Highlander's Reckoning

Emma Prince

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Highlander's Reckoning

Highlander s Reckoning He is forced to marry Daniel Sinclair is charged by Robert the Bruce to secure the King s ancestral holding in the Lowlands and marry the daughter of the castle s keeper to secure a shaky alliance But

  • Title: Highlander's Reckoning
  • Author: Emma Prince
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He is forced to marry Daniel Sinclair is charged by Robert the Bruce to secure the King s ancestral holding in the Lowlands and marry the daughter of the castle s keeper to secure a shaky alliance But the lass s spirit matches her fiery hair, and Daniel quickly realizes that the King s reward is than he bargained for She won t submit without a fight THe is forced to marryDaniel Sinclair is charged by Robert the Bruce to secure the King s ancestral holding in the Lowlands and marry the daughter of the castle s keeper to secure a shaky alliance But the lass s spirit matches her fiery hair, and Daniel quickly realizes that the King s reward is than he bargained for.She won t submit without a fightTo protect her secret and illegal love of falconry, Rona Kennedy must keep her new husband at arm s length, no matter how much his commanding presence and sinfully handsome face make her knees tremble But when an all out war with Raef Warren, the Sinclair clan s greatest enemy, finally erupts, will their growing love be destroyed forever

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    One thought on “Highlander's Reckoning

    1. Zoe on said:

      I guess it is only inevitable. Out of 3 brothers, one of them has to end up with a woman who thinks that being "independent" means she should lie and shout "how dare you!" when she gets caught. The last book in the series, and I think Ms. Prince needs to change her tactics from now on. The first 2 books were fluffy to the fluffiest. I liked the first one a lot, and 80% of the second book even more. This book, marks a rather uninteresting ending to the trilogy. There is nothing wrong with Daniel. [...]

    2. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" on said:

      I didn't like Highlander's Reckoning. It was a real disappointment. Daniel Sinclair youngest brother to Robert Laird of the Sinclair Clan and Garrick The Archer Advisor to King Robert the Bruce. Books 1 and 2 are there stories. Daniel has been sent by The Bruce to become the new Overseer of his ancestral home Lock Doon. The Bruce doesn't trust the current overseer Gilbert Kennedy Laird of the Kennedy Clan. Daniel has also been commanded to marry Rona Kennedy the Lairds daughter and to have Kenne [...]

    3. Megan Altorfer on said:

      Daniel Sinclair is a stubborn, takes no shit kinda man. He has been running his uncles keep and raising his nephew for the past few years. But he gets orders from King Robert the Bruce to not only take care of the King's ancestral castle from Kennedy but to also bring him back inline with the Bruce's campaign by marrying Rona Kennedy. However what should have been an easy task isn't turning out to be. Rona is a stubborn lass, who is also doing something highly illegal and being extremely secreti [...]

    4. BigComfyChairBookReviews on said:

      I liked it. It was another well-rounded and stimulating story in what has been an enjoyable and engaging series. I will read this series again.Like the book before it this one was also way too long (for this slow reader looking for fluffy romances). At least 20% of it could’ve been edited down. I do make an effort to not deduct stars for length sense I know the length going in, but it did start to drag. The BIG falconry secret feels beyond contrived. I understand it was a different time but by [...]

    5. Ann (Fanni Ann) on said:

      Trilogy completeWhat a fantastic finish to a trilogy and also a shame as I have enjoyed reading about the brothers and cousin. However there are a few characters who I think deserve their own book and could still have the Sinclair's in it. How about it Emma? Ansell and Fun Sutherland come to mind.

    6. Samantha on said:

      Concerned about shifting loyalties along the borderlands, Robert the Bruce orders Daniel Sinclair to secure his ancestral keep in Scotland's Lowlands and seal an alliance with its current steward by wedding his daughter, Rona Kennedy. At first, Daniel faces his impending marriage with reluctance, but he is resolved to do his duty by his King. However, Daniel quickly realizes that Rona's fiery spirit, intelligence and beauty are all he could want in a wife, but because the King doubted her father [...]

    7. Samantha on said:

      i have read all four books in the Sinclairs brothers and i loved it , i do recommended you read all four as they all do follow each other and the story line is well written. loved how all four come together to fight the final battle

    8. A. Jones on said:

      I came upon this, by accident. I haven't read the previous two books, but after reading this one, I will give them a try. Smart characters, good action, and of course some good steam. :)

    9. Lauren on said:

      This was a good one, too. Come on! If you've read the first two plus the Novella, you have to read this one. Does a good or bad review really matter at this point?

    10. Lori Greenlee on said:

      Easy highland read I like her stories . Not complicated . A little romAnce in the Highland era . It's a nice break from serious reads .

    11. April on said:

      Amazing!Ms. Prince is an amazing storyteller! IMpart of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. I would strongly suggest reading the others in this series, but it is not a necessity in order to enjoy this story. loved Daniel and Rona's story. They are two strong-willed, stubborn, passionate characters, who are bound together by King, country and love. Filled with tension, passion, betrayal,suspense, danger and a well blended romance. A very exciting, intriguing take of Medieval Scotland, the [...]

    12. Christina Hendrix on said:

      I Have Read All The Books In This Trilogy and Burke's NovellaAll of the books were well written. I enjoyed all of the characters. They all developed, and continued to grow not just in their book, but growth developed even more in the additional books. For those of you that liked Braveheart, these books are in that time frame. William Wallace is even mentioned. I enjoyed all 3.5 books. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys historical romance, based on actual events. Of course it's fiction, [...]

    13. SandJ10 on said:

      Wow, what an amazing conclusion to the Sinclair Brothers trilogy! This book could be read as a stand-alone, but it's so much better after reading all the other books! Lots of previous characters make appearances, which is always fun, and it has a totally satisfying ending, even though it hints that things could go on.I loved Daniel and Rona together. They're both strong-willed, but the book is about how they have to learn to trust one another and give each other the freedom to be themselves. I l [...]

    14. Kathleen Ruggio on said:

      Daniel @ RonaBoth obstinate and stubborn entered into an arranged marriage by King Robert the Bruce. Daniel was assigned to the kings ancestral home. Rona was a secretive falconer. Plenty of passion, history, and love of family comes through in this enjoyable book.

    15. Sandy on said:

      This is the last book in the Sinclair Brothers Trilogy - waaaa!The youngest brother, Daniel is honored King Robert the Bruce has asked him to secure and run his ancestral castle in the Lowlands.The catch - he must marry the daughter of the current keeper to maintain shaky alliances with local clans and prepare to recapture the nearby castle of his family's biggest enemy.And if that's not enough, his wife is secretly involved in illegal activity.I applaud this final story in the series. It has hi [...]

    16. Sandra Ramirez on said:

      Daniel and Rona seemed like a mis-matched pair at first, then a s the book progressed they seemed to align a bit more. That Rona sure was a thick head, she just didn't understand the danger she was in and towards the end she realized what a big mistake that was. Daniel was so stubborn and lovable all at the same time. In the end I'm glad the realized how happy they could be if the just allowed themselves that chance.

    17. Maria on said:

      Daniel Sinclair and Rona Kennedy's story brought this whole series to a magnificent conclusion, along with all the characters from the entire series. I was happily surprised how this author weaved all the pieces together.I know a new story will be coming soon with Ansel and I am hoping it will continue to give us some glimpses of the lives of the previous heroes and heroines of the other 4 stories.Get the whole series and start from book 1. It truly is a great series.

    18. Tracey Brown on said:

      What now?The last on the Sinclair series what am I going to read now. I really enjoyed this one of tied up all the loose ends of story that ran through the series. The Raef Warren story didn't end how I expected which I loved I always like when I get a surprise from a storyline. Another well written book will defiantly be reading more by this author. Would recommend to historical romance fans excellent series.

    19. Jeene Hobbs on said:

      A fitting conclusion Daniel is the third and youngest Sinclair brother. His story is the conclusion of 4 pairings of Highland warriors and strong women. It also resolves the long held animosity between Raef Warren and the Sinclair clan. To my mind, Daniel is not as likable as his brothers and cousin. But Rona is a good match for him. Their marriage will truly be a work in progress. Love the author's historical notes at the end of each book.

    20. Frances Shellings on said:

      EnthrallingFrom beginning to end I couldn't stop turning the pages!!! Forced into an arranged marriage by their kingHe couldn't put it off any longer he must travel to the Lowlands to do his Kings biddingWhat he finds will change his life forever.She is willfull and independente knows she has to marry a stranger but she's not happy about it.And above all else she must keep her secret.Their lives are changed in a matter of months

    21. Nola on said:

      Nice ending to the trilogyOnly sad that it isn't going on. Great characters, medieval medicines, strategic warfare, and, a plus, falconry. The author includes an explanation of actual events and the literary license she has taken to tell the tale. If you like intelligent writing with your steamy fiction, this is it.

    22. Shirley kendall on said:

      All three were enjoyable reading. Especially enjoyed the history comparison between fiction and facts about Scotland and English history. Always enjoy Highland stories. Recommend reading

    23. letha marker on said:

      I had fun with this one!I'm a romantic obviously or we wouldn't be having this conversation. But I also have a passion for history not to mention being part Scottish. This book was a perfect storm for me. Keep writing more! Going to look for next one now.

    24. Becca on said:

      A great conclusion to the story of the Sinclair brothers, and their cousin. This was a story that could be read as a stand-alone, but the history of the others stories helped. There is tension and war, but also redemption and romance. A wonderful read!

    25. Ann Gonzalez on said:

      This story had a great story line and plot. I really liked Daniel. He is the brave and loyal Highlander doing his duty. Rona was too independent and stubborn. I just couldn't seem to like her. I was glad all of the Sinclairs got together.

    26. Gurpreet K. Cheema on said:

      Wonderful love storyWonderful love story of two unknown to each under the king's command to marry find love for each other and are thankful to the King Bruce.

    27. Barbara M. Knapp on said:

      Another outstanding book by Emma PrinceAnd another demand for all to read. This book is high paced and thrilling as well as terrifying. It literally gallop across the page.

    28. Debbie on said:

      excellent !!!!!So glad for this trilogy. It has everything. Highlander's Reckoning is the perfect ending to this trilogy. A must read.

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