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Scott Meredith

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Writing to Sell

Writing to Sell High quality writing and marketing counsel from well known agent Scott Meredith with updated marketing information

  • Title: Writing to Sell
  • Author: Scott Meredith
  • ISBN: 9780898797503
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • High quality writing and marketing counsel from well known agent Scott Meredith with updated marketing information.

    Writing to Sell Subsequent Edition Writing to Sell Scott Meredith on FREE shipping on qualifying offers With this guide, writers can learn how to create good fiction and publish profitably, guided by the timeless advice of the man who built the legendary literary agency that still bears his name Includes information on creating characters Writing Treatments That Sell How to Create A fully revised guide to turning your movie idea into a treatment that can persuade even the most jaded movie producers As Hollywood insiders know, the first step in selling your story idea for film or television is preparing a treatment, the brief pitch that sells the concept to a busy producer or agent. Steps To Writing Feature Articles That Sell Magazines, newspapers, and online sites must provide their readers with content in the form of well researched, well written feature articles What follows is a proven process for researching, writing, and submitting professional feature articles the meet editors needs and enhance your reputation How to Write a Logline that Sells Writers Store Learn everything you need to know about how to write a logline that sells and other expert information on pitching scripts. Doctor accused of writing fake prescriptions to get drugs CHARLOTTE, N.C A local doctor is accused of writing fake prescriptions to get drugs like oxycodone and sell them Acting on a federal warrant from the South Carolina Department of Health and Writers Market Top Online Writing Resource Where writers learn how to get published, market, and sell their writing Subscribe to WritersMarket today. Writing a synopsis for your screenplay THE MEANING OF HIGH ART Synopsis by Ashley Scott Meyers THE MEANING OF HIGH ART is a Shavian look at what it takes to make it as an artist talent, perseverance, a little luck, but most importantly a shrewd business sense. Fotolia Sell and buy royalty free photos, images Discover than million cheap royalty free images, vectors and videos Fotolia is the image bank for all your publishing and marketing projects Dumb Mistakes That Doom Your New E book from Day One Admit it You ve thought about writing an e book In fact, you ve already imagined the front cover You can see the main title, and underneath, your name And when you picture it, you feel a ripple of pride An e book would be a big step up for you as a writer Because while blog posts are a great way to express your ideas, you can t help feeling they re a little, well, fleeting. So How Much Money Will You Make From Writing a Book But wait, what about marketing and promoting the book Yep, after the writing and editing is done really it starts months before that , you then have to start marketing and promoting the book One thing I wanted to touch on is the quest to hit the bestseller lists that a lot of authors get excited about when writing a book. The idea is this If you can sell enough copies of the book in one

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    One thought on “Writing to Sell

    1. Emma Sea on said:

      The original version is 40 years old, but I still got a lot out of this. Especially:"The desire to write the editor and tell him he's a moron will be so strong you may have to lock yourself up in a closet for a few hours until you get over it."Replace "editor" with "random person on the internet" and that's the best advice I've received this year.

    2. Andy on said:

      Meredith gives incredibly helpful comments about the building blocks of plot. It doesn't bother with the squishy, non-critical writing advice a whole lot of books do that makes people feel good about themselves, and it focuses heavily on plot to a degree I imagine many Literary Fiction authors would disapprove of. The whole book has a lot of value, but the section on plot and the sections tying into it are the real value of the book. Don't put it down just because he tells you that you're doing [...]

    3. Eric on said:

      I first heard of WRITING TO SELL when reading Peter V. Brett's blog. His debut novel, THE WARDED MAN, was incredible, so when I hear that he used WRITING TO SELL as a tool to help make his novel what it was, I immediately became interested. WRITING TO SELL is a perfect name for this book. It’s about how to write a book that will attract the attention of an editor or publisher and result in a contract for the writer. In case you have never heard of Scott Meredith, he is a literary agent, and fo [...]

    4. Victoria on said:

      There are a lot of books out there about writing, filled with age-old truisms and not-so-truisms. Some are helpful, otherswellless so. "Writing To Sell" was highly recommended to me by an old mentor of mine who had recently started writing a lengthy work of fiction. It's easy to understand why.This is an easy read, full of practical advice. Much of it is dated, particularly in the context of the publishing world and as some other reviewers have noted the typewriter-vs-computer debate. However, t [...]

    5. Chandler Brett on said:

      Succinct wisdom on the essentials of planning, writing, (the old model of) publishing, and editing. A must-read even if you know much of what's inside, for writers should not wander astray from this advice.Keep your story moving steadily, believably, and inexorably forward from the inciting problem through each new connected complication toward the ultimate crisis and the final fitting solution. Authors should integrate limited flashbacks and descriptions of setting and characters into the prese [...]

    6. Ryoku Light on said:

      Writing to Sell by Scott Meredith I've been really into writing lately and started to entertain the idea of selling them to publishers.  So I went to the library and checked this book out.   It is a very easy, one sitting type of read.  It is full of some useful information and some t so useful information.  I really think it's a great start on the subject but I'm probably going to do more research since this book was kind of dated.

    7. Barbara Richardson on said:

      Easy to read in one sitting. Not so very enlightening. This classic gets three stars because it would be really informative for a new writer. I learned one new thing. Dialogue should make up 20% of a fiction manuscript. Any more, and the dialogue is carrying too much weight. That's handy to know, as a guideline from a seasoned editor.

    8. Mur Lafferty on said:

      Somewhat dated (gives considerable advice on typewriter ribbon choice, and advises against newfangled computer writing because they make sloppy first drafts), and slightly sexist, this is still a solid book that gives good advice for writers, covering both the business and creative side. Take the tone with a grain of salt and check this book out.

    9. Marissa van Uden on said:

      A little dated, but still a good general overview esp. for beginner writers. It covers a lot of the most common traps new writers fall into.

    10. Sarah on said:

      Good info on plotting for the largely self-taught writer (i.e me). I can't speak to the business info, since I haven't gotten that far yet.

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