Black Moon Draw

Lizzy Ford

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Black Moon Draw

Black Moon Draw What if you woke up in a book A reader trapped in fiction The sexy hero waiting for her A harrowing journey home For fans of Labyrinth and The Neverending Story comes an epic romantic adventure A read

  • Title: Black Moon Draw
  • Author: Lizzy Ford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if you woke up in a book A reader trapped in fiction The sexy hero waiting for her A harrowing journey home For fans of Labyrinth and The Neverending Story comes an epic romantic adventure A reader gets sucked into the book she s reading and is trapped, unless she convinces the hero of the story to send her home Just her luck the book is unfinished, andWhat if you woke up in a book A reader trapped in fiction The sexy hero waiting for her A harrowing journey home For fans of Labyrinth and The Neverending Story comes an epic romantic adventure A reader gets sucked into the book she s reading and is trapped, unless she convinces the hero of the story to send her home Just her luck the book is unfinished, and its sexy hero is far alpha male than she s prepared to handle What Naia doesn t know the story and its hero have been expecting her for quite some time, even though she has no idea what she s doing there Naia must learn quickly how to navigate the dangerous, magical world of Black Moon Draw and find a way to complete her journey with the unlikely, uncooperative hero of the story, who holds the key to returning her home.

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    One thought on “Black Moon Draw

    1. Marilyn Ortega on said:

      Black Moon Draw, what can anyone say when they fall into a rabbit hole of adventure! What a ride!!! Lizzy Ford has out done herself with this awesome Novel, which by the way I think it should continue on.If you are a lover of fairy tale movies, than you will love this book. It has been by far the most clever book written yet by Mrs. Ford.As readers we all find ourselves living the story, but to live it with a fictional character who would be going through the same motions as you is beyond words. [...]

    2. Leona (Books Inside The Keep) on said:

      *I received as an ARC courtesy of the authorI am in a love-hate relationship with this book. On the one side I love everything about this book, from the concept, the characters, and the scenery/the setting. But on the other side I hate the heroine's character, she completely embodies the most irritating of heroines. The dialogue between others and herself are contradictory, she'll state how another character should act but then turn around and talk herself out of the same logic as if it doesn't [...]

    3. Gertiebee * the little book bee * on said:

      4 Alpha-hero stars"A reader gets sucked into the book she’s reading and is trapped, unless she convinces the hero of the story to send her home. Just her luck - the book is unfinished, and its sexy hero is far more alpha male than she’s prepared to handle."That blurb encouraged me to pick this book up. I mean what reader wouldn`t want to temporarily get sucked inside their favourite story? Hello, Hogwarts Hello, Narnia Hello, alpha-hero-I-wished-were-real What I lovedThe world-building- The [...]

    4. Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It) on said:

      As soon as I read the synopsis for this book, I knew I had to read it. To be sucked into a book you are reading? This sounds like a dream come true for me! I have never read a book anything like this, and this book is truly one of a kind. The plot of the book was amazing. I was never bored with this book; I read this book in one sitting because I could not put this book down. It was physically impossible to stop myself from reading this book. For me personally, there was not a single thing I dis [...]

    5. Sabrina on said:

      This book would have been a 5 star book for me if it wasn't for the winy little witch. The worlds that Ms. Fords creates are amazing. I´ve read a couple and I get immersed in them from the beginning. Her alpha males are one of a kind and they check all my "must have" boxes. The heroines have been a delight but sadly it was not the case with Black Moon Draw. The whining got on my nerves and stopped me from liking her after her first kidnap. I would have liked for her to explore more of her magic [...]

    6. Kristin on said:

      Naia's fiance just dumped her a week before the wedding and she finds herself alone at home with a bottle of wine and some new uploaded chapters from a book she's been reading online. She ends up passing out sometime between her pity party and wakes up in the book she was reading. She's convinced it's a dream at first until she realizes that she's quite possibly really in the fantasy world of the book. She is faced with a huge quest. She must help the Shadow King save his realm or the realm itse [...]

    7. Lea Bourg' on said:

      OH MY FUCKING GOD !!! This is THE story which every bookworm has dreamed of !!Abandoned four days before her wedding, Naia, an introverted bookseller, spent her evening drinking and reading her favorite book until she fell asleep. One problem, instead of waking up in her apartment the next day, she finds herself in a strange world that looks suspiciously like the one of her favorite book, including Knights soo sexy.A BIG big crush =D I didn't know this author but it was a very pleasant surprise [...]

    8. Peah on said:

      What a journey i had from reading this book. Is this a stand alone novel or a series? If it is a series, i would really like to know the story of the author and Red Knight. if it's not then I am happy with the ending.

    9. Anna on said:

      Clichéd, one-dimensional characters and plot. I stopped reading after the passage 'I'm not much of one for apples. Bread, though, is my weakness, as evidenced by my thighs []'

    10. Natasha on said:

      super entertaining. LOVED it. "If I have to be trapped in a book, why don't I get to be the prettiest girl."

    11. Kami on said:

      Naia was left by her fiance and has turned into a recluse, wall flower, bookworm who earns a living by reading. I immediately liked her a lot since she and I have a lot in common. Naia has been obsessively reading a book by the elusive author LF (very clever Lizzy Ford) and is then transported into the book. She then meets an alpha, barbarian, war lord who claims her as his new witch. I loved this book so much. It is so clever. I like how Lizzy Ford pokes fun at herself. I love the characters an [...]

    12. Tiffany on said:

      I don't really know what to think about this book. It was so different. Not necessarily in a good or bad way. Just in a way my mind has never ventured.What if you woke up in a world that isn't yours? Where nothing is the same? Where hot guys are villains and monsters are your true love? Pretty sure I would run away and climb trees to escape too.Unique.

    13. Biate on said:

      This story is something new and different and not at all what I was expecting and yet at the same time it was familiar and predictable. Which ever way you want to view itIt's a great story, incredible writing, with fun moments and moments of suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling to Black Moon Draw.

    14. C.J. on said:

      Excellent storyline and world building. The down side for me was Naia. I got so irritated with her that I almost stopped reading but the overall story spurred me on.

    15. Andrea on said:

      A fun, quick read if you're looking for something light and hilarious with a dash of romance.

    16. Kendall Book Crazy on said:

      I was really excited when I heard about this book! I mean, a reader gets sucked into a book she's reading? Woah! I've never really heard of another book with the same premise before, and it sounded like an amazing premise for a plot! After reading this book, it may be my favourite book from this author! And that's saying something because I completely adore her Witchling series! This book really was amazing! I loved everything about it! The plot had plenty of action in it and the sexual tension [...]

    17. Ann Marie on said:

      5++++++stars!A reader's dream come trueWe all love to getaway from our realities of the everyday routines, when life is throwing us curve balls we all love to escape into a world of books. Imaginations of magic, of love, lust, desire or even just friendships. We sort of develop relationships with the characters we come to love and within the pages of Black Moon Draw one reader gets a “wish” of all us readers. The Shadow Knight (*sighs mmhmm thank you ) he is all MAN, sexy and dominating. The [...]

    18. Johnna on said:

      This was just OK for me. The concept was intriguing. What book lover doesn't fantasize about being transported into a book and living the story? But I think the execution could have been better. For one, I didn't really like the Shadow Knight, he was kind of an ass and I don't think he was really worthy of Naia. Throughout the book Naia was supposed to be growing into someone who was confident about themselves and wanted to mean something to someone. But she settled for the Shadow Knight who did [...]

    19. Lore Lush Books And Tours on said:

      Black Moon Draw, draws you in and holds you tight.Heroine: Naia, an average woman living a bland life is sucked into her favorite author's books (what reader wouldn't want that?). She is determined to return to her world but is required to, and becomes inclined to help the Shadow Knight save his first.Hero: The Shadow Knight shows the most growth. He is fierce, protective and cunning. While one may not necessarily want to live in this place, the Shadow Knight just might make it worth it.World Bu [...]

    20. Danielle on said:

      Not sure what to say about this book. Parts of it I really liked but at the same time it left me kind of, i don't know, blank? I did not get why Naia didn't understand the world she came to better. After all she did read several chapters before she came. Some kind of world building had to have been in them. Just a basic understanding about the realms and their names at the very least. The plot kind of revolved around Naia doning absolutely nothing. I wised the intrigues to be deeper, the obstacl [...]

    21. Se on said:

      Loved the concept and for the most part really liked the book and all the characters- except Naia. She frustrated the hell out of me until around 70% in, which was so annoying considering everyone else was so good. She did step up in the end which was great but I would have given more stars if that had happened sooner. I'm a huge fan of all the books/movies referenced and a Lizzy fan too, so I'm still looking forward to what she does next- I just hope the next female lead is a little less infuri [...]

    22. Fatima on said:

      I really loved the concept of this story and I loved the plot - I don't think it was executed that well because a lot of it got confusing in a lot of places, and I kept waiting for an explanation but that never happened. I didn't like the main dude, I forgot his name, but I thought that main character was alright. This was an okay book and I think it could've been a lot better if some of the details had been paid more attention to!

    23. CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD on said:

      Just a matter of personal choice…. I wasn’t drawn in the story…. I wanted to DNF but instead continued reading but basically mostly skimming just to reach the end. Let’s just say, definitely not for me as I find the story annoying and boring. Sorry.

    24. Aya on said:

      A Confession: The concept of this book was my childhood fantasy. Being in another world, having an adventure of my life and me having super powers saving people’s lives. And hopefully meeting the “Man of my Dreams”.The moment I read the blurb it automatically earned the no.1 spot on my TBR pile. And I’m glad that it did not disappoint me at all.I started reading this book pretty late at night of Thursday (11:58 pm to be exact) and finished it Saturday (12:10 am) so I literally finished t [...]

    25. Candice on said:

      The idea was interesting. Who hasn't wondered what would happen if they fell into a book they were reading. But that's where it ended. The story was predictable, the use of character names from movies - Labyrinth, Never Ending Story - was annoying. The witch was whiney, The Shadow Knight your typical alpha male. Naia needs to help break the spell that has plagued the realm for 1000 years, and she has 10 days to do this. I finished it as didn't want to leave it unfinished, but certainly not one o [...]

    26. Angie on said:

      This book wasn’t perfect but I couldn’t tell you what exactly was off. I LOVED it. I picked it up and didn’t stop until I was done. It’s more stream-of-thought than most people probably like but I found it refreshing in its abnormality and charming. Definitely going to read the next book AND look up the author. :)

    27. Dana Wood on said:

      Cutsie book about a lonely librarian sucked into an other world adventure. She handled it poorly. Fought her destiny all the way until the end. Then she embraced it. Full of over the top list scenes. But otherwise and interesting story premise.

    28. Spark on said:

      The main character was painful. The romance was painful. The plot and world had some interesting things, and the main male was about 50:50. Would have given it another star if everyone died at the end.

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