Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.

Kevin J. Anderson

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Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.

Working Stiff The Cases of Dan Shamble Zombie P I Back from the dead and back on the case Even being murdered doesn t keep a good detective down and in the Unnatural Quarter inhabited by ghosts vampires werewolves mummies and all sorts of creatu

  • Title: Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Back from the dead and back on the case Even being murdered doesn t keep a good detective down, and in the Unnatural Quarter inhabited by ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mummies, and all sorts of creatures that go bump or thud in the night a zombie P.I fits right in Dan Chambeaux, a.k.a Shamble, solves a string of madcap cases with his ghost girlfriend Sheyenne, hisBack from the dead and back on the case Even being murdered doesn t keep a good detective down, and in the Unnatural Quarter inhabited by ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mummies, and all sorts of creatures that go bump or thud in the night a zombie P.I fits right in Dan Chambeaux, a.k.a Shamble, solves a string of madcap cases with his ghost girlfriend Sheyenne, his Best Human Friend Officer Toby McGoohan, and his firebrand lawyer partner Robin Deyer Working Stiff contains seven cases from the files of Chambeaux Deyer Investigations Dan Shamble has to solve the mystery of a stolen deck of fortune telling cards and the undeath defying feats of a vampire trapeze artist, finds himself sealed in a coffin in the back of a truck with no idea where he s being taken, and is even hired by Santa Claus to find his lost naughty and nice list Being trapped in an unbreakable monster proof crypt, deciphering a string of mysterious zombie graffiti, investigating the murder of a costumed fan at a science fiction convention where the monsters are the normal attendees, or tracking down a kidnapped hellhound for legendary vigilante werewolf cop Hairy Harry it s all in a day s work for Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.

    • ë Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Kevin J. Anderson
      438 Kevin J. Anderson
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    One thought on “Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.

    1. Karl on said:

      This is copy number 5 of 500 signed numbered copies. This is signed by Kevin J. Anderson and is labeled "Special Limited Edition" on the spine of the book and dust jacket.

    2. Stephen on said:

      Working Stiff: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. is an anthology of all of Kevin J. Anderson Dan Shamble short stories. As a fan of the series, I’ve been reading the short stories when I can, but I’ve missed a few as some of them have been released exclusively in other short story anthologies. Now that they’ve all been collected together into one book, fans can rejoice in getting those missing stories. After all, each one is yet another adventure with zombie detective Dan Shamble and h [...]

    3. Sarah on said:

      I received this audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review.I would recommend this to someone who liked goofy humor sprinkled with inside jokes of the nerd variety and wanted an easy, fun read. But, for me, it wasn't fun enough to justify spending the time on such a light, silly series.As far as the story, I found myself a bit bored. The premise is interesting enough: a zombie detective solves mysteries with his ghost girlfriend in a world where supernatural creatures mingle with humans. [...]

    4. TwitchyRedPen on said:

      A series of stories about a zombie detective solving supernatural mysteries. Previously published as separate stories in various anthologies or what-have-you, leading to every story explaining that he's a zombie, how he's a zombie, where he works, who is friends are, why his girlfriend is a ghost Necessary in separate publications, a bit tiring when they're all collected. Fun, and the obligatory violence is low-key -- not graphic, not gory, just there to start the plot off -- everything is for l [...]

    5. Jonathan Scotese on said:

      I got this book as part of a bundle, it piqued my curiosity so I read it. It is not something I would have bought on its own. It contains several short stories about a "zombie" detective in a post supernatural awakening near future. I use zombie in quotes because he is called a zombie while just being generic undead. He is neither a voodoo creation nor a mindless flesheater. The writing is very playful and silly. In some ways it reminds me of A. Lee Martinez, but his works have a certain logic a [...]

    6. Dutch on said:

      This book was really a series of short stories documenting the cases of Daniel Chambeaux, zombie PI. When investigating the death of his girlfriend, Daniel was shot in the back of the head and returned as a zombie in the Unnatural Quarter. The Big Uneasy saw the surfacing of many unnaturals (zombies, ghosts, vampires, etc.) and now naturals and unnaturals live together and life will never be the same.

    7. Lynn on said:

      Today's post is on Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson. It is a short story collection of the character Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. It is 163 pages long and is published by WordFire Press. The cover has Dan and Sheyenne on it with a spooky tree behind them. The intended reader is someone who has read the novels, likes horror tropes and making fun of them. There is mild foul language, talk of sexuality, and mild violence in this book. The story is told from first person of Dan Shamble. There Be Spoil [...]

    8. Richard on said:

      A collection of short stories about the Zombie private investigator "Dan Chambeaux" (Shambles to his friends). Told in a typical noir style, but peopled with zombies, vampires, gremlins, harpies and Santa and played for laughs. Enjoyable and fun.

    9. Kaitlin Smith on said:

      Hilarious! I can't wait to go back and read the prequels!I received this eBook as a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    10. Stephanie on said:

      I didn't like the change of narrator, but the short stories were great!

    11. Kingsley on said:

      If you are lookjing for serious detective work and hard boiled cases - this is not it. This is over the top and silly and absurd and just plain fun.This is book 5 in a series, which I didnt realise when I grabbed it. But it doesn't actually matter (from what I can tell), as it is a collection of short stories that aren't related to each other. No prior knowledge of the characters are required, as each short story rehashes the minimum requirements for following hte sotry (zombie detective, ghost [...]

    12. Kathryn Theulen dailey on said:

      "Fun to listen too "Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?Yes I did. I already like Kevin Anderson's work but I had not seen his stories with Dan Shamble before. I loved them. I thought it was new, interesting and different. I'm a fan of gum shoe detective stories and the paranormal. So I was thrilled when I started listening and found that Kevin had put both together.Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?Yes it is a collections of 7 different cases that Dan is [...]

    13. Deborah on said:

      I am a huge fan of the Dan Shamble PI series and have listened to every novel and read every novella available. If you haven't read the previous books, you should at least read/listen to the first before listening to this. It is not necessary to enjoy this one but it will give you more background. This book contains the short stories that are available separately as novellas. Since I am frugal, I read each .99 cent versions instead of using my audible credits to listen. When I got the chance to [...]

    14. Shoshana Hathaway on said:

      Since I discovered Sookie Stackhouse some years ago, I have come to very much enjoy the lighter touch authors are using to deal with the interaction of unnatural (or “othernaturals?) and humanity in the modern world. In this collection of short stories, we see all sorts of different um, species (for lack of a better description) interacting with humanity as nearly a normal part of everyday life, and the whole subject is treated with humor. The cases are sometimes laugh out loud funny, as are m [...]

    15. Phillip Berrie on said:

      I wasn't particularly impressed with this collection of short stories about the zombie detective, Dan Shambeau. The stories are set in a secondary world where some sort of mystical event has occurred which has allowed the appearance/reappearance of some very pedestrian monsters, with all too normal human characteristics, to exist. The main character is the revivified corpse of a private detective, a zombie, who works with the ghost of his girlfriend to solve some very human crimes in the unnatur [...]

    16. Morgan on said:

      This came in a book bundle from Storybundle. The writing is breezy and the stories are cute. I think my only problem is that I read ALL of them in a row, with very little interruption (there were some hours spent sleeping and at work in there, but I didn't read anything else in between) and by the end the puns and jokes were starting to get a little tiresome. They were good stories and I do recommend them, but read them one at a time. Read short stories by different authors in between. There are [...]

    17. James Shrimpton on said:

      There were a few moments of humour in the collection but I didn't find it all that amusing and the detective side of things was hopelessly predictable, I think there was one story that I didn't see the answer to a few chapters before and that's because he randomly introduced a shapeshifter in the last few pages.According to , 2 stars means "It was ok". Which seems pretty apt. It was okay but I won't be rushing to read more.

    18. Annie on said:

      ** I was given a free coy of this book in exchange for an honest review **The firt story,I liked it was entertaining about ch3, I got soooo bored.d felt that way on and off through the rest of the bookYMMV.I may try book one with the other narrator, because I do like a good mysteryd I kind of like the writing style of this authord see potential

    19. Vesselin Bakov on said:

      A really good surprise - got it for next to nothing in a bundle and got quite a couple of relaxing hours with its lightweight (and comedy, of course) mysteries. A few winks to reality (GETA - Gremlins for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and pop culture (a vet called Dr Moreau) hit the spot well. All in all, highly recommended, especially from a sale/bundle.

    20. Enoch Root on said:

      An entertaining array of detective stories. Since this is not my favourite genre in the world, Anderson did not fully convince me. I like the many allusions to classical works in horror and crime, though. The book is chock full of them and the (literal) dry humour of the protagonist is also quite captivating. All in all a very solid read.

    21. Katie on said:

      I had a lot of fun with this one. The world is creative, the characters are fun, and the storytelling is enjoyable. Is it a bit predictable/ Sure! But who cares? Clever pop culture references abound, the humor is goodt back, relax, and enjoy this one.

    22. Amy on said:

      A collection of short stories about a zombie detective, his ghost girlfriend, and their human lawyer business partner. Since they're all short, none of the stories are super complicated, but they are mildly amusing.

    23. Cat Sheely on said:

      Interesting but at times the stories were a bit predictable.Stil, a good read.

    24. Stephanie Griffin on said:

      Fun horror mysteries. Lots of pop culture references.

    25. Brenda on said:

      fun short stories about a zombie PI who solves cases with his ghost girlfriend. Wish I could find more series in paranormal fiction like this.

    26. Daniel on said:

      Larry Correia meets Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.A wise-cracking zombie PI in a world inhabited by the living and undead.Fun read.

    27. Sara on said:

      This collection was very amusing. I especially enjoyed the story set at a fan convention, which perfectly described many scenarios I have encountered in my own convention attendances.

    28. Brian Mcclain on said:

      Entertaining urban fantasy/horror with a sense of humor. Enjoyed. Received audible code for honest review.

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