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Lila Rose

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No Way Out

No Way Out Trapped in a marriage since the age of twenty one Malinda May is finally free Having lost her biker husband she is determined to keep her two teenage children as far away from the MC lifestyle as po

  • Title: No Way Out
  • Author: Lila Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trapped in a marriage since the age of twenty one, Malinda May is finally free Having lost her biker husband, she is determined to keep her two teenage children as far away from the MC lifestyle as possible, a lifestyle which has brought her nothing but heartache and fear Life is never that simple Relentless in their mission to prove to Malinda that not all bikers are bTrapped in a marriage since the age of twenty one, Malinda May is finally free Having lost her biker husband, she is determined to keep her two teenage children as far away from the MC lifestyle as possible, a lifestyle which has brought her nothing but heartache and fear Life is never that simple Relentless in their mission to prove to Malinda that not all bikers are bad, the Hawks women are determined to support Malinda and her family, whether she wants it or not In her struggle to keep her distance, Malinda soon battles her desire to keep her family safe or relent and begin to trust the MC Tired of women and their mind games, Declan Stoke knows women are only good for keeping his bed warm for a night Having once thought he d found the one, he s no longer willing to put his heart on the line Even when faced with the temptation of a wounded, sexy woman, he steers clear well, tries to Malinda and Stoke find themselves at an impasse, one seemingly impossible to navigate through With trouble brewing, life is going to get complicated, and for Malinda, she s trapped with no way out.

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      277 Lila Rose
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    One thought on “No Way Out

    1. Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ on said:

      Okay I don't think I actually have words to describe this bookLila Rose is EPIC!!!!!!!I think that Stoke is right up there for me with Griz This book was amazingThe beginning was so sad for me, what Melinda went through with Tank. But then when Stoke came into her life it was just AMAZING!And oh my word, I hope that Mrs Cliff will be in the next book she was hilarious! I was LOL in some parts.I cannot wait to read Pick, Billy and Josie's story.

    2. Emily on said:

      Malinda May should be grieving her her dead husband, but she is not. Her marriage was everything that could go wrong and then some. If it were not for the fact that she had two beautiful children, she doesn't know how she would have survived it. Malinda knows one thing though, she will never go near another biker again. Declan Stoke knows a good woman when he sees one and Malinda May has caught his eye. Problem is she is weary of bikers and given what his MC found out about her dead husband, he [...]

    3. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) on said:

      "Hot-headed, arrogant, possessive, alpha-males"s, please!I'm a huge fan of the Hawks MC family. I honestly can't decide who I love the most, there are so many incredible characters. And it keeps getting better as more are added to the mix. Wait till you meet Mrs. Cliff. She reminds me of the cartoon character, Maxine, with her sass and bitchiness. Hell Mouth has met her match and it's a laugh-out-loud time when the 'Mufkateers' make her a member of their posse. Julian is still the best mama bear [...]

    4. Book Junky Girls on said:

      Malindas opinion of bikers has been bad for more than 15 years, her husbands death changes that when she sees that the rest of his club is nothing like him. Or are they?Stoke and the rest of the guys were shocked to discover Tank had a wife and two kids, but more than that he sees an amazing woman he wants to get to know even if it is dead brothers woman. Getting her to trust him and the club will take everyones best work and some very special reinforcements.Malinda stayed with Tank thinking it [...]

    5. Aliyeh on said:

      Five stars for Declan and Melinda Moving has been a busy busy time so I will keep this short! I absolutely loved stoke and Melinda! I more so loved the further development of all the characters and I am very excited for a future story of Nary and Saxton! This series is definitely in my top 5 of MC's

    6. Jessica on said:

      Loved it! Lila Rose does it again!Since the first book, Holding Out, I have loved the Hawks MC series with every fiber of my being! These characters just keep getting better and better and the more I learn about them, the more I need!Stoke and Malinda felt slightly different to me than the others. Their pasts and personalities were refreshing and even though those differences made No Way Out SOOOO good, it still feels like each character has been a part of the family since the beginning. Does th [...]

    7. Wendy on said:

      WellI liked this one. All the characters were great. Nobody annoyed met even the heroine. Still, for me, something was missing. Maybe it's because I haven't read the previous books. There just was't much character development. It was a nice and hot fluffy biker story. Sure there was some suspence and kinky sex, but for an MC book, it was pretty mild. I like them a little bit rougher. Still enjoyed reading it, so if your looking for a mild sexy MC book, you should give this one a try. I would rec [...]

    8. Lindsey Lawson on said:

      Holy hell. Another best seller. Hot and feels and everything in between. I love that they are all the same in their love and hotness but different in scenarios. I love them all! You will laugh, cry, and *ahem* get wet, all in the span of a paragraph, just like all the others.

    9. Kendra on said:

      I've loved this series from the very first page I read. I loved how Lila can have you laughing, crying and blushing all in the same sentence.

    10. Jodie Lauren on said:

      Malinda’s husband Tank had just been killed. A member of the Hawks MC, they have no idea what he was in to or that he was even married. She doesn’t look like she wants any protection from them but that’s what the boys, and their wives do. Declan Stoke was loyal and protective so when he saw her, he knew he wanted her but first she needed help and he would be just the man for the job!Xx

    11. Neringa Neringiukas on said:

      I was lucky reader, who got to read it before release. Yay, me. Lol.Thank you, Lila for this and also for another wonderful story.I never was good with words, that's part of the reason why I respect authors so much. Theirs imagination and that world of theirs, is just marvelous.Anyway, what I was saying words is not my strong point. So, I'm not going to do justice to this story enough with my review. And if you had read already any of Lilas books, I don't think I need to say much. You already kn [...]

    12. Rebecca on said:

      Anytime I can get my hands on another book in Lila Rose's Hawks Motorcycle Club and see what Wildcat and her Posse of Pussies and Gay Mama Bear are up to, you can be assured that I'm all over it. I absolutely love this group of characters and their willingness to put everything on the line for one another and for those they consider their motorcycle family, and even though Malinda May wants nothing to do with the club that she considers changing her husband in irrevocable ways, when they know on [...]

    13. Candi- on said:

      Lila Rose has done it again!!! I'm telling you, this series just keeps getting better and better!!! From the very first page I was hooked and could not put it down till the very end. Malinda has just lost her husband. She should be upset but she's not bc ever since her husband joined the Hawks MC he changed. Their marriage changed and she found herself no longer in love with him. Now that he is gone she is determined to keep not only herself but her two teenage children as far away from that lif [...]

    14. Rose on said:

      Lila Rose is a freaking genius!This is one of my most favorite series!!!The Hawks MC has lost a brother. Not a well-loved brother, but a brother none-the-less! And it isn't until his funeral that the MC finds out he has a wife & two kids. Everyone is astounded! How can it be that they didn't know? As soon as Declan Stoke lays eyes on Malinda May he's a goner (he just doesn't know it yet). Unfortunately, Malinda wants nothing to do with the club. She lays the demise of her marriage squarely o [...]

    15. Erin McKinley Carnevale on said:

      No Way OutI absolutely loved Malinda and Stokes story! It was sweet, of course angsty, exciting, loving, and of course, in the word of Mrs Cliff, H.O.T! Malinda was a lonely mother and housewife, married to a man who didn't care for her or the kids and surprisingly belonged to the Hawks MC. When he dies, she has no clue what to do next. Then the Hawks girls reach out and she gains friends and family. Something she hasn't had in years! Including the real love and attention she's been missing till [...]

    16. Carrie on said:

      I really do love this series. Stoke (aka Declan) has taken one (or two) for the team & he finally gets to experience what his brothers have been fighting for in this installment of the Hawks MC. Malinda was crushed by her husband, Tank, and he wasn't much nicer to their kids. He hid his family from his MC family, and when he gets killed, and the Hawks find out that Malinda, Nary & Josh exist, they immediately go to work bringing them into the fold.And of course from the moment Malinda &a [...]

    17. Kasey on said:

      OH MY GOD​. I just finished No Way Out, and MY LORDY. Lila Rose can write a book full of suspense, dirty mouthed bikers and sweet but sassy women. Just LOOOOVED it like all the others in they Hawks Series. Every minute of every page just had me engrossed so much I was late back to work from my breaks EVERY DAY, while reading it. Without adding a spoiler, I have to say my all time favourite bit was the baby put on Stokes knee. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes & let out a few unladyl [...]

    18. Victoria Debono on said:

      No Way Out (Hawks MC club series) book 4Lila Rose has done it again. I loved Malinda and Stoke's story. The drama was epic and I cried again. I love the way this club loves and protects each other. They are an amazing family. After Mally goes through a terrible time the girls rally around. Even though she's had nothing to do with her husbands club she sure is part of them now. I loved Mrs Cliffs character and the way Rose tied her to Dees. Very funny. Declan is wonderful with Mally's teen kids a [...]

    19. Louise Bailey on said:

      Wow Lila this book was sensational .Malinda May was living a life with her husband (Tank) and with two kids Nary and Josh,She was finally set free from trapped marriage, After Tank was suddenly killed.Things changed and she didn't feel sad or upset about Tank's death, Because her love for him died the moment he had attacked her.His Biker family the Hawks wanted to take care of her and make sure she and her family was safe.Declan (stoke) Instantly had attraction to her the moment he lied eyes on [...]

    20. Jessica Diaz on said:

      Ah mixed emotions. Spoiler alert I would say this is my least favorite. There were just too many things going on. SpoILER ALERT. Mally husband dies and she meets his biker club. She is timid at first but than the lovely Julian brings her out. We know these alpha males work fast but stoke took his time which was good considering. Than it goes down hill Bc She goes from not having sex for 14 years, to all of a sudden she likes to watch ivy and fox have sex. She is so timid. I am no prude but it do [...]

    21. AlligatorSmith loves to read on said:

      Declan/Stoke is an alpha biker, but after he sees his bros fall for their women, it is his turn. Malinda's biker husband is an ass, and Stoke and his club vow to protect her and her two kids. Stoke is rude, crude, and totally gone for Malinda in no time. A few different storylines run through the book and may be confusing if you have not read earlier books in the series. I do enjoy all the books in this series and look forward to the next one. Note: in two scenes, two couples have sex with their [...]

    22. A.J. Lape on said:

      Once again, Lila Rose takes the reader into the Hawks MC Club, and you don't want to leave. I love her writing, and I love, love the Club and all the different brothers. She has a gift for individualizing each brother with their own addictive alpha personalities, while showcasing the very thing that drew me into this series: the burning love they have for their women. Rose understands what a woman needs in a man, and she put a sneak peak in this book of her next installment which can't come soon [...]

    23. M.R. Field on said:

      From the first few pages, Stoke grabbed my attention and he didn't let it go. Both Malinda and Stoke have this delicious tension between them. He is the Alpha biker and she is the damaged widow, trying to hold on for her children while blocking out everything to do with her late husband's biker club.When Malinda and her children's lives are in danger, Stoke is the one man who launches into protection mode. The tension is palpable. Annnd that is all I will say. READ IT. It rocked my socks off. I [...]

    24. Petra on said:

      Another great read loved all these books and this one is just as good this is stokes story when he is at the funeral of one of his brothers he dosent expect to see a beautiful women who happens to be the deceased wife who no one seems to no about mailinda married her husband young and had 2 kids with him but when he joined the Hawks MC he changed the day he died she didn't cry and wasn't even sad but she didn't expect to meet a hot biker either but did she want another biker after the way the la [...]

    25. Dawn Gee on said:

      Every book in this series gets better and better. Stoke and Malinda are my new favorites now. There are some really funny scenes that had me actually laughing out loud. At first I wasn't sure about Stoke but boy does he come through in every way. I found Malinda very interesting and I liked reading how much she loved her kids. This book, just like the others in this series, has everything you need in a book; alpha male, humour, sexy scenes, friendship and love. Excellent book.

    26. Amber on said:

      I LOVE & ADORE The Hawks MC this is just one of the best MC based series I am so invested in all of the characters I can't say enough nice things about this series if you like MC based stories or you just like really good Alpha males you should so go and click the buy it now button :)

    27. Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews on said:

      No Way Out Book4 In the Hawks MC ClubAnother good add to the series, It's alwasy great to go back into this world Lila has created.♥Romance Was Perfect ✔♥Characters Are Awesome ✔♥Brilliant Story Plot ✔Recomend To Everyone. Great Writing. Great Series. Great Story.

    28. Zeynep on said:

      4,5 stars.Butun karakterler harika favorim Griz olmakla birlikte tum hepsinin hikayesini okumak cok zevkli. Declan Stoke cok tatliydi bitmesini istemedigim serilerden biri.

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