up the history and love between Shadow and Jade then all of a sudden, their so-called love wasn't really all that. They were best buds. BS. I know I'm in the minority's but seriously, a twin brother had cancer and pretended to be Viper. Just dumb. I knew I should've read Crush by JC Emery first, now I feel like I just wasted [...]

    16. AlligatorSmith loves to read on said:

      If there's one book in this entire series you don't want to skip, it's this one. Surprise, surprise. Still love Jade and the kids as they move back into town to get protection from the Satan's Rebels. But there are shenanigans afoot. One of my favorites of this author's.This is my second reading of the entire series, but my first postings and reviews are gone.Happy reading!

    17. Donna on said:

      AMAZING!!!AMAZING doesn't even begin to describe this book and this series!! Not gonna lie it's an emotional roller coaster and there are a ton of twists and turns but it is an AWESOME book!! Must have!!

    18. Melissa Mendoza on said:

      Title: DeservedAuthor: Kira JohnsSeries: Satan’s Rebels MC Series, Book #3Publisher:CreatespaceReviewer:MelissaRelease Date:October 10,2014Genre(s):Dark RomancePage Count:337Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:4.5 stars out of 5Blurb:Five years after leaving Rockingham, Jade Moore is still trying to move on. Easier said than done when your heart lies in your hometown. She finds friendship with a man who bears a dark secret, one that could destroy her. Shadow has spent the last five years in mis [...]

    19. Keri on said:

      Title: DeservedAuthor: Kira JohnsSeries: Satan’s Rebel’s MC #3Publisher: Self PublishedReviewer: Keri TaborRelease Date: October 10, 2014Genre(s): M/F, MC, RomancePage Count: 327Heat Level:3.75 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Review: OH MY GOSH!!! FIVE GIVE ME HEARTBREAK STARS!!!! Just when I think I have it all figured out… we fast forward five years FIVE years!!! Shadow has decided punishing himself is the only way to deal with his pain of hurting Jade so many years ago. Jade has h [...]

    20. Niamh Young on said:

      I AM SO OVERWHELMED!I seriously cannot deal with all these emotions! I wish there was an in between as it wasn't 4 but yet not a 3 it was in the middle. On the bad side:-Everything seemed rushed.I think to much happened and it was all crammed into a small part. Like a few big moments happened in the first half then it dragged and nothing happened in the middle but then it exploded at the end. I would prefer a build up to the end or a consistent amount of drama throughout. -The Love TriangleThis [...]

    21. Julie on said:

      I knew that when I read the first two books in this series, Destroyed and Destined, that I would have to jump on this as soon as it was released. It is a must that you read book one and book two before reading this one because each book is a continuation of the previous one.In Deserved, it is now five years later and Jade is a single mom making it on her own until circumstances changed and she is forced to move back to the Satan’s Rebels MC. The club takes her under their wing to protect her a [...]

    22. Jen J on said:

      The author warns at the end of the 2nd book everything is not always as it appears! She was not lying!!! I can't say to much about the story or it will give away things that you can't know until they happen or it ruins it for you.Oh my gosh I loved this ending, I was worried about Shadow and Jade and what would happen and the end Kira gave us is exactly the ending I was hoping for. My only issue is that Jade suffered so much even to the very end, in my mind that is hard to understand how one per [...]

    23. Lin ( Nerdy Bookworm) on said:

      It is no secret that this author is very talented and it is noticeable in her writing.Kira has done it again! I have never read any other MC series that had my emotions all over the place. The Satan's Rebels series will have you feel every emotion possible whether you are happy, sad, laughing, or crying. Kira is a strong writer who keeps everything interesting so you don't want to put the book down and at the same time has you feeling exactly what the character is feeling. This  book is anothe [...]

    24. Bec on said:

      After the train wreck of the second book - lets just say that 8 years of apparently staying away for someone's protection seemed pointless when that someone still managed to get left behind by her so called best friend, leaves behind the only family she knows when she is still vulnerable only to meet someone who beats, mistreats and alienates her from her family as well as comes close to killing her. I mean what was the point of staying away to protect her when staying would have been a whole lo [...]

    25. Carol Morgan on said:

      didnt think these books could get any better but they just did , so many twists & turns even i had hard time keeping up . if you havent read book 2 dont look any further .poor jade is just getting over the death of viper& starts letting shadow into her life , typically after they sleep together he finds her giving spike a cuddle , gets the wrong end of the stick & throws his toys out the pram .jade knows satans rebels need shadow so to stop any unrest in the club she decides to move [...]

    26. Katie on said:

      Okay so I have never written a review for a book before and I have read far too many books to count. However, this book I felt needed justice. I was taken on a roller-coaster ride from the beginning. The story between the main characters was heartbreaking and at the same time you could see the connection between all of them. I won't lie and say this was not a hard book to read as it was I was in tears for hours, something I never do. So if you are looking for a MC book with a twist that is diffe [...]

    27. Laurie Gyd on said:

      Outstanding story!!This is my favorite book of this Demon Rider MC, so much happens in this book. It's emotional, riveting, suspenseful, sexy, hot, with a strong sense of family. Jade has suffered so much when her uncle/president of club turned her over to a rival club. She meets Viper, when he rescues her and they have that soul reaching attraction that builds to love. Shadow-her friend who loves each other plays a strong part in her life in/around the time they all believe that Viper succumbs [...]

    28. Michele on said:

      I saved my review from the other two books and placed it here, since the fourth is more about Shadow's journey. All I can say about Kira's books is "HOLY CRAPWHAT A FREAKIN' RIDE!!!" Jade is one amazing character. She suffered through what no woman should experience. I'm talking pure hell for years. She finds her strength and fights her demons, falling for the man who helped her. Without going into it all, so I don't give anything away, all I'm going to say about these books is that if you enjoy [...]

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