Свирепия 6: Код - Злато

Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров

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Свирепия 6: Код - Злато

  • Title: Свирепия 6: Код - Злато
  • Author: Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
  • ISBN: 9547290096
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Free Read [Poetry Book] ☆ Свирепия 6: Код - Злато - by Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров ↠
      180 Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Poetry Book] ☆ Свирепия 6: Код - Злато - by Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров ↠
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    One thought on “Свирепия 6: Код - Злато

    1. Deborah on said:

      It's hard to get past Marcinko's delivery. It took me a while to stop hearing his arrogance and try to get into the story. Maybe that's the kind of personality you have to have to be a SEAL, but it gets in the way of the material. What I do like about the book is that it's probably pretty accurate in the real world since Marcinko has lived this life. But I still prefer reading Jack Reacher books (even though he's not real), because of his ability to be blunt with humility.

    2. Ed on said:

      #5 in the Rogue Warrior series.Rogue Warrior series - fiction - As before, Marcinko casts himself as hero. He is in Russia and on a personal vendetta to extract revenge against whomever assassinated his old friend Rear Admiral Paul Mahon, along with Mahon's family, including Marcinko's godson, Adam. The Rogue Warrior connects Russian crooks with U.S. and Syrian arms dealers. His roughest opposition, as usual, comes in the form of America's stick-in-the-mud bureaucrats, but he must battle Russian [...]

    3. Brian on said:

      Richard Marcinko lives in a different universe than I do. One where if you feel like killing a few Russians, in Russia no less, you do and nobody really minds all that much. That said the book was both entertaining and interesting.Entertaining because Marcinko can himself or has been sufficiently coached by his co-author John Weisman into telling a romping good story.Interesting because it is somewhere between the Ra-Ra America crowd and myself. I say this not in any way to question the authors [...]

    4. Carrie on said:

      This is the only "ironic" 5-star rating on my list. This book is so bad, it's hilarious. I cannot recommend it enough. You will laugh until your ribs hurt. So bombastic, this guy loves his military clothing and gear so much that it borders on a fetish, and the dialogue is worth its word count in gold.

    5. Eric Sandoval on said:

      So interesting how when I read these books that I realize that hindsight is truly 20/20 and that many of my theories and suspicions about our current realpolitik. Then again if globalization were democratic then it would never happen. Ne!

    6. Christian D.Orr on said:

      Another classic, old-school, fun-filled Dick Marcinko/John Weisman action-adventure, this time following our beloved Rogue Warrior as he galavants through Russia, France, and Israel to sneak & peep, snoop & poop, hop & pop, shoot & loot, and wax tangos, all the while dealing with pus-nutted bureaucrats (U.S. military and civilian government bigwigs alike) who forget whose side they're supposed to be on.RANDOM STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS:--p. 33: "Ghetto blaster [...]

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