State Of Emergency

Andy McNab

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State Of Emergency

State Of Emergency AM on a frozen winter s night only hours after the results of the general election A small craft skims the Thames closing in on London s most exclusive new riverside hotel On board is a lone assass

  • Title: State Of Emergency
  • Author: Andy McNab
  • ISBN: 9780593069813
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 3 AM on a frozen winter s night, only hours after the results of the general election A small craft skims the Thames closing in on London s most exclusive new riverside hotel On board is a lone assassin, his target Britain s most powerful new politician In a nation threatened by extremist jihadis and torn apart by civil unrest, Vernon Rolt has just been catapulted int3 AM on a frozen winter s night, only hours after the results of the general election A small craft skims the Thames closing in on London s most exclusive new riverside hotel On board is a lone assassin, his target Britain s most powerful new politician In a nation threatened by extremist jihadis and torn apart by civil unrest, Vernon Rolt has just been catapulted into government on an extreme anti terror platform.Rolt s plans for a zero tolerance crackdown on ethnic violence has touched a popular nerve But his move into politics has made him some unlikely enemies British ex servicemen, once his most committed supporters who now want him dead.Ex SAS trooper turned MI5 operative Tom Buckingham is undercover inside Rolt s organisation His mission to neutralise the rogue assassins for whom he also has become a target, and to discover the deadly intentions of Rolt s new financier, shadowy Crimean oligarch Oleg Umarov But all too soon, Tom gets caught up in a far devastating plot which will change the political landscape of Europe for ever

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      465 Andy McNab
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    One thought on “State Of Emergency

    1. Trish on said:

      4.5 stars, actuallyWell butter my butt and call me a cookie! That was one hell of a ride, especially the last 25%!In this 3rd volume we come full circle. Events from the first book tie into characters shown here and it actually all fits nicely.Tom is still undercover in Rolt's organisation, only now Rolt has Sarah Garvey's job as Home Secretary. And, naturally, he's causing even more trouble now than before. Classic case of a country's leader making a pact with the devil, only to discover that t [...]

    2. Paul on said:

      The third Tom Buckingham book is another tightly-plotted, fast moving thriller that portrays an uncomfortable parallel with current political affairs.McNab makes sure to explore the issues he's writing about from all sides and isn't afraid to take potshots at both right and left wingers. This stops his books feeling too preachy, which I really like.The author brings in elements from both the second book (this couldn't be avoided really as it carries straight on from where book two finishes) and [...]

    3. Lisa Green on said:

      Another great addition to Andy McNab's Tom Buckingham series. A note to all though: for this novel to make sense, you really need to have read the preceding book, Fortress, as the events lead directly into this story. Fast-paced, action-packed, spy thriller with a few twists & turns, this is very typical of McNab's style. I must confess that series is fast becoming a favourite of mine, I really enjoy reading more about Buckingham, he's a great character to explore.

    4. Sandra on said:

      this is the first Andy McNabb I have read, and I really enjoyed it. with some political thrillers /mysteries I get a bit lost in the plot and who is on whose side but this book I found easy to follow, and the whole story is believable. I believe its supposed to be set at some point in the nearish? future but it could easily be something happening now

    5. Jill on said:

      Andy's books always scare me - that this could happen - but I absolutely love them - I am always gripped from the first page and usually end up reading them straight through - another absolutely stunning read

    6. Frederick Tan on said:

      Vernon Rolt is the new home Secretary who has one purpose that of coming down hard against Islamist extremism elements in Britain. Tom is now on a covert undercover mission for MI5 to flush out the real purpose behind the meteoric rise of Rolt. As he uncovered a conspiracy hatched from Crimea, all hell break loose as he tried to counter a daring coup against the Prime Minister. Fighting against snow and sleet, Tom has one final mission to stop this madness from happening but will be come out of [...]

    7. Zara on said:

      really great read. as I started it didn't really grip me but then it started twisting and turning brilliant

    8. Nick Brett on said:

      This is the third “Tom Buckingham” story and a follow on from the previous “Fortress”. I was underwhelmed by Fortress and had forgotten most of it before I picked this up. It took me a while to remember and re-connect with a story that has Britain at breaking point from terrorist acts and an inspirational and charismatic new politician seems to have the answers. It was a story and theme I have seen a few times before and I didn’t find it sufficiently different.We still have Buckingham [...]

    9. Rob Thompson on said:

      This is the third “Tom Buckingham” story, but my first Andy McNab book. The novel sees Britain reaching a tipping point. Terrorist acts have turned hearts and minds against the Muslim community. Enter a dodgy but charismatic, Tump-like politician who seems to have all the answers. Of course, nothing is as it seems.As quick as a flash, people are getting shot. Buckingham rains down punches on the faces of various undesirables. Wall-to-wall mayhem ensures. Bullets fly. Explosions! Tom swings i [...]

    10. Shane Barr on said:

      A thriller concerning ex SAS man Tom Buckingham and a plot to depose the Prime Minister and put in place a new man Rolt who hated Muslims and was being financed by a Russian millionaire. Quite a good story but it jumped about a bit too much for my liking and so I lost the general pace and story. The sort of thing that could happen in the future and quite a worrying prospect with people wanting to blame the Muslims for everything.Enjoyable but not really my type of book as too many characters kep [...]

    11. David on said:

      For someone who was working undercover, Tom certainly wasn't bothered about blowing his or anyone else's cover. But despite some of his actions not really making sense and a bit of a daft background to the story, it was an reasonably enjoyable read. I must admit that I couldn't remember much of what happened in Fortress, though.

    12. Jamie Rose on said:

      This was ok. Thankfully none of the ridiculous mills and boon crap that was so irritating in the first book

    13. Matthew on said:

      Third in the series and unfortunately the most underwhelming of the lot. :-(

    14. Dale Flower on said:

      I've been waiting for this in paperback for a while. I must say I wasn't disappointed! Great again from McNab

    15. Neil on said:

      Good action scenes and pacy. Interesting main character and events that could happen next week. A page turner.

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