Neighbours from Hell

Steven Suttie

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Neighbours from Hell

Neighbours from Hell True Northern Grit and Humour STARS Brilliant STARS Another Great Suttie Read STARS WARNING Contains bad language at times particularly when the poor people are talking Includes the very worst

  • Title: Neighbours from Hell
  • Author: Steven Suttie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • True Northern Grit and Humour 5 STARS Brilliant 5 STARS Another Great Suttie Read 5 STARS WARNING, Contains bad language at times, particularly when the poor people are talking Includes the very worst swear word a few times as well Please do not purchase if offended by swearing Or offended by people leaving used teabags on the sink Thank you NEIGHBOURS FROM H True Northern Grit and Humour 5 STARS Brilliant 5 STARS Another Great Suttie Read 5 STARS WARNING, Contains bad language at times, particularly when the poor people are talking Includes the very worst swear word a few times as well Please do not purchase if offended by swearing Or offended by people leaving used teabags on the sink Thank you NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL by Steven Suttie The Haughton Park development just outside Manchester is an exclusive new suburb of expensive homes for professional families When the developer fails to sell half of the properties, the project is thrown into financial chaos.The local council steps in with a workable solution They propose to use the unsold homes as social housing for homeless families, in return for the much needed cash injection that the developer needs to pay the bills It s a win win situation Or is it Many of the home owners are up in arms at the proposal They don t want the place over run with scrubbers They start a media campaign to stop the plans But they are defeated The homeless families are given temporary accommodation on the swish development Mum of four Rachel Birdsworth is one of the new residents, and she s determined to get past these stupid class differences She does her very best to get along with everybody and make new friends It all starts off quite well But when she realizes that the home owner across the road is a wife beating bully, and that his wife is a virtual prisoner in the home, she wants to help But this kind of help has deadly consequences DCI Andrew Miller is back, trying to get to the bottom of what exactly has happened over at Haughton Park in this heart stopping, dark thriller from One Man Crusade author Steven Suttie Totally gripping Can t put it down Found myself laughing a lot even though it was a gritty thriller Fantastic WARNING, Contains bad language at times Please do not purchase if offended by swearing Thank you MORE about this book The novel is set in Greater Manchester, in the present day, on a fictional exclusive housing development called Haughton Park Described as a black comedy thriller the book focuses on the class divides in today s Great Britain, and in particular, attitudes towards the less privileged in our society, and the media s relentless campaign of promoting hatred towards the poor The question behind Neighbours From Hell is could the rich and poor live together in peace and harmony You can probably guess the answer NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL is described by most readers as a fast paced, funny, exciting story NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL is the second DCI Miller book DCI Miller 2 On s customers also bought function, NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL is ranked alongside books by Kerry Wilkinson, Ben Cheetham, Martina Cole, Karen Woods, Paul Finch, Heather Burnside, Rachel Abbott, Kimberley Chambers, Anna Smith, David Menon, Ed James, Robin Roughley Lisa Hartley, D.S Butler, Helen Durrant, RC Bridgestock, Col Bury, Lisa Hall, Pam Howes, Iain Cameron, Jessie Keane, Val McDermid, Adam Croft, P.F Ford, Matt Brolly, Mel Sherratt, Angela Clarke, Leigh Russell, Derek Fee, Janice Frost, Paul Gitsham, Steven Dunne, Katherine Pathak, Oliver Tidy, T.M.E Walsh, Peter Grainger, Dave Sivers, Tony Black, Mike Craven, Peter Grainger, Angie Smith, Stephen Puleston, Michael Murray, Angela Marsons, Mark Edwards, LJ Ross, Kathryn Croft, Graham Masterton, Caroline Mitchell, Nick Alexander, CL Taylor, Louise Voss, Jenny Blackhurst, Marnie Riches, Michael Wood, Lu

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    One thought on “Neighbours from Hell

    1. Sarah on said:

      I read and enjoyed the authors first book, One Man Crusade a while back which is the first in the DCI Miller series. Neighbours From Hell even though the second in the series, can still easily be read as a stand alone.This novel felt so different to the first in the series. To be honest I had almost forgot about it being a crime series as the police don't feature in the story until quite late on in the story. The idea behind putting homeless families and mixing them with very well to do families [...]

    2. Alexina Golding on said:

      What an absolutely potty mouthed, unputdownable book!I loved the whole idea, character's, brilliant endingBuy, devour, just don't stop reading until the endBrilliant!

    3. Jo Hale on said:

      Even bettered a sixth starLooked forward to this after the rollercoaster of Book 1, and was not disappointed. Brilliant plot and great characters, some to love, some to despise. Again a great twist and it kept me guessing. Can't wait for 3rd instalment. More please Mr Suttie

    4. Susan Hampson on said:

      What I really like about Steven Suttie books is how he takes a real life controversial topic and builds it into a work of art. This is the second book í have read, the first being One Man Crusade, also recommended as a brilliant book. This is a story about housing shortages which is a huge problem and how councils place homeless families in privately owned houses. Steven Suttie then takes the "what if " factor and creates a master piece. The characters in this book are colourful and you can ima [...]

    5. Annette on said:

      When Rachel Birdsworth her partner Mick Crossley and four children are given a chance on a new housing initiative they are thrilled to be moving from the caravan which had been their temporary home for the past four years. They didn't expect to be greeted with open arms from the people who had strived to buy houses on the up market estate but neither did they expect the hostility that one of the neighbours showed towards them. They were determined to stay calm, not cause any trouble and be allow [...]

    6. Wendy on said:

      Swear Down! This is a great read, when posh and poor are thrown together something was bound to go wrong, but not what I expected.The authors style of writing is honest and to he point (don't read if offended by swearing !) hilarious at times, With a twist at the end this is an "unputdownable" story that I devoured in one sitting. Fab!

    7. Marie Clifton on said:

      This was an incredible read,rich and poor mixed up on a posh new housing complex, things are bound to happen and in this story they certainly do. This was so good i immediately downloaded Steven's other books to my kindle, I'm in love with this authors work

    8. Tony Parsons on said:

      Roger Thompson (reporter) & Denise Braithwaite (TV news reporter North West Tonight) have the latest on the housing development in Bury declaring bankruptcy. Their plan is to rent out exclusive new Haughton Park housing development to the city council members who in turn who will rent it at reduced rates to the homeless. Rental residences are: Rachel Alice Birdsworth (wife, Citizen’s Advice, # 16; Fir Trees Ave) Mick Birdsworth (husband, dishwasher, Chinese restaurant), Liam (older son), N [...]

    9. Fiona Mccormick on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. When the council rehouses 'poorer' families on the private estate as a temporary measure, the owners are up in arms, worrying that the council tenants are going to lower the tone of the estate and cause trouble. Plenty of trouble soon ensues! There is a thread of black humour running though the book and that is what really appealed to me. Plenty of twists and turns and the reader's perception of the characters alter as the story unfolds. There were a few grammar and s [...]

    10. Sarah on said:

      I'm sure it's a sign of a good book that when you finish it you shout at it because it didn't end how you wanted it to, then you breathe a sigh of relief when you see the next book in the series is available and you hit download. That was what happened to me with this book. It was a really well told story and the characters were great- really well formed and believable. I think it's going to be a good series. The only thing that let it down was the lack of editing and the mistakes that had crept [...]

    11. ReadandRated on said:

      5 Stars From Me!I absolutely adored this book! The characterisation is sublime. I was literally hooked from the beginning and the way the central characters came to life on the page was an absolute masterclass.Neighbours From Hell is gripping, engaging, funny, sweet and frustrating and all because you find yourself feeling the injustice, love, pain as you read along.I can’t remember the last time I was so immediately sucked into a story and felt it burst into life in this way.I haven’t read [...]

    12. Joel Hames-clarke on said:

      Tense? Nervy? Keep forgetting simple things like what you came into the room for or your children's names?You must be reading Neighbours From Hell, and your mistake, my friend, was Putting It Down, because this is a book that sucks you in from the start and doesn't let go for a second. An exciting, thrilling plot and some nice fast prose, but most importantly, that thing that's becoming the Suttie trademark: characters who grab you by the throat and make you live their fears and dreams with them [...]

    13. MISS SARAH MORBY on said:

      Brilliant BookChose this book as the description sounded good, thought I would end up disappointed as i quite often do, but this book was really good, when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it and what would happen next and how it would end. The characters were really easy to relate to and the story was straight to the point, no pages wasted on useless irrelevant info. Don't want to give the storyline away but I felt really sorry for two characters at the end of the book.Thoroughly enjoy [...]

    14. Alan Hatton on said:

      I was hoping for another great read from Steven Suttie after finishing One Man Crusade a short while ago. I am glad to say I was not disappointed.I thought the premise to the story was a good one but wasn't sure where the story was going until chapter 2 where DCI Miller and team made their appearance.Great story, more great characters along with some we've met before along with plot twists and turns and an ending which I didn't see coming.

    15. John Edward on said:

      I bought this book having previously enjoyed Steven's One Man Crusade & I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The foundation of the story is the mistrust which exists between Britain's social classes, a subject which I feel the author tackles well. He combines interesting, realistic characters with a gripping storyline & a twist at the end which, I for one, didn't see coming. There are also some very funny lines added which enhance, rather than detract from, the overall story.

    16. Tom Elder on said:

      Steven Suttie Book 2Neighbours from Hell.This is a truly awesome read from start to end. Michael and Rachel with their 4 kids are moved into a very posh part of town after the council agree to leasing the empty homes on this upmarket development, this is when all sorts of problems begin. Follow Michael and Rachel's life unfolding as all sorts of problems arise.This book will keep your attention from page 1 to the very end. Looking forward to book 3.5* 29 April 2016.

    17. Alison on said:

      What a read. The ending was not what I expected all! This is a must read, the characters reveal all bit by bit, and the fact thst some of this is based in good old Accy is even better. Looking forward to more from Mr Suttie.

    18. Sandie Bishop on said:

      Enjoyable read. I didn't suss the ending but maybe I'm a bit naive?

    19. Ernest Godfrey on said:

      Sort of got thereNot keen on the Manchester slang it seemed to get in the way of the story rather than aid it. I can understand its use in trying to give authenticity but for me it made the reading harder and much less flowing. The storyline was very good and DCI Miller is an exceptional character. Interesting end leading onto another book to complete the telling of the tale after all I can't believe that a cop of his calibre can allow the villain to tell him one story about being beaten up and [...]

    20. Kay H. Johnson on said:

      Love, hate, sarcasm, wit, selflessness and conspiracy are all included in this tale of murder and judgment."What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". Steven Suttie 's book is as filled with humor as it is with deception. Another quote this book brings to mind is "Be careful what you wish for". I will have to read Suttie's next book to see if justice is actually served.

    21. Miss J Greenfield on said:

      Distracted by typosFirstly, this book doesn't seem to have been written by the same Steven Suttie who wrote One Man's Crusade and secondly, I found it difficult to get past the very many typos, spelling mistakes and pagination errors that appeared on almost every page. Sorry, very disappointed.

    22. jcwolfkill on said:

      This author is not afraid to confront controversial topics. The plot falters midway and if I had the brains to write this book, I would have sent it in a different direction. Perhaps that's why my interest flagged.

    23. christina coleman on said:

      A good readThis book is a page turner. The plot involves a family that just want to get on with their lives but whilst trying to help their neighbours events lead to this couple to a sinister pathway. DCI Miller got the culprits but did he really??

    24. Louise Pass on said:

      Interesting approachThe premise of this story is far more believable, and the reactions of most of the characters are closer to reality. The pace is more interesting too; comparing to the first book in the series

    25. Henry Northcott on said:

      Did not see that comingYou have to read this. There is so much in this book that will open your eyes. Compelling twist at the end.

    26. Lin Robertson on said:

      Not my usual type of book but once I started, couldn’t put it down. Loved the setting, loved and hated the characters and what an ending! A must read!

    27. The Book Guzzler on said:

      The new and exclusive Haughton Park development, in Bury, is nearing completion. And the developers have decided to rent out some of the expensive homes to council tenants and the residents are up in arms about it, in particular one resident, Graham Ashworth, who makes his feelings very clear from the outset. Rachel and her husband, Mick, along with their 4 children, Britney, Shania, Liam and Noel (just brilliant!!), move in across the road, and tensions soon mount, what starts off as a dream fo [...]

    28. Peter Wanless on said:

      Again a nice idea at the centre of this story which races along with plenty of twists and turns. I've not sought to analyse it too closely because to do so would probably reveal quite a few highly unlikely decisions by characters that the plot rather depends on. And if you get irritated by grammatical errors the version of the book I read probably isn't the one for you. All that said, I enjoyed it as a distraction from everyday life down south.

    29. michelleSimons on said:

      BrilliantThe story of several poor families moving onto a posh housing estate whilst waiting to be re-homed. This is like car crash TV waiting to happen. It was never going to end well, but the outcome was far worse than could be imagined. A well written, fast paced book with a twist, that I loved and can't wait for the follow up.

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