Elephants Never Forget

Anushka Ravishankar Christiane Pieper

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Elephants Never Forget

Elephants Never Forget After a sudden storm a little elephant finds himself all alone in the jungle

  • Title: Elephants Never Forget
  • Author: Anushka Ravishankar Christiane Pieper
  • ISBN: 9788186211045
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a sudden storm, a little elephant finds himself all alone in the jungle.

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      273 Anushka Ravishankar Christiane Pieper
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    One thought on “Elephants Never Forget

    1. Bernadette on said:

      Written by Anushka Ravishankar, illustrated by Christiane Pieper, Elephants Never Forget! (2008) is a lovely picture book from India. Children will love the vivid, lyrical language – “Crraack! Flash! BOOM!” Ravishankar effectively uses big, bold words to bring the main character, a young elephant, and his jungle playmates to life. Pieper’s digitally created pictures “capture the mood” in this fun loving tale.

    2. Katie on said:

      Kids really liked it. The illustrations in blue and black were very striking. Great story.

    3. Kali Hilliard on said:

      Poetry; K-3; Highly recommend this book! Awesome lesson on fitting in! Easily can tie into a diversity lesson.

    4. NayDoubleU on said:

      4.5 I give it a 4.5 because it wasn't in a lot of color and I feel having it in more color would capture the children's attention more.Other than that, it was a really cute book about and to me it could be used for a child who is adopted to a family with different race or culture backgrounds. In the end the elephant realized he didn't identify as an elephant, he was raised with the buffalo and wanted to say one. So, in my opinion the same could be said about an adopted child. Will be in my futur [...]

    5. Raksha Singh on said:

      TO be frank ,this book made me miss Roald Dahl probably due to it's mild resemblance to Dahl "Gobblefunk" writing style. The rhyming scheme always works like a charm and that is what in the narrative shall keep you captivated."Toot!Toot!"Oh the "Hoot!Hoot!Hoot""Squish!Splosh! Blish!Blosh"And many moreCarrying forward the message through scrumptious use of "funkionskly" words. Though it's a 5-10 minutes read children illustration book.An elephant kid gets lost in forest. He is taken care by buffa [...]

    6. Victoria Sidney on said:

      Book Review #8Elephants Never Forget Anushka RavishankarThis is a cute tale about a baby elephant that gets separated from his family. While wandering the jungle he comes across many different native animals. The elephant then discovers the buffalo and feels he belongs in their herd. The buffalo herd accepts him as one of their own. The elephant helps the buffalo by clearing paths and using his long trunk to cool them off. One day, the elephant notices a group of elephants that look like him. He [...]

    7. Kate Olsen on said:

      This author has been called the “Dr. Seuss” of India she uses rhyming and predictable words throughout the story, catches your attention by an underlying beat to the word as you are reading building slowly into a song the more you read. The illustrator was very creative with only using three colors to capture the look and feel of a jungle but keeping the colors calm and peaceful to fit the stories setting and not be distracted by too much color. The illustrator and author combined their tale [...]

    8. Khrystine on said:

      Elephants Never Forget is the delightful story of an elephant who is separated from his herd during a storm. As he tries to find his place in the world, he learns about loyalty and finding true happiness.The illustrations in this book are the biggest part of the fun as portions of the text are recruited as a part of the picture to invoke specific emotions. Words like "crack", describing thunder, are written in shapes implying their noise, making this book a fun one to read out loud. While the il [...]

    9. Gwen the Librarian on said:

      I really enjoyed this picturebook from Indian storyteller Anushka Ravishankar. Little Elephant is all alone in the jungle. He wants to find some friends, but the monkeys won't play with him. In the river, a buffalo calf rolls and frolics with Elephant. But then he runs away - doesn't he want to be friends? No! It's a tiger! Elephant rescues the buffalo and gets to stay with the buffalo family. When the elephants come back will Elephant go with them or stay with the buffalo? Great rhyming and ter [...]

    10. Jackie on said:

      A lovely, simple story about belonging, friendship, and loyalty. A baby elephant is separated from his herd when a huge storm comes along. He is lonely, tired, and hungry, but finally finds a group of buffalo that he can play with, eat with, and belong to. They become his family. When the elephant herd shows up again, though, he must decide, should he go, or should he stay? In the end, the choice is clear. Used for "Elephants!" Storytime: February, 2012.

    11. Gail on said:

      I love the woodcut illustrations in this book. The story is fine but perhaps because the illustrations are so realistic I had a hard time believing it. Most stories about young lost animals focus on the baby finding its mother, not defecting to the water buffalo.

    12. Sq.Hill Library on said:

      This is a sweet little picture book about an elephant that is adopted by a herd of water buffalo when he is separated from his mother. The great sounds will make this a must read for storytime with plenty of chances for audience participation.

    13. Amy Brown on said:

      An elephant becomes lost in the jungle and slowly makes friends with the buffalo. Later when a herd of elephants come by, elephant must decide whether to go with the rest of the elephants or stay with the buffalo. Rhyming text.

    14. Jennifer on said:

      This is a great story about an elephant losing its mom in a storm. The illustrations are gray and black and are beautiful. The author wrote some words out like "crack" and you really felt it happening. Very sweet story!

    15. Beth Schencker on said:

      A lonely elephant joins a herd of buffaloes but eventually needs to chose between his new friends or his own kind.

    16. Eileen on said:

      Nice illustrations. Reminds me of another story that I can't quite place at the moment.

    17. Alison Strumbeck on said:

      Very sweet and expressive. An orphaned elephant finds love and a home in a herd of buffalo. Illustrations are good and interesting, using only a white, black and blue palate.

    18. Class 305 on said:

      Wonderful story about an elephant fitting into the wrong animal family. I love the simplicity of the text. The theme of the story is really about love and family and making a decision based on that.

    19. Kelly on said:

      Originally published by Tara Publishing in Chennai, India.A lovely story demonstrating adoptive families as real and powerful, rather than a placeholder for one's "real" family.

    20. Jodie on said:

      An elephant grows up with a herd of buffaloes and has to make a decision about who to stay with when he comes across other elephants. The illustrations are stunning with only blue and black ink.

    21. Roxanne Hsu Feldman on said:

      I almost feel sad reading the book: the art is SO great but the story seems tired and not new at all. Too bad!

    22. Allison on said:

      I snagged this book at the library because Jordan, like her Mommy, loves elephants. The illustrations were so interesting, and the story was different, but enjoyable. Jordan was totally enthralled.

    23. Rachel on said:

      Story of an elephant who lives with water buffalo. Unique illustrations. The story is good but it does not flow.

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