Labaredas Da Paixão

Michelle Reid

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Labaredas Da Paixão

Labaredas Da Paix o O amor sempre vence O mundo inteiro n o desviava os olhos do sheik Raschid Al Kadahe de Evie Delahaye Apesar da feroz oposi o de suas fam lias o namoro apaixonado j durava dois anos Mas todos sabiam

  • Title: Labaredas Da Paixão
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • O amor sempre vence O mundo inteiro n o desviava os olhos do sheik Raschid Al Kadahe de Evie Delahaye Apesar da feroz oposi o de suas fam lias, o namoro apaixonado j durava dois anos Mas todos sabiam que o fim n o tardaria a chegar Raschid deveria se casar com uma princesa rabe, a m e de Evie queria v Ia unida a um rico nobre ingl s e o tempo estava passando EO amor sempre vence O mundo inteiro n o desviava os olhos do sheik Raschid Al Kadahe de Evie Delahaye Apesar da feroz oposi o de suas fam lias, o namoro apaixonado j durava dois anos Mas todos sabiam que o fim n o tardaria a chegar Raschid deveria se casar com uma princesa rabe, a m e de Evie queria v Ia unida a um rico nobre ingl s e o tempo estava passando Ent o Evie descobriu que esperava um filho de Raschid

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      373 Michelle Reid
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    One thought on “Labaredas Da Paixão

    1. StMargarets on said:

      3 1/2 stars. I'm not a fan of sheikh stories, so MR had to work hard to win me over. I think what I liked best was that the author didn't gloss over the problems of a western woman involved with a man from the Middle East. There were prejudices from both sides - and what made them compelling were that they were well meaning judgments. The heroine's mother is pretty horrible to her daughter at her son's wedding, but she shows her love and concern when the heroine needs her the most. The hero's fa [...]

    2. KatieV on said:

      I'm in the minority on this one it seems.I think what bothered me was that in this case the pregnancy was SUCH a cop-out. It's a well-used trope in mistress plots. In fact, it usually doesn't bother me because it really makes the H face up to his feelings for the heroine and sometimes realize he's been a huge jerk and loves her. In this case the two already supposedly professed their love for one another, but the understanding was that as an Arab prince he would one day have to leave the heroine [...]

    3. Vintage on said:

      Very mixed emotions. So much was done right, then not. It's still a good angsty read, and I felt the language and poetry better done than most Harlequins.As just about every other reviewer has said, the Sheikh romance is not my go-to romance. This tale had a strong whiff of Olivia Gates who, for me, is the standard bearer for Sheikh's and their tormented h's romances. Probably works so well with Olivia Gates as both MC's come from similar backgrounds as opposed to the rest that star English/Aust [...]

    4. Jacqueline on said:

      This one was very different from most HPs. The 2 of them had been lovers for the last two years which neither family liked. However, now she is pregnant and he is being pressured to marry a nice girl from his own culture. So the story involves them deciding to be together anyway and troubles ensue. However, they admit they love each other from the very first which is very different from most HPs and he is never really an ass to her. Anyway an interesting different read. I really enjoyed it.

    5. Tina on said:

      She wasn't good enough for marriage until she became preggers. Of course after the fact, he was willing to fight and figure out a way to marry her for the baby's sake. This made me wonder why he wouldn't just for the heroine, when she has been so utterly and slavishly devoted to the hero when everyone, including her family had turned their backs on her. His mouthing off sweet little nothing really was nothing, because his action didn't follow what his mouth was saying. Consequently, I felt like [...]

    6. Jenny on said:

      I never felt heroine's love for the hero. Hero was smitten with her and did everything in his power to make their relationship work but she never met him halfway. Plus I felt the author was very insulting to the Arabian culture.

    7. Chitra *CJ* on said:

      "The Mistress Bride" is the story of Rashid and Evie, and has got to be one of the best mistress-baby trope books Ive ever read.Sheikh Raschid Al Kadah and Evie Delahaye both belong to royalty from different parts of the world- and both face opposition from their respective parents and fascination from the rest of the world- but this hasnt stopped them from engaging in a scorching love affair for two years.Things take an abrupt halt when two things happen simulataneously- Raschid's father falls [...]

    8. shms on said:

      Truly excellent. On second reading I've upped 4*'s to 5.Michelle Reid is an awesome writer and excels at angst, heartbreak and the HEA, and here she achieves the perfect balance between the romance, the conflict, the resolution and HEA, wrapped up in a sexy tale. She does this with insight and depth you do not see in current Mills & Boon/Harlequin books. This tale has the typical trappings of a Mills & Boon, pure fantasy in its setting. Yet the core of it is a real reflection on the issu [...]

    9. LuvGirl on said:

      Michelle Reid is an excellent writer. She writes such vivid fiery passion between her hero and heroine. They always come to life and jump out at you. This story was a huge cop out though. The relationship between the leads gave me everything I was expecting, but came to an abrupt stall when I realized that I was just going to be reading another hero marries heroine because she was pregnant story-line. I was hoping for a tangible story with the lovers conflict being resolved in a substantial way. [...]

    10. IamGamz on said:

      An engaging story about the test of true love. Evie and Raschid had their love for each other tested time after time. But in the end they found they were stronger than the people who tried to stand in their way. Their story kept me turning pages to see how it would all play out.

    11. Jennifer on said:

      OMG this book. Classic Michelle Reid. Wonderful characters, you could feel how madly in love they were. Her writing moves me as always. Loved.

    12. Lu Bielefeld ** on said:

      He was going to marry another and just stayed with her because she got pregnant. He never found the heroin good enough to be his wife.

    13. Fiona Marsden on said:

      Was this the best book ever? Probably not. Did it make me cry? Yes. So five stars.Evie and Raschid are lovers and in love when we meet them at the beginning of the book. So where is the story you may well ask?For two years they have had a high profile affair. Not their choice but when you are an Arab prince and a high society British gal, the paparazzi are bound to be on your case. The affair has always had an end date, because there is a cousin of a cousin waiting back home in the Middle East f [...]

    14. Leona on said:

      Evie and Raschid come from very different worlds. For the past two years they have been conducting a very public affair to the chagrin and consternation of both families. They know that their time together is limited since Raschid will one day become king and must marry a woman from his own country. Evie becomes pregnant and of course, Raschid declares that they will marry for the sake of his heir. He becomes absolutely possessive and will stop at nothing to marry Evie. What could have been a wo [...]

    15. KC 2.0 on said:

      I enjoyed this, but felt Evie loved Raschid slightly more than he loved her. In an ideal world (which is what romance is all about), the hero should always love the heroine more than she loves him. She wouldn't be short-changing him because she'd still love him tons. :)Anyway, the happy ending came about a little too conveniently. They'd already been together for two years, but Raschid hadn't proposed yet. If this hadn't happened to Evie, (view spoiler)[conceived his baby (hide spoiler)], I thin [...]

    16. Kaycee ❤️ on said:

      I really liked this book but didn’t love it. It took me a while to get through it, but I did enjoy the story. And I'm glad that the hero was in love with the heroine from the start.

    17. Roub on said:

      mind-blowing ! absolutely beautiful one ! it's not like other sheikh stories which is pure fantasy where the english heroine is readily accepted as wife 2 the sheikh. in this one, they had 2 work at it. it broke my heart how evie lost her self-respect, how she suffered humiliation n how low she sunk. she loved rachid too much! she sacrificed so much, everything; her pride, her family's honour, her future n marriage 2 harry while all along rachid knew his duty, clinged 2 it n wud have married ais [...]

    18. Leyns on said:

      I just really disliked the fact that if she hadn't fallen pregnant by accident, he would've married someone else. He was going to dump her. But then, dammit you're pregnant and now I have to marry you. How romantic. It's what a girl always dreams about.

    19. Sharn Gill on said:

      I hated this book, the hero was weak the heroine was weak and I just get angry thinking about this book at all

    20. Penny Watson on said:

      4.5 stars, rounded upDamn tootin' good.And that's my professional opinion.:^)

    21. Melanie♥ on said:

      Just did a re-read of this one. I rated it 4 stars a few years ago, but I'm upping it to 5. Wonderfully angsty and almost no big misunderstandings.

    22. Paola on said:

      This is not the kind of book I use to read, much less one that I like to. Another thing is that "sheiks" or arabs for that matter, dont usually attract me. (can't do nothing about it; its called "one's own taste")BUT:I really enjoyed this book.So much that is actually funny. At first, I was ready to turn away from it. But as I read it further, I couldn't put it down anymore.There's nothing special about her writting. I'm not saying she is a bad writer, oh no. She is a good writer, but, except fo [...]

    23. Kay on said:

      5 Stars! ~ Sheik Raschid Al Kadah and Evie Delahaye entered into their affair with both eyes open; their time will be brief. But two wonderful years later, society was amazed they were still together. With the strain of attending her brother's wedding, Evie holds back a secret from Raschid that will shake both worlds. And shake worlds it does. Evie is pregnant, and when she tells Raschid he is stunned, then tells her they will get married. They both know this is impossible; there is no way an An [...]

    24. Pravana on said:

      What a book!!!Have read it many times. any yet each time I cry when ever I read the book. Such a powerful and moving tale.'I exposed you to mockery, humiliation and danger', he nonetheless continued. 'I stood by and watched your own family shun you at your brother's wedding. I witnessed the whole party freeze in horror when you caught Christina's bridal bouquet. I then watched you stand alone by a moonlit lake and toss those damn flowers into the water as if you were tossing away all hope for yo [...]

    25. M a h v i s h on said:

      'Then you tell me,' he murmured in sudden seriousness, 'how we give this up when we can't even control it while the world falls in on us.''I don't know,' Evie sighed heavily.'Well, I do,' he said as he pushed her on to her back then carefully placed her bandagedarm out of harm's way before he came to lean over her. 'We stay together. Somehow, some way, I will make it happen,' he vowed. 'You are mine. This child you carry is mine. I will lay claim to you both with pride and with honor. And that, [...]

    26. J on said:

      Eva and Raschid are a wonderful couple. Loved the romance. The passion between the was great. They fought to stay together in spite of their families. This is one of my favorite books. The strong characters and the emotions they had for each other was evident in the story. I liked the fact that the Hero wasn't afraid to tell the Heroine he loved her in spite of the obstacles they needed to overcome. I would have liked an epilogue but I loved the entire story.Old story I bought in e-book format b [...]

    27. Nadia on said:

      The character I liked most was Raschid's personal assistant\doctor. The tension between two main heroes was bearable, all negativity from their families seemed not very serious. But their attempts to humiliate Evie seemed very cruel. It's timeless book so IDK how much of a scandal it can be nowadays Evie wasn't royal after all. (view spoiler)[But all this story reminded me somehow of princess Diana and Dodi Fayed one only with a happy ending. All those scandals, paparazzi and families' negativit [...]

    28. Carmen on said:

      I loved this HP. I have been enjoying this series MR has created. Normally the mistress theme leaves me flat as it smacks of parasitic and exploitive behaviors best left out of a love story. Very few authors can handle this theme adroitly but MR, in this case, certainly has. The characters are fiercely honest about their feelings for one another while in, what they consider a very improbable, impossible relationship. They return in a delightful cameo, in A Passionate Marriage.

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