Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall

Gordon Korman

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Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall

Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall The school year is getting off to a wacky start at Macdonald Hall Everyone thinks Bruno and Boots are to blame but this time the boys are innocent and they re determined to find the phantom practical

  • Title: Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780590255226
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • The school year is getting off to a wacky start at Macdonald Hall Everyone thinks Bruno and Boots are to blame, but this time the boys are innocent and they re determined to find the phantom practical joker.

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    One thought on “Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall

    1. Punk on said:

      Young Adult. In the last book in the Macdonald Hall series, Boots and Bruno are joined by Boots' younger brother Edward, who takes an instant dislike to Bruno and quickly becomes the prime suspect for the rash of practical jokes that are popping up all over campus. Meanwhile, Elmer Drimsdale falls in love and decides to stop playing it safe and start living on the edge. That works out about as well as you might imagine. The plot hangs together well, nothing too outlandish happens, and there's so [...]

    2. Ted on said:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA a fantastic read. I love low level reading books because I can rip right through them and be very entertained. I LOVE THIS BOOKIn fact this book is far and away better than Da Vinci Code, and probably uses bigger words.

    3. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      Canadian children's author Gordon Korman has had a long career as the prolific writer of humorous, exciting, and easy-to-read novels geared toward grades 4 to 9. He started writing at age 12, when he wrote This Can't Be Happening at MacDonald Hall! for a seventh grade English class. Over the course of nearly 20 years after the publication of this first MacDonald Hall book, Korman published a total of 7 titles about the boarding school exploits of best friends Bruno and Boots.This month, I read t [...]

    4. Wealhtheow on said:

      Bruno's younger brother joins them at MacDonald Hall, and immediately everything goes wrong. Someone's pulling pranks--but it's not Bruno or Boots!

    5. Galion Public Library Teens on said:

      Review by M.B.: "It was okay, but kind of boring."

    6. Brenten Gilbert on said:

      Very happy with the conclusion to the series I loved so much growing up. Hard to believe it took me this long to read it.

    7. LobsterQuadrille on said:

      3.5 stars This is certainly the weakest of the Bruno and Boots books(at least in my opinion), but I can't bring myself to give it less than 3 and a half stars because, come on, it's Bruno and Boots! Here's a rundown of the good and the not-quite-so-good: GOOD:- John A. Macdonald statue dressed as a scuba diver- The students being touchingly worried about Mr. Sturgeon- Poor Elmer Drimsdale's attempts to win over Marylou Beakman- Bruno with tears in his eyes when he thinks Mr. Sturgeon is at death [...]

    8. Jane on said:

      Reading from a hard copy this time. I think Something Fishy At Macdonald Hall might be my favorite Macdonald Hall book so fall and that's mostly because the last chapter was especially heartwarming and hilarious. I also love the supporting characters - we finally meet Boots' little brother, Edward! - and subplots - I love Elmer and his crush and quick thinking! Overall, a really delightful book.

    9. Janelle on said:

      By far the best of the series. The only reason I kept reading was to read them before putting them in my classroom library and because I had them. I'm glad I made it to this one. They are all very entertaining stories but were predictable by the end except this one. I actually was kept guessing further into the book what was going to happen and some details still surprised me. A great ending to a good series. I'm sure many of my students will enjoy this series.

    10. Nithusa on said:

      This such an funny book I never laughed at a book this much before. Bruno and Boots the biggest pranksters at Macdonald hall but all of a sudden a practical joker ( the phantom) started pulling pranks and everyone thinks it's Bruno and Boots. Now they have to figure out who did it before they get expelled.

    11. Megalion on said:

      Re-reading one of my favorite series as a kid. I can see why I loved it so much, though it's not "as funny" now as it was then. Definitely good books for the reluctant boy reader. I think most of GK's kids books are written to target them though as a girl I found them highly enjoyable as well.

    12. Wayne on said:

      Another Bruno and Boots. Not quite as good as I remember, but it has been a few decades since I read one of these. This one was written much later than the others, that might have something to do with it. Still a good book and had a few classic Gordon Korman moments.

    13. Nicole Luiken on said:

      The latest/last MacDonald Hall book featuring Bruno and Boots. More madcap humour. I especially enjoyed Elmer Drimsdale's idea of courtship.

    14. Elizabeth on said:

      The best books ever, I must have read these 80 times as a child

    15. Erin on said:

      Not as funny as the earlier ones, but had a great ending! I would love to know what happened to Bruno and Boots when they grew up!

    16. Susan on said:

      Such a great finale for this fun series - it kept us guessing! The last chapter had us all in stitches!!!

    17. Enikő on said:

      This is good therapy. I have discovered that laugher is not out of place when it makes you feel a little better.

    18. Lara on said:

      I love love love Gordon Korman's Bruno and Boots books. It constantly amazes me that he wrote them while still just a kid. They are truly funny, even from an adult perspective.

    19. Minli on said:

      Man, it was nice to revisit Bruno and Boots. I loved the books as a kid and even reading them as an adult, they're still funny. The boys are larger than life, and full of sneaking/gallivanting fun!

    20. jeffrey.Lim is so super duper cool add me up boi on said:

      I thought that this book was pretty good, but it was not the best one out of the series. The books ending was very surprising.

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