Свирепия 4: Специална група "Блу"

Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров

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Свирепия 4: Специална група "Блу"

  • Title: Свирепия 4: Специална група "Блу"
  • Author: Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Свирепия 4: Специална група "Блу"

    1. Jamie on said:

      I love Marcinko's style! These are fun reads, page turners that you can put down and pick up later with no problems.

    2. * on said:

      The wonderful details illustrated by R.M. made it seem as though I was there with him and his team. The first mission SEAL Team Six was deployed to Florida, in the middle of a lake, looking out at a grounded 727 aircraft. It's raining and very dark, yet they came prepared with night-vision goggles. I don't want to potentially spoil it, but it is an amazing experience being able to envision myself with the team as R.M. walks us through step-by-step what his team did. Now, the way R.M. described h [...]

    3. Marci on said:

      These books are hard for me to rate. I picked them up at the local community lending library and didn't have any preconceived notions about the books going into reading them. My first reaction was horror at the language, loose morals, and drinking. However, I feel very strongly about what a great job the men and women in the armed forces are doing protecting the members of our country and was horrified/intrigued by the thought that some of these adventures might actually be what those people are [...]

    4. Ian on said:

      I think I finally managed to get the fantasy in this series. After diving into the swamp that is W.E.B. Griffon, reading something as frank and action-packed as this was wonderful. It's stupid, but it still has all the little technical details that make it feel real. You're still dealing and a horribly abrasive protagonist and the story is his ego trip, but if you view it like a child telling a story, it's a lot better. "And then I shot the bad dude, but the untraceable poison in my bullets made [...]

    5. Anthony on said:

      In the same vein as his previous books, Although it's interesting reading this since it was written pre 9/11. I think some of the things he talks about have changed and it's almost hard to remember that time when security was more lax than it is now for gatherings and plane trips. Good action and it reads like he's talking to you. His language is just that of an old shooter and SEAL pretty rough most of the time. Maybe he does talk like this all the time but it gets a little unnecessary and detr [...]

    6. Karen Siddall on said:

      Read by the author and very enjoyable. When the Rogue Warrior and his elite SEAL team, Task Force Blue, storm a hijacked 727 in Key West, a hostage is killed -- and Marcinko must pay. Facing court-martial and removal from the Navy, his is recuited by the Defense Intelligence Agency to erradicate a secret right-wing terrorist infrastructure. Combating a brutal enemy force, and pursued by the FBI, Marcinko maneuvers through a political, military, and bureaucratic minefield, adhering to the ultimat [...]

    7. Pa on said:

      A stirring tale of counterterrorism, wherein the author is also the main character. Rather improbable overall and more F words per page than in any book I have previously encountered. A sequel to a New York Times #1 bestseller, but that perhaps reveals more about the NYT rankings than about the quality of the writing. This book would likely appeal to the TV show "24" audience given its rightward political slant, promotion of torture and gratuitous violence.

    8. Ed on said:

      #4 in the Rogue Warrior series.Rogue Warrior series - fiction - Ex-Navy SEAL Dick Marcinko and his handpicked band of operatives. The author has his fictional alter-ego and his underlings combat domestic terrorism - on an airline and at an oil rig, among other colorful locations. Marcinko the character also has a half-million-dollar bounty put on his head by an evil billionaire.

    9. John on said:

      I sometimes read a Rogue Warrior novel as action book junk food. Reading about pre-9/11 security standards is interesting, and I'm surprised Marcinko's use of a nerve agent to dispatch the villain hasn't been stolen by a Hollywood movie. I find the earlier John Weisman books to be a bit more believable than the recent DeFelice volumes(which are fun in their own crazy way).

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