The Abrupt Physics of Dying

Paul E. Hardisty

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The Abrupt Physics of Dying

The Abrupt Physics of Dying Clay Straker is trying to forget a violent past Working as an oil company engineer in the wilds of Yemen he is hijacked at gunpoint by Islamic terrorists Clay has a choice help uncover the cause of a

  • Title: The Abrupt Physics of Dying
  • Author: Paul E. Hardisty
  • ISBN: 9781910633
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clay Straker is trying to forget a violent past Working as an oil company engineer in the wilds of Yemen, he is hijacked at gunpoint by Islamic terrorists Clay has a choice help uncover the cause of a mysterious sickness afflicting the village of Al Urush, close to the company s oil processing facility, or watch Abdulkader, his driver and close friend, die As the cClay Straker is trying to forget a violent past Working as an oil company engineer in the wilds of Yemen, he is hijacked at gunpoint by Islamic terrorists Clay has a choice help uncover the cause of a mysterious sickness afflicting the village of Al Urush, close to the company s oil processing facility, or watch Abdulkader, his driver and close friend, die As the country descends into civil war and village children start dying, Clay finds himself caught up in a ruthless struggle between opposing armies, controllers of the country s oil wealth, Yemen s shadowy secret service, and rival terrorist factions As Clay scrambles to keep his friend alive, he meets Rania, a troubled journalist Together, they try to uncover the truth about Al Urush But nothing in this ancient, unforgiving place is as it seems Accused of a murder he did not commit, put on the CIA s most wanted list, Clay must come to terms with his past and confront the powerful forces that want him dead A stunning debut eco thriller, The Abrupt Physics of Dying is largely based on true events the horrific destruction of fresh water and lives by oil giants Gritty, gripping and shocking, this book will not only open your eyes but keep them glued to the page until the final, stunning denouement is reached.

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    One thought on “The Abrupt Physics of Dying

    1. Christine on said:

      The Abrupt Physics of Dying could easily be called one man against a giant. It is the powerful story of Claymore Straker, a man who finds his moral compass and fights. Claymore versus Petro-Tex. David versus Goliath.Set in the 1990s Yemen, Straker is employed by Petro-Tex, a global oil company as a contractor. He has the PR skills and scientific testing abilities to support the company, in its push for oil. He is kidnapped, along with his driver friend and forced to investigate his employer. Str [...]

    2. Liz Barnsley on said:

      I seriously cannot remember the last time I was this gripped by a thriller – pretty much from the opening pages it sucks you down into the tale and won’t let go – Fantastic writing, a very very intriguing main protagonist and a plot that has its roots in reality.Mr Hardisty brings Yemen to vivid colourful life, the people and the hardships, the politics and the realities and wraps it up in a beautiful package of really exceptional storytelling, with an authentic edge which means you honest [...]

    3. Paul on said:

      The Abrupt Physics of Dying – Stunning Debut ThrillerThe Abrupt Physics of Dying is the stunning debut thriller from Canadian writer Paul E. Hardisty the debut book for new publisher Orenda Books. Orenda Books is on a winner with this excellent thriller, the name may seem long and off putting but like the publisher it is not as daunting as it seems. This is a well written pulsating read diving head long in to the dangerous world of Middle Eastern Politics, religion, oil and western oil compani [...]

    4. Patricia Ann on said:

      WOW! THAT's what I think! I was so surprised that this book is his first. This is a powerfully written book with an incredible intensity. The twists and turns, the moral dilemma that is integrated so subtly into the thrilling story of Claymore Straker and the Big Oil companies amazed me. Paul Hardesty was able to convey the messages of good and bad on all sides and in all peoples without ever stating so; it all was brought in through the story lines. He raised my awareness of the sociological an [...]

    5. Louisereviews on said:

      It’s often said “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but let’s be honest, we all do it don’t we? If a cover doesn’t draw our attention then it’s unlikely that we will pick up the book, scan the blurb and read the front page. For some people a pastel cover with shiny text screams “chick lit” and they’ll avoid at all costs, for me the pseudo 50 Shades covers – dark with a grey/steel stock photo of a tie or a whip or handcuffs on the front. I’m just not interested. It’s pro [...]

    6. Alison Gray on said:

      This is a modern-day thriller set in Yemen. The government and a big corporation are pitted against a lone contractor, Claymore Straker, who works for the corporation, Petro Tex. It provides a fascinating insight into what life is like in the Middle East for both local inhabitants and foreign national incomers who are there to make a quick buck. Throw in terrorists, a journalist and a government officer and you suddenly don't know who is on whose side any more or how the story will end.

    7. Meggy on said:

      Say action, guns, a guy with muscle and I am out of here. I'm the first to say no to action movies, or if I do accept to watch one, I end up bored to death because they all look and sound the same. The same goes for books, I like a fast-paced thriller but there's a line between a thriller and a pure action-focused storyline. I like my action with more subtlety and less bullets. This is why I loved The Abrupt Physics of Dying.With such a title, Paul Hardisty could only catch my eye. I hate physic [...]

    8. Margaret Madden on said:

      Review by Declan Madden.This debut novel introduces the character of Clay Straker to the reader and is a story of industrial pollution in the Middle East. Clay Straker , retired from the South African Armed Forces , has retrained as an engineer and now finds himself working for Petro-Tex , a new kid on the block in the oil industry .Based in Yemen his job involves environmental testing for the company in support of its applications for government approval .This work mainly consists of cash donat [...]

    9. Warrengent on said:

      Wow Paul E. Hardisty abrupt physics of dying is a cracking thriller, the plot is beautifully written,and totally gripping.Claymore straker character is intelligent,dynamic,and totally ruthless.For anyone who likes jack reacher, or Jason bourne you will love this book.

    10. Notty on said:

      This one was a hard one to read. I did enjoy it, and once into it, couldn't put it down! When you say that money is the root to all evil, this books explains it big time. I understand it's based on a true story, and if that is correct, then the major oil companies are awful!!! Good read, looking forward to more of his.

    11. Jackie Law on said:

      The Abrupt Physics of Dying, by Paul E. Hardisty, is an action packed contemporary thriller set in the Yemen. It explores the hubris of the wealthy and powerful who believe that they are above the law. It lays bare the secretive and incestuous relationships between politicians and big business.The protagonist, Clay Straker, is a contract engineer working for an oil company. His job involves getting environmental reports written and passed, often by nefarious means, in order that his clients may [...]

    12. David Reviews on said:

      This is an exceptional thriller that grips you from the very start. Our hero Claymore Straker, or Clay to his friends, is in mortal danger from page one. The story is told at a cracking pace and the action is pretty much non-stop. It’s based in the Yemen where Clay is a contractor working for a large oil company. His job is to provide environmental reports and ‘persuade’ local government officials to sign off the required documents, to allow continued oil exploration and extraction.He’s [...]

    13. Tripfiction on said:

      Petro-Tex is a giant oil company that has an oil processing facility in Yemen. Is it coincidence that the local people in Al Urush and especially the children, are suffering from a desperate illness?Claymore Straker is trying to move on from his violent history. He is an engineer employed by Petro-Tex and early in the book is hijacked at gunpoint, together with his driver Abdulkader. His captors want him to get to the bottom of the illness – they release him and keep his driver hostage. As he [...]

    14. Snoakes on said:

      I did enjoy this one - it's a page-turner of a story and gallops along. I think it would make a cracking film if ever it gets the chance.The only reason I've not given it five stars is that thrillers aren't really my thing. I find the whole rugged hero (so rugged he can still win a fight even when he's shit-faced on vodka) thing a little predictable - not to mention the beautiful woman (there's ALWAYS a beautiful woman, isn't there?). But these are minor gripes - a thriller needs a hero, and Cla [...]

    15. Tony on said:

      Claymore Straker is a man on the edge. A civilian in a dangerous land at a dangerous time. Kidnapped, held at gunpoint and lead into the depths of Yemen to be given an ultimatum by a man believed to be behind a number of terrorist acts including one which resulted in the death of Straker's colleague. The tension is palpable and it's only a matter of time before the inevitable eruption as Straker makes his break"Before the old man could react, Clay bought his left knee up hard, smashing the old g [...]

    16. Michelle Lancaster on said:

      The Abrupt Physics of Dying By Paul E. HardistyOrenda Books978-1910633052£8.99, 429 pagesThe Abrupt Physics of Dying wastes no time. The debut thriller from Paul E. Hardisty, the first in a planned series, opens on page one with Kalashnikovs, kidnapping and grand theft auto. Our hero Claymore Straker has an appropriately shady past but is currently a hydrologist for Petro-Tex, an international oil company, where he is responsible for environmental impact. See? Dangerous territory already, even [...]

    17. Karen on said:

      Set in Yemen, THE ABRUPT PHYSICS OF DYING is an eco-thriller from an author who writes about the issues explored with authority and a vivid sense of place.Claymore Straker is a South-African born engineer, working on environmental approval reports for a major oil company in Yemen, a country teetering on the brink of civil war. Held up, with his local Muslim driver, at gunpoint by a local armed militia group, Straker is forced to investigate the potential of environmental contamination in a villa [...]

    18. Karen on said:

      This book was well out of my comfort zone and not in my usual choice of genres so it was with a little trepidation that I started to read, thinking it would be more of a ‘man’s book’ however I got great enjoyment from the story and would recommend anyone to give it a read. Set in Yemen, in 1994, with the country on the cusp of civil war, our ‘hero’ is Claymore Straker. Formerly a soldier, he is now an engineer working for Petro-Tex, an oil company, to check out the land and to pave the [...]

    19. Paddy on said:

      This thrilling debut opens with a tense, utterly gripping roadside hijacking. In an instant, we’re flung headfirst into an unforgiving, sun-scorched landscape, a lawless country riven with corruption and tribal tensions. Hardisty’s hero is the flawed Claymore Straker, a man haunted by a series of mistakes he made while a young soldier in South Africa. He’s been living a half-life ever since, helping oil companies exploit dirt-poor communities by bribing locals, or penning dodgy environment [...]

    20. Steve on said:

      A brilliant novel from Paul Hardisty and a fine way to open Orenda Books' account as a publisher. See my full review here:livemanylives.wordpress/20

    21. Thebooktrail on said:

      See the locations covered in the book on the booktrailAn eco thriller with a conscienceJust what goes on in these oil rich countries. Are we bothered as long as we get the oil? What about the people whose land it is? How are they treated? Well if this book is even half true and judging by the author’s credentials it is indeed, then money really is the root of all evil.I don’t think anyone could have got under Yemen’s skin like Hardisty has. The man survived a bomb blast in a cafe in Sana [...]

    22. Craig Sisterson on said:

      Canadian-Australian Paul E. Hardisty has burst on to the crime scene with this searing tale that digs up the dirt on oil companies operating in Third World countries. Clay Straker is a combat vet working as a hired gun engineering consultant for big oil in Yemen, adapting facts and appeasing locals to keep the dollars rolling in. When his driver and friend is kidnapped by a notorious terrorist, he must investigate the cause of a local sickness to save the life of a man who saved his. Joining for [...]

    23. Nic Ayson on said:

      Moving at breakneck speed, I found this read difficult to put down. A story of an greed, corruption, deceit - it was difficult to know at times whose intentions were good and whose were not to be trusted. A somewhat 'blokey' read with plenty of violence and gore, the setting of Yemin, it's history and politics (of which I know very little) made for compelling reading. Definite movie potential!

    24. Karen Cole on said:

      The Abrupt Physics of Dying isn't the sort of book I'd be drawn to if I saw it in a bookshop so when I received my copy from new publishers Orenda Books it took me a little while to start reading it. However, when I finally did pick it up I was reminded yet again not to judge a book by its cover!There is no gradual building of tension in this story, the reader is immediately thrust into a nail biting thriller as the main protagonist, a South African former soldier called Claymore Straker has bee [...]

    25. Sophie on said:

      Posted originally reviewedthebook/2015 With its wonderful title, cover and tagline, enhanced by its stunning opening, The Abrupt Physics of Dying was one of those books that nothing could make me put down. It’s an eco-thriller, which in my eyes was a pretty epic thriller made different and perhaps more relevant, with its focus on the politics of oil. This book definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone having not read anything similar before, but in a good way. It was tense, gripping and stro [...]

    26. on said:

      With its engineer protagonist and Yemen setting, The Abrupt Physics of Dying is a quality eco-thriller, from an author that knows his subject and knows how to write. It’s 1994 and Yemen is close to civil war. Claymore Straker is a damaged South African-born engineer working with Petro-Tex, an oil company trying to get his environmental approval for their oil drilling, when he’s held up at gunpoint along with his kidnapped Muslim driver Abdulkader. The dangerous Al Shams orders Straker to inv [...]

    27. Anne on said:

      For me, one of the best and most exciting things about reading so many books is that I learn so much, and travel with the author to so many new places, and The Abrupt Physics of Dying certainly taught me a hell of a lot and took me on an adventure to places that I'd never read about before.Clay, the lead character is something of a maverick. I envisaged a craggy faced, yet handsome guy whose experiences are etched on his face. He takes risks and is daring, he is flawed yet confident and determin [...]

    28. Melinda on said:

      Visit My Book Self for more reviews & giveawaysIncredibly enthralling read. It’s been a long time since an action packed narrative has commanded my full intention, talk about a white knuckle, nail biter ride. Action, adventure, greed, politics, even a subtle romance forms a rip-roaring plot. The narrative was so well crafted it felt more fiction than nonfiction. Hardisty paints such a plausible and vivid picture of avarice, murderous oil company Petro-Tex. The environmental damage caused b [...]

    29. Victoria Goldman on said:

      The Abrupt Physics of Dying is an eco-thriller with immense detail and a fascinating background story. The well-written almost-poetic vivid descriptions are unusual in a book of this genre, showing how the author Paul E. Hardisty has a gift for detailed but fast-paced writing.The book was a pleasure to read. There's a bit of everything in here - conspiracy theories, history, politics, a love interest and, of course, a strong action hero. You can tell the author cares deeply for his subject, with [...]

    30. Tracy Shephard on said:

      I am a bit late to the party reading this book, but I am so pleased that I have read it.It is a novel that grabs you and takes you on a journey to Yemen and into a world of corruption and lies.The writing is very descriptive and the main character Clay is a fascinating man with secrets he keeps to himself. It is a an action packed thriller that will excite and thrill you to the bone. Bribery and danger are the order of the day and The Abrupt Physics of Dying is a brilliant debut that is full of [...]

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