Tod auf dem Weingut Beauclaire: Ein Provence-Krimi

M.L. Longworth Helmut Ettinger

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Tod auf dem Weingut Beauclaire: Ein Provence-Krimi

Tod auf dem Weingut Beauclaire Ein Provence Krimi Sonne Wein und MordAuf dem Weingut Beauclaire werden teure alte Weine gestohlen Au erdem treibt in der Gegend um Aix en Provence ein brutaler Frauenm rder sein Unwesen F r Untersuchungsrichter Antoi

  • Title: Tod auf dem Weingut Beauclaire: Ein Provence-Krimi
  • Author: M.L. Longworth Helmut Ettinger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sonne, Wein und MordAuf dem Weingut Beauclaire werden teure, alte Weine gestohlen Au erdem treibt in der Gegend um Aix en Provence ein brutaler Frauenm rder sein Unwesen F r Untersuchungsrichter Antoine Verlaque und seine Freundin, die attraktive Juraprofessorin Marine Bonnet, bleibt keine Zeit mehr, die Sch nheit des provenzalischen Sommers zu genie en.Ein KriminalromanSonne, Wein und MordAuf dem Weingut Beauclaire werden teure, alte Weine gestohlen Au erdem treibt in der Gegend um Aix en Provence ein brutaler Frauenm rder sein Unwesen F r Untersuchungsrichter Antoine Verlaque und seine Freundin, die attraktive Juraprofessorin Marine Bonnet, bleibt keine Zeit mehr, die Sch nheit des provenzalischen Sommers zu genie en.Ein Kriminalroman mit s dfranz sischer Atmosph re, Spannung und charmantem Personal Genau die richtige Sommerlekt re Berliner Morgenpost

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      158 M.L. Longworth Helmut Ettinger
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    One thought on “Tod auf dem Weingut Beauclaire: Ein Provence-Krimi

    1. Debbie on said:

      "Death in the Vines" is a "detective"/cozy mystery. While Judge Verlaque has the legal right to investigate the murder, the level of everyday detail was more like in a cozy mystery. The "cozy" aspect was about them enjoying fine food, fine wine, fine cigars, and talking about expensive cars. This novel is the third in the series, but it didn't spoil the previous mysteries. You don't need to read the previous novels to understand this one. Interesting details about France, vineyard-tending, etc w [...]

    2. Jen on said:

      Death in the Vines: A Verlaque and Bonnet Provencal Mystery is an excellent choice for both mystery lovers and Francophiles. Don't pay too much attention to the cover which might lead you astray as to the plot and genre--this isn't a typical cozy mystery. It is a cozy in the setting and the lack of explicit violence, but the detectives are not amateurs like Miss Marple; they are professionals with experience. Also, while the setting has some village characteristics, Aix-en-Provence is a small ci [...]

    3. Gee-Gee on said:

      Death in the Vines has just been published. AS an amateur reviewer, I received a free copy. I did not initially realize that this book was the third one in a series. But I had no difficulty completely enjoying this story.It takes place in Provence, France, and area about which I know almost nothing. So the cultural practices and scenery descriptions were wonderful. I felt as if I had literally seen a small glimpse into the area, and I would definitely like to visit it now.The story inter-weaves [...]

    4. Trishia on said:

      This is the third in the Verlaque & Bonnet mystery series set in Aix-en-Provence. In the first two, "Death at the Rue Dumas" and "Death at Chateau Bremont," I fell in love with the judge and his girlfriend. In this one, I feel I'm falling in love with the whole city!While it's true that you don't have to read the books in order, you'll be surprised if you do. You'll see that Longworth is not a "formula" author who approaches a series in a tried and true layout. She is widening her scope and [...]

    5. James Lee on said:

      I picked up a copy of Death in the Vines at Gene’s Books on Sanibel Island, Florida, a real gem of a bookstore with a huge selection of mystery novels, crime stories, and other genres. M. L. Longworth’s novel set in Aix-en-Provence, France, features Examining Magistrate Antoine Verlaque (in the French system judges engage in detective work) and Commissioner Bruno Paulik trying to solve three murders and a wine theft from a local vineyard. Are the murders connected? Is the theft somehow conne [...]

    6. Mary on said:

      Death in the Vines provides a superlative trip to Aix-en-Provence (the ancient Roman capital of Provence) and its surrounding villages, vineyards and olive groves. Besides providing a great murder mystery story, it makes one wish to visit Provence, or make return visits. The multiple clever plots develop in an intriguing fashion, making it difficult to put this book down for a respite. The author deftly keeps one in suspense until the final chapter. Insights into the personality and past of Judg [...]

    7. Melanie on said:

      The latest installment in this French mystery series, and the best so far. What I liked: Longworth begins to develop the detective characters and their relationships more fully. I'm liking the direction she is going with all of the "regulars"; they are growing, changing and becoming more real--especially Antoine Verlaque, the primary investigator, who is becoming more generous, more empathetic and generally more likeable. In particular, I'm enjoying learning about the French system of crime inve [...]

    8. Ryn on said:

      The novel starts out with a mysterious theft at a vineyard. Soon afterwards, when a young woman is attacked and an older woman turns up murdered in the vineyard where the theft occurred, the police realize there is a lot more at stake than a few bottles of wine. The main characters of this mystery series are the trustworthy and hardworking Judge Antoine Verlaque and his girlfriend Marine Bonnet. Verlaque is the kind of person you want on a case like this. He pays attention, keeps his cool, and f [...]

    9. Jolee on said:

      The 'solving' of the mystery did not relate to any clues or anything else that happened throughout the book, so it felt like 'well, it's time to end here.' Enjoyable enough story and characters, but the mystery aspect was not solid in this one.

    10. Phyllis on said:

      This is definitely the weakest of the series thus far-I found the conclusion rather ridiculous and probably wouldn't continue if I hadn't started with the most recent book in the series.

    11. G on said:

      Fun volume in an enjoyable series. Revelations about Verlaque's past, and his changing ability to open up are too abrupt. .

    12. LJ on said:

      First Sentence: Olivier Bonnard sat on the bottom stone step of his cellar, his hands gathered around his head as if he were attempting to soothe a migraine.Winery owner Olivier Bonnard discovers some, not all, but some, of his rare vintage wines have been stolen from his cellar. Gilles d’Arras is missing something even more critical, his wife, Pauline, has disappeared. It is up to Magistrate Antoine Verlaque and Police Commissioner Bruno Paulik to solve both mysteries.For anyone who loves win [...]

    13. Monica on said:

      The relationship between Verlaque and Bonnet has advanced to something near commitment. More time together, more plans for more time together. But Marine has a worrying lump that needs checking and she's not sure about telling Antoine. He has there are three crimes to deal with - the theft of a number of valuable bottles of select vintage wines from the vineyard where his deputy Paulik's wife is the winemaker. There is the repeated disappearance of a disagreeable wealthy woman with early Alzheim [...]

    14. Heather on said:

      A wine thief and murderer are on the loose in Aix-en-Provence and Judge Verlaque takes a personal interest in both cases.Although this is a mystery, as I was reading I wasn’t thinking whodunit, but oh this is so vibrant. One is easily swept away in the vivid imagery. From the clothing to décor, architecture, and conversation, everything is so accurately described, yet not over detailed, that I feel as though I know it. Never having been to France I am walking the streets of Aix and seeing the [...]

    15. Vicky on said:

      This was a new series for me- came across it through an interview with the author from the NPR website, I think. I would give the series three and a half stars. I thought the second and third were better than the first. They have compared to Donna Leon's Venice series, but are not quite as well written. Longworth lives in Aix and teaches in Paris so does a good job of describing the region and contemporary France. There is the requisite culinary interest, especially wine, as the wife of the poli [...]

    16. Denise on said:

      I received this book from the First Reads program.Death in the Vines is a mystery set in the vineyards and surroundings of Aix-en-Provence. The surroundings, food, and wine are as much a character in this mystery as Verlaque and Bonnet. We get a picture of life in Provence while trying to figure out the mystery.It is refreshing to have a mystery that involves people who should be involved in solving a murder. (No cupcake shop, no magic store, etc.) Verlaque is a magistrate with a love of gourmet [...]

    17. Phoebe on said:

      Longworth has lived in Provence since the 90s, and writes like a native about her adopted country. The flavor of this third Verlaque & Bonnet mystery is no less exotic than the other two; good food, good wine, and murder. A young woman is found raped and beaten, but alive; an elderly woman with the symptoms of early Alzheimer's has gone missing again but this time overnight; priceless wine has been stolen from the Bonnard vineyard with no apparent rhyme or reason; Marine has a disturbing med [...]

    18. Jeanne Julian on said:

      Disappointed. Got it for the Provencal setting, hoping for a good ol' police procedural (a la Francaise). That's not a genre I read habitually, and admittedly, I read this novel in a sort of fragmented way. But that was, in part, because it didn't grab me with that great "wow, how are they going to figure this one out?" feeling you get from a good mystery. There were too many asides, distractions. The main character, Verlaque, is well drawn and likeable. But he was surrounded by unnecessary char [...]

    19. Bill on said:

      It helps to like wine when you read this book, because the characters' affection for the wines they drink is as deep as their feelings about each other - love, distrust, envy, superiority. We enjoy the warmth and the scent of Provence, the texture of its soil and the fragrance of its grapes, as we grapple with several murders, two of them similar crimes with young victims and one inflicted on a wealthy woman who seems slightly demented. There is also the theft of rare bottles from a vineyard's s [...]

    20. Christina on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, which is the third installment in the Verlaque and Bonnet Mystery series. What I have come to really love about M.L. Longworth's books is that they are not your typical murder mystery. The murder storyline takes a bit of a backseat to the character development, the backdrop of the French countryside, and the references to food, wine, and cigarsl things I happen to enjoy. It is not an action packed mystery. Don't get me wrong, there are the twists and turns that one wo [...]

    21. Amy on said:

      So many things going on here -- wine theft, three disparate murders, secret nazi love affairs, old people wandering around with Alzheimer's, medical scares, three or four burgeoning romances, unrequited crushes, family secrets. It was a bit much. Once again, I preferred almost all of the characters over the two main ones, Marine and Antoine, who I find to be annoying and/or boring. I wish there was a spin-off featuring the dandy wine thief turned expert police consultant. And are Frenchmen reall [...]

    22. Eli on said:

      Death in the Vines is a quick and enjoyable tale of wine theft, rape, and murder set in Provence. The pace was somewhat slowed by numerous small details about the place and the people, but they also greatly enhanced the local flavor and made the characters intriguing. I especially enjoyed the description of the “black and white” dinner, which mimicked the play of light in the area. I found the sheer number of characters to be confusing, but it might be because this my first Verlaque and Bonn [...]

    23. Grey853 on said:

      I have to admit that the plot summary on the back cover of Death in the Vines was very misleading. This is not a cozy story about missing wine. That's just one of the mysteries. Instead, the bulk of the story deals with a serial rapist. At first I was put off not just by that detail, but also because there's an abundance of point of view shifting. Still, despite those negatives, I found the book to be impressively written. The descriptions are so well done that I could easily imagine myself in F [...]

    24. Laura on said:

      Rather slight mystery with a little too much explication for my tastes.Set in Aix and suburbs (perhaps banlieu is more accurate? this is France, after all) there are a couple of mysteries, one concerning the theft of some very valuable wine from a vineyard's cave and the other concerning the murder of an older woman who is exhibiting signs of Alzheimer's. The tie-in? The woman dies in among the vines (didn't you read the title??). I'm not sure how much Marine Bonnet contributed to the solving of [...]

    25. Bebe (Sarah) Brechner on said:

      I love this lesiurely series set in the south of France with main characters being a law professor and her significant other, a 'judge' who is a lead investigator for the police. Fascinating insights into the culture and lives in the town and vicinity of Aix-en-Provence with philosophical musings, fine eating, relationships, and, in this book, the vineyard business. Oh, and always a crime or two to solve. If this series is an accurate reflection of the criminal justice system in France, I'm simp [...]

    26. Emily on said:

      In the first 50 or so pages, there was a murder, a missing persons case, a rape and two suicides. It was crazy! The names are all French too, so I had to really pay attention to keep track of all of the characters. They started their stories separately, but everything came together at the end. It was a fairly quick read, and I really enjoyed it. I hadn't read any of the other books, but I still enjoyed this one. Sometimes they talked about wine and food too much and I just didn't care! I wanted [...]

    27. Spotsalots on said:

      Although I picked up four books in this series at the book exchange, the second book was not among them, so I don't know how it compares to the first and this one. This is #3 and showed that the author had really hit her stride. The references to food and cigars are now much more smoothly integrated, wine is an important element in the story, Verlaque and Marine have somehow resolved their differences enough to be a couple again, and the strands of the story are interesting and generally enjoyab [...]

    28. Jane on said:

      Fabulous read! Compelling main characters, interesting side plots, several mysteries simultaneously being unraveled, some connected but not all, so it's not too neat or predictable. Great character development over the course of the novel. Setting is also a character itself, the countryside of France. Longworth does a good job of weaving in elements of French society, culture, and customs in a subtle way, without hitting readers over the head or getting bogged down with tedious history lessons. [...]

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