Borges e os orangotangos eternos

Luis Fernando Verissimo

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Borges e os orangotangos eternos

Borges e os orangotangos eternos Vogelstein um solit rio que viveu sempre entre livros De repente o destino sacode sua vidinha e o leva a Buenos Aires para um congresso sobre Edgar Allan Poe o precursor do romance policial moderno

  • Title: Borges e os orangotangos eternos
  • Author: Luis Fernando Verissimo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Board book
  • Vogelstein um solit rio que viveu sempre entre livros De repente, o destino sacode sua vidinha e o leva a Buenos Aires, para um congresso sobre Edgar Allan Poe, o precursor do romance policial moderno Ali ele conhecer seu dolo Jorge Luis Borges e, por circunst ncia que a simples paix o pela literatura n o explicaria, se ver no centro de um crime que envolve dem Vogelstein um solit rio que viveu sempre entre livros De repente, o destino sacode sua vidinha e o leva a Buenos Aires, para um congresso sobre Edgar Allan Poe, o precursor do romance policial moderno Ali ele conhecer seu dolo Jorge Luis Borges e, por circunst ncia que a simples paix o pela literatura n o explicaria, se ver no centro de um crime que envolve dem nios arcanos, os mist rios da cabala e o risco de destrui o do mundo dos homens.

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      473 Luis Fernando Verissimo
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    One thought on “Borges e os orangotangos eternos

    1. Nickolas the Kid on said:

      Καταπληκτικό αστυνομικό διήγημα το οποίο περιστρέφεται γύρω από τους αγαπημένους Μπόρχες, Πόε αλλά και τον Λάβκραφτ. Όσοι είναι εξοικειωμένοι με τους παραπάνω συγγραφείς θα απολαύσουν το πανέξυπνο αυτό διήγημα λίγο παραπάνωΟ καθηγητής Φόγκελστέιν καλείται να λύσει το μ [...]

    2. Nathanimal on said:

      One of the most purely entertaining books I've ever read. Honestly, when I finished, I held it to my chest with a purr.I was a bit nervous at the start. I mean, was this just going to be some guy capitalizing on the fact that Borges never wrote a novel? Saying to all the Borgesians who are a bit glum over the fact: "Hey everybody over here! I got your Borges novel! Your Borges stamped key chains! Borges coffee cozies! Going fast!"Well the book was an homage, definitely, almost a piece of fan fic [...]

    3. Rebecca Foster on said:

      Surely one of the best titles for a novel ever. It’s an enjoyable academic comedy and locked room mystery, with nods to Borges and Poe (though I probably didn’t get them all).

    4. Zuberino on said:

      তাজ্জব এক গল্প ফেঁদেছেন ব্রাজিলের লেখক লুইস ফের্নান্দো ভেরিসিমো। ভোগেলস্টেইন একজন অনুবাদক। মাঝবয়েসী ব্যাচেলর, ব্রাজিলিয়ান ইহুদি। সেই ছোটবেলায় নাৎসিদের তাড়া খেয়ে জার্মানি থেকে পালিয়ে এ [...]

    5. Ludmilla on said:

      "Böylelikle tüm ihtimaller gerçeğe dönüşebilmek için Borges'i bekler." Zekice yazılmış ve çok eğlenceli. Borges'i ya da Poe'yu seviyorsanız zaten okuyun ama kısacık iyi kurmacanın nasıl olduğunu görmek istiyorsanız muhakkak okuyun. :)

    6. Stacia on said:

      A complete & utter delight of a book. A Borges style mystery with some Poe, Lovecraft, infinite monkeys, & surrealism thrown in. Verissimo (meaning 'true' in Portuguese) leads you through a labyrinth of mirrors, philosophy, surrealist reasoning, ancient history, & good old-fashioned noir while spinning this marvelous mystery as you search for the truth of the matter. Excellent.

    7. Rise on said:

      It's a very funny, entertaining, and refreshing whodunit, with more than passing references to Borges (a major character here), Poe, and Lovecraft. Vogelstein is a 50-year old translator and English teacher who adored Borges with the same fanatical zeal as the narrator of the Borges story "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote." His first "encounter" with the master was not agreeable: Vogelstein translated one of Borges's stories for a Portuguese magazine but he changed some aspects of the story [...]

    8. David on said:

      Okay you guys who've been pushing all those "bizarro" novels: take your favorite bizarro author, and Jorge Luis Borges will totally drink his milkshake. Even as a fictional character.Borges wrote what's called "magical realism" nowadays, but while his fans may think "fantasy" is too undignified a label, Borges himself was a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy, and pulp fiction. The murder takes place at the Israfel Society Conference (Edgar Allen Poe was one of Borges's favorites), so you have [...]

    9. Kansour on said:

      "Γράφε και θα θυμηθείς. Ο γραπτός λόγος. Τα πάντα για να υπάρξουν πρέπει να γίνουν λόγος. Είτε απλός είτε σύνθετος".

    10. Ευθυμία Δεσποτάκη on said:

      Ένα παράξενο βιβλιαράκι, γραμμένο στο δεύτερο πρόσωπο (πιθανόν το πρώτο βιβλίο γραμμένο στο δεύτερο πρόσωπο που διαβάζω). Είναι σίγουρα αστυνομικό, αλλά ανακατεύει τον Πόε, το Μπόρχες, το Λάβκραφτ και μια ολόκληρη σημειολογία σχετικά με τους τρεις αυτούς στα όρια της ερωτι [...]

    11. Lamski Kikita on said:

      After reading the Club of Angels, I thought an author could not possibly do better, but on my, this was such a riveting read. The narration (as a letter) is very engaging, the plot is mysterious and just has you on the edge of your seat, the characters interesting, the events mesmerizing, and the interpretations and conversations simply magical.If you think one cannot combine Borjes, Poe, and Lovecraft in 130 pages, you are sorely mistaken. This book is enticing and has me running to the bookshe [...]

    12. Meg on said:

      Borges and the Eternal Orangutans was a delight. Short and sweet, it was the palate cleanser I so desperately needed just now.This novella is a literary whodunit that's also a homage to Poe, Lovecraft, and above all, Borges. The narrator Vogelstein was quite funny and I definitely had a dumb grin on my face on the train while I was reading this. There are so many literary allusions and hints (some of which I certainty didn't catch) lovingly stitched into the pages, and passages that will delight [...]

    13. Marne Wilson on said:

      A pleasant little mystery story that involves Jorge Luis Borges, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, John Dee, and many other figures of occult literature. This is the second book I’ve read by Verissimo, and I admire his sense of the absurd and the delight he takes in poking fun at pretentious intellectuals, as well as the conciseness with which he writes. Some writers would have turned this plot into a 500-page slog, but he brings it in at under 150 pages and doesn’t allow it to wear out its w [...]

    14. Michael Sanderson-green on said:

      Great title for a book . Great story that is full of academic, comic and mysterious elements . Although a bit too erudite for me a times it all comes clear at the end. Worth more than one read.

    15. Julia on said:

      At 131 pages, this little gem came up as a recommendation in one of my groups, and I read it in an hour. Borges and the Eternal Orangutans is written by Luis Fernando Verissimo and translated by Margaret Jull Costa, who has won several awards for her elegant translations.The blurb says: "Vogelstein is a loner who has always lived among books. Suddenly, fate grabs hold of his insignificant life and carries him off to Buenos Aires, to a conference on Edgar Allan Poe, the inventor of the modern d [...]

    16. George K. on said:

      Ένα μικρό, συμπαθητικό και ευχάριστο μυθιστόρημα που διαβάζεται μονοκοπανιά σε δυο-τρεις ώρες το πολύ. Η όλη ιστορία διαδραματίζεται κατά την διάρκεια του ετήσιου συνεδρίου της Israfel Society, στο οποίο μαζεύονται διάφοροι ειδικοί για τον συγγραφέα Έντγκαρ Άλαν Πόε και αναλύου [...]

    17. Jigar Brahmbhatt on said:

      Brilliant in its conception, this is a kind of book I can devour in a single sitting. It is set during the annual meet of the Israfel Society (an organization devoted to the study of Edger Allen Poe). Among the attendees is the great Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. But soon, it is clear that the meeting of Poe affectionados can never be devoid of a murder. Borges, as expected, assumes the role of a detective. Filled with philosophical speculations, this novel is a caricature of the classic [...]

    18. Tyler Jones on said:

      An absolutely fatastic, multi-faceted gem of a story.When Vogelstein, an obscure translator and would be writer, decides to attend a Poe society convention in Beunos Aires it marks a departure from his reclusive world of words. On his first night he meets his literary idol, Jorge Luis Borges, and is enmeshed in a murder as gruesome and puzzling as any found in the works of Poe. Soon he finds he finds himself a guest in the library of Borges as the two of them, along with the criminologist Cuervo [...]

    19. Beth on said:

      This is now one of my favorites. Verissimo does such an amazing job with his characters' traits, I had a clear picture in my imagination of their temperament and body language tendencies to the extent that I felt like I knew Vogelstein, Rotkopf, Cuervo, and Borges personally. The story was very clever and entertaining (especially such subtly important components as Aleph the cat and the Japanese man who got knocked over twice). I was inspired to read two works by Edgar Allan Poe, The Gold-bug an [...]

    20. Erica on said:

      Borges and the Eternal Orangutans combines surrealism, conspiracy theory and noir into a riveting tale of a murder that takes place against the backdrop of a conference of Poe scholars in Buenos Aires.As Vogelstein, a Brazilian translator of Borges with an affection for Poe, finds himself working with Borges to solve the murder of a Poe scholar, they traverse the terrain of words -- rife with danger (as evinced by the example of the Eternal Orangutan, who could destroy the world with a mistyped [...]

    21. Greg on said:

      This was as much Tuesday afternoon fun as I've had in a while. A 17th century mystical cabal, orangutans, an existential threat to the world (well, perhaps), a nasty academic -- and much of it takes place in Borges' library where Jorge, his friend Cuervo ("Raven"), and a fawning Brazilian author and translator tackle the knotty murder (of the nasty academic) that has disrupted an Edgar Allan Poe convention. Having recently read Alberto Manguel's memoir of reading over several years to Borges in [...]

    22. Valerie (He Said Books Or Me) on said:

      Do you like a quick read? A mystery? Then this may be the book for you. In this book we are introduced to Vogelstein, a pretty introverted guy who unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a murder case. This case is like no other. I suspect that others who have read Borges or more of Poe’s books than I have, would enjoy this book more than I did. I liked it just fine, but I am sure that there are things that they would pick up on that I am just not familiar with. I appreciated the setting a [...]

    23. Michael on said:

      For those who love Borges, this book is a must! Verissimo truly includes every trope and eccentricity associated with the works of our favorite Argentinian author. More of an hommage than a parody, the book is a quick read [I read it in one sitting:], and every page is delightful. The novel will also appeal to fans of Poe and Lovecraft and to anyone who likes a good mystery. My compliments to Mommalibrarian for bringing this to my attention.

    24. Panagiotis on said:

      Είναι από αυτά τα βιβλία που αν δεν γνωρίζεις τα υπόλοιπα βιβλία στα οποία αναφέρεται, μάλλον θα θεωρήσεις πως διάβασες μια μπαρούφα. Ωστόσο, όσο περισσότερες λογοτεχνικές πάσες πιάνει κανείς, τόσο το κέφι ανεβαίνει. Γρίφοι, αναφορές σε λογοτεχνικά και μη προβλήματα και μυ [...]

    25. Jack on said:

      Brilliant, twisty, and every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. An aged Borges and an admiring author must team up to solve a murder at an Edgar Allen Poe convention, spinning theories encompassing Lovecraft, ancient cabals, and Gnosticism along the way. This slim book is chock full of literary puzzles.

    26. Caroline on said:

      Not much of a puzzle if you've read the book referenced repeatedly by the narrator. A quick light read, easy fun poked at literary academics.Maybe more to it if you grasp the solution early on and watch the Poe-like deductions lurch in different directions when the unreliable narrator's morphing 'memory' alters the clue.

    27. Belén Perrone on said:

      ¡Me encantó! Es un libro que se lee rápido y es muy entretenido. Es una historia simple por así decirlo, pero que te atrapa desde la primera página, y lo mejor: ¡Borges resolviendo misterios! Haber leído a Poe y a Borges enriquece la experiencia, pero de todas formas es un libro muy lindo.

    28. Georgekapa on said:

      Αν δεν έχεις διαβάσει Μπόρχες είναι λίγο δύσκολο να αντιληφθείς την κρυμμένη μαγεία του βιβλίου !!

    29. Ariel on said:

      Intricate narrations that pays off in the end. A nice saturday evening entertainment.

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