One in a Bear-llion

Terry Bolryder

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One in a Bear-llion

One in a Bear llion The match making papa bear is at it again Scott Weston is tired of his father s attempts to set up his bear shifter sons As the workaholic manager of a premiere resort Scott would rather focus on bus

  • Title: One in a Bear-llion
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The match making papa bear is at it again Scott Weston is tired of his father s attempts to set up his bear shifter sons As the workaholic manager of a premiere resort, Scott would rather focus on business than showing a date around the island But when he shows up to meet the latest match his father has tricked into flying out to the island, he s surprised to meet Mara,The match making papa bear is at it again Scott Weston is tired of his father s attempts to set up his bear shifter sons As the workaholic manager of a premiere resort, Scott would rather focus on business than showing a date around the island But when he shows up to meet the latest match his father has tricked into flying out to the island, he s surprised to meet Mara, a beautiful, curvaceous artist who he just can t leave alone Especially when he finds out she s in danger and needs his help When Mara Frost accepted a free Caribbean vacation, all she wanted was a two week break from her lonely life in New York and the stalker who is trying to make her life hell She isn t sure what to make of Scott Weston, the sexy businessman assigned as her guide She just knows that with him, she feels safe for the first time in a long time But she also knows that for Scott, work always comes first But as the relationship grows, Scott is realizing there is to life than hiding in your work, and Mara is realizing that sometimes you have to take a risk and trust someone if you want them to help But can the two work out their differences before Mara s stalker catches up

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    One thought on “One in a Bear-llion

    1. M4queen on said:

      Great end to the seriesSo glad that Sam's plan worked beautifully. All the brothers are mated and happy. I'm glad Scott was able to man up. Wonder if there will be a spin-off with Sam's story.

    2. Cherri-Anne on said:

      “But what am I supposed to do when my father chews me out for breaking your heart?” “Who says I won’t break your heart?” WOW!! Who knew bears could be so naughty & good at the same time!?! POLAR BEARS!!! Whoot! Okay, I know it's corny, butyou had me at 'polar bear'! Terry sure knows how to attract, grab & keep your attention!! This is such a great romance filled story! I really enjoyed the three stories in this series and I would have liked a little more of the 'bear' parts, bu [...]

    3. Kate on said:

      The match-making papa bear is at it again! Scott Weston is tired of his father’s attempts to set up his bear shifter sons. As the workaholic manager of a premiere resort, Scott would rather focus on business than showing a date around the island. But when he shows up to meet the latest match his father has tricked into flying out to the island, he’s surprised to meet Mara, a beautiful, curvaceous artist who he just can’t leave alone. Especially when he finds out she’s in danger and needs [...]

    4. Cheri on said:

      Yep! History holds true. Each book just gets better! Big brother, the oldest of the three, has a woman picked out by dad as well. Mara is an artist and a little gentler than her two roommates--however, she has spunk and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Especially when Scott ticks her off, which he has a habit of doing.They both have a history that inhibits what their bears know. Scott doesn't want to give in to his lust--but add that to protectiveness and he can't resist her. He is lucky she is a [...]

    5. Karen on said:

      I really enjoy this series and Scott's story is a great addition to the line-up. Scott is the oldest of the brothers, the one who held the family together when their mother left. He now makes sure the property is running properly and the guests are happy. He is the most resistant to his father's scheme to find them each a mate.Mara is an artist who can't paint because of the turmoil caused by a malicious stalker. After living in fear for three years, she latches onto the opportunity to get out o [...]

    6. E.A. Turley on said:

      One in a Bear-llion by Terry Bolryder.3 out of 5 stars.Mara has come out to vacation in the Caymans, only to find her fated mate there. Scott Weston is the eldest of the Weston brothers and looks after everything to do with the running of the hotel. He takes a lot of responsibility upon his shoulders and doesn't really have time for anything else, especially a mate. But then he meets Mara.Mara is an artist who has lost her muse and gained something else. Something she desperately wants to leave [...]

    7. Lolita Nettles on said:

      Was everything I hoped for and much moreTerry has done it again and she just keeps getting better with every book! Sometimes being the oldest makes us grow up much to fast and leaves you carrying unseen burdens even long after being grown. Scott is a workaholic trying to still hold the responsibility for his family much as had to since his mother left. But it has left him emotionally empty and locked down until Mara came to the island. Mara is taking the chance to finally relax after years of ha [...]

    8. Tammy Sargeant on said:

      I liked it. Damn these brothers have issues. I was let down at the bad guy. We didn't even find out what was happening there. A whole bunch of mistakes, for instance, in the first book it was said that Sky and Leah were having twins. In this one they are only having a boy. Either the author forgot what she wrote or they didn't find ut about the other one yet? I dunno. Next she got the couple wrong a lot. She kept saying Sky and Mara's mating instead of either Scott or Leah. But she always got Se [...]

    9. Lourin on said:

      Scott is beyond tired of his dad's matchmaking. The latest 3 women brought have definitely had the desired effects on him and his brothers, but Scott is determined to fight mating. He's seen first hand what love can do to a person and he doesn't need that, just his brothers, father, and work. Mara is an artist who is taking advantage of the set-up. She hopes with half a globe between her and her stalker she'll be able to pick back up and paint. But she didn't count on falling for the workaholic [...]

    10. ChrisPaige Reilly on said:

      A read worth staying up all night to finish. Sleeps over after right? Each book just keeps getting hotter. Scott and Mara each are carrying alot of baggage. Thrown together by Scott's dad, who has decided it's now time for his reluctant sons to mate and give him grandcubs. Mara wins a dream island vacation, she doesn't remember entering. A perfect chance to loose her stalker and get her panting mojoe back. What more can a lady bear need. Maybe an accidental maiting? It's 5:30 in the morning, I n [...]

    11. Betty on said:

      One in a Bear-llion(Polar heat book 3) By Terry BolryderNow that the brothers have gotten their own mates I can't wait till their plans for their DAD becomes a wonderful HEA with her ability for a absolutely amazing story. Mara and Scott starts off with plenty of tension,protective feelings and emotions that morphs into a sweet,passionate love. I'm recommending that you get it and all this fantastic series cuz it's a wonderful quick read with plenty packed in for your enjoyment.

    12. Donna on said:

      Continuing series of Polar Heat, its the third book and the story of the eldest brother Scott and Mara. Again a cute easy read. Mara has a potentially violent issue affecting her life. Scott fixes it. While I have enjoyed these stories I think this book helped me to understand why I rated them with three stars rather than more. A lot of the story seems condensed, Scott fixes Mara's issue, aside from telling her how he will fix it, then telling her it is done, there is nothing about the issue fur [...]

    13. Monica on said:

      I liked this story better. It flowed much better for me and moved faster than book 2. I liked Scott but he was kind of an ass to Mara. Not sure why she kept hanging with him sometimes when he was being a jerk. He did kinda do a 180 pretty quickly and got together with her faster than her other 2 friends did with their mates. That surprised me. I think the most romantic thing he did was at the end. I was disappointed a little because there was no real confrontation with her stalker. That was a le [...]

    14. Terry on said:

      Paint me a pictureAs always this was another exciting book to read. I enjoyed all three of the polar bear brothers story. You take a part of them in each story and it makes up 3/4 of a story. I cannot wait for Sam get his lucky break in love again. He has sacrifice so much for his boys. It just took his meddling to get Scott to be paired with Mara and how hot for your mate to make a promise to defend and put an end to your stalker before he realize you were his mate or did he? I love all their s [...]

    15. Paulette Hilton on said:

      I liked the book butKhan read several books by this author I think k her stories could use a little more development like her sex scenes. The second, scenes leaves nothing to the imagination but important parts of the plot are skimmed over. After reading many reviews myself I realized I'm not the only one who doesn't read the sex scenes to get to the meat of the story. Come on you talented authors you are better than that and your fans deserve more. Give us a complete story not something built a [...]

    16. Catherine Montgomery on said:

      Another Great Story!Scott and Mara make a great pair! It really makes me consider the fact that we all have things in our past that can hinder our way to happiness and love, but also shows us that if we refuse to stick our heads in the sand we can find love and happiness just as Scott did. I'm really looking forward to seeing the bear boys get a little payback on Dad! Thanks for a great read!

    17. Lee Cowen on said:

      AwesomeWell Scott and Mara sure turned out to be a surprise but I guess opposites really do attract don't they. I really love that all three brothers found mates with all three girls who are related and now they are all pregnant, it's very exciting. Okay Terry, I really want to hear Sam's story and see all these grandkids running around making him crazy. Maybe along with a mate too, what do you think?

    18. Maria on said:

      Working BearScott and Mara's story was good. This is the third book in the series. I wish we would of known more about when Scott confronts Mara's problem. It was skipped over. Scott is the real workaholic of the three brothers. He is livid when his meddlesome father interferes to find him a mate. Mara is an artist running from something.

    19. Vivian on said:

      First off, Even though this is a fictional story, there should at least be some truth in it to be believable. For one- Polar bears, even (werebears) can not be believable living in warmer climate. That was the first strike against the story. The meet between the two leads sucked. Then the first get together was not believable. I felt the story fell then. I only read three chapters and quit.

    20. Rhonda Jones on said:

      Protecting Her Saves HimScott is a work-a-holic polar bear shifter, Mara is a brown bear shifter and was a well known artist who, but she has not painted in several years. He does not want emotional attachments. She has someone overly attached to her. Together it is rocky at best, but she needs a protector and he is up for the task. Good story.

    21. mindy k on said:

      Great bookI have liked all of Terry's shifter books. I like that they are boy meets girl girl falls head over heels that there is more to it than that. Can't wait for the next one.

    22. Kattz on said:

      This was an arc book givin to me for an honest review. I really liked this book. The characters were well written. The story line was good and easy to follow. I'm hoping she is going to do the dad next. Hint hint!

    23. David Rippy on said:

      Another great book!She did it again! she made two completely different characters come together and make fireworks in a smooth and easy read. Looking forward to whatever she comes out with next.

    24. Shelita on said:

      I accidentally put the wrong review for this one. Oops. This might be my least favorite one. How is there a confrontation with Mara's stalker and we don't get to see it! Made no sense. So this one only gets 3 stars.

    25. Linda D. Christiani on said:

      Linda ChristianiI was really not looking forward to the end of this series I enjoyed it so much each story was so different always coming up with the perfect mates for each brother and now it seems one more story is coming hope you find st cousins and nephews too can't wait

    26. Sherry Vitaniemi on said:

      The lastShe knows she wants him. But a stalker has caused her to wary of everything. She has secluded herself in her home. But winning a trip changes all that. And the mate she wants is fighting his feelings for her. But she is up for the challenge. Great story.

    27. Shelly Smith-Smith on said:

      Wow. Best one yet.This one was not as light hearted as the others, with Scott being more affected by their family past than his brothers. It was an excellent read, and I loved the set up for the next book. Looking forward to it.

    28. Channell Daniels on said:

      So deliciousI loved this bear series ,best Ihv enjoyed so far,now it's off to pop SAMs story,this is goood . We must hv so more of the Cubs story. Ty Ty Ty soooo much fun for ever loving Scott,as a first born I understand his character except it was Dad for me.

    29. Gabryyl Pierce on said:

      Even better than the previous booksis entry was such a treat. Emotion galore and I really felt for poor Scott and his locked-down heart.My big hope, however, is that we'll get a 4th book so the boys can get their revenge on Daddy Dearest and find him a woman to kick his butt in shape!

    30. Julie scott on said:

      One in a Bear-llion (Polar Heat Book 3)This was as great as the first 2 can't wait to read the next one I know it will be just as great

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