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Amy A contemporary story responsibly told of the dangers of meeting somebody on the internet

  • Title: Amy
  • Author: Mary Hooper
  • ISBN: 9780747556947
  • Page: 104
  • Format: None
  • A contemporary story, responsibly told, of the dangers of meeting somebody on the internet

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      Published :2018-010-12T23:09:27+00:00

    One thought on “Amy

    1. Jamie on said:

      Well, this is one of the worst books I've ever read. The whole thing just infuriated me. The main character, Amy, is supposed to be around my age but, she is so incredibly naive and stupid I just I couldn't have much sympathy for her. Her attitude, mind set and actions made me want to bang my head against a wall. The concept was good, I get where the message is. I just think it could have been done a lot better. I find it very frustrating that she acted like a 5 year old. It was incredibly degra [...]

    2. Qt on said:

      Very readable, with realistic characters, plus it also made me aware of some dangers I hadn't thought about before. The subject matter is serious, and the book treats it that way, but it isn't a really grim, unpleasant book to read either. True friendship is as much a part of the plot, in my opinion, as is the potential danger Amy finds herself in, in spite of her precautions.

    3. Liv. on said:

      Amy used to have an amazing life. She was best friends with three others and they did everything together, until one moved away. Now her other two friends have made her the third wheel and eventually Amy gets so sick of it, and yells at them. Now with her three best friends gone from her life, she has no one to turn tountil she meets Zed. Meeting online in a chatroom, Amy thinks Zed is the answer to all of her prayers and can't wait to meet him, but is he really who he says he is? Or is he much, [...]

    4. Brianna | RainyDaysAndStormyNights on said:

      I'm not sure why I didn't like this book. The message was good, and it was simple to understand, but in all, I'm not a fan.

    5. Cadefero on said:

      It's an okay book and I did find the plot rather interesting especially as the book was released in 2002 around the time the internet was becoming more accessible to everyone worldwide and nobody really understood the dangers of online predators as nobody really knew they existed like we do today.The book may be considered "out of date" to some, and in places it is but it still has a good message of this is what can happen when you meet a stranger who you have only spoken to online and never fac [...]

    6. Faith-Ella on said:

      This book obviously has a very important message which is glaringly obvious, but I felt like more could have been done, for example the aftermath of what happened and how it affects you etc. But a good and wise read.

    7. Colin on said:

      The book heavily shows a very realistic situation that even friends of mine have been through. It can allow us to see the thought process to these people who are victims.

    8. Em on said:

      I picked this one up in a charity shop in someone's shed while my mom was shopping for carnivorous plants a few weeks back. It's one of those books that just catches your eye - its cover promising something a little bit of mystery and a little bit of danger. I guess it did live up to its cover but, overall, the plot just felt thin. There were certainly places where Hooper could have add some meat onto the book's bones and those opportunities just aren't something you miss out when writing about [...]

    9. Wendy Roush on said:

      In the book Amy by Mary Hooper is writing about a girl is talking to a PC who is recording, when she is talking all you can think about is what is going to happen next. I could not put it down. Readed it in two days. Amy (also known as Buzybee for most of the book) has had some really bad times lately. She just lost her best friends because one moved away. The other two had become best friends, she had become the third wheel. Then her life turns around, when she meets a friend in a chat room ( o [...]

    10. Amy Y. on said:

      The book Amy is about a high school girl who had a big fight with her only friends. All alone, she decided to sign up for a dating service website. Then, she later encounters a boy whose screenname is Zed. She automatically falls in love with him. She ignores her mother's advice of protecting her self from strangers on the internet. Lovestruck, Zed asks her if they could take their relationship to the next level. He wants to see Amy in person! Amy later finds in herself in London with Zed! Howev [...]

    11. Ashlyn on said:

      A very short read about a girl who finds a friend on the internet. The plot was okay. It was very predictable as to what happens in the story. The way the story was set up, it left me with a lot of unanswered questions as to what happened with Beaky, Amy, and Bethany. For the most part, the author's writing style was good. Since it was set in Uk, the dialect threw me off a bit while I was reading and I had to reread a few parts. Also, the text portions were a little hard to read at times because [...]

    12. george on said:

      Amy is going through a tough time. She's had a falling-out with her two best friends and without any siblings, she's stuck with her parents for company. With no friends and not into hanging out with her parents, Amy discovers online chat rooms. At first she's put off by all of the sexual talk and the weirdos, but then she meets Zed. Zed is eighteen, cool, has a great job and a cool flat. He understands so much and quickly becomes her best friend. Her paretnts are predictably freaking out, but Am [...]

    13. Victoria on said:

      I honestly thought this book was going to be horrible. My friend told me to get it because she said that she read it and it was romantic Well honestly if your looking for romance this is not your book. It may seem like romance to this charachter but in reality its just a huge train reck. For some odd reason I just couldn't put this book down it really facinated me. On the realization on how this girl was feeling and it shows why people meet other people that they only know online. It wasn't as s [...]

    14. Rea on said:

      Read this while stuck at an airport due to flight delay of 3 or 4 hours (damn Easy Jet), probably the year that it was released (2002). I have vague memories of lying spread out over the airport longue sofas, absolutely enraptured by the book. It was about a girl who decides to meet up with a guy she met on the internet but then things don't so much go to plan. I don't really remember most of what happened - I don't even remember whether the 'boy' was really a boy or an older man (but I am prett [...]

    15. Ally Finzer on said:

      It was a very emotional book. Amy (the main character) was losing her friends so she decided to make them online. She met a guy and of course she met up with him. She used friends from school to lie to her mom. There were some complications when they met up. I took interest in this book because it turned to be a bit of mystery and I like mystery. Her old friend came around and tried to be friends with her right as she brought it to herself that she wasn't going to sit around and be alone. She ha [...]

    16. William on said:

      I have been reading this book for 1 day. My initial impressions are that Amy isn't too smart and that she shouldn't trust Zed. This book is good for people who like the mystery or crime genre. The book is somewhat intriguing. The vocabulary is not very advanced, so it makes the book easier to read for younger readers. I also think that this book has parts with suspense and so far, the book is pretty good. SpoilerI am now a little over halfway through the book and I think that Amy shouldn't have [...]

    17. Trisha on said:

      Yikes. A short book with a pretty horrific storyBut it seemed more relevant years ago. Maybe a little dated now but still pretty good reminder to younger YA readers, there *is* still details in there about date rape drugs and examples of how to be safer that it's worth the read, As always, I would have liked a note at the end giving information to teens about statistics and hotlines to report if anything had happened to them. The more times we can get correct information and resources into young [...]

    18. Ellie on said:

      From the very beginning of this story, the reader is made aware that the main character, Amy, has been in danger. While her decisions caused me to feel significant frustration toward her, she was in a situation familiar and relevant to society now. The format of this book - written as a retelling of events to the police - made this topic accessible for the pre-teen/teen target audience. Overall, this is easy to read and good for young adults.

    19. Kristy on said:

      This is one of those books that I probably would have enjoyed more if I was a teenager but sadly I'm not. I found some of it too predictable. Still it covers a difficult and very relevant topic which hopefully serves as a warning to the kids of today - don't meet up with some random person you meet on the internet because chances are they're a total weirdo and for that I'll give it three stars instead of two :)

    20. Griselda Garcia on said:

      Amy a very astonishing story best book ive read so far I loved every single detail from it, from its characters to there plot.It made me realize I should be very aware of alot more things in life such as meeting people online and maybe there really not who you say they are.This book captured my attention as soon as i set my eyes to it I was hooked literally I finished it in one whole day I just couldn't wait to see whats next every chapter was a new surprise. I highly recommend this book.

    21. Mandiann on said:

      I only picked this up for a reading challenge. I found myself feeling that it was outdated and unrealistic but after I realized it was written over 10 years ago I felt I was being overly critical. While this may not be as pertinent to today's tween, it definitely was when it was published. I felt it had a good message and enjoyed the supporting character (I can't remember her name, only that she likes birds).

    22. Lauren on said:

      This book is aimed at an age younger than me, but I read Amy to see whether I would like to write for teens myself. The book is interesting, though I found Amy's opinions of the people around her frustrating and the ending a bit disappointing. It seemed we got a play-by-play for all of the story except the part where it was most important - the climax.

    23. Faith-Alexa on said:

      It is an okay book to be honest, I checked it out from my local library `cause I was bored. It raises good points on meeting someone off the internet alone and this book is a good lesson to not to, but I felt that it was too fast paced and the characters wern`t really in much depth though I liked the sort of plot twists and how everything pieced together with no loose ends.

    24. Amy Lin on said:

      To be perfectly honest I read this book because my name is Amy. I thought it would be the worst book I ever read but it's not. It's no good either, believe me but it's not wretchedly horrible. The set up of the book was cool, though the writing was juvenile. The worst part was that Amy was an idiot and not exactly nice to the girl (Beaky/Serena) who was helping her.

    25. Jacquelyn on said:

      Writing: 4/10Creativity: 3/10Characters: 5/10Plot: 5/10Pacing: 8/10Total: 25/50 It was okay. The plot was good at some parts but also very predictable at others. Very short read, which was good! If the author wrote more I am not sure if I would continue

    26. KaiPea on said:

      Liked the story's lesson. Mary Hooper wrote simply, Amy had a fight with her friends and end up chatting on a chat website there she met Zed who sounded like a very cool person. After two weeks of chatting she met with him and Zed didn't turned out the guy she was hoping for.

    27. Alicia on said:

      A shocking story that isn't often discussed in YA lit-- date rape and Internet hook-ups, especially when the girls that are the prey are lonely and don't remember what exactly happened to them. So, when Amy figures out what did happen-- it is realistic and a must-read.

    28. Stephanie A. on said:

      A good introductory warning book against the dangers of talking to strangers online. Overly simplistic and geared toward the younger crowd, though. (I hope I'm not forgetting any disturbing passages when I say that)

    29. Catherine on said:

      I read this when I was 18 an knew all the dangers of the Internet but for a young teen girl who has never been online this is a good story of how to stay safe online and that not everybody is who they say they are.

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