Killing Adonis

J.M. Donellan

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Killing Adonis

Killing Adonis LIGHT DUTIES LARGE PAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED OR ANSWERED After seeing a curious flyer Freya takes a job caring for Elijah the comatose son of the eccentric Vincetti family She soon discovers that the V

  • Title: Killing Adonis
  • Author: J.M. Donellan
  • ISBN: 9781921997297
  • Page: 139
  • Format: ebook
  • LIGHT DUTIES LARGE PAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED OR ANSWERED After seeing a curious flyer, Freya takes a job caring for Elijah, the comatose son of the eccentric Vincetti family She soon discovers that the Vincetti s labyrinthine mansion hides a wealth of secrets, their corporate rivals have a nasty habit of being extravagantly executed, and Elijah is not the saint they portLIGHT DUTIES LARGE PAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED OR ANSWERED After seeing a curious flyer, Freya takes a job caring for Elijah, the comatose son of the eccentric Vincetti family She soon discovers that the Vincetti s labyrinthine mansion hides a wealth of secrets, their corporate rivals have a nasty habit of being extravagantly executed, and Elijah is not the saint they portray him to be As well, Marilyn Monroe keeps showing up, unaware she s very much deceased And there s something very strange about the story that Elijah s brother Jack is writing Killing Adonis is a tragicomic tale about love, delusion, corporate greed and the hazards of using pineapple cutters while hallucinating.

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      139 J.M. Donellan
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    One thought on “Killing Adonis

    1. Mel on said:

      Click here to read an edited review on my blog.I was provided this book by the publisher Pantera Press but all my thoughts are my own. This book definitely had some obvious issues for me, but overall I really enjoyed it!And honestly, this book deserves props because this was one of the only mystery books I've ever read that I didn't guess the ending. I mean I guessed SOME of it, but not all of it.To start, this book follows a girl, Freya, who gets a job working for a very wealthy family as the l [...]

    2. Joshua Donellan on said:

      It's weird that lets you review your own books. I'm going to give it. stars. Even though I hear the author is kind of a jerk.

    3. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out on said:

      'WANTED: NURSE (a proper one, not a silly male one) PRETTY (but not too pretty CLEVER (but not too clever) APPLICANTS WITH AN EXCESSIVELY CURIOUS AND INQUISITIVE NATURE ARE DISTINCTLY NOT WELCOME. LIGHT DUTIES. LARGE PAY. (ALL CASH. NO QUESTIONS ASKED OR ANSWERED)'After several hours of swilling booze with best friend Callum, Freya Miller drunkenly emails her CV in response to an unusual ad passed on to her by her friend, Jane. Just hours later she is summoned to the home of the powerful, wealth [...]

    4. Hanaluci on said:

      This book is a very enjoyable read. It provides a humorous and stylised commentary on the greed of corporate conglomerates, whilst also containing an intriguing plot and authentic and relatable lead characters. I highly recommend it!

    5. Sarah on said:

      Now I will admit that it's took me a hell of a long time to get round to reading this book, I'm not too sure why though, so I gave myself a good shake and decided to just read it already. That was a very good idea!The humour was the first thing that struck me about this, it's placed in the story when you really need it to even out the mystery element and the creepy weirdness in it.The characters are well written, the mystery is intriguing (although the ending did remind me of something, either a [...]

    6. Brittanii on said:

      This book left me with questions and I still liked it.Freya is an interesting and relatable character. I loved following her into this mystery. The relationship between Jack and his disturbing writing trances is still a mystery to me. If you've got any ideas/answers I'd love to hear them.Definitely worth the read.

    7. Rosalie on said:

      Cracking good read. At about 3/4 of the way through it seems to slow a little, but makes up for it with zooming pace towards the end. There a couple of points that I think are unresolved, rather than cool mysteries, but not to the point that it spoils the book. I found this novel and author at and thanks to the Rock and Roll Writer's Festival. And I'm very glad I did.Ding, ding! Next book!

    8. Rebecca on said:

      Thoroughly enjoyed this witty, clever novel with interesting characters and as a bonus featuring a little flavour of Brisbane.

    9. Sandi on said:

      Somewhere between murder mystery/ dark humor/ social critique this story really entertained me. Excellent spring reading- heartily recommended

    10. Terri on said:

      Odd. Different. It was interesting to read, but I was a bit tired of it by the time I got to the end.

    11. Holly Eastwood on said:

      A brilliant read! Such an unusual story; a little bit dark but filled with brilliant hilarity and great characters. So well paced with just enough mystery in each chapter to keep you from putting the book down. Josh is a wonderful writer, each scene and character is painted so delightfully and I had many laugh out loud moments. Highly recommended read

    12. Lee on said:

      Lighthearted, Australian fun. Excellent pacing, fun characters, in a condensed soap-opera sort of way.

    13. Jen Stelling on said:

      Totally silly, charming love child of AbFab Down Under and a telenovela full of cash-high hellions.

    14. Jim on said:

      One of my favorite books I've read this year! A quirky, slightly twisted mystery with an ending that caught me by surprise.

    15. Susan on said:

      Nurse Freya wants to help the sick and needy, but after a recent tragedy she thinks she needs an easier gig, just for a while. When she's offered serious money to help a very wealthy family care for their son, who is in a coma, she signs on, even though they want someone who won't ask questions and Freya is unduly curious about everything. She finds the only normal person in the household is oldest son Jack, until she finds out about his problems. The plot unfolds in patchwork fashion, and some [...]

    16. Megan Mccormack on said:

      This was a highly engaging read due mostly to the unease and tension cleverly created in the first half of the book, starting from the moment the reader comprehends the significance of the book's title. For me, the allure of the story was its pseudo positioning as a murder mystery - in some ways I felt like a young girl again, reading my Trixie Belden or Famous Five novels, willing the female protagonist to find the courage and giles to uncover the secrets hidden in the ostentatious mansion in w [...]

    17. Denise on said:

      In this book we follow Freya, a nurse hired to take care of the comatose son of a very rich and powerful family. Even though she is tasked with not asking questions, she can't help but try to investigate the strange things she encounters in their giant house. Things become especially urgent when some mysteries begin to point to problems from her own past.The good:I think Freya was great. She's flawed and interesting and willing to poke her nose where it doesn't belong - all basic requirements fo [...]

    18. Erin Triplett on said:

      I loved the humor in this book. Definitely an author to watch for in the future.

    19. Andrew McMillen on said:

      This book, the second novel by Brisbane writer Josh Donellan, is satisfying enough in that it tells an interesting tale in vivid language, but it didn't resolve in a particularly memorable way. The main character, Freya, is a nurse who chances upon a unique, well-paid job: to care for the inexplicably comatose son of a wealthy, powerful family of corporate monsters. It's based in Brisbane, and Donellan includes the occasional cute nod to his favourite local hangouts. He's a fine writer, though h [...]

    20. roxi Net on said:

      I laughed from beginning to end with this book. I can’t even. I just can’t.Young nurse Freya Miller goes to work for a wealthy family to look after their perfect coma-ridden son. She’s forbidden to ask questions, literally open certain doors, however, she’s has access to all the booze she can drink. I loved this book so much I highlighted examples of exactly why I loved this brilliant writing so much but realized it may not be appropriate for…em…people without a certain type of funny [...]

    21. Sionna on said:

      I received this book through netgalley but all ideas and opinions are my own. I wanted to stop reading this book 15% in. I persevered only get hooked to the mystery and still really dislike the book. There is a lot to not believe in this book I mean so much disbelief. Was not much research done? Like you know to sign a legally binding document the person has to at least be awake? The characters were interesting Flaws were good but at times people just felt wrong. Freya was definitely a conundrum [...]

    22. Daniel Wynne on said:

      A very engaging read. 'Killing Adonis' is often far-fetched and surreal, but J.M Donellan manaages to make it all believable, partly due to his well-conceived and often relatable central characters. The book is set in Brisbane, and locals will notice references to several of their city's most distinctive icons. Quirky, satirical and amusing, 'Killing Adonis' also manages to be amazingly suspenseful, and I was hooked right to the very end as Donellan's surprises and twists revealed themselves. De [...]

    23. Cassidy on said:

      So once I started I didn't move until I finished. Took me about three hours. The plot is incredible, the wording is poetic, and the flow is flawless. I'm keeping a star for the relationships. I can't find chemistry between anything. That said this book didn't need chemistry. It handled being lonely, rich, poor, love, loss, sick, and twisted in a dividing mystery. So what if I don't feel sparks between people who clearly have issues expressing feelings. I definitely recommend.

    24. Kristine on said:

      Killing Adonis by J.M. Donellan is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late November.Killing Adonis has a potently cheeky and witty tone, and is mildly heistlike in its description of commonly mundane events. It's almost like a mixture of 60% Heathers, 20% Dying Young: Coma Edition, 20% a Douglas Adams whodunit, and the dialogue style of Orphan Black.

    25. CarolinaAlvarez on said:

      The plot twists in this book are amazing. They keep you at the edge of your sit the whole time. There are several murders, countless mysteries and even what you could call romance, a strange and unconventional romance, but one none the lessif you want to see a complete review of this book. You can visit my page igeebooks dot comHave a great day!

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