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Noah Cicero

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Bipolar Cowboy

Bipolar Cowboy The first poetry collection by acclaimed cult author Noah Cicero Bipolar Cowboy is a book of love poems for all those who loved so deeply it crossed into mental illness If you ve ever loved so much y

  • Title: Bipolar Cowboy
  • Author: Noah Cicero
  • ISBN: 9781621051787
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first poetry collection by acclaimed cult author Noah Cicero, Bipolar Cowboy is a book of love poems for all those who loved so deeply it crossed into mental illness If you ve ever loved so much you lost your mind, if you ve ever felt inclined to wander into the desert to die alone, then take the bipolar cowboy s hand He s ready to see you through to the end.

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    • [PDF] á Unlimited Ì Bipolar Cowboy : by Noah Cicero ✓
      192 Noah Cicero
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] á Unlimited Ì Bipolar Cowboy : by Noah Cicero ✓
      Posted by:Noah Cicero
      Published :2018-09-08T02:18:43+00:00

    One thought on “Bipolar Cowboy

    1. Es Summer on said:

      Dear Noah,I just finished your book. I feel bonded with you. Let's be two bipolar cowboys in a wasteland.I should thank you.You taught me how to be cool.You taught me how to wear clothes that fit.I see you sitting somewhere in Nevada,wearing a black hoodie-hood,and baggy blue jeans.I see you twist-pulling your messy hair,and inhaling Marlboro cigarettes,smoke all around you.Sadness pulling the corners of your mouthdown, down, down. You actually made me very happy,and sometimes you were tender.Yo [...]

    2. Brian Alan Ellis on said:

      The work remains honest and real, and Cicero puts a lot out on the table, making Bipolar Cowboy a brave and poignant look into an artist’s mind as he struggles to exist in a world where Hulkamania is generally not the strongest force in the universe and we are all in danger of being crushed by a five hundred–pound giant hailing from parts unknown.Read more at Heavy Feather Review: heavyfeatherreview/2015/05

    3. Zainab Shah on said:

      It didn't feel like a poetry book. I felt like I was reading a 10 year old's diary to be honest.

    4. James on said:

      This book made me want to strap on my spurs and travel over the bumpy pass to self-actualisation county.Bipolar Cowboy shows us that Noah is not a one horse writer with one of the most touching and engaging 'personal journey' style poetry books of recent memory. However he does this while retaining a much greater degree of lyricism; one which many similar books (by authors residing in the smouldering crater of whatever alt lit it and/or was) fall short on. For example, A friend of mine recently [...]

    5. Miescha on said:

      While reading this I couldn't help thinking this is Linus from the Peanuts gang all grown-up, in the best way possible! Except now, instead of sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, he's waiting for the return of the Ex-Lover. With a metaphysical diatribe on sincerity I kept waiting for him to say, "I'll find a love that's REALLY sincere!" Haha! Three stars for me is a good rating. While I didn't experience the goosebumps that would have warranted a 4 or 5 star rating, this is [...]

    6. Kyle Muntz on said:

      A really excellent, plainly written book of poetry, which (surprisingly) I might even like better than Noah Cicero's novels. A lot of it resonates really strongly with me right now, too, especially the parts about leaving America and losing someone. There's a lot of very intense, very personal pain in this book, sometimes raw to the point of clumsiness, but that also seemed like part of the point; and I was especially fond of the long poem that finishes the book, and the pieces throughout that t [...]

    7. Gretel on said:

      Writing these must have no doubt been therapeutic for Cicero, but it mostly reads like an emo diary. I can't say I enjoyed the reading experience, but I appreciate Cicero's honesty. However, I can't find much merit in poetry like: A pigeon running through/ the Starbucks parking lot.// A small child walks over/ and scares the pigeon./

    8. Guillaume Morissette on said:

      Really liked reading this, though it almost feels more to me like unsent draft emails addressed to no one in particular than poetry. I don't mean this negatively in any way, as the main strength of this collection, I feel, is that it come across as direct, spontaneous and genuine. I wish more poetry collections had those qualities.

    9. xTx xTx on said:

      so thrilled i came into ownership of this book last night (from the author himself!) What a fucking amazing book of poems! Man, it made me miss good poetry.Get this if you want to be moved.Noah Cicero has a poet's heart and it's splattered all over the page of this book.

    10. Juliet on said:

      It might not deserve the 5-star rating I gave it, but as a fellow Bipolar Cowboy I had to rate it that highly because of what it made me feel.

    11. Maddy on said:

      I feel like poetry is hard to rate because you can feel vastly different from poem to poem (writing and reading poetry). There were points where the author had me and then lost me and had me and lost me again. The ex girlfriend obsession was a bit much and probably one of my least favorite parts of the poetry collection. I can sympathize with having to cope with mental illness personally or loving someone who does. I'm bipolar myself and I think that the author of this book is too though his exp [...]

    12. Pamala on said:

      I understand, I've been through this phase of my life where writing poetry is the only thing that keeps me afloat. It's therapeutic and it helps a lot. But I am rating this based on the poems and the effect of them to me which is to say, nothing. It didn't give me any feelings at all. Maybe we need to be there to know the feeling.

    13. Jodell on said:

      I wanted to read this book of poetry because half my family is bi-polar and or real Cowboys in the wild wild west. I thought it would help me understand them better.What the fuck Noah?I loved the flowers on the cover. Like a beating, bleeding, weeping tattoo heart. Crying out for someone to understand its pain. Now, I understood that.

    14. Alena on said:

      I don't know what to feel about this book. It's sad, yes. But I don't think it's a poem book at all.

    15. Alexis Corini on said:

      2 stars and not 1 because at least it made me laugh here and there

    16. Matt Lewis on said:

      Noah Cicero is a modern-day cowboy, roaming the vast prairies of mental illness, devastating relationships, eastern philosophy, and the strange ambiguity that accompanies contemporary life. He journeys through these areas, sometimes as a passive observer, and other times as a violent interloper. These poems paint him as a wanderer in every sense of the word: a literal tumbleweed drifting through familiar & unfamiliar landscapes and states of being. His journeys could be framed with classical [...]

    17. David on said:

      There were some outstanding moments in this selection of poems, but overall it just didn't work for me. The insight into the mind of someone feeling such pain was fortunately difficult for me to grasp and so I felt like a stranger looking in on someone's personal moment. It was interesting, but not inspiring and in the end that is ok because that clearly was not the authors intent. In the end it felt like I was in a chair listening to Noah Cicero as he lay on a padded couch for an hour.

    18. Heavy Feather on said:

      From HFR contributor Brian Alan Ellis: "The work remains honest and real, and Cicero puts a lot out on the table, making Bipolar Cowboy a brave and poignant look into an artist’s mind as he struggles to exist in a world where Hulkamania is generally not the strongest force in the universe and we are all in danger of being crushed by a five hundred–pound giant hailing from parts unknown."Heavy Feather Review ow/NvM95

    19. Irena on said:

      "This book of love poems is for all those who loved so deeplyit crossed the lineinto mental illness"Another nominee for the 2015 Choice Award.Reading this was quite an adventure, written by a bipolar cowboy desert poet.However, I have the same issue with this book as I had with Trista Mateer's - The Dogs I Have Kissed; there are a lot of recurring motives and it seems really annoying.

    20. Neliza Drew on said:

      This poetry collection won't be for everyone. It rambles. If it rhymes, it's accidental. It feels like the disjointed thoughts of someone in the throes of a breakdown. It references the author in the third person. But, it is also fantastic. Honestly, the price of the book is worth it just for the poem "Coyote." That said, maybe we all are just "One People Named Randy."

    21. Yuthika on said:

      I don't quite know what to feel about this. It wasn't exactly "poetic" but I wanted to know more, even though I could not empathise with the author.

    22. Juansen Dizon on said:

      I love this poetry collection. Very raw and original. It's my favorite. ✿

    23. Cooper on said:

      A strong yet moving collection, a boon to those of us who have been through something similar.

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