Everything Between Us

Stephen Hoppa

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Everything Between Us

Everything Between Us Ethan is confused about than just his sexuality the night he wanders into a white trash bar after breaking up with his fiance When he s dragged outside the bar and beaten by leather clad thugs he s r

  • Title: Everything Between Us
  • Author: Stephen Hoppa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ethan is confused about than just his sexuality the night he wanders into a white trash bar after breaking up with his fiance When he s dragged outside the bar and beaten by leather clad thugs, he s rescued by the last man he needs in his life.Raw, dominating, and dangerously unpredictable, this dark stranger won t even tell Ethan his name The enigma only draws EthaEthan is confused about than just his sexuality the night he wanders into a white trash bar after breaking up with his fiance When he s dragged outside the bar and beaten by leather clad thugs, he s rescued by the last man he needs in his life.Raw, dominating, and dangerously unpredictable, this dark stranger won t even tell Ethan his name The enigma only draws Ethan in as he finds himself unable to resist this man or the power he holds over him Secrets are slowly uncovered The bond between the two men deepens as scars of the past reveal themselves But Ethan finds he s learning about himself than he ever imagined as a new word finds it s way onto his lips submission This is a 65,000 word stand alone novel which contains intensely intimate scenes between two men, and a happily ever after with no cliffhangers.

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    One thought on “Everything Between Us

    1. Kristan on said:

      DNF @ 68%I mean, I could keep reading, because there is something about this book that makes me want to, if only to answer the million questions bouncing around in my head. But I’m not going to. Because life is too fucking short, and this book is too fucking long for me to be this far into it and still not know bupkis about either of the main characters. This book is surreal. And if you think that’s a compliment, it’s not.Nate is infuriating and Ethan is… one dimensional…? Okay, so I [...]

    2. Katrina Passick Lumsden on said:

      This one is tough for me to review because the sudden shift in Nate's personality was too abrupt and left way too many unanswered questions regarding why he was so fucking weird for 85% of the book. I mean, I thought he was on the autism spectrum, and that's cool, I would've found that interestingbut then he just starts actingwell, "normal". It was jarring and I'm not sure I appreciated it. That being said, the relationship dynamic between Nate and Ethan was interesting as hell, and kept me want [...]

    3. ♣️ Lynda ♣️ on said:

      When you're with me, you focus on me.This book befuddled me. I'm having difficulty reviewing it. Until 85% I hated Nate and thought he was a spoiled rich brat. Then we finally get his POV and I loved him.This was chaos and love. Owning and withholding. Confusing at times but a HEA nonetheless.

    4. Bookishcat on said:

      This book is insanity. One of the heroes has some definite mental issues and it makes him extremely intriguing. Throughout this book I kept trying to think what exactly is wrong with him and it is impossible. He's justhim. I enjoyed this book because it's not your usual story. The characters are broken and mentally unstable in the best way possible. I reccomend to those who love some crazy in a story.

    5. Rebecca Franklin on said:

      At first I thought this book was stupid. Then I thought it should be named "The word game". Believe me, the irritation was high. Halfway through the book it began to make sense. In some weird way I understood. The story wasn't action packed or sappy, fluff. It was confusing, stupid, ugly and all the parts of love that we never really pay attention to. Most people think that love is a happily ever after with no bumps and bruises. You forget how you got there. To me this was a story of how two peo [...]

    6. Beckie Rousseau Sloan on said:

      Kind of crazy, angst, and almost too much for me to follow. I hated it yet I really liked it. No idea what to think.

    7. The Novel Approach Reviews on said:

      4.5 Stars ~ Boy howdy, kids, this book is a wee bit filthy and I loved it.First off, let me start by stating unequivocally that if you’re looking for a sweet and tender romance, this is not that book. Author Stephen Hoppa not only offers up a wildly dysfunctional relationship in the making in Everything Between Us, but there’s a bit of humiliation kink at play in Nate and Ethan’s dominance and submission as well. The beauty of it, though, is that while it doesn’t fit the traditional defi [...]

    8. Feliz on said:

      2.5 stars on prismbookallianceGoing from the blurb, this book should’ve been right up my alley. Flawed heroes, scars of the past, self-discovery, angst, secrets and mystery, and all that garnished with a touch of D/s? Count me in.However, once I started reading, the “huh?” and “WTH?”- moments started to assault me, soon piling up to a steaming heap of bewilderment which I had a hard time getting over. In fact, I’m still wondering how I ever made it through to the end.This certainly w [...]

    9. Elizabeth on said:

      I really liked this book. That being said I will be the first to admit this book is not for everyone. It is full of angst, ridiculous at times, and Nate's behavior teeters between absurd and mentally unstable. Underneath all of the disastrous behavior lies the story of two men who are looking for something in life, and scared of how to react to it. Sometimes finding what you are looking for is hard to accept and if you as the reader can believe and accept that then this story makes a lot more se [...]

    10. Jo * Smut-Dickted * on said:

      At times reads almost like a stream of consciousness. I felt like I was swimming in a bog - or navigating in fog. Neither character was endearing to me and, as another reviewer has noted, this is entirely a character driven book. In fact I'd be hard pressed to really describe anything else other then the characters (the houses and open space office area perhaps being the only other thing). Nate, his past and his actions, are completely off the wall weird. It's like running around in someone else [...]

    11. ConM on said:

      This was different, and I enjoyed that. I read it compulsively.It finished at 84% and has bonus material. I decided not to read them, you can have too much of a good thing.

    12. Ann on said:

      This book was a real trip and I really liked the ride. It's not your typical MM romance and I appreciated reading something unique with a side of dirty and a healthy dose of mind fuckery.The author describes this story as a “dark” romance, I agree and disagree. It’s definitely not your typical M/M romance, there is nothing cookie cutter happening here, but at the same time there are some very charming and humorous parts plus some real feelings that evolve throughout. So, “dark” in this [...]

    13. Erin on said:

      I so loved this book. So many feels! It was angsty, but the angst felt more "real" than contrived. And the leads work hard to get better, which I love. It touches on mental illness, kink, self-worth and so many other issues. I was disappointed when I started the epilogue because it jumped ahead so much and I wanted to know more about the journey the characters took. So, I was delighted to find that the author had already thought of that and included some bonus short stories that document that pe [...]

    14. Kendra T on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI have to admit this is very hard for me to rate. At moments I enjoyed the book, at other moments it drove me so insane I wanted to throw it out the window. At times I struggled to like the MC's at all; things didn't always seem to make sense and the characters acted in ways that I don't typically enjoy. Ethan and Nate come from different walks of life and appear in the beginning to have nothing in common.In the end, [...]

    15. Cee Brown on said:

      I was in a state of WTF for more than 75% of this book. The other 25%, I was like, "these friggin' men are gonna kill me."When Ethan called it off with his girlfriend, he had an idea he was gay. What he never expected was to fall HARD for the one guy who would change his life forever. Nate wanted to forget life when he rescued Ethan and drown the boredom and useless that was whom he had become. None expected to be drawn into something they had no idea about, nor did they think life would take th [...]

    16. Erica on said:

      When I chose this book, I thought it would be one of those 20 pgs. Quick sexy reads. I was wrong. It was sexy but it was a novel packed with so much passion and emotion I could not put it down. The book read as if the emotions were your own. This is the first time I read this author and it will not be the last. Mind blowingly erotic yet it didn't make you feel dirty reading it because the love of the MC's oozed throughout. A book I will read again and again.

    17. Sylvia on said:

      2.5 stars I liked it and I didn't like itThe relationship between the Mc's was very intense like an obsession. Nate was weird with his i'm just gonna call them his "quirks" and Ethan hmm I just didn't like him much.Good story though.

    18. Vicki Easom Johnson on said:

      Very beautiful dark song and danceThis starts out like a very dark, crazy, song and dance between two guys who meet at a bar. It is a lot of back and forth steps but no real meaning to the song and dance between them. It's the start of the dance and they have to learn the steps. However, their chemistry is breathtaking. The sex is hot! They fit in ways that you wouldn't think of. They were both broken in ways that needed mending so they could figure out how to make it to that final dance and mak [...]

    19. MamaBear on said:

      I really liked this book, unlike many others. This is not a hearts and flowers sweet romance about 2 perfect men in a perfect world where everything is perfect. If that is what you like to read, then you should pass on this one. This is a story about 2 men, Nate 22 and Ethan 26. Ethan ends his engagement to his finance because deep down he knows he's gay and it's time to quit living a lie. On the night of his break off, he goes to a club where he ends up getting the sh** beat out him and Ethan c [...]

    20. Baberaham on said:

      This story was extremely character driven to the point that it narrowed right in on Ethan and Nate's emotional experience, and it did so in a way that was suspenseful and never left me bored. The story was a sloooooooooowwwwww burn for me. Nate is such a tease that we spend what felt like the first half of the book not even knowing his name. The way he plays on Ethan's natural submisiveness made the intimate scenes so intense. When the finally did get intimate it was passionate -- like holy **** [...]

    21. Anne in VA on said:

      I have to agree with some of the other reviews. I finished this book not quite knowing how to feel about it. Seemed much shorter than what it says it was at approx 237 pages. It has a dom/sub feel,which I don't usually enjoy, but this worked for me because it didn't have the whole "play" production with the clubs and the 'yes master' and the contraptions. My biggest issue is that I had trouble connecting with the characters. There are glimpses that show character growth that could get REALLY goo [...]

    22. Lovinghotbooks on said:

      The book was a mess in the beginning but it got better and in the end it made me cry.Two men that are scarred and confused meets, Ethan is realising he's gay after braking up with his girlfriend and Nathaniel is drifting out of control.The writing style was a little challenging in the beginning but it was growing on me. The book is filled with raw feelings but I still don't get that feeling of really knowing the characters. Still, I must say there were times I could glimpse them.I do recommend i [...]

    23. Kris on said:

      This was a new author for me. And what a surprise too! The blurb caught my attention enough to buy it then once I started it, I only put it aside when I had to. I ended up staying up past my normal bedtime to finish it. The story and characters were so unusual from anything else I've read, almost bizarre, but I went with it and got sucked in. I loved the depth of emotions between the MCs. The intensity of their relationship- mental and physical- was almost too much. Almost! I really hated to fin [...]

    24. joani on said:

      A touch of something deepI think we could all relate to the type of love and desperate feeling you get when you are addicted to that one person. The love you wear for all to see and risk it getting trampled on. We all become self destructive when we feel like we can't hold on to that love. Both Nate and Ethan are so lost but when the find each other, life became worth living and with out that love life just ceases to matter. You can feel their pain and longing for one another deep in your soul. [...]

    25. ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ on said:

      2.8 StarsOkay, this. This is why I need to read the other reviews before I pick something random to read. The summary was intriguing and it seemed to be what I was looking fory, gah! No.The grammar and editing and characterization were all over the place. But it hadmething that made me want to continue. And I read the other reviews and it's the same thing. We just can't figure it out - why we wanted to keep torturing ourselves knowing it was a hot mess. Maybe I was hoping it would coalesce? Come [...]

    26. Amber Fueston on said:

      I really liked Nate and Ethan!This book kind of reminds me of Fight Club in that I find it very odd but I love it anyway. I can see where the haters of this book are coming from but for me it just worked. Both main characters are kind of crazy and messed up but for some reason they really work together. The ending was a little abrupt and I would have liked to have seen just a little bit or Nate's dominant side at the end. It was too sweet and wrapped up too neatly. I know there were a bunch of d [...]

    27. Cindra on said:

      If it was necessary to sum this book up in one word, that word would be INTENSE. And I gave it 5 stars for that intensity. Were there some editing issues like erroneous words, missing words, and even (cringes) spelling errors? Yesbut I don't care. I started this in the morning and was finished by 2 p.m. same day. Couldn't put the damn book down.d I tried.ally, I did. See that the general reviews are all over the place, but that doesn't matter to me--I loved this story, and will reread it a secon [...]

    28. Nic on said:

      What a beautiful messOh my goodness what a beautiful mess. This book had me going "WTH". Ok I can't even begin to explain how the two most emotionally dysfunctional men became involved with each other. This was a story of trying to find yourself and being true to you are regardless of what others may think. Both Ethan and Nate were both searching for that unknown thing and ended up finding it in each other. The author did a great job of showing the personal warfare of the main characters I enjoy [...]

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