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Kelsey Ketch

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Name of Ra

Name of Ra Set has risen After being on the run from a psychotic cult for a week Natara Natti Stone has finally come to realize she and Seth are the only two people standing between the Sons of Set and the secr

  • Title: Name of Ra
  • Author: Kelsey Ketch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
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  • Set has risen After being on the run from a psychotic cult for a week, Natara Natti Stone has finally come to realize she and Seth are the only two people standing between the Sons of Set and the secret name of Ra Holding a part of the key that unlocks Ra s power, they relocate to a isolated location in the California mountains While laying low, Natti becomes ev Set has risen After being on the run from a psychotic cult for a week, Natara Natti Stone has finally come to realize she and Seth are the only two people standing between the Sons of Set and the secret name of Ra Holding a part of the key that unlocks Ra s power, they relocate to a isolated location in the California mountains While laying low, Natti becomes even determined to understand her mother s bloodline and her blessing from the goddess, Isis But when she starts seeing the truth behind her destiny, she begins to doubt her role in the events that are about to unfold.Then the unthinkable happens .All Seth O Keefe wanted was to get Natti as far away from his father and the Sons of Set as possible Unfortunately, after hearing of Natti s destiny from Isis s own lips, he realizes they have bigger issues to worry about Especially when one stupid slip up leads the god of chaos himself straight to their doorstep Now Natti is the god s prisoner, and Set holds the key to unlocking the location of the secret name of Ra Can Seth save Natti from her own destiny and thwart the demented god s rise to power Note Content for Upper YA

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      278 Kelsey Ketch
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    One thought on “Name of Ra

    1. Yesha on said:

      *** Note: I received review copy of this book from the author, via Lola’s Blog Tour, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to author and Lola. ***3.75 StarsLast book of the series and I was so excited to see what happens in the book. How the prophecy was going to work and what Seth and Natti will do. It was the puzzle that I could not put together with Natti’s constant whim as nonbeliever and Seth’s overprotective nature and firm decision of not solving the puzzle. Rise of Set, Natti pr [...]

    2. Veronica of V's Reads on said:

      4.5 StarsThis is the third book in a trilogy and needs to be read in order. The book series is marketed to older teens, because it contains sexual content that is not always consensual. The books are based upon a cult of followers of the ancient Egyptian god Set, the god of Chaos. Set, and his followers, have no respect for women and use their bodies for pleasure and sacrifice. Usually both.Seth is the son of the high priest of Set. He's been raised to believe that he was the next link in the ch [...]

    3. Aldii - perfectioninbooks on said:

      *4.5/5 stars*Really liked this conclusion!The Writing:As always this book was great to read. Maybe it wasn't as easy or fast as the first two but I think that has something to do with my mood and the time I could spend reading. We have three POVs: Seth, Natti and Sean. Basically that is great though I didn't really like to read Sean POV because I wanted to know what was happening with Natti and Seth but it was interesting to read what were doing the bad guys.The Story: This story for sure doesn' [...]

    4. Kelsey Ketch on said:

      Though Son of Set is my favorite, Name of Ra was the most fun to research and write, for a few reasons. The first being that Set, god of chaos, has risen. And getting into his mind was a complicated process. In this novel, you learn a little more about Set's depth. After all, though portrayed as arrogant, he wasn't always considered a dark lord of chaos in Egyptian history. And there is a key story I use in the novel's background, where Ma'at strikes a deal with Set.Second, I got to dive into Du [...]

    5. Sophi Frost on said:

      This was a superb end to the Descendants of Isis Series. The final novel will keep you on the edge of you seat. This last adventure takes Seth and Natti to the very edge of reality. You will learn what Seth's role is in mystery and how Natti fights to avoid her destiny. And just when you thought that the villains couldn't get nastier, they do, but Karma comes around. Truly a fitting end. Loved it!

    6. Elizabeth (Your Ordinary Bookworm) on said:

      Ahh, soooo excited. Wish it were up for preorder already.

    7. books are love on said:

      Received in exchange for an honest review.Wow what an ending. My only hope is every once in a while we will see a story on how Natti and Seth are doing. Their adventures and lives. A novella or something because these are two characters who defied the odds and went against everyone and fought their way to where they are and fought for their love for one another.Seth especially fought his way to Natti and what she offered him. She offered him hope, warmth, understanding and love. She was what kep [...]

    8. Nancy (The Avid Reader) on said:

      I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.We are back again with Seth and Natti who are on the run and are hiding out from Seth’s father. His father wants Natti for his own. The only reason he wants her is because she is the secret keeper and is the only one who can get him want he truly wants which is the Name of Ra. He wants to raise their God Set from the dead. He wants to have more power than anyone and he also wants control of the whole world but he just mig [...]

    9. Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) on said:

      Read in 2015Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours and author Kelsey Ketch for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Name of Ra is the third and final novel in Kelsey Ketch’s Descendants of Isis trilogy and brings the series to a powerful and endlessly exciting conclusion!After the events of Son of Set, Natti and Seth are on the run. Having rescued the woman he loves from being a sacrifice to the god Set, Se [...]

    10. FS Meurinne on said:

      This is the last book of the trilogy, which I suggest you read them first to understand. In this book Seth, the son of a high priest of Set, knows he is in love with Natti, but being “cursed” because of his situation, he is torn between his loyalties and teachings with what he feels. Seth needs a bit of magic to restore his powers, while Natti can only gain magic with Seth’s help. Set also wants Natti, so he will make everything to get her. They all get into different situations trying to [...]

    11. Nadine on said:

      When the opportunity to review Name of Ra came it was a no brainer, however as it was the third in a series, I actually had to take time to read the first 2 books. Not what I consider a chore and I was done with all 3 in 2 days and left wanting more. I think I had to put the Name of Ra down at 5:30 am and force myself to sleep because I still had work in the morning. Don’t you just hate that having to earn a living gets in the way of a good story?This is the kind of book I like, good pace, pre [...]

    12. Bree on said:

      Actual rating 4.5/5I'm so happy to have the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book. Since it was the finale, I was anxious to read it but nervous that I wouldn't get the ending that I was looking for. I was wrong :) I have to say that this was a very satisfying conclusion. It was believable(as much as mythology can be) and it wrapped up all the loose ends.My only issue, the reason I docked .5 of a star, is that it seemed to not flow at some points and seemed to be a bit choppy. Howeve [...]

    13. Devz Milady on said:

      I was expecting a more lighthearted Egyptian myth-based teen drama.But this is way way intense.I applaud Kelsey's imagination and the story lines.Seth is a hero to like. I really liked his transition and his reasons for the change.Natti - not so much.She was kinda weak and always clinging on Seth.There was not much substance to her nor much thought given to her actions.She was a wash-out.Overall: I like this for the creative intense ideas around Egyptian mythology.

    14. Beccie on said:

      Kelsey did a fabulous job of rounding out this series. I've loved it form the beginning. I love that she took the time to try and make it all seem factual and real. I love the chemistry between Natti and Seth and that I was constantly rooting for the happy ending but not knowing if it would go that way. Great job Kelsey, thank you for the reads =D

    15. Louisa on said:

      An awesome conclusion to a great seriesWow another five star read by Kelsey Ketch. The final book has so many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.Highly recommended these series to everyone.

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