Mr. Darcy's Rival

Kara Louise

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Mr. Darcy's Rival

Mr Darcy s Rival Mr Darcy has learned he must prepare himself when he and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam make their yearly visit to his aunt particularly when it comes to Lady Catherine s expectation that he marry

  • Title: Mr. Darcy's Rival
  • Author: Kara Louise
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mr.Darcy has learned he must prepare himself when he and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, make their yearly visit to his aunt, particularly when it comes to Lady Catherine s expectation that he marry her daughter, Anne This year, however, will throw in a few additional obstacles to Darcy s peace of mind with the presence of a nephew on the de Bourgh side of the family, anMr.Darcy has learned he must prepare himself when he and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, make their yearly visit to his aunt, particularly when it comes to Lady Catherine s expectation that he marry her daughter, Anne This year, however, will throw in a few additional obstacles to Darcy s peace of mind with the presence of a nephew on the de Bourgh side of the family, and quite unexpectedly, Miss Elizabeth Bennet An interrupted proposal, a letter written and unknowingly lost, a harsh accusation, and a rival all conspire to thwart Mr Darcy in securing Miss Elizabeth Bennet s affections when he visits his aunt at Rosings Will Elizabeth find the handsome and engaging Mr Rickland suited to her than Mr Darcy And will a novel she reads that was written secretly by Miss Anne de Bourgh help smooth the path to the couple finding true love

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    One thought on “Mr. Darcy's Rival

    1. Victoria Kincaid on said:

      Another wonderful P&P variation from Kara Louise! This one had some wonderful plot twists I didn't see coming and made great use of many of our favorite P&P characters. Thoroughly enjoyable!

    2. Sheila Majczan on said:

      I have read all of Kara Louise’s books and have re-read several of them, if not in entirety, then in parts which are favorites, again and again. Kara writes sweetly and inventively: sometimes with such wild imaginings you may, at first, think will never work. I have found they always do – pirates, ocean voyages, etc. – give me more, please.As the book description and/or Sample inform you this tale opens with Elizabeth’s, Maria’s and Sir Lucas’ visit to Hunsford and subsequently with [...]

    3. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) on said:

      4.5 stars!! What if Another Nephew of Lady Catherine’s Came to Visit?It is well known that Lady Catherine is “particularly attached” to her nephews, and according to her ladyship, they are just as attached to her. But what if this grouping of nephews included one more…a nephew from Sir Lewis de Bourgh’s side of the family, his sister’s son Matthew Rickland?If such a nephew did exist, we can be sure that Lady Catherine would take a prodigious concern in all his affairs, give her super [...]

    4. Eliza Baum on said:

      Re-read 10/8/17I enjoyed this one just as much the second time around. It has an interesting, original plot, and the interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth are very satisfying.Original read 1/24/16Really enjoyed this one. I would have liked to see Elizabeth and Darcy have to try a little harder to get to their point of understanding, and I would have liked to see some favored secondary characters more (Georgiana, for one), but otherwise this was a really fun and well done story. I particularly [...]

    5. Leslie on said:

      3.5 Parts of this book are very original and unique and others are overdone tropes. (view spoiler)[Tropes: Lizzy getting hurt. Honestly over it. Caroline as a psychotic, criminal.(hide spoiler)]When Darcy & Fitzwilliam arrive at Rosings there are several surprises, Lady Catherine's deBourgh nephew is visiting and has already charmed Miss Elizabeth Bennet. (view spoiler)[ Yet another man of questionable morals and ethics who charms Lizzy, so she really is a horrendous judge of character - got [...]

    6. Mary on said:

      I loved this book.It is beautifully written- heart wrenching, sweet and oh so tender in parts. I finished it in 2 days- it's just one of those books that you keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. Highly recommended.

    7. Talia on said:

      Just read it! It is so terrific like everything written by this author.Edit: reread this one as I bought the follow-up. Still love it!

    8. J. W. Garrett on said:

      Love Formula: add 3 bachelors + 1 single woman = disastrous Easter: 4-starsThese three guys aren’t exactly tripping over each other; however, they are vying for Elizabeth’s attention. It is hilarious watching each race to garner her favors with Darcy as her least favorite. Our story launches with Elizabeth arriving in Kent with Sir William and Maria Lucas. They are visiting Charlotte and Mr. Collins at the Huntsford Parsonage. Lady Catherine has an additional guest, a nephew from the Sir Lou [...]

    9. Dan Curnutt on said:

      Mr. Darcy's Rival is one of the more enjoyable variations that I have read. It takes the familiar story of Pride and Prejudice and adds a bit of a twist to it, while not changing it dramatically, just adding some fun background and twists that make it enjoyable.Since we all know that Elizabeth is not an admirer of Mr. Darcy, but also know that he is falling in love with her, there is a bit of tension in their relationship.Add to that tension another man who shows interest in Elizabeth and the fu [...]

    10. Kim on said:

      This review originally appeared on Austenprose: austenprose/2015/06/25/mr-I’ve reviewed three of Kara Louise’s works now (Only Mr. Darcy Will Do, Darcy’s Voyage, and Pirates and Prejudice), and I can confidently say that she’s been gaining popularity as one of my favorite Jane Austen fan fiction authors. One of her strongest points is her imaginative ability to create such great variations on the traditional Pride and Prejudice storyline. It was with this in mind that I was eager to star [...]

    11. Candy on said:

      Kara Louise is one of my favorite Austenesque authors, and I always look forward to one of her stories. I’m happy to report that she has done it again with Mr. Darcy’s Rival! It might be my new favorite of hers, possibly tying with Mr. Darcy’s Voyage!What if, while in Hunsford visiting Charlotte, there happens to be another guest at Rosings. Not Darcy, but another of Lady Catherine’s nephews on her late husband’s side of the family, Mr. Rickland. He has arrived before Darcy and has a f [...]

    12. Emily on said:

      I probably wouldn't have read this after Pirates and Prejudice if I hadn't previously purchased it, but decided since I already owned it I'd go ahead and see if I liked it better. I really didn't. While I like the idea of how an author can twist this story sideways, this particular tweak was rather contrived with misplaced letters and idiotic behavior. Worse, the writing was a miss as well. Brows are quite mobile in Mr. Darcy's Rival, mentioned a total of 102 times as they are raised (30), lower [...]

    13. Deborah on said:

      Kara Louise has written another exceptional book. There were twists and some surprises in this light-hearted story interspersed with suspense. Darcy has a rival for Elizabeth's affections and it's not Wickham. There is a deBurgh cousin who is visiting Rosings at the same time as Elizabeth and Darcy. Elizabeth finds out Darcy's true feelings for her and the explanation for her accusations against him, which softens her slightly in his favor. Darcy finds out Elizabeth is missing and, like a knight [...]

    14. Barb on said:

      I hate to give Kara Louise a three star rating because I so enjoy her books. It really should be 3 1/2. This one started out well, but I was looking forward to a real rival for Elizabeth's hand and heart. This turned out to be a rival who was not really serious about Elizabeth and was in ****spoiler**** league with Wickham and Miss Bingley *****.I guess I was looking for more of a competition. Once Elizabeth found out about the rival, she of course lost all interest in him and fell for Darcy. I [...]

    15. Christina on said:

      Kara Louise never disappoints. Enjoyable read! Read straight through the night and suffered the next day with a satisfying book hangover. Totally worth it!

    16. Maureen Chritzman on said:

      Engaging StoryThis was a great read. I enjoyed the twists and turns. Mr. Rickland was quite a character, and I loved the part that a certain letter and Miss DeBourgh's book played. It was hard to put this book down!

    17. Deb on said:

      I have read several of Kara Louise's P&P variations and generally find them to be inventive while still following the spirit of original. Mr, Darcy's Rival has no pirates or sea voyages, sticking closer to home while changing up the actions and outcomes of several characters and introducing a new rival for Elizabeth's feelings. Elizabeth is on her visit to the parsonage and at Rosings, Lady Catherine has a visitor in place before Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam show up. Matthew Rickland is ano [...]

    18. Chelsea on said:

      Mr. Darcy's Rival is another great book by Kara Louise with an entertaining plot and engaging characters that pull you into the books world. I loved seeing how the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy unfolded in this book as well as getting to know the Anne de Bourgh of this story. During the course of this book readers also get to read bits and pieces of a book called A Peculiar Engagement that Elizabeth is reading and it is a real book that Kara Louise has written in connection with this [...]

    19. Katherine on said:

      What if another nephew came to visit Rosings while Darcy and colonel Fitzwilliam were there? And what if he took an eager interest in Elizabeth? This only makes Darcy jealous, both cousins make it clear Elizabeth doesn't care for him so he verbalizes his feelings in a letter that he writes with the intent of burning it. However, the letter gets lost, found by Elizabeth who is shocked and starts looking at Darcy differently. An injury gives Darcy the opportunity to be the knight in shining armour [...]

    20. Ceisha on said:

      4.5/5I really, really enjoyed this book. When I read books that change something within the original Pride and Prejudice timeline, I often find myself disappointed, thrown out of the story, or exclaiming, "That would never happen!". This book, with the introduction of a handsome, dastardly new character, as well as the lost letter, does a very good job at keeping tone with Austen's work while whisking the reader down a new path of adventures with Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett. I love that I always [...]

    21. Susan on said:

      Elizabeth's tale begins as she, Sir William and Maria Lucas approach the Hunsford Parsonage for a visit. Elizabeth is delighted to meet another nephew of Lady Catherine - Matthew Rickland, enjoying his easy manners and conversation.A few days later the Colonel and Darcy come for their annual visit to Rosings. Obstacles arise for the proposal, a letter, an accident But there is still more to come before there is a happy ending.Enjoyed this tale.

    22. Irene on said:

      It wasn't the first time I read a Pride and Prejudice variation in which Mr. Darcy finds himself dealing wih a rival, but this approach is quite original and has an unexpected outcome. I found the first chapters a little slow, but from the moment Mr. Darcy's appears the pace becomes quite good. Another very good job by Kara Louise.

    23. Lesliendrsn on said:

      Another wonderful story by Kara Louise! One of the best Austen twist authors. It has been a treat following her career and I eagerly anticipate the next novel. Kara always finds a new twist to these wonderful characters, still staying in the Austen style.

    24. Amy on said:

      Very sweetThe story line was cute, and Darcy and Elizabeth together are sweet. Cousin Anne 's love story is a nice change. One thing that drove me a bit crazy was the number of times someone " pinched their brows"or "let out a puff of air". Overall an enjoyable , quick read.

    25. Kim on said:

      I have read 5 books by Kara Louise and have enjoyed every single one of them. This author does not disappoint! If you're a JAFF fan, don't miss this one.

    26. Nicol Legakis on said:

      Sweet reimagining but still not as good as Mr. Darcy's Voyage which was simply delicious!

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