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Dan Simmons

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Muse of Fire

Muse of Fire Since the publication of Song of Kali in Dan Simmons has produced a substantial body of fiction notable for its vigor variety and sheer imaginative reach His latest a novella length tale of s

  • Title: Muse of Fire
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • ISBN: 9781596061811
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since the publication of Song of Kali in 1985, Dan Simmons has produced a substantial body of fiction notable for its vigor, variety, and sheer imaginative reach His latest, a novella length tale of startling originality, beautifully embodies these qualities, reaffirming Simmons s position as one of the finest storytellers of our time.Muse of Fire takes place in a remoteSince the publication of Song of Kali in 1985, Dan Simmons has produced a substantial body of fiction notable for its vigor, variety, and sheer imaginative reach His latest, a novella length tale of startling originality, beautifully embodies these qualities, reaffirming Simmons s position as one of the finest storytellers of our time.Muse of Fire takes place in a remote future age in which the human enterprise has all but ground to a halt Earth, drained of its oceans and populated largely by the dead, is little than a distant memory The scattered human remnants occupy the lowest rung of a Gnostic hierarchy that dominates both their secular and spiritual lives Against this backdrop, Simmons introduces the Earth s Men, a wandering troupe of players dedicated to presenting the works of Shakespeare to every accessible corner of the settled universe.The story begins on the planet known as 25 25 261B, a regular stop on the players interstellar tour A routine performance of Much Ado About Nothing is in progress when an unprecedented event occurs A band of Archons members of the usually invisible ruling caste enter the makeshift theater and join the audience In doing so, they change the course of human and non human history.What follows is an intellectual adventure story of astonishing richness and depth in which disparate species face each other across an insurmountable divide, their only point of contact the indelible language of William Shakespeare, the story s true muse Skillfully deploying the elements of traditional science fiction advanced technologies, alien encounters, strange new worlds Muse of Fire entertains and illuminates while celebrating the best, most durable elements of our cultural legacy It is a work of wit, erudition, and tightly compressed grandeur that only Dan Simmons could have written.

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      260 Dan Simmons
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    One thought on “Muse of Fire

    1. Sandi on said:

      What a fabulous little novella! I just totally fell in love with this story of a far-future troupe of Shakespearean actors traveling from planet to planet performing the Bard's plays for scattered human slaves on inhospitable mining planets. In this future universe, Shakespeare is the only remnant of human culture left. The troupe catches the attention of some higher life-forms and is called to a command performance. You'll just have to read the story to find out what happens next.With this nove [...]

    2. Ben Babcock on said:

      Whereas delaying reading A Case of Exploding Mangoes for four years didn’t improve the experience, I am glad that I waited until now to read Muse of Fire. I recently read Much Ado About Nothing for the first time, in order to teach it to a Year 9 class, and being familiar with that play’s plot and characters definitely improved my comprehension of this Shakespeare-infused novella.Dan Simmons banks on the continued popularity of the Bard in this book, which is set in a future where humanity h [...]

    3. Suzanne on said:

      I don’t read a lot of science fiction. Not lately, anyway. Oh, sure, there was the obligatory fling when I was in my 20s: the Isimov Foundation trilogy, Herbert’s Dune series, a little Heinlein. But since then, I’ve indulged very little in this genre. I was totally onboard this little spaceship of a novella for the first nine-tenths before the ending let me down. Initially I thought my dissatisfaction with the ending might be because I failed to make connections that a more experienced sci [...]

    4. Sara on said:

      This lovely tribute to the bard is just profound enough to remind any Shakespeare fan just how amazing old Willy is, laced with enough intergalactic strife to fuel the fire of die hard sci fi fans, and short enough to allow a mother of two hobgoblins the chance to actually read an entire book in one sitting.Muse of Fire tells the story of "The Earth's Men" a space faring Shakespeare company that travels the universe in their ship "The Muse of Fire" performing the bard's works for what left of th [...]

    5. Thom Dunn on said:

      A junior member of a Shakespeare troop living in the far and fantastic future of the human race tells of several command performances--Much AdoKing Lear.Hamlet.Romeo and Juliet --given for reified gnostic gods. I could say this short novel could not contain and flesh out the many planets and perlieus Simmons envisioned, or I could be honest and say I didn't get it. The astronomical/metaphysical talk seemed like gabble to me. On the other hand, there are some fine nuggets of Shakespeare criticism [...]

    6. Eric on said:

      Muse of Fire was a straightforward read that has more interesting implications if you care to think about it.On the surface, the book serves as a sort of travelogue story through Simmons' universe. The main characters are human actors in the company the Earth's Men. They travel through known space staging Shakespeare's plays for human settlements. Humanity has long since been subjugated by a hierarchy of other races, and the Earth's Men are one of the few ways that human culture survives.Unexpec [...]

    7. LenaLena on said:

      Started well enough, but ended up having one of those meeting-the-gods-mystical-experience climaxes that don't do much for me. Coupled with the woman-with-no-personality-and-barely-any-dialog-but-she-sure-is-pretty being bestowed on the male hero as some sort of reward (reward for what, I have no clue, he wasn't all that special) at the end, it left me unimpressed. That and I am not big on boner books. That's what I call books like this that are written because the author has a boner for some cu [...]

    8. Terence on said:

      In an indeterminate future humans are the slaves ("doles" and "arbeiters") of a hierarchy of aliens - archons, poimen, demiurgos and Abraxas - and the Earth's Men tour the galaxy performing Shakespeare. Beyond a nice, well written novella that incorporates the Bard's work (primarily "King Lear," "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet") and celebrates his genius, it also says that Shakespeare is just the beginning of exploring what it means to be human. As the ship's AI (the Muse) says at the end, "You p [...]

    9. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      2.5A decent story, and I liked the twist at the end. I thought it was kind of funny and interesting how Shakespeare is held as the bastion of civilization, and one of the only things held-over in this vision of the future, but I especially liked the bit at the end about having to learn new poets.The philosophy was interesting, as were the descriptions of the bard's plays, but both went on a bit too much.Ultimately, though, I never really connected with it on any kind of emotional level, thus I c [...]

    10. Jay S on said:

      super short but very dan simmons-y book. Set in the very far future with alien species and an enslaved human race. Brush up on your shakespeare plays before reading

    11. Alan on said:

      The packaging is quite nice, with rich, creamy pages and a running head in a contrasting color. The content is a little less pleasing, though. This book is described as a novella, which may even be technically correct, but it felt more lightweight to me than that, no more than a long short story. I made short work of it, anyway, reading the book over the course of one sluggish Saturday afternoon.The gist of the plot is simple to describe as well: what if Shakespeare's plays were all that is keep [...]

    12. Mark Tallen on said:

      Dan Simmons has become one of my very favourite authors, I think he is an outstanding writer. I say this and I have not read even half of his catalogue of work. However, I am that impressed by what I have read and it has catapulted him into my top four authors. This book, a novella, is a little gem. It does contain a lot of Shakespeare references and some of that went over my head but I did LEARN things and it has educated me on a few Shakespeare topics. The imagination and world(s) building is [...]

    13. Kae Cheatham on said:

      Far future, Otherworldly, when humans are pawns of other entities. A traveling Shakespearean troupe encounters more than they ever expected as their renditions of the Bard's various plays launch a new era. Wilbr tells the story (first person) and he becomes a critical player in the denouement. Excellent interweaving of the ancient plays with the incredible reality of their lives. Furthered my appreciation of Shakespeare. I first borrowed this book at my Public Library, but have since bought it.A [...]

    14. Marsha on said:

      I give this novella 5 stars for the idea but 3 stars for its execution.The story is set in a future where humanity has been subjegated and dispersed among farflung habitable planets. Initially saved from extinction because aliens found a voice of merit in the works of William Shakespeare, a roving troop of actors is selected to perform his plays in front of hierarchical aliens as a test for mankind's continued existance.As a long time fan of Dan Simmons, I was disappointed he did not flesh out t [...]

    15. Joel Neff on said:

      This meditation on The Bard and what he means to humanity both now and in the far future is interesting in its details but a little cliched in its reliance on popular tropes to characterise the troupe of actors central to the story. Still, it’s fun and quick and provides a really interesting look at a future where humanity has been completely and totally subjugated by alien overlords.

    16. Thomas on said:

      I'm not ashamed to admit that I often don't get Dan Simmons. He's a smart guy, with varied interests, and while he writes stories that can affect me like few other stories can (Hyperion), he also writes stories that go so far over my head that not even radar can find them. Muse of Fire is one of those latter stories.I didn't get much out of this novella, but I don't know much about Shakespeare, either, and the major theme of this story is Shakespeare. Simmons presents a far-flung future where hu [...]

    17. MB Taylor on said:

      Finished reading Muse of Fire (2007) by Dan Simmons the other day. Good book, but that’s what I expect from Simmons. Muse of Fire is a novella that Subterranean Press decided to publish as a book, a trend I’m not sure I like. Muse of Fire was really good and I don’t think publishing it with other short fiction would have improved it any. But it’s kind of expensive…Muse of Fire is science fiction of the distant future kind. The main characters are a troupe of Shakespearean actors, trave [...]

    18. Jason Golomb on said:

      “They can see and hear and maybe translate the words, but how can you translate Shakespeare to alien minds?” –Wilbr, “Muse of Fire”This digital version of this short book has been on sale and is well worth the price. In the far future, in a far part of the universe, a space-travelling group of actors wander worlds inhabited by human slaves, performing the works of Shakespeare. Narrated through the voice of a secondary player, Wilbr, Simmons builds a world of creatively crafted aliens, [...]

    19. Jessica on said:

      Reading Dan Simmons is always interesting - he loves to just drop you into the world that he has created for the story, and you have to read carefully so as to not miss any clues about what is going on. This book is no different. It is narrated by Wilbr, a 20 SEY old man (what is SEY, you ask? not sure, Simmons hardly ever outright explains things like that - if I had been less sleepy, I'm sure I would have figured it out) who is a member of a traveling Shakespeare troupe. They travel the galaxy [...]

    20. Mladen on said:

      As much as it pains me, I have to give this sci-fi novella only three stars (though somewhere between three and four would be more realistic).The very setting of the story and what little plot it has is very compelling and simply sucks you in from the very start. The very idea is more than lucid: the story is set in a distant future in which the human race is reduced to a mass of toiling slaves to several alien master races, while the protagonists are a part of a lone travelling Shakespearean th [...]

    21. leon on said:

      synopsis: Muse of Fire, an adult sci fi book telling bout the story of aliens living life for a new generation oh 'human beings'. Even though they are aliens, their goal in life is to play in a famous play( ex. hamlet.) The life of this civilization is basically aliens living human lives; their goal or journey in life is growing up as actorsassification-Audience: for ages 13+Purpose: telling a story of life from a different point of view; what can happen in the futureGenre-setting- science ficti [...]

    22. Andreas on said:

      A theater group is traveling between the planets and performs Shakespeare plays in front of humans. It's a dark and disturbing future where men have to work as slaves and servants for a superior alien race.(A word of warning: if you don't like Shakespeare forget about reading this novella.)I greatly enjoyed reading the book. It's one of the examples that justify why Science Fiction is a unique genre and deserves attention. Dan Simmons takes a great writer of the past (Shakespeare) and teleports [...]

    23. Timothy McNeil on said:

      I picked Muse of Fire up from the local public library largely because it looked like a novella I could finish during a single night's worth of travel on the train. That much proved to be true.Unfortunately, this short piece of fiction is over populated with underdeveloped characters, and even underdeveloped alien beings. Much of the supposed description of the characters is really a chance for Simmons to give some (universally positive) opinions on Shakespeare and Shakespearean actors. Never mi [...]

    24. Mariano on said:

      This is almost a short story. The correct term would be novella, I guess. As such, there's not much character development and world building. It is a pity, because here we have some powerful images, strange worlds and species that are worth exploring more in depth.The story relies on several Shakespeare plays and characters to convey emotions and some subtle ideas. If you are like me and know next to nothing about Hamlet, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, etc and their characters, you won't be able t [...]

    25. Jared Millet on said:

      I got the impression that Dan Simmons had a blast with this novella. It certainly doesn't have the depth of characterization you'd expect from his longer works - the dramatis personae are clever sketches at best. They're basically just there as an audience eyepiece through which to view the barrage of big-idea, space opera, "sensawunda" high concepts Simmons throws at you, as if you were on a high-speed sightseeing tour of ancient, ultra-advanced, godlike civilizations.That, and Shakespeare. As [...]

    26. Roaming Rosie on said:

      I came across this book mere days after I wrote a short story with the same title, so it certainly caught my eye for that reason - hey it's a Shakespeare reference!! But then I saw who wrote it and I couldn't believe I hadn't known that one of my favorite authors penned a whole book (novella) about an interplanetary troupe of Shakespearean actors in a distant dystopian future. That's, like, the coolest thing I've come across in ages!! Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this book. The descriptio [...]

    27. Graeme Wyllie on said:

      Novella length work by Dan Simmons describing an interstellar traveling Shakespeare company in a universe where humanity now forms the lowest rank of a tiered statist structure. Narrated by one of the lesser players, the tale moves from the simple logistics and staging of the plays to the more epic interactions with the aliens on various tiers of the hierarchy. The writing and voice of the narrator is fantastic, descriptive and draws you in, the plot grows wonderfully and the obvious most easy c [...]

    28. Enoch Root on said:

      More of a short story in comparison to other works by Simmons, but gripping nonetheless. The reader is being catapulted into a strange universe in which humanity is only allowed a very small slice of their former culture, namely Shakespeare. Every line of this story is infused with the usual love of literature that I know from Illium or Olympos. The only gripe I have is that the characters are relatively static and, apart from the protagonist, rather bland. This is probably to be expected by a s [...]

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