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Bloodlines Olivia Sealy was two years old when she was kidnapped and her parents murdered No suspects No arrests Decades later Olivia s past comes back to haunt her when a child s skeleton is discovered in a hi

  • Title: Bloodlines
  • Author: Sharon Sala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Olivia Sealy was two years old when she was kidnapped and her parents murdered No suspects No arrests Decades later, Olivia s past comes back to haunt her when a child s skeleton is discovered in a hidden wall a child with whom Olivia shares a unique family trait With the help of Detective Trey Bonney, Olivia is pulled deeper into the mystery and into the rekindling ofOlivia Sealy was two years old when she was kidnapped and her parents murdered No suspects No arrests Decades later, Olivia s past comes back to haunt her when a child s skeleton is discovered in a hidden wall a child with whom Olivia shares a unique family trait With the help of Detective Trey Bonney, Olivia is pulled deeper into the mystery and into the rekindling of her love for Trey as she tries to connect the events of her past and present, and in the process find out who she really is Will the vengeful killer be caught Or will the secrets remain buried for good First published in 2005, Bloodlines is still a fan favorite for lovers of romantic suspense novels About the AuthorSharon Sala is a long time member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as a member of Oklahoma RWA In 2014, she published her one hundredth novel A fan favorite, Sala is an eight time RITA finalist, winner of the Janet Dailey Award, four time Career Achievement winner from RT Magazine, five time winner of the National Reader s Choice Award, and five time winner of the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, as well as Bookseller s Best Award In 2011 she was named RWA s recipient of the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award Her novels have been on the top of major bestseller lists including the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher s Weekly Sala also writes under the name Dinah McCall.

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    One thought on “Bloodlines

    1. Jacqueline on said:

      Interesting murder mystery. Dinah McCall/Sharon Sala has become one of my go to authors. I know that her books will at least be a pretty solid read.This one was more involved with the mystery aspect and the romance while important was sort of "easy" I guess. Well written and the plot made sense. I did figure out the bad guy but not immediately so that was good. Some characters who could have become caricatures instead went in other directions which is always pleasant. Even the secondary characte [...]

    2. Angela~twistedmind~ on said:

      To be fair, I would rate this a weak 2.75 stars This is one of those that I could kick myself for taking precious reading time to finish it rather than just putting it down. I looked beyond the storyline and ignored that I had picked up a romance and I found the writing to be mediocre. I guess people who are drawn to romance with a bit of suspense may like it, but I highly doubt it. It is just, well, blah.McCall adds a lot of unnecessary writing that just irritated me. I mean, we don't care that [...]

    3. Shawnee Bowlin on said:

      Not a book to take too seriously. I read because of what catches my interest, not bothering to nit-pick. It was a fun romance and an interesting murder/mystery. I totally didn't see the end coming! What a way to end a bookfantastic! My hat is off to you, Ms. McCall.I especially liked that although the story skipped around to cover the different characters, the meaning was always clear to me. I hate when an author confuses the reader with too much hidden meaning. Perhaps that makes me a lazy read [...]

    4. Dana Cowen on said:

      This book caught me the first page! I believe I could reread multiple times and never be bored!

    5. Debbie on said:

      Thought this was going to be a fantastic book, as it started with a storyline a little different than the typical "who done it" book. However, that changed as soon as those romantic feelings started to surface with the two main characters. The romance went on and on and OOONNN, where it became quite annoying and I had to skip ALL of those pages. (Not because I don't like romance, but because it was written in such a juvenile way where this string, macho and handsome investigator was pretty hen-p [...]

    6. Nicole Bartholomew on said:

      Great readI chose the rating because Sharon Sala books are always captivating. Great job. Great job Great. Great job .Great job

    7. Elusive on said:

      In ‘Bloodlines’, a couple in the midst of renovating their house discover a suitcase containing an infant’s skeleton. As the deceased child had two thumbs on her left hand, this is instantly linked to a case which took place twenty-five years ago in which a little girl (also double-thumbed on one hand) Olivia Sealy was kidnapped and subsequently returned to her family. Several questions remained unanswered – who killed the baby and why? Is Olivia really part of the Sealy family or is it [...]

    8. Marjorie on said:

      This book had a twist at the end that I wasn't expecting and I won't tell you about it because you have to read the book. A baby's body is found in a suitcase, behind some drywall. An autopsy reveals child had been born with an extra thumb which is a family trait for the Sealy family. The autopsy also finds this body has been dead for about 25 years. Olivia Sealy had been kidnapped when she was two (about 25 years ago) but was returned after a ransom was paid. Her parents had been murdered. She [...]

    9. Surreysmum on said:

      A one-day read, for distraction from life's more intractable problems: as such, it served its purpose, but once again I found I had picked up a book that was half-way into a genre I dislike, the romance. The puzzle itself - resolving questions of identity (a double-thumbed child of murdered parents, and a similarly double-thumbed murdered baby, found as a bricked-in skeleton 25 years later), was well enough handled. Characters were clearly, though not terribly deeply, defined. But the overheated [...]

    10. Mary Baker on said:

      I took this book outside to read, left it on the intersecting branches of a tree limb lying on the ground while I checked some burning leaves, and couldn't find it when I turned back to pick it up. My dog, who steals and buries things, must have taken it while I wasn't paying attention to him--he took my husband's cell phone last winter and buried it in the garden where my husband dug it up when he was plowing the garden last spring. Anyway, I had about six chapters left in the book and couldn't [...]

    11. April on said:

      I felt the surprise ending was a little too fantastical to be believable. This book is a little suspense,a little romance, and a little annoying. There were a few parts that I thought didn't "jive," and I'm not sure if it was a case of bad writing, or bad editing. It almost felt like part of the story was missing. I don't really care for books that have a lot of half-developed characters, and this had a few of those. It wasn't horrible; it was good enough to read the whole book, but I did feel s [...]

    12. Doris on said:

      This book proceeded (to paraphase) "at the beginning" and went "to the end".It was well written, with only one place where I thought it was odd. Well - maybe 2. In one place the author assigns more thinking about feelings than most men admit to, and in another, she had a single man living alone not knowing what foods he had, but the guest who had never been in the kitchen was able to go directly to what she wanted. Other than that, very very good. Not too much titillation, and a series of interw [...]

    13. Marti on said:

      This was an okay book. It was one where the romance part of the story rather overwhelmed the mystery side of it. A suitcase containing the body of a two year old girl shows up unexpectedly during a remodeling job. Who was she? A genectic defect reveals her to possibly be related to a local Dallas family. One member was once abducted, and later discouraged in her relationship with a young man who could now solve the whole mystery. There is a near tragic car accident, and the romance continues.

    14. Lavenia Otts on said:

      Baby in the suitcaseDetective Trey Bonny has been given a case that brings him back into the life of his childhood sweetheart, Olivia Sealy. Someone found a suitcase buried in a wall in a house in Texarkana. In it are the bones of a baby girl. Michael Sealy, Marcus ' son sired two little girls. Olivia was kidnapped and then a baby was returned to the , Sealy family. But, which one.

    15. Lori on said:

      What an excellent read! I was hooked from the first page! A dead baby found in a suitcase behind a wall, a kidnapping from the past, a long lost love reunited, and secrets from the past all intertwine within this story. I really fell in love with Olivia's and Trey's love story. This book had me very involved with every character as a great mystery unfolds. And what a great twist at the end! I would have never guessed it! I highly recommend this book!

    16. Kay-em on said:

      If you are looking for a lazy mystery romance and are not too fussy with details then this would be an ideal real. For me however, the mystery just didn't gel well. All that happened was some basic DNA maths and it was solved. The romance wasn't spectacular either - but hey - if you are in the mood for very light reading, you could enjoy this - maybe?

    17. Pamela(AllHoney) on said:

      Olivia Sealy was kidnapped 25 years ago and now a baby's skeleton is found that seems to have a connection to her. Trey Bonney, a detective for the Dallas PD, is on the case and he also happens to have been Olivia's first love until grandpa interferes.I haven't hated anything that Dinah McCall/Sharon Sala has written but I do like some more than others. I enjoyed this more than some.

    18. Nancy on said:

      Another reviewer described this book as easy to put down, but a good time filler. That was exactly the purpose for which I got it (used) -- to take on an airplane and fill time. I expected it to be more of a suspense/crime novel, but found that it is much more of a romance. For me it fulfilled its purpose but was a disappointment.

    19. Dawn on said:

      Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall is one of my favorite Romantic Suspense authors. This story was right in line with most of her books, thrilling suspense that leaves you guessing until the last chapters of the book.

    20. Alisa on said:

      This is the second Dinah McCall book I've read, and she did not disappoint. The writing/plot could have been a little tighter in places, the characters could have been developed a little further, but the story held my interest.

    21. Suze on said:

      BLOODLINESRomance, suspense; what's not to like. It's the characters that make a book great, both Olivia and Trey work their way into your heart pretty quickly. Very good plot, with enough twists and turns to keep it interesting.

    22. Lisa Z Evans on said:

      Kept me guessingGood action and although I figured out who had done the kidnapping early in the book, I didn't put everything together until the end. Definitely plan to read more books by Sharon Sala.

    23. Tricia (McAllister) Houseman on said:

      One heck of a book. Having to close a murder & kidnapping that occurred 25 yrs ago, plus add in a bit of romance it was a good book.

    24. Karen on said:

      Suitcase with child's skeleton found between walls. Twists and turns, well written mystery, tender romance all made for good reading.

    25. Janes. on said:

      Great readReally good book. A little predictable, but amazing writing style. A good fast read to pass time. Would definitely recommend this book.

    26. Crystal on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It's a fast, quick read. I didn't see the ending coming which is also a bonus!

    27. Sandy on said:

      I read this in one day, I couldn't put it down. It is the fourth book of hers I have read in a month.

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