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Nicole Edwards

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Beautifully Brutal

Beautifully Brutal Sometimes love isn t beautiful Sometimes the only way to describe it is beautifully brutal If you think you know him You re wrong If you think you know his family Wrong again If you think you know his

  • Title: Beautifully Brutal
  • Author: Nicole Edwards
  • ISBN: 9781939786456
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes love isn t beautiful Sometimes the only way to describe it is beautifully brutal If you think you know him You re wrong If you think you know his family Wrong again If you think you know his story You don t If you did, you d likely wonder how the hell a man like Maximillian Adorite managed to make it to this point in his life At twenty nine, he s experSometimes love isn t beautiful Sometimes the only way to describe it is beautifully brutal If you think you know him You re wrong If you think you know his family Wrong again If you think you know his story You don t If you did, you d likely wonder how the hell a man like Maximillian Adorite managed to make it to this point in his life At twenty nine, he s experienced than most people could only ever imagine, all thanks to his family Organized crime they call it Mafia No matter how they spin it, it comes down to one thing Max gets what he wants Except for the one thing he wants most Her name is Courtney Kogan And now that he s had a taste of her, Max knows he ll never be able to let her go The Southern Boy Mafia series is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series It has been set up to be read without reading Sniper 1 Security, however, the characters will frequently cross over.

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    One thought on “Beautifully Brutal

    1. Katy Loves Romance ❤️ on said:

      4.5 Brutal Stars****I Love Nicole's books except I haven't read one for a while, to me they're pure Heavenly and take you to somewhere else which is the SOLE reason why I love to read FICTION and more so ROMANCE. This read was HEAVEN to me I couldn't put it down, it pulled me into their world and I forget Real Life for a while, this most definitely did that. If you think you know him… You’re wrong.If you think you know his family… Wrong again.If you think you know his story… You don’t. [...]

    2. Carissa on said:

      Beautifully Brutal's storytelling was impactful, and filled with emotion.  It heightened my senses and it reached right out and gripped my heart.Beautifully Brutal is an insanely captivating storytelling of lovers that were, and lovers to be.  An unconventional love story, melding the dark, with the good. Told in the dual, third person POV's, interchanging between the past and present. Which allows the reader to understand Courtney and Maximillian's beginning as a couple, the pressures they f [...]

    3. Michelle on said:

      ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review[image error]**Beautifully Brutal is the spin-off series of Sniper One Security Series.**Beautifully Brutal is a modern day mafia twist of Romeo and Juliet. The Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys. If you are familiar with the Sniper One Security Series, then you will be familiar with Courtney Kogan and Maximillian Adorite. And in Beautifully Brutal, Courtney knows that she must resist and stay away from Max but there is this strong attraction to him [...]

    4. Snow on said:

      4 Southern Boy Mafia startsLiked itview - later.This was a BR with my lovely Shanny (one of my Maflut guurls) so this made it even more special!Beautifully Brutal belongs to The Southern Boy Mafia series which is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series. Fuck, I got lost just reading it…LOLThat means absolutely nothing to me since I haven’t read the latter.Therefore, I will only concentrate on what I’ve actually read and not be overloaded with information I really can’t process. Yes, [...]

    5. 1-Click Addict Support Group on said:

      Bad boys are just soeasy to love to hate to love. And Maximillian Adorite is definitely a bad boy. One I love. And hate. Sigh, I’m confused by my feelingsAs an underboss for the infamous Adorite Family – the Southern Boy Mafia, they call them – Max Adorite is used to getting his way. Because the consequences when he doesn’t aren’t pretty. Except there is one person that won’t give him what he wants Courtney Kogan is one of the good guys. Which means she’s on the opposite side to Ma [...]

    6. Denise - Shh Mom's Reading® on said:

      amzn/1dGjF304.5 stars I loved this venture into the dark underworldThis modern day Romeo and Juliet captured by heart and has me very excited for the rest of this series and of the Sniper 1 series as the families overlapSo many great characters and hints at backstory and what's to come I am not even sure whose story I almost excited for next!!Ok maybe I am most excited RT and Z, because it's been awhile since MsEdwards wrote a m/m and the chemistry for these two is already off the charts!Though [...]

    7. Amy on said:

      Actual Rating: 4.5 Mafia Stars!“She was stubborn, always pushing him away when the only thing she needed to do was pull him closer. He’d protect her. He’d love her. Hell, he’d give her the fucking moon if she wanted it. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.”Beautifully Brutal follows the story of Courtney and Max. Courtney and Max were from two totally different worlds. Courtney being on the right side of the law, protecting and saving people. Max is definitely on the wrong side. [...]

    8. Red Cheeks Reads on said:

      I was so excited to get my hands on Max and Courtney’s story after having caught a glimpse of their complex relationship in Nicole’s previous series. Two incredibly diverse and complicated characters that were as different as night and day; just as equally one lived in perpetual darkness doing bad deeds while the other was often referred to as being on the good guys side, living in the light and fighting the good fight.What was so good about Beautifully Brutal? Well, where do I even begin? T [...]

    9. Traci on said:

      Nicole has definitely blown me away with this one. There isnt anything she writes that I do not love, but this one, holy hell love love love. Ive always loved how Nicole speaks through her characters and makes you feel like you are in the room with the actual man or woman, and this is no different. You feel Max and you feel Courtney, as well as their co-workers and siblings. When Max talks to Courtney, its like hes talking to you its hot !!This one is slightly off the path of the others, as we [...]

    10. Missy Harton on said:

      I was lucky to receive an ARC of this book. I am not a writer, I leave that to those that are talented with words. I will never be able to express how AMAZING Nicole's newest release is!! 5 STARS doesn't come close to rate Beautifully Brutal!!! The first book in the Southern Boy Mafia series, is a fast pace read that will have you burning up the pages! As always, there is HOT sex, but this novel contains so much more. Good versus evil, right versus wrong, and ethical versus crooked make the grou [...]

    11. -C- on said:

      I love reading stories about strong heroines and heroes that can match them and this book certainly fit that description. There was lots of action that kept me engaged the entire time. I loved Max and Courtney and I loved the rest of the team just as much. I'm excited for the rest of the series to learn more about them all!“I love you. Only you. And I refuse to spend another fucking minute without you."

    12. Joy Whiteside on said:

      This was a totally amazing and awesome book. Nicole Edwards does not let you down with this her latest book. This book captured me from the moment that I started reading and there was no putting it down. It has characters that will grab you and you can not help but fall in love with them, a story that will keep you interested all the way through. This needs to be on your list to be read in 2015, there is no doubt about it.

    13. Karen Branton on said:

      Wow Beautiful Brutal was an amazing book to read ,I got so engrossed in the story of Maximilian and Courtney and the struggle between there families and each other . This was the first Mafia book for me that I've read and it was Literally beautifully brutal , I love it Thank You Nicole Edward for another amazing story .I can't wait for more in this series definitely a five star read

    14. Jenna on said:

      Fantastic!The title was Perfect!It took me a whole day to process this story.Holy Shit!My heart was breaking for the Romeo an Juliet kind of love that Max and Courtney endured. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll be pissed off that it ended. I'll have no problem reading this book or this series over and over again.Nicole Edwards was born to be a writer!highly recommend!

    15. BooksandBeyondFiftyShades on said:

      *´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•`5 STAR REVIEW¤ *.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*┊  ★☆Beautifully BrutalBy Nicole Edwardsamzn/1HHxzhrMaximillian Adorite just became the underboss of what people call the Southern Boy Mafia. Max is part of one of the most powerful families. Sure some of the legal actions that needed to be taken aren't leagal, but it was all part of the business.Courtney Kogan works in the family business at Sniper 1 Security. Most of her jobs involve babysit [...]

    16. AmyCrull on said:

      I am a huge fan of Nicole Edwards book and this one didn't disappoint at all. I know this is going to sound weird but I loved the interworkings of the mafia. They have such strong ties to family and yes some of the things they do to people who betray the family is graphic and probably unnecessary but has to be done to prove their power. Maximillian Adorite has just taken over the family business, which he loves but he craves something more.Courtney Kogan. They meet at a party and feel a spark. M [...]

    17. Chancy on said:

      This was so, so good! Just wow!I have read and enjoyed all of Nicole Edwards books, I loved every minute of reading this one. I never imagined this story to be better than the last.I met Courtney in a previous story, Wait for Morning. Courtney comes from a family of the Good Guys (her father runs Sniper One Security), in that book, she was assigned to get intel on the Adorite family. She mentioned that she had a past with Max Adorite, but I really didn't know anything about that past. Max is the [...]

    18. Begum on said:

      4.5 starsThis book is reminded ne why i really love to read mafia/ mob style books. The writer really did do a great job. However, courtney's undecided attitude was really frustrating. She didn't deserve Max :)) Now i am curious abot the possible threesome ashlynn jase and leyton. That book will be quite interesting ( you now what i mean :D )

    19. Tina on said:

      Nicole Edwards does it to me every single time! I loved this book! I was so excited for this spin off series, and it didn't disappoint! I was looking forward to Max and Courtney's story.Max, oh Max, you sexy thing you!!!I can't wait to see what's next!!

    20. ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰ on said:

      ARC received for an honest reviewWOW!!We briefly met our main characters, Courtney and Max, in Ms Edwards' book Wait for Morning (Book 1 in the Sniper 1 Security series) - but you can read this without having read it.Courtney is from a family of Good Guys (Sniper 1). Whilst on assignment she met one of the Bad Guys, Max Adorite, second in charge of the Southern Boy Mafia. In Wait For Morning, it was mentioned that she knows Max, but that is about it. Boy, did she know him! And as we learn more a [...]

    21. Toni FGMAMTC on said:

      First off I wanted to say that I didn't read the Sniper 1 Security series (the series that Southern Boy Mafia series is a spinoff off of). I feel like I understood the whole book, but I do wish I would have read the other first. I plan to go back and read it before the next of this series comes out. I think there is history between some of the characters that would have made the story even better. Max is a definite badboy. He is an underboss in a criminal organization. He deals in a lot of illeg [...]

    22. Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers on said:

      I read Wait for Morning so I was excited that Max and Courtney would be getting their own book. I could tell they had a sinful sexy past and it didn't seem to be as over as they thought it was. Max and Courtney were more or less enemies working on opposites sides of the law. Courtney was sent into Max's world to find out more about his business but what she didn't expect was to fall for him. She wanted to hate him. She would push him away but Max knew exactly what she was thinking and even more [...]

    23. Erin Lewis on said:

      4.5 Star Review Beautifully Brutal (Southern Boy Mafia Book 1) by Nicole EdwardsThis is book 1 in Nicole Edward’s exciting new Southern Boy Mafia series and what a way to start. It is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series. However you do not have to have read the first book in the Sniper 1 series before reading Beautifully Brutal although in my opinion it may be beneficial. This is the story of Maximillian Adorite, second in command in his Mafia family and Courtney Kogan a member of the [...]

    24. Rebecca on said:

      Beautiful…Max and Courtney’s undeniable connectionThe off the charts chemistry inside the bedroomThe feelings that develop despite the situation they’re inBrutal…Max and Courtney’s feuding familiesFalling in love with your enemyThe methods used to deceive and betrayThe idea of sacrificing either love or loyaltyCourtney Kogan and Maximillian Adorite may come from two different worlds and be forced together by ulterior motives, but there’s no denying how they ignite, in volatile and or [...]

    25. Aղցela W. on said:

      Spoiler Ahead This was a really good book by one of my favorite author's Nicole Edwards. Maximillian Adorite is underboss of the "Southern Boy Mafia" second only to his father Samuel Adorite he grew up the oldest of the Adorite children. Max is a hot sexy alpha male who would do anything to protect his family and the business. Courtney Kogan is the only daughter of Casper Kogan him and Bryce Trexlers started "Sniper 1 Security" where she works. When Casper sends her in to get information on the [...]

    26. Falling In Fall Book Blog on said:

      I have read two of Nicole Edwards’s series, The Alluring Indulgence and Club Destiny and sadly this one was not a favorite of mine. I however did enjoy the read and still recommend the book. Beautifully Brutal is in a way a mafia style Romeo and Juliet. Courtney, who you meet in Wait for Morning, is having a hard time with her feelings for the bad boy mafia prince Max. These two have a history and while you do get to see some of it in the flash back scenes, you can tell how hard it is for thes [...]

    27. Naughty Mom Story Time on said:

      3.5 STARSIt took a while for the story to really pull me in. At around 45%, it started to get interesting and I was finally able to get into the characters. There were a lot of flashback scenes and I was occasionally put off by it. I understand that it was there for development into the characters' history together but sometimes, I got lost on where I was in the timeline. Max is the underboss of his family's mafia style organization and Courtney's family runs and high profile security firm. Each [...]

    28. Kathy on said:

      Nicole Edwards does it Again. I loved this book. Ok I mean I have read all of Nicoles books she is one of my go to authors, but this is not like the others. Max the Southern Boy Mafia what a sexy bad boy. I love him. The Story of Max and Courtney their feelings for one another so wrong since she was on the right side of the law and he was not. You can not help who you fall in love with. Why their careers intertwined, the reason her dad put her on a mission to learn what she could about him all v [...]

    29. Lora Borzelleca on said:

      I liked these twoCourtney's head was always spinning on her feelings for Max. But I love that when something happened to Max, she stepped it up and really took charge and finally let herself get her head on straight for her feelings towards Max. And Maxswoon.I liked him. I liked how he made no excuse for who he was and what kin of things he was into. He was just himselfd that was refreshing. Now, I thought I was excited to read about RT and Z but fuck that shit.I want I NEED to read about Max's [...]

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