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Spencer Quinn

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Scents and Sensibility

Scents and Sensibility When a mysterious case of illegal cactus smuggling comes to their attention Chet and his human P I companion Bernie Little find themselves in a prickly situation in this eighth book in the New York

  • Title: Scents and Sensibility
  • Author: Spencer Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781476703428
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a mysterious case of illegal cactus smuggling comes to their attention, Chet and his human P.I companion, Bernie Little, find themselves in a prickly situation in this eighth book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series.In the latest entry in the immensely popular Chet and Bernie mystery series, Private Investigator Bernie Little and his canine companion CheWhen a mysterious case of illegal cactus smuggling comes to their attention, Chet and his human P.I companion, Bernie Little, find themselves in a prickly situation in this eighth book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series.In the latest entry in the immensely popular Chet and Bernie mystery series, Private Investigator Bernie Little and his canine companion Chet return home to encounter some alarming developments First off, Bernie s wall safe normally hidden behind the waterfall picture in the office is gone, and with it Bernie s grandfather s watch, their most valuable possession And next door, old Mr Parsons is under investigation for being in possession of a saguaro cactus illegally transplanted from the desert Bernie and Chet go deep into the desert to investigate Is it possible that such a lovely old couple have a terrible secret in their past Chet and Bernie discover bad things going on in the wilderness, far worse that cactus smuggling, and all connected to a strange but innocent seeming desert festival called Arrow Bright They unearth leads that take them back to a long ago kidnapping that may not have been a kidnapping and threaten a ruthless and charismatic criminal with a cult following, a criminal who sees at once what Chet and Bernie mean to each other and knows how to exploit it.Every bit as insightful Booklist , humorous Library Journal , and deliciously addictive Publishers Weekly, starred review as Quinn s previous books, Scents and Sensibility is a drool worthy mystery that will have readers everywhere begging for .

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      369 Spencer Quinn
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    One thought on “Scents and Sensibility

    1. Pamela on said:

      For the most part, I typically don't barrel through a book. I'd much rather savor each one - a nibble here, a nibble there. But OH NO!!! Not when it comes to "Chet the Jet" - K-9 extraordinaire. And especially not with this latest Chet and Bernie installment: Scents and Sensibility. "Engine on, lights off - our usual technique in situations like this - we waited, both of us hunched forward, eyes on the road . . . Look out world!"Chet as a narrator, is a hoot!! You just can't help but chortle and [...]

    2. Ms.pegasus on said:

      Who would've thought. People actually try to steal those stately saguaro cacti in order to landscape their homes. It is therefore illegal to go digging them up in Arizona without a permit from the Arizona Dept. of Agriculture. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. In Chicago my parents came out of their house one day and found a hole where their big blossoming peony plant used to be. Cactus theft is where this 8th book in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series begins. Their aged neighbors, the Parsons, [...]

    3. Willa on said:

      I think this was the best Chet and Bernie mystery to date. The books are narrated by Chet, a dog, in a stream-of-consciousness style that is very engaging. Bernie Little, the "Little" of the Little Detective Agency, is divorced, war-wounded, and troubled. Subplots involving an on-again, off-again girlfriend, Bernie's son Charlie, his ex-wife and her current husband, and Bernie's elderly neighbors add atmosphere to the book, but pale in comparison to Chet's narration. Chet is motivated by his lov [...]

    4. Kay Hudson on said:

      I love Chet, and he's as funny and doggy as ever in this installment. And Shooter, Chet's mini-me (relationship obvious to everyone but Chet) is darling. But I have to admit I was taken aback by the unexpected cliffhanger ending, not the norm for this series. I suppose we'll have to wait until next summer for the resolution, but there IS a short story scheduled for November, and I've already pre-ordered it.

    5. Debbie on said:

      I love these books. A friend of mine told me about them about a year ago and how good they were. I was like "a dog narrating a story? Meh". Then I requested one just to check it out. My friend was right. I've only read two of these books, this one being better than the last one. I think it's because the dog did more narrating in this one. The dog just cracks me up and you know you can just see him doing the things he says.He's always looking for that chance to grab the pant legs of the perp, LOL [...]

    6. Rebecca on said:

      I enjoyed this, but it took a while for me to get interested in it. The dog narrator threw me off a bit, and I was partway through before I started enjoying it. I'll pick up the other books in the series if I can find them cheap enough, or at the library.I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.

    7. Linda Rowland on said:

      For some reason this one took longer to hook me. Love Chet as much as ever.

    8. Christine on said:

      Happy to be home after their long road trip, Bernie and Chet are looking forward to some down time. Chet, as usual whenever he reenters the house begins his sniff and search – just to make sure everything is at it should be. Bernie is a little confused when Chet begins clawing at the wall in is office, until further investigation shows his wall safe has been removed, and with it, his prized possession – his grandfather’s pocket watch. Just as he begins to try to unravel that puzzle their e [...]

    9. Kathy on said:

      I have loved these books from the start. This is the 8th in the series, as usual narrated by Chet the dog. In this book, he and Bernie solve a 15 year old kidnapping mystery, and discover who is stealing Saguaro cacti out of the desert, which is illegal. We also see more of Chet's son, Shooter. I don't know if he will be a future character or not, but he's fun and Chet's reactions to him are hilarious.

    10. Erin L on said:

      I love this series, but this book is not my favorite. I thought it was a little disjointed, which is too bad because I handed it to my Mom to read as an introduction to the series before I read it. Ooops. No wonder she wasn't all that enthusiastic about it.I liked it because I happen to love Chet so I give him a bit of a break, but it's not his best work ;)I'll still be looking for the next in the series.

    11. Sheila Beaumont on said:

      Another fun detective tale with P.I. Bernie Little and his canine sidekick, Chet. But what an ending! When is the next book coming out?

    12. Betsy on said:

      I am completely hooked and, puh-leez Mr. Quinn don't leave us hanging for long!This is one of my favorites of the series -- Chet and Bernie are back home in Arizona, with saguaro cacti looming large, Chet is at the top of his form, and we learn a great deal about that mysterious puppy.

    13. Thelma on said:

      Most powerful Bernie and Chet story yet. I devoured it and am looking for more (a bit of a cliffhanger at the end). Chet is at his best and so is Bernie, the most doggedly determined and stubbornly loyal pair in all of sluthdom (if that's a place). For fans, this pair cannot be beat.

    14. Christine on said:

      This series has been so much fun, and this latest book was no disappointment. Right now, though, I'm too busy reeling from the cliffhanger ending to write a proper review!

    15. Clare O'Beara on said:

      This must have taken a lot of concentration and retypes. A dog called Chet tells his own side of the story as he helps his human PI partner track down a saguaro cactus thief. Yes, these large cacti are dug up from the desert and sold illicitly to gardeners in the Southwest it seems. But to stop the trade, many good specimens are now microchipped and the police can scan one and read off the co-ordinates where it was planted. Of course, if someone is into this kind of organised crime, they are int [...]

    16. Donna on said:

      Chet and Bernie - two PI's, one human (Bernie) and one dog (Chet). Together they set out to solve a crime of theft and murder. In the process, we are treated to the POV of Chet. I loved this book (and the others by Spencer Quinn) and highly recommend them. You will be entertained.

    17. Ian Wood on said:

      This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    18. Gloria Feit on said:

      Chet and Bernie return in the eighth and newest book in the series. As I have said before (but it bears repeating!), I have loved each book in the series, despite the fact that I usually avoid books with talking animals. But this particular four-legged private investigator, Chet the Dog, and Bernie Little, his partner in the Little Detective Agency, defy the expected rules of the genre. “Chet the Jet,” as he thinks of himself (and he is, after all, the narrator) is as usual the perfect foil [...]

    19. JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book) on said:

      Some minor spoilers ahead!!Chet and Bernie have just returned from a trip to visit his girlfriend Suzie. When they arrive home, Bernie sees that someone has entered his home - not broken into - and stolen his wall safe. After clearing with his ex-wife Leda, that she wasn't in the house, he goes next door to his neighbor Mr. Parsons, where Leda left the house key, and begins to ask questions. During the course of the conversation he discovers that Mr. Parsons' son Billy was visiting, and brought [...]

    20. Michael on said:

      Bernie Little is a private eye and owner of Little Investigations. Chet is his canine companion and narrator of the story."Scents and Sensibility" opens with Bernie returning home and finding his wall safe missing and his prized possession, his grandfather's watch gone.Bernie's next door neighbor, Daniel Parsons, is elderly and forgetful. Bernie asks him if he still has the house key that Bernie gave him but Parsons can't remember.In questioning Parsons further, Bernie learns that his son, Billy [...]

    21. Lis Carey on said:

      Chet and Bernie are back, and Chet's romantic past catches up with him.The discovery of the puppy, Shooter, proves to be a small but critical clue in a mystery that, this time, starts with their neighbor, Daniel Parsons, owner of Chet's buddy, Iggy. Mrs. Parsons is in the hospital, Mr. Parsons is alone except for Iggy, and one day gets an unexpected gift from their son, Billy Parsons. It's saguaro, and not long after the arrival of the saguaro comes Agent Ellie Newberg, of the Arizona Dept. of A [...]

    22. Jan on said:

      It's good to have Chet and Bernie back home in Arizona doing what they do best. I didn't care that much for their last two outings in Louisiana and Washington D.C. Both characters seemed a bit off and not themselves when they were outside of their home turf/comfort zone and away from all their friends and contacts. Both books felt like missteps to me. So I'm glad to say that all feels right in their world again. I loved that we got to have a bit of a story and learn more about the next door neig [...]

    23. David on said:

      Spencer Quinn is a doggone good writer. His writing is a canine-semi-steam-of-consciousness that never fails to entertain and amuse. His stories always have a neat mystery, some decent action, and some of those AHA! moments. Quinn's writing shows that he never takes himself too seriously.Once again, a quick read, and a fun story. Okay, whenever Chet gets lost\stolen\dognapped-- he always seems to find his way home a bit too easily Still, enjoyable stuffThis time around we learn how Bernie left t [...]

    24. Dan Shonka on said:

      The entire Chet & Bernie series is great. Spencer Quinn's ability to write from Chet the Jet's point of view is always entertaining and seems so spot on for what we humans might suppose is going on inside a dog's head. This particular volume, Scents and Sensibility, is quite possibly the best of the whole series. The danger is imminent and real enough to keep the reader on edge. And we get to see what a great, and caring (along with a bit flawed) character Bernie is. (Should we tell Chet? No [...]

    25. Karin on said:

      Chet and Bernie get back home from the long road trip they took in Paw and Order only for Chet to smell Iggy's scent--odd since Iggy has never been in the house--and for Bernie to discover that his safe has been torn out of the wall and taken even though the house hasn't been broken into. Itty's owner, the harmless, geriatric Mr. Parsons is under investigation due to a stolen cactus that has been planted in his front yard. But this is just the beginning. It's not long before Bernie and Chet are [...]

    26. Stephen Richter on said:

      I found the ending of "Scents and Sensibility "terribly moving. On the one hand one might read it as a close call that Bernie escapes from, with Chet's help. Most of the comments on line seem to point in that direction. For me,however,a close reading of the last page suggests the probability that Bernie is near death and will soon be dead.Chet "sees" the numerous people whose lives have crossed his and Bernie's path crying at Bernie's condition. There is no life support in the hospital room. The [...]

    27. Betty on said:

      This a new author for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the mystery through Chet's voice. His visions was correct. I found the characters developed even though I didn't know the backstory. Bernie and Chet find their neighbor, Mr Parson is in trouble and Bernie's Grandfather's watch has disappeared. Helping his neighbor Chet and Bernie head for the desert and find a body in the hole where a Saguaro had been removed. After an internet search discovers the case goes to a kidnapping that had occurred [...]

    28. Pamela on said:

      Scents and Sensibility is the eighth book in the Chet and Bernie mystery series. It is a very well written and professionally edited full length novel.Chet and Bernie are concerned about their elderly next door neighbors and set out to find the couples' son. A son that has just spent fifteen years in jail for kidnapping. What seems like a straight forward case soon turns into a murder and police corruption investigation.I love Chet's, the dog, narration of the plot with his free form way of thin [...]

    29. Patricia Ponder on said:

      Another great Chet and Bernie! Don't be scared off, as I was, from readers who said the book was dark or had a bad ending. It's true there were a lot of questions left unanswered, but that's only more reason to look forward to the next one. I waited a long time to read this one out of fear for my imaginary pals, Chet and Bernie, and even considered just skipping this one until the next one was out to make sure it was safe. Without going into spoilers, I'm glad I finally read it and if you love t [...]

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