Beast of Stratton

Renee Blare

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Beast of Stratton

Beast of Stratton He appears the beast but she sees the man Architect Aimee Hart determined to locate her father infiltrates Miles Stratton s engineering firm as a secretary Her presence wrenches the shaggy wounded

  • Title: Beast of Stratton
  • Author: Renee Blare
  • ISBN: 9781508606024
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • He appears the beast, but she sees the man Architect Aimee Hart, determined to locate her father, infiltrates Miles Stratton s engineering firm as a secretary Her presence wrenches the shaggy, wounded man from his penthouse, and the quest begins Betrayed by his best friend, Miles would rather hide than help, especially from the man s daughter But something s not righHe appears the beast, but she sees the man Architect Aimee Hart, determined to locate her father, infiltrates Miles Stratton s engineering firm as a secretary Her presence wrenches the shaggy, wounded man from his penthouse, and the quest begins Betrayed by his best friend, Miles would rather hide than help, especially from the man s daughter But something s not right Someone s trying to destroy Stratton Industrial A decorated war veteran, he s defended his own before and the Beast of Stratton can do it again Even with the enemy at his side.

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    One thought on “Beast of Stratton

    1. Natalie Vellacott on said:

      I read this through in one sitting for the "Christian Books Only Review Group" and only lost interest in the last few chapters which were a bit laboured. This is an unusual story attempting to deal with some of the issues of PTSD as a result of serving in the armed forces. I thought the romance that developed between two of the main characters was a bit unlikely but I still wanted to see how it turned out. I think more needed to be said about some of the fringe characters at the beginning of the [...]

    2. Victoria on said:

      Wounded and suffering from PTSD, the beast, Miles Stratton comes home to find his architectural firm in shambles seemingly destroyed by his best friend, Stephen, who is missing.When everyone appears to be against Miles, a new employee, Aimee is caught after hours trying to crack the computer system. He recognizes her as Stephen’s daughter, and she struggles to make Miles believe she’s not trying to do further damage to his company. He and Aimee, along with the chief of security, Ian, go to h [...]

    3. Kari Trumbo on said:

      Miles has just arrived home from two tours on foreign soil to find his company has been hit by industrial espionage. The daughter of their main suspect shows up under an alias and Miles must decide if she is telling the truthor is a traitor like her father.This book is a gripping tale that is not one you can put down and come back to a week later. You will lose what has been happening and the pace of the whole book will be thrown off. It is face-paced and meant to be read in as little time as yo [...]

    4. Susan Baganz on said:

      Beauty and the Beast takes a modern twist. Miles is struggling with intense physical and emotional pain as a result of injuries suffered in the war. He’s let his hair grow, making him look like the “beast of Stratton” everyone thinks he is. He was seeking treatment when an emergency called him back to his very successful business. Once there he encounters the daughter of his best friend. But is Aimee a spy like many suspect her father is, or can she be trusted to help ferret out the truth? [...]

    5. Barbara Thompson on said:

      Beast of Stratton is a modern writing of the fairy tale and it's a fantastic book. I was intrigued with the thrilling mystery and its surprising twists and turns. I love how the author added the romance into the storyline. I enjoyed Author Renee Blare's style of writing and how she was able to capture my attention from the beginning. I highly recommend reading Beast of Stratton by Author Renee Blare. Hopefully, we'll be able to read another book from this author soon. I'm looking forward to anot [...]

    6. Sharon McGregor on said:

      Aimee goes undercover as a secretary to find her father and prove he didn't betray his friend and employer Miles Stratton. She is soon unmasked by Miles who has returned from a second tour of duty suffering from PTSD.Together they follow a trail of clues to find Stephen Hart but discover an unexpected answer to the mystery. Now can Aimee find the man she knows lies underneath his "Beastly" exterior and have her fairy tale ending? And can Miles survive his burden of pain and guilt to become the m [...]

    7. Peggy Trotter on said:

      Renee spins a tale of total intrigue! You'll be immersed in creeping through Miles Stratton's engineering firm with Aimee, who is determined to find her missing father. And discovers much more.Miles appears as an ogre, but everything is not as it seems. I love that this is based around a fairy tale. It gives you a structure of what the story is about, but spins you around unfamiliar twists and turns! It's a terrific read. Don't miss it

    8. Rachel James on said:

      I love the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, and this modern day twist of the story certainly does not disappoint! The novella is a good length, and I found myself turning the pages quickly to reach the end. It has suspense, romance, and a wonderful christian message interwoven that is not preachy or forced. Can't wait for more from Renee Blare.

    9. polly debruin on said:

      Finished Beast of Stratton. There is plenty of suspense and tender, clean romance, exciting, so many twists and turns and until the very endwho, tell me who was responsible and why???? Enjoyed it very very much. If you haven't, Get it and READ IT!! This author's first book WILL NOT be her last!

    10. Lee Carver on said:

      "Beast of Stratton" is written with high emotion and dark mystery. Moods fluctuate dramatically within scenes. The industrial intrigue plot involves a missing senior employee, his beautiful daughter, and a wounded veteran of Iraq. The take-away passages are well done. This is a quick read with a well-resolved ending.

    11. Becky Smith on said:

      This was a captivating book with all of its twists and turns, suspense and mystery. One great line in it is: “Find your reason to live and hang on to it.” But this line made me laugh: “Did he practice at being a jerk or was it a gift?” A GREAT, easy, and fun book to read for all who like suspense, mystery, and twists. I won a copy of this book on Facebook, and chose to leave my own honest review to encourage others to read this fun book.

    12. Gina Burgess on said:

      MY REVIEWThere is a lot in this story to like. At times the story whooshes along so fast you barely hear the railroad crossing warning before the train has passed. However, other times it moves really slow, but the prose is staccato like high heels clacking along a cement platform. Character development is nicely done. You meet a young woman who has a mission to find out where her father is. You have to figure out that she's going undercover to the job where he was last seen. She's and architect [...]

    13. Cindy on said:

      The Beast of Stratton by Renee Blare is a story about CEO Miles Stratton working to find the traitor of his company, Stratton Industrial. Miles discovers his best friend, Stephen Hart, has left Stratton Industrial and gone to work for the competition. When Stephen left, he took his team of employees and some design plans with him. He has now disappeared. Stephen’s daughter, Aimee, begins work as a secretary at Stratton Industrial, hoping to find her father and the truth of the betrayal. Miles [...]

    14. Gregory Brown on said:

      The Beast of Stratton, written by Renee Blare, is a modern day twist of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. Miles Stratton is the CEO of an engineering firm, Stratton Industrial, and a veteran of the Iraq war. He is suffering from mental and physical scars which have caused him to become a long-haired, bearded, recluse. His best friend and former employee, Stephen Hart, is missing and thought to have betrayed the company. Stephen’s daughter, Aimee, infiltrates Stratton Industrial by working a [...]

    15. ChrisGA on said:

      Since this is a 145-page novella, the reader is plunged immediately into the action and must learn the backstory as the narrative unfolds. Cryptic remarks and interactions between characters that suggest secrets and hidden agendas had me scrambling to try to figure out what was going on, who the good guys and the bad guys were, and how the past was impacting the present. The suspense of the first half builds to a heart-pounding last half as answers and danger begin to roll in. The mysteries of A [...]

    16. Tina on said:

      Beast of Stratton***** e-book by Renee BlareArchitect Aimee Hart's father has disappeared, but he did leave a clue—a letter and a rose—can Aimee figure out what he is telling her? She is determined to find him any cost. Posing as a secretary at the engineering firm where her father once worked, Stratton Industrial, she plans to do some undercover investigating.Miles Stratton is suffering from PTSD from his tours in Iraq, a wounded and shaggy man who hides out in his penthouse. On top of that [...]

    17. Sonnetta on said:

      The hero of this story was human. I could relate to his struggles even if I did not experience PTSD as a soldier. How can a soldier return home and act “normal” after living in a hyper alert state for a long time?Miles Stratton returned home with more than the physical scars of war. He is known as the Beast of Stratton, also the name of his company.Amber Hart/Aimee Pryce is the daughter of the man people believed betrayed Miles and the company by selling company secrets and working for the c [...]

    18. Dali Castillo on said:

      Action Packed!Miles Stratton: War hero; Suffers from PTSD; CEO of an engineering firm; Suffers physical scars from his military experience; Reclusive; Close friend of Stephen Hart who is currently missingAimee Hart: Architect; Searching for her father, Stephen Hart, who has gone missing; Secretary in Miles’ engineering firm with the ulterior motive of finding clues that will lead to her fatherSo, what do Miles and Aimee have in common? Stephen Hart is Miles’ good friend and Aimee’s father. [...]

    19. Deanna Stevens on said:

      Miles Stratton comes home from a tour of duty wounded and suffering from PTSD, he let's his hair and beard grow, growls in pain and anger and he earns the nickname, the Beast. Aimee Hart infiltrates Miles Stratton’s engineering firm as a secretary, where her father has disappeared from and she is determined to locate her father. As Aimee searches for clues after hours Miles catches her and takes her to his Penthouse above Stratton Engineering to question her. Aimee knows about PTSD and realize [...]

    20. Pam on said:

      “Beast of Stratton” is a 172 page novella that takes the reader on a fast and furious suspense-filled ride. It is a story about betrayal, trust, forgiveness, and healing. Readers get an up-close and personal look at the sufferings of an injured military man who suffers from PTSD as he struggles to overcome the pain and flashbacks.In my personal opinion, “Beast of Stratton” is a good story that would have been even better in a full-length novel. I would have liked more background on the p [...]

    21. Joan on said:

      This novella has great potential. The writing is very taut and that means it is frequently difficult to determine who is peaking or doing the action. The book could have been fleshed out in many places. Because most of the action takes place in one day, there is little character development. The obstacle to the romance is PTSD but it is not worked out between the two. It is suddenly worked out a distance from reader awareness. The solving of the mystery is abrupt and is kind of out of the blue. [...]

    22. Renette Steele on said:

      Beast of Stratton by Renew Blare Miles runs a multi-million dollar company, but he has put up walls all around himself to protect him and to protect others from his demons.Aimee is determined to accomplish her mission. She must wear a mask in order to do so. Nothing will stand in her way, not even the gruff grungy. Beast of Stratton. Things seem to keep throwing the two together. Will they be able to break down the walls and remove the masks? Will the truth set them free? Renee does a great ente [...]

    23. Billie Conrad on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beast of Stratton; in fact, I read it in one evening. It is a contemporary, romantic, suspense story in which the main characters are Christian. Miles Stratton is dealing with PTSD as a result of Iraq; he is dealing with problems at Stratton Industrial; and now he has to deal with Aimee. Aimee Hart is trying to find her dad and uncover the corporate mess her dad is involved in. Sparks fly between the two and there are some unexpected turns along the way. I highly rec [...]

    24. Becky on said:

      Beware the HomecomingA gruff and beastly CEO returns from a tour of duty to find the family company in trouble. The playboy brother is in charge, the engineer that Miles considered his best friend has disappeared along with closely guarded secrets, and the ex-best friend's daughter, Aimee, is attempting to infiltrate the company as a secretary.Just as you think the story is cut and dried, twists and turns take it down an unexpected path. A fun,tense story for a rainy afternoon.I gratefully recei [...]

    25. Janice Sisemore on said:

      Beast of Stratton Aimee is trying to find what to her father. She goes to work at Stratton industries to be able to get into their computer system to find her father. She gets caught by Miles Stratton who is suffering from PSTD. She thinks he is the bad guy but she finds out different later who really is the bad guy. Will she find her father? A very good mystery, suspenseful book. I received this book from the book fun network for exchange for a honest review.

    26. Lori Weller on said:

      Beast of Stratton is an interesting, fun, suspenseful novella. The story line is easy to follow with enough mystery to keep you interested. The book has secrets, PTSD, faith, and romance. I look forward to reading more of this authors work.I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

    27. Ann on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It was pulled into the lives of the characters and the story line from the pages and the fast paced story line kept me reading to see what was going to happen next. It is a wonderful combination of romance, faith and mystery and one I wholeheartedly recommend. I definitely hope there will be more to follow from this author.

    28. Galinda Barefoot on said:

      This book is a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast. Has suspense and romance a great book.I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.

    29. Jennifer on said:

      A good, quick read. fast paced. Suspence, Romance and very cute. Has a religious tone, but toward the end it seemed to be almost forced on to the reader where as the rest of the story it didn't feel as forced as the ending.

    30. Geoffrey Schmitt on said:

      This book has it all! Mystery, suspense,drama,romance,industrial espionage, dysfunctional families, patriotism, PTSD, a wedding, forgiveness, and prayer. Hold on to your hat! I only give this a three because the tail seems a bit too contrived and the resolution too simple.

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