The Aleppo Code

Terry Brennan

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The Aleppo Code

The Aleppo Code None

  • Title: The Aleppo Code
  • Author: Terry Brennan
  • ISBN: 9780825443893
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
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      227 Terry Brennan
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    One thought on “The Aleppo Code

    1. Victor Gentile on said:

      Terry Brennan in his new book “The Aleppo Code” Book Three in The Jerusalem Prophecies series published by Kregel Publications gives us another thriller with Tom Bohannon. Will History’s most powerful weapon trigger humanity’s most horrifying days?From the back cover: A thousand-year-old manuscript reveals the existence of an ancient sanctuary.Within that sanctuary lies the most powerful weapon in the history of the world.The living members of Tom Bohannon’s band of adventurers gather [...]

    2. Jordyn Redwood on said:

      Well researched adventure tale that felt like a Christian Dan Brown/Indiana Jones novel. Even though I understood the novel by itself I do feel like I would have had a richer reading experience from reading all the books in order. This book was nominated for an ACFW Carol Award and I like to read all those that final in the category I write. Mr. Brennan was definitely deserving of the win in this category. Congratulations!

    3. Anita Estes on said:

      What a thrilling ride! The author takes you on the adventure of your life as you follow the twists and turns of The Aleppo Code. It has everything I enjoy in a good read--mystery, suspense, history, archaeology and spiritual implications. I enjoyed its link to Biblical truth and it prompted me to do some research. Having visited the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem and seen the dead sea scrolls, it made this read all the more exciting and real. Though lots of characters, I like this as it makes i [...]

    4. Suzie Jo Glass on said:

      Third book in good seriesAs stated in earlier reviews of the other two books in this three book series I love the concept of this work but the" devil was in the details" the books were slowed by details that were given in the various places like street by street directions and things the average reader would not care about. I think that this series would be more exciting than Dan Brown's Devinci code movie I enjoyed parts of the story and always went back to reading it just to many details for m [...]

    5. Ellen on said:

      The Jerusalem Prophecies by Terry Brennan Print The Aleppo CodeThe Aleppo CodeBy Terry Brennan978-0-8254-4389-3Fiction/Christian/Suspense/ThrillerThe Jerusalem Prophecies, book 3Kregel Publications, 2015“A thousand-year-old manuscript reveals the existence of an ancient sanctuary. Within that sanctuary lies the most powerful weapon in the history of the world.”The Aleppo Code by Terry Brennan is the final chapter in the mysteries deciphered from the thousand-year-old scroll and mezuzah found [...]

    6. Joan on said:

      This is the third book in The Jerusalem Prophecies series. One could possibly read it on its own as there is some review of the action of the previous novels given in this one. This series has a complex plot so I would recommend reading the others first.In the previous novels, a scroll was found in a secret room under the New York Bowery Mission. After the scroll is deciphered, Tom, the executive director of the mission, heads to Jerusalem to find the third temple. There is a huge earthquake tha [...]

    7. Kathleen (Kat) Smith on said:

      We all know about the parting of the Red Sea by Moses, whether we have seen it on the movies, television or read about it in the Bible. Now Terry Brennan has taken the story of the staff of Aaron to a whole new level in his suspense series, Jerusalem Prophecies in his third novel, The Aleppo Code. This is a must read for fans of Indiana Jones, the DaVinci code or anyone who loves a Christian Action Suspense novel. Since this is the third novel in the series, you truly need to read the first two [...]

    8. Lisa Johnson on said:

      Title: The Aleppo Code (The Jerusalem Prophecies #3)Author: Terry BrennanPages: 384Year: 2015Publisher: Kregel PublicationsFirst off the mark, I would strongly encourage readers to read book one, The Sacred Cipher as well as book two, The Brotherhood Conspiracy before tackling this third book in The Jerusalem Prophecies series. The story in book three picks up right where book two ended, so without reading the prior two books I think it would be hard to really get into this story.Tom Bohannon an [...]

    9. Beckie Burnham on said:

      The third and final installment of Terry Brennan’s Jerusalem Prophecies series, The Aleppo Code, begins where the other books left off. The team, led by Tom Bohannon, has experienced devastation and grief in their efforts to discover the Tent of Meeting and the hidden Third Temple. But it seems something more is being asked of the group — a commitment to go where God leads looking towards Him for guidance in the face of doubts and confusion. And what God is leading them to may be a weapon fo [...]

    10. Meagan Myhren-bennett on said:

      The Aleppo CodeThe Jerusalem Prophecies #3By Terry BrennanWill history's most powerful weapon trigger humanity's most horrifying days?They thought they had discovered all the pieces to the puzzle, but they were wrong. A long hidden treasure has been hidden for several millennium. A treasure that could be the most powerful weapon the world has ever known. Tom Bohannon and his team have gathered again in Jerusalem to examine a copy of the tenth-century Aleppo Code, which may hold the answers they [...]

    11. Ed on said:

      "The Aleppo Code" is the third book in the "The Jerusalem Prophecies" trilogy. In the first book ("The Sacred Cipher"), Tom Bohannon and Joe Rodriguez stumbled on a scroll from the 1100's, which eventually led them and their cohorts to discover the Third Temple of God, built and hidden under Temple Mount in Jerusalem for centuries. Which unfortunately led to the destruction of the Temple Mount by a powerful earthquake. In the second book ("The Brotherhood Conspiracy"), they managed to locate the [...]

    12. Jami on said:

      The Aleppo Code, a gripping novel in a series called The Jerusalem Prophecies, is a novel that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Author Terry Brennan has written a series with suspense and mystery!The series begins with the novel A Sacred Cipher. It sets the stage for the rest of the series. A modern-day Indiana Jones revolving around an ancient scroll found in a hidden room of the library of a friend of Reverend Charles Spurgeon finds several men scratching their heads and forging ahead [...]

    13. Mark on said:

      This whole series is exciting and worth reading, but they seemed to get better and more exciting the further I read in the trilogy. The Aleppo Code brings back most of the same characters from the other two books and picks up right where the second book ended. The book has a very interesting plot with a race to find a Biblical artifact that leads for a search to find the Garden of Eden. There is all kinds of excitement, drama, and suspense in the novel, and it reminded me a lot of an Indiana Jon [...]

    14. DynamicUno Thomas on said:

      First of all, if you have not read books 1 (The Sacred Cipher) and 2 (The Brotherhood Conspiracy), you really need to read them before you start The Aleppo Code. All three are action-packed and full of suspense, but all pick up where the previous book ended, so there isn't a lot of the back story being told.Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this installment of the Jerusalem Prophecies series. I've always been a semi-history buff and one of my dream jobs as a librarian is to work with [...]

    15. Quentin Stewart on said:

      This is a novel about the search for a religious artifact and may rival the search for the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail. This the the third of a trilogy by Terry Brennan and although not necessary it might be helpful to read the first two books in the series. This book is the story of a team on a quest for something that they have learned of from the writings and messages left by two earlier explores. At the onset they are not sure what they are searching for, but they have gone through [...]

    16. Diane Catalano on said:

      The Aleppo Code is very exciting to read ,you just can't put it down. The flow of the story and the added history mixed with the fiction is superb. All of the people in the story have their own struggles with faith, hope and what their purpose in God's plan for them and the world. The ending is a wonderful and I was quite surprised! I chose the high rating because everything blended together so well in Israel then back to the USA, also along with the main story and all the characters involved. I [...]

    17. Alice Marks Ripperger on said:

      After the thrill is goneOf book two in the series, I found this one dragged a bit, which was the problem I had with the first book. The writer has excellent command of his prose, but some scenes seem like they're stretched out beyond attention spans. The ending left me with many questions, and thus was a bit of a let down.

    18. Linda on said:

      As if finding the hidden Temple beneath Jerusalem's Temple Mount and the long-lost Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle) weren't enough, this time our intrepid crew seeks -- and finds -- the Garden of Eden and Aaron's staff.

    19. Rochelle on said:

      I won this book on the give away. I did not care for this book. It was very hard to get into it.Did not capture my interest.

    20. Kathy Floyd on said:

      Thrilling!As great as the the first two books. I hated for the book to end, yet I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.

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