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  • Title: Свирепия
  • Author: Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
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      163 Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
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      Posted by:Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
      Published :2018-08-13T09:42:16+00:00

    One thought on “Свирепия

    1. Jason on said:

      I’ve wanted to read “Rogue Warrior” by Marcinko for a couple of years. The man has a larger than life reputation, and I’ve read a little of his fictional collaborations that have been described as “the Marcinko style”, which appeared sarcastic and hard-edged at the same time. I also knew a thing or two about “Demo Dick” (forming SEAL Team Six, running Red Cell, etc.), but that was about it. So as a final venture into the realm of nonfiction military memoirs (following up on a cou [...]

    2. Owen on said:

      In his own words, the tale of Marcinko's rise from enlisted Navy UDT to founder and Commander of Seal Team Six is extremely through and engaging. The book is written extremely well, and his first person perspective narration is excellent in bringing to life his stories.His experience as a SEAL in Vietnam might be referred to today as 'war crimes', but he doesn't pretend he was seeking moral high ground during the war, but that his only priority was keeping his men alive regardless of what rules [...]

    3. Tim on said:

      While this novel has options I like reading, such as revenge and bad guys getting theirs, it runs short on excitement due to few characters to care about. Since the Rogue Warrior is the only character to get to know, this causes a shortfall. 6 of 10 stars

    4. Edward on said:

      Cross Charles Bukowski with Popeye the Sailor and you're still nowhere close to the colorful character of this brilliant scallywag. This is one of the greatest books you'll ever read. Period. It hits on so many levels - action, humor, history, drama, bitterness, and ends on a soaring, rebellious "I'll be back" survivor's note (Marcinko wrote the book from prison, more on that later). His writing style is infectious and you'll laugh at many points (how many guys signed up to do covert ops in Viet [...]

    5. Justin on said:

      I'm glad Marcinko was on our side. But wow, this book is so full of machismo and foul language that my eyes are still blistered. I barely made it through.

    6. Bill on said:

      Badass. That's about the only way to describe Richard Marcinko a retired Navy Seal and founder of the most elite team of Seal, 6. Well, badass, reckless, and full of himself. However, I can forgive him his insanely high opinion of himself considering some of the stuff he accomplished during his long, but often troubled, military career.When I was in the Army I really, really, wanted to join the Special Forces which is sort of like the Army's version of Seals. However, I didn't and that alone is [...]

    7. Jack Quinn on said:

      The same self-serving ghostwritten crap you're bound to find in most any contemporary military memoir. Marcinko's egocentricity, personal politics, and burning need to vindicate himself and his actions bleeds over into the prose, making for a grating and unpleasant read. You could find much the same rhetoric in a teenage girl's diary. Add in a fisherman's braggadocio and you've got this book. Not to mention there's a section on his time as a military advisor in Cambodia in which Marcinko details [...]

    8. Joshua Griffiths on said:

      A book rattled with explosions, guns, fast cars, cursing, sounds like a book for me. If you're offended by fouling which, gore, blood, or manhood this book isn't for you. However if this appeals to you this is going to be one of the best books you'll ever read. The book rogue warrior, by Richard Marcinko follows a Navy seal through a special operation in which an Irish terrorist organization takes a preschool captive. When something goes horribly wrong Marcinko, the main character, loses one of [...]

    9. Hugh Vail on said:

      I wanted to read what Marcinko would say about his history. I assumed that he would display "enough" integrity to get a semi-genuine feel for the middle ground reality. I think Marcinko did a decent work given what my expectations were. I did not miss the SEAL stories of killing, nor the gory details that you might think would be in this book. The book was true to form - Marcinko talking about Marcinko and his experience with the Navy, the SEALS, Team 6 and Red Cell. I would have liked to hear a [...]

    10. Bob4you on said:

      Only up to page 109, seldom read non fiction while this is not a "can't put down" category it still intrigues me enough to keep reading it. Can't find the other book (Fiction)I am reading so will stick to this one until I do.OK, I finished and now want to get others in the series, It started slow then got interesting, then slowed down again and picked up the last 100 pages. I don't know how much is true but if it is predominantly true I know he really pissed of a lot of superior officers who wou [...]

    11. Robin Gennarelli on said:

      I have enjoyed every book he's written. Fascinating Navy Seal stuff.

    12. Timothy Boyd on said:

      Interesting version of events as remembered by the author. Recommended

    13. Travis Jackson on said:

      Rogue Warrior tells the explosive story of SEAL Team Six founder, Richard Marcinko. It is an outstanding read as it grabs your attention with every sentence. Richard Marcinko is a hard-headed operative who likes to do things his own way. As Marcinko tells his story, it feels like he is in the same room with you, talking to you face to face. From trying to make his commanding officers ticked off, to fighting off the enemy, to messing around when he has free time, Richard Marcinko is the true Rogu [...]

    14. Megan P on said:

      The main character of the story is Richard Marcinko. One trait about him is he's confident. There isn't really just one problem in this book there are many of them. There are tons of different settings but the main one is in the United States.Marcinko is confident because he make a unit, not saying what kind, but has to deal with people that don't want anything to deal with him but he stands up to them and says to move the paper work up the line to get approved. You should read this book because [...]

    15. Shain Wozniak on said:

      A lot of information. Great stories, there are even shenanigans. It's loaded with dedication, heroism, true grit and badassery.

    16. Shane K. on said:

      Probably filled with embellishments and self-aggrandizement, but nonetheless an informative and very fun book from the founder of DevGru (aka SEAL team 6).

    17. Eric Belleville on said:

      An eye opening look at the inner working of government politics, red tape, chain of command, and warfare innovators. This was a great book, and I very much enjoyed this read.

    18. Christian D.Orr on said:

      One of my all-time favorite books in any genre, and a book and author whom I used as a role model source of inspiration for my military career, from my enlisted basic training (I first read this book a few months before I shipped off to boot camp in 1999) to enlisted tech school, to my first active-duty assignment, to Officer Training School, and beyond. I frequently quoted Demo Dick's leadership principles with my colleagues, superiors, and subordinates alike throughout my military career, and [...]

    19. Cristopher Gaesser on said:

      Richard Marcinko was a high school kid growing up in the 1900’s. He wanted to become a marine, but learned he had to go to boot camp. He then wanted to become a UDT, also known as frogmen. He was told the same thing that the marines told him. He then went to a naval station for 5 months, and got into UDT training. He then broke his wrist and went to Naples, but eventually made his way back to UDT training. He learned a lot of things during UDT training and tested new things for the military. H [...]

    20. Jackson L on said:

      Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko was very interesting and gave you the perspective of a grunt in the US military. I have read many military stories but this one was one of the only ones that was really gave all perspectives not just combat but the administration and really gave you the full picture of a soldier’s life. It teaches you about how inefficient the US military can be specifically the Navy. Marcinko frequently made references about how you cant get anything if you didn’t attend th [...]

    21. Ketchum on said:

      Rogue Warrior, by Richard MarcinkoThe self-proclaimed curator of Seal Team Six talks about his struggles in the early years as an enlisted UDT frogman, being selected into the Spec War arena as an ensign patrolling the Mekong Delta as a Seal Team leader, later becoming CO of Seal Team Six Red Cell authorized to play havoc with various base security systems to report on flaws with various systems. Eventually, found to be fraudulent in travel reimbursements and sentenced to jail for 16 years.A blu [...]

    22. Michael Corey on said:

      In "Rogue Warrior" Cdr. Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko, USN Retired, tells the story of his life from youth, to the founding of SEAL Team Six, to his involvement in Red Cell, and eventual imprisonment. Throughout the book Cdr. Marcinko writes in a blunt, conversational style that those familiar with other military memoirs may find unfamiliar. None of the detachment of "Marine Sniper", nor the professional tone of "Inside the Delta Force", Marcinko writes, frankly, like a sailor.I find it quite dif [...]

    23. Carol Storm on said:

      The first Navy SEAL memoir I ever read -- though it reads more like the story of a rock star than the story of a fighting man. Don't get me wrong, Dick Marcinko is the real deal, as much as any of the Navy SEALS who are celebrated today. But he's from another era, and his philosophy is different. There's a lot more chest thumping about stupid stuff, like, "After our first high altitude jump, we all drank a pitcher of beer each. And on the second pitcher, we started putting boogers into the beer [...]

    24. Ed on said:

      #1 in the Rogue Warrior series. Mixture of self-promotional autobiography with Special Ops adventure debuts the long running Rogue Warrior series. Author Marcinko is co-authored with genre veteran John Weisman.B Marcinko - Rogue Warrior series - Marcinko describes his combat adventures in Southeast Asia in the '60s; his command of SEAL Team Six, one of the most effective counterterrorist outfits in the world, in the '70s; and his pioneering leadership in the '80s of Red Cell, a unit designed to [...]

    25. Brian on said:

      The whole concept of Seal Team Six was very intriguing to me. The real life stories told by Marcinko are very revealing and exciting. Well worth getting the inside scoop. I even found valuable examples of leadership, team unity, dedication, and invention through Marcinko's character traits. At first glance this should be a great book. However, he is a horrible author. A good editor would have been invaluable. In addition, his constant boasting and obvious over-exaggeration of his bad-boy persona [...]

    26. JP on said:

      His autobiography written while serving a 1-year sentence for felony embezzlement of government funds. Having escaped any punishment by the Navy despite concerted efforts by all the toes he stepped on while building the SEALS, a subsequent federal investigation found $160,000 missing after the final accounting. Marcinko alleges that's margin of error when considering the hundreds of millions involved in covert operations, major budgets, etc. He also alleges that if he had wanted to steal, he cou [...]

    27. Sashank Mohan on said:

      An exhilarating,jaw-dropping blow-by-blow account of one of my idols Richard Marcinko's career as a U.S.Navy SEAL right from his high-octane covert ops in Vietnam to creating probably the greatest counter-terrorist unit the world has ever seen,SEAL Team Six. An epic tale of living on the edge in the warrior's way and the blood,sweat and tears that go into ridding the world of tyranny and terror. This book is a clear evidence of why the 80s action films with Sly and Arnie were so goode of the ins [...]

    28. Greg on said:

      An entertaining account by a former commander of SEAL Team 2 and first commander of SEAL Team 6 (officially called DEVGRU). Even if you don't believe all of Marcinko's tales, his life as a sailor still provides an interesting perspective of the Vietnam War, Iran Hostage Crisis, and life as a SEAL from that perspective as well as anyone who likes to hear about someone sticking it to the man. Sadly, the man sticks it to him in the end as this is written from a jail cell and ends up being somewhat [...]

    29. Fred Brotherly on said:

      Richard Marcinko is one of the nation's most accomplished and recognized special operations experts, with over 30 years of experience in a variety of specialties including counter-terrorism, intelligence and special operations. After enlisting in the Navy, Marcinko worked his way up to the rank of captain. He was the first commanding officer and founder of two of the military's premier counter-terrorist units: SEAL TEAM SIX and Red Cell. The legendary SEAL TEAM SIX engaged in highly classified m [...]

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