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Alex This captivating digital original story set in the world of Lauren Oliver s New York Times bestselling Delirium series focuses on Alex Lena s first love When Alex sacrificed himself to save Lena he

  • Title: Alex
  • Author: Lauren Oliver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This captivating digital original story set in the world of Lauren Oliver s New York Times bestselling Delirium series focuses on Alex, Lena s first love.When Alex sacrificed himself to save Lena, he thought he was committing himself to certain death, but what he got was almost worse Imprisoned and tortured by the guards, his mind forces him to relive a past he would rathThis captivating digital original story set in the world of Lauren Oliver s New York Times bestselling Delirium series focuses on Alex, Lena s first love.When Alex sacrificed himself to save Lena, he thought he was committing himself to certain death, but what he got was almost worse Imprisoned and tortured by the guards, his mind forces him to relive a past he would rather forget But in the dark he grows stronger Both hopeful and terrified, he fights to find his way back to her and the love he still clings to.In this digital story that will appeal to fans of Delirium and welcome new admirers to its world, readers will learn of Alex s time after the events of Delirium, as well as the dark past that he has tried to forget.

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    One thought on “Alex

    1. Patricia Belsky on said:

      I really liked where this was going. I loved the set up of it, and the way in which we got the story of how exactly he survived, and his escape from the Crypts. HoweverIt definitely left me wanting more. In all, the series feels unfinished to me. Much like the end of Delirium, Requiem feels like the universe as a whole has a lot more story to tell. I think Lena is done with her story, but not everyone has had a say. And I feel like the little bit at the end from Alex's point of view might be a s [...]

    2. Shar on said:

      Okay, let me start off by saying that I was never taken by Alex. There was always something very off about him for me because he was portrayed as this "perfect" creature, and I have lots of troubles with characters that are portrayed that way. (I like rounded characters, not people without flaws). I read "Alex" a few weeks after I had already read "Requiem", (let's not start with Requiem, such a mess), and to be honest, although Alex is not one of my favorites, at least I respected him a little [...]

    3. Ellis on said:

      Edit: So some of you have been asking where you can find this story. It is an extra that comes with first editions of Requiem. It's printed at the back. I have no idea if it will be released separately, but I genuinely hope so.How weird was it to read this after everything else in the series? This took place right after Delirium and it really took some effort on my part to get back into that mindset of Alex still being completely in love with Lena, while she had already completed her story arc a [...]

    4. Nickyjen on said:

      It was an OK read, however, it didn't add much to the storyWe get to know all the bad things he experienced, how he regrets some of the things he did to find Lena and his thoughts on her.It was way too short!

    5. Clara on said:

      "Déjame decirte algo sobre morir: no es tan malo como dicen. Es traer de vuelta a la vida partes que hieren."Sigo preguntándome por qué rayos no había puesto como leído este libro. ¿Dónde he tenido mi cabeza en los últimos cinco meses? Ni idea. (Ni siquiera sé qué fecha poner).Bueno, para recompensar mi distracción e inutilidad, sí, haré una mini-reseña que no es reseña, wu.Cuando leí esta precuela realmente no imaginé lo que vendría en ella. Alex. POR TODA LA PERFECCIÓN, Alex [...]

    6. Booknut on said:

      Hmph.Well wasn't bad. It just wasn't very exciting, either. The only way I can describe it was like reading an unfinished fanfiction - I kept waiting for something to grab me, for something to happen, or for something to show me that this novella belonged to its seriesat it had that same spark.Instead, you're given a speedy first-person narration of events over 27 pages that lacks the luster of the Delirium series. Sure, I perked up at the mention of Lena. But this book did nothing to further th [...]

    7. Ferdy on said:

      Mildly interesting to get Alex's POV about his time in the crypts and his escape from them. His story would have been far more enjoyable though if he hadn't sounded like a male version of Lena, both of them were so boring and angsty.

    8. Anjie (LovethyShelf) on said:

      My favorite short story of the Delirium trilogy. I thought it was the best written from all the short stories. I loved being able to see more of Alex's childhood even if it wasn't a lot. We got to love him more. I decided to read it before reading Requiem, which I felt was a right choice because it helped me sympathize with him in Requiem. I know that after Requiem there was an overwhelming amount of hate towards Alex because of how he treated Lena and honestly, I think it's justified and his sh [...]

    9. Denisse on said:

      EL LIBRO ESTA ESCRITO DE LA MISMA POÉTICA Y BELLA MANERA DE LAUREN OLIVER pero Alex me cae tan mal. Es un idiota. Así que odie su voz XDMe gusto la historia, pero no es algo necesario, de hecho no tiene sentido Alex debió morir por sus heridas, ni se las atendieron, así que esta vivo solo para avivar la llama del triangulo amoroso. Hip Hip BUUUUUU! *hace sonido de un pedo* VIVA JULIAN! bye. ¿Pero como alguien que ha visto el veranoelegiría la nieve?

    10. Rose on said:

      Usually, I am not a fan of in-between novels but this one was great! Alex, has always been my favourite character in the Delirium series, and having a book in his perspective was a dream come true for me. It tells the story of what happened to Alex after he, supposedly died at the end of Delirium and also shows hints of his past. His hard and painful journey as well as dark past is shown in a way we could never have imagined. In Delirium we hardly get a look into Alex's past and his character is [...]

    11. Garima on said:

      The Delirium series is officially over, and I'm now heartbroken. I seriously don't know what to do with myself anymore. Although, his book should have definitely been 2.6 or something, because it ended right before the ending of Pandemonium. Anyways, this book was written so beautifully, like all of Lauren Oliver's books. It was really nice to get a story in Alex's POV, and it makes kind of wish the whole series was in his POV. He's such an interesting and complex character with a bit of a darke [...]

    12. Travelling Sunny on said:

      I haven't read the other short-stories in the Delirium series, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But, half-way through Requiem I was itching to know what Alex did when he left Lena and Julian in the middle of the night.Dammit, this book still didn't answer that question.It tells Alex's story - from his own POV - during the period between being caught at the end of Delirium but before he meets up with Lena at the end of Pandemonium.jIn 27 pages. At the end of my copy of Requium.It was fun. It was [...]

    13. Erika on said:

      So in this book is how Alex escaped during the bombing in the Crypts, survived the Wilds and finally made it out to White Plains, where Lena is. Not bad. I did understand why he treated Lena off when he returned in Requiem. After all that he's been through, it's Lena that kept him going. Then when he finally got to where Lena is, the first thing he saw was Lena and Julian kissing. I understand his reasons now. But, can't blame Lena altogether. It happens.

    14. Arielle ⭐ Cursebreaker ⭐ on said:

      Ugh reading this after already having read the other two books is hard because you KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. I'm glad I'm reading these again after a few years though because I am in an entirely different place in my life and I think that I will have a very different perspective on things (still in a good and probably more thoughtful way). Four stars because of my love for Alex, of course.

    15. Millaray Acuña on said:

      Siempre quise saber como fue que Alex se 'escapo' y esta mini historia la cuenta, es totalmente tierna ya que todo lo que hizo, paso, supero fue por Lena. Tan lindo Alex <3 Esta era mi secreto: Ella fue la que me salvó.

    16. Shannon (leaninglights) on said:

      Really good! I just wanted a bit more but overall I really enjoyed it and enjoyed better a bit more of Lauren's writing :)

    17. Chelsy Ryan on said:

      I love Alex's POV! It made me smile alot how he just describes Lena. So beautiful. I love Alex so much

    18. Sofi on said:

      Este libro fue hermoso, corto pero hermoso. Vemos lo que le paso a Alex cuando estuvo en las criptas y que hizo cuando pudo escapar, también nos cuenta sobre el pasado de Alex cuando estaba en la Tierra Salvaje. Aunque fue algo horrendo saber que le hicieron a Alex en las criptas, hizo que entendiera de alguna manera a su personaje en Requiem. (view spoiler)[Todo por lo que tuvo que pasar para enterarse que Lena estaba con Julian, que ya había seguido con su vida, lo convirtió en alguien más [...]

    19. Leah on said:

      *May contain spoilers*This was a short story which was only available in the first print runs of Lauren Oliver's Requiem. I'm hoping that it is reprinted for everyone who has yet to read it so that you can all enjoy it. The short story gives us a glimpse into the childhood of Alex, the torture he underwent in the Crypts, how he escaped and his slow path towards reuniting with Lena once again.I really enjoyed this. It was fascinating to see how he grew up in The Wilds and how he developed some py [...]

    20. Jennifer on said:

      I read the Delirium trilogy years ago, I read this novella but didn't remember it I also never marked it on I've read it now though!! It was really good. I liked reading from Alex's POV. We didn't really get to see what happened to him after the events that happened in the trilogy. I enjoyed this novella.

    21. Luke on said:

      I read Alex as part of Requiem — it was included as bonus content — but I will allow it to stand on its own.

    22. Yolanda Sfetsos on said:

      I just finished the trilogy and this story was in the back of Requiem, so I thought I'd give it a go.Once again, the writing's nice and while the story does fill in what happened to Alex after Lena goes over the wall, it wasn't fantastic. It provided a few answers but felt kinda rushed--like it was racing to the end so we'd know where it fit in with the rest of the trilogy.I likes Alex in the first book so I was curious but this is just another okay story.

    23. Aurélie (Exploring Pages) on said:

      More reviews on my blog, Exploring Pages."Let me tell you something about dying: it's not as bad as they say. It's the coming-back-to-life part that hurts."― Lauren Oliver, AlexNot only did Alex bring me back to the world I loved so dearly, but also to Lauren Oliver's remarkable and beautiful writing style. Despite the story being something completely different I did not expect at all, the writing surely made up for it. I love how the author can turn the most cruel things and the most dark sto [...]

    24. Amanda on said:

      The Crypts, a dangerous place, a place for the sick. For the people who suffer from Amor Deliria Nervosa, or love for short. The Crypts is a huge prison/mental hospital combo. The sickness isn't in the tiny cells that smell like urine, shit, vomit, and worse. The sickness isn't in the people who lay against the cells filthy walls, screaming, crying, praying and begging for death. The real sickness, the real disease, walks the halls of the Crypts. The disease is in the Regulators who patrol the h [...]

    25. Sasha (seetheworldwithbooks) on said:

      “How did I love her?Let me count the ways.The freckles on her nose like the shadow of a shadow; the way she chewed on her lower lip when she walked and how when she ran she looked like she was born going fast and how she fit perfectly against my chestOH MY BABY ALEX. DO YOU REMEMBER OUR FUCKIN HOT HERO WHO GAVE UP HIS LIFE FOR LENA IN DELIRIUM? HERE'S HIS SIDE STORY AND IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME! How she always made up words during Scrabble. Hyddym (secret music). Grofp (cafeteria food). Quaw (the [...]

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