Princeless, Vol. 3: The Pirate Princess

Jeremy Whitley Rosy Higgins Ted Brandt

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Princeless, Vol. 3: The Pirate Princess

Princeless Vol The Pirate Princess Adrienne has been on the run and working to save her sisters but when she finds another princess locked away in a tower she decides to spring her But Raven Xingtao the daughter of the Pirate King

  • Title: Princeless, Vol. 3: The Pirate Princess
  • Author: Jeremy Whitley Rosy Higgins Ted Brandt
  • ISBN: 9781632291028
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adrienne has been on the run and working to save her sisters, but when she finds another princess locked away in a tower, she decides to spring her But Raven Xingtao, the daughter of the Pirate King, is of a handful than Adrienne could have ever expected Before she knows it, Adrienne is off on a whirlwind adventure to complete Raven s quest for revenge The completeAdrienne has been on the run and working to save her sisters, but when she finds another princess locked away in a tower, she decides to spring her But Raven Xingtao, the daughter of the Pirate King, is of a handful than Adrienne could have ever expected Before she knows it, Adrienne is off on a whirlwind adventure to complete Raven s quest for revenge The complete collected edition of Princeless The Pirate Princess

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      367 Jeremy Whitley Rosy Higgins Ted Brandt
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    One thought on “Princeless, Vol. 3: The Pirate Princess

    1. Erica on said:

      I think I'm done with this series.I love what it's trying to do but the lack of characterization at this point, the stereotyped female behavior (the cat fight on dragonback completely pissed me off because if Mean Girls taught us anything, it's that you go in snarking and then you make friends. Yeah, actually? It doesn't work like that, especially not in a 10-page spread), the over-the-top gender-role reversal, it's too pandering for my comfort.I'm glad this is resonating with so many women, esp [...]

    2. Sesana on said:

      Another great entry in the series. This one introduces Raven, a much more practiced hero than Adrienne. It's a shame that she doesn't stick around (she's off to lead her own series). It's also a shame that Whitley seemed to be building some romantic tension between Raven and Adrienne only to apparently back off to making them sisterly instead. As an introduction to Raven, this book definitely did the job. I really liked her, and I was sorry to see her leaving the group. I probably will try out h [...]

    3. Michelle on said:

      I absolutely love this series -- it's so charming and funny! Yes, the feminist Girl Power message is fairly simplistic, and while I would normally find this pandering, this title has such a great energy that this hasn't bothered me in the least. Also, points for diversity and awesome female friendships.Volume 3 starts right where volume 2 left us: Adrienne and Bedelia are still on their quest to save the former's sisters, but they decide to make a quick pit stop to save another princess who look [...]

    4. Stewart Tame on said:

      I don't know. Maybe I've just gotten used to this series' style or something, but this book seemed to be marking time more than advancing the story. Yes, Raven is a wonderful character, but did we really need an entire volume just for her introduction? And it seems as though Adrienne's father isn't the only king with a fetish for locking his daughters in towers. What the heck? For some reason, I'm cool with one king doing this, but more than one, possibly all of them? That's just weird I trust [...]

    5. Shandra on said:

      Another enjoyable entry into the Princeless world. Raven was a bit brash at first, but she won me over. It looks like she'll be getting her own comic, and I look forward to reading it. I was entertained that Raven seemed interested in Adrienne, and Adrienne was totally oblivious (I've been the oblivious one before) - I wonder if that will be explored at another time? One can dream though it does look like the comic is keeping things pretty PG, it's nice to introduce the concept of "not everyone [...]

    6. Sally on said:

      I almost didn't pick this one up because the previous volume was ok but not great, and that would have been a tragedy, because Raven is great and the way Adrienne sparks off of her is great and basically they are SO ADORABLY IN LOVE and this is SO CANON and that is SO GREAT. If you like the idea of two enemy princesses rescuing each other, having a dragonback swordfight, and then falling asleep in each other's arms on a desert island after tearful confessions, and then, like, blushy skinny-dippi [...]

    7. Michelle on said:

      My current favorite comic -- and comic team. Disclaimer: I may have a mad crush on the Black Arrow ; ) Well written, artists do an excellent job with the action scenes, great fun characters and storytelling. Plus, how can you beat swashbuckling gay girl pirate out to save the oppressed while flirting and fighting. This is just the kind of comic I would have loved to have had growing up and am very glad to be able to keep on hand now.

    8. Sam on said:

      At first, I wasn't sure about Raven. But the more I saw her, I came to love her. She's a great multi-dimensional character that challenges Adrienne in many different ways. I hope there's more of her in upcoming series!

    9. Jennifer on said:

      This is why I LOVED Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #1 so much!

    10. Sarri on said:

      Mainiosti alkaneen Princeless-sarjan fokus on nyt hieman kateissa, sillä päähenkilö tässä albumissa ei enää olekaan prinsessasisariaan pelastamaan lähtenyt Adrienne, vaan merirosvoprinsessa Raven. Ravenista onkin tämän jälkeen tullut oma sarjansa Raven: the pirate princess. Vaikka toimintaa ja kaikkea tarvittavaa tästäkin albumista löytyy, niin olisin mieluummin lukenut Adriennen, kuin Ravenin tarinaa. Hyvää sarjakuvaa kuitenkin.

    11. Laura (bbliophile) on said:

      This was fun, but not amazing. I'm definitely in love with Raven tho, wow! Also, why did I start this series with the 3rd volume??

    12. Lisa on said:

      I love the idea of a bunch of women of different backgrounds becoming friends. The fight scenes were super fun and the "pirate princess" is a great character. FUN!

    13. Miss on said:

      that awkward moment when the girl you've been flirting with all volume declares you sisters. /o\ i feel bad for raven but ngl, her face when adrienne was like 'it's nice to hear a compliment that isn't just because some guy likes me!' was pretty hilariousit's okay raven, you're getting your own spinoff, i'm sure you'll have future opportunities to review the definition of sisters with adrienne at a later dateANYWAYS. so this volume features a detour from adrienne's main sister* rescuing quest wh [...]

    14. Kelly on said:

      So I devoured this one even quicker than volume 2. The artwork really reminded me of Disney, and Raven's character specifically reminded me of a badass Mulan-meets-Captain-Jack. I'm not going to lie, my loyalties may have switched during this volume to Raven. Don't get me wrong, I'm still eagerly anticipating the rest of the Princeless story linebut Raven is getting a spin-off and I'm ecstatic!This volume introduces Raven as a Princess--in so much as one can be a princess when her father is the [...]

    15. Heatherblakely on said:

      HOMOEROTICISM. Okay so I know Raven's spin-off story has queer elements, but I haven't actually read that series yet, so I don't know if Raven herself is queer or if she's surrounded by LGBT+ people (don't spoil it for me, I'll start that series soon, I promise). There are a lot of moments between Adrienne and Raven that come off as flirty, and I kept hoping something would happen, but I'm okay with nothing happening AS LONG AS Adrienne continues saving her sisters and doesn't fall in love at al [...]

    16. Sarah on said:

      A coworker handed this to me, and I was expecting to love it. The diversity in characters was great and the colors are just awesome, but that's where the positives end for me. There is little to no substance to the main characters. They entire basis for their personalities seems rooted in the totally played out notion that they're somehow cool because they're not girly-girls. I could have written off one or two instances of anything feminine being used as an insult between characters, because I [...]

    17. Raina on said:

      I mean, I sped right through it, but it was also the first book not written for 3-5th graders that I read for several months. Totally agree with Erica about the fight on the dragon, and specifically wanna call out the concern for injuring each other's faces. WAY too much emphasis on personal appearance to fit with a badass warrior character (cf Brienne of Tarth), or, at least, in a story purported to be changing comics in a feminist way Yeah, think I'm done too - starting to read this looking fo [...]

    18. Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment) on said:

      ANOTHER PERFECT VOLUME TO A PERFECT (so far but it will probably continue) SERIES.

    19. Miss Sophie on said:

      YESSS, THIS WAS SO GOOD!The Premise: This volume is a bit of a detour away from Adrienne's original quest in order to introduce a new character, the Pirate Princess Raven who is the main character of a different series called "Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess" WHICH I NEED TO READ ASAP.The Art: The artists in charge for this volume are Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt who also work on Raven's spin-off series. I really liked their style, it felt a lot cleaner and more elegant than the art of volu [...]

    20. Lara on said:

      Man, I really enjoyed Raven! Some parts of this volume were a bit much, but over all I’m still totally enjoying this series and will probably also give Raven’s spin-off a try. The ads in these trade volumes, though—suuuuper annoying.

    21. Mary Mckelvin on said:

      After saving one of her sisters she come across a tower and saves a Pirate Princess. Which she didn't find out until after the fact. To think she just made a friend out of her father's enemy.

    22. L.J. on said:

      A spin-off of Jeremy Whitley's original Princeless series, Princeless: The Pirate Princess finds Adrienne getting wrapped up in a pirate's quest. Raven Xingtao, daughter of the Pirate King, is out for vengeance after her family locked her in a tower to keep her from becoming her father's heir. Rescued by Adrienne, Raven sets out to reclaim her fate. As reviewers here have said, The Pirate Princess is pretty simplistic in both its plot and message. Raven's quest is straightforward, and Whitley re [...]

    23. Kathleen on said:

      Like you probably have, I saw a lot of buzz about Princeless on Tumblr wandering around-- mostly not ads, mostly comic panels and the basic idea being praised, so when I saw it at my local library, I pounced and read through the entire thing in one day.That's not actually much of an achievement, I want to say. Princeless is pretty short, even in volume format, though each volume is a contained arc within story (which I appreciated). Volume 1 follows our heroine, Adrienne, as she embarks on her q [...]

    24. Elizabeth A on said:

      In the third installment of this graphic novel series, we are introduced to Raven Xingtao. It turns out that even if your father has no lands or territory, but is considered a King by his gang, that makes you a princess. Who knew? Raven is the daughter of the Pirate King, and although she is the oldest child, her younger brothers have convinced their father that a son, rather than a daughter, should be his rightful heir. What else is new? So Raven gets locked up in a tower, is saved by our heroi [...]

    25. Tiamatty on said:

      Princeless continues to be a gem of a series. This is an improvement over the previous volume, which was pretty good, so that's saying something. The new Princess, Raven, is a lot of fun, and she and Adrienne have great chemistry. When they bicker, it's great, and when they get close, it's great. Interestingly, there are some pretty strong hints that Raven is also romantically attracted to Adrienne - it's not said outright, of course, but it comes pretty close - Raven calls Adrienne gorgeous, se [...]

    26. Saoirse on said:

      Very cute! The art is full of excellent action poses. I kept finding myself wishing they were keyframes from an animated film. I like the introduction of opposition to the Ashe family with the pirates, it's nice to see Adrienne's slightly simplistic worldview get expanded a little. [SPOILER PROBABLY] I haven't read Raven's spin-off series yet but I hope that in it she finds a girl she's interested in who doesn't think of her as a sister. I have the same formatting problems with this as with the [...]

    27. Bruce on said:

      Raven Xingtao, a/k/a the legendary Black Arrow, daughter of the Pirate King, raised to be a warrior, finds herself in a very disappointing situation. She’s been locked in a tower for three months. Fortunately, someone who can really relate to her situation happens to swoop by on her dragon. Princess Adrienne—no stranger to breaking out of towers and patriarchal expectations of feminine behavior—along with her sidekick, the very tall dwarf Bedelia, and her dragon Sparky come to lend the Bla [...]

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