Sacking the Quarterback

Samantha Towle James Patterson

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Sacking the Quarterback

Sacking the Quarterback The golden boy of football just went bad Quarterback Grayson Knight has a squeaky clean reputation in the football world So when he s arrested for drug possession lawyer Melissa St James knows that s

  • Title: Sacking the Quarterback
  • Author: Samantha Towle James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780316276580
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • The golden boy of football just went bad.Quarterback Grayson Knight has a squeaky clean reputation in the football world So when he s arrested for drug possession, lawyer Melissa St James knows that something doesn t add up It s clear he s hiding something, though he denies it But there s one thing he can t deny he wants Melissa.

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      247 Samantha Towle James Patterson
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    One thought on “Sacking the Quarterback

    1. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer on said:

      *****FOUR STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by AuthorSacking The Quarterback was a super quick and steamy read. Samantha Towle is one of my “go to” authors and when I saw that she was writing a romance involving an NFL Quarterback, well I knew that I just had to get my hands on this one. The story is co-written with James Patterson and fans of Samantha will be able to distinguish between the writing styles. I didn’t fully start to enjoy this one until the latter half of the story.Melissa [...]

    2. MELISSA *Mel Reader* on said:

      4 Stars!(ARC provided by author)Melissa St. James is a gorgeous 31 yr. old hard working, successful assistant state attorney in Miami. She is dedicated to her career & wants to become the state attorney by the time she's 35. She puts criminals behind bars & doesn't have time for relationships, attachments, or much of a personal life.Everything changes when she is sent to the police station because a superstar NFL football player is arrested. Her boss wants her to make an example of the s [...]

    3. Catarina on said:

      3,5 Sexy Stars. Grayson is one of the NFL golden stars. Everyone knows him and everyone loves him and so far he’s been having a really clean image… until he’s arrested for drug possession. Melissa is the assistant attorney responsible for his case, and something feels off. She doesn’t understand how a person that never did anything illegal suddenly gets caught in the middle of a big crime. She feels like he’s hiding something and in the search of finding the truth she gets to know the [...]

    4. Dee Montoya on said:

      3.5 SEXY STARS*****(ARC provided by the author via Netgalley)Short but super sexy, Sacking The Quarterback delivers one hell of a good time. This is a sports theme romance, where two people from completely opposite worlds collide in one sensual tale that will tackle your senses, and leave you breathless.Grayson Knight is the golden boy of football; the star quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. His whole life has been about football, working hard to earn his place in the NFL. Unfortunately for him [...]

    5. Lyndy Ann ♫ on said:

      This was just an okay read for me, I found it very predictable and the instant love was annoying and the H and h were just blah I felt no connection with them.This is why this is a short review I cannot be bothered.It was a quick read ideal as a filler as I am waiting for a new release to arrive on my kindle.

    6. Anna's Herding Cats on said:

      Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.: amzn/2bswanMSacking the Quarterback was a hot little quickie and a good bit of fun though you definitely need to suspend reality when you dive into the world of Melisa and Grayson. The abrasive assistant state attorney and the arrogant yet charismatic football player she's got up on a drug charge. Though something about the case isn't sitting quite right with Melissa.It took me a little bit to warm up to both Melissa and Grayson. Bitchy, stubborn, n [...]

    7. Snow on said:

      It was an okay read.But not quite what I expected from Samantha TowleIt lacked that pent up angsty thrill I m used to reading in her books, and everything just went on in an 'insta-mode' that just wasnt enough for me to develop anything more for the characters or the story.But, Samantha does write 'passion and tension' well, so that kinda heightened the rating.😉

    8. Lea ★ on said:

      This is a novella, so yeah, it was way too short I wanted more.

    9. Tahsin on said:

      This had the potential to be so much more! I understand that this is a short story, but it's missing a huge element any good story needs: believability. This is an example of what realists would label idealistic - at best. I found it completely all-over-the-place, and waaaaay too fucking idealistic to ever occur in the real world. Everything goes wrong, but suddenly all the kinks work themselves out in the snap of a finger? Right, even dreams don't work that way.

    10. Layeshia on said:

      This was a good story about a star athlete who takes the drug rap for his brother the dealer. On the woman he falls in love with who happens to be his prosecutor in the case. There is a forward by James Patterson.

    11. Melenia on said:

      I really really enjoyed this book. I don't read very many romance books and for me the shorter format really works. For me it's an enjoyable hour in another world, without too many extras.

    12. Rachel- Goodbye Borders on said:

      2.5*Melissa, the assistant state attorney, is tasked with throwing the book at Grayson. Grayson is arrested for drug possession. Grayson just happens to be the star player for the NFL. Melissa, the assistant state attorney, and Grayson are just HAWT for each other. Of course they are!I liked that Melissa, the assistant state attorney, was driven and smart. I didn't like how she was "struck dumb" by the hot guy. I didn't appreciate how willing she was to put her career on the line for a guy she j [...]

    13. ☆.。.:*・°☆Love2Read♡HEAs☆.。.:*・°☆ Anne on said:

      Rated 4.5 "Ballsy" StarsA little bit short but I was still ultimately satisfied.This story includes a bit of lawyer strategy, a few niiice Football tips demonstrated, one tough kickass attorney, a couple crooked officials, an extremely hunky Quarterback, a very unsuspecting romance, a mixed up younger brother, a loyal ex boyfriend, the DEA, some seriously under the cover time (or elsewhere), a protective family, justice served, and what could turn into LOVE SWEET LOVE.For one thing, I love every [...]

    14. Hollis on said:

      I'm noticing a trend in how I react to Towle books. I'll give you a hint. It has something to do with the rating.Brace yourself for quotes (only two, because I couldn't be bothered with more) and mocking commentary."I always want to kiss you. I have from the first moment I saw you."So, like, you mean since yesterday?"I'm the assistant state [attorney on]--""I know," he snaps, "you've already told me a hundred times."I KNOW THE FEELING, DUDE. For a book that is only a hundred pages, a short littl [...]

    15. Dorel on said:

      This is the 1st book I read by Samantha Towle. This book's story line was really good. I really liked the hot & steamy scenes. I liked Grayson's character. I felt bad for Grayson. I really liked Melissa's character. I really liked the ending.

    16. Clau on said:

      La verdad es que lo encontré sumamente poco realista. Okay, tienes a Melissa, abogada, asistente del fiscal, que básicamente en su vida tiene su carrera y ya. Adora su carrera y es lo más importante que tiene. Es por eso que se encuentra a las tres de la mañana en una comisaría, porque arrestaron a Grayson Knight, el quarterback estrella de no sé qué equipo. ¿Por qué? Posesión de droga, junto con microtráfico.Hasta aquí, podría decirse que es un tanto realista. Pero de ahí mete amo [...]

    17. Carol on said:

      Was so looking forward to a new book by Samantha Towle but this was mostly a miss for me. The storyline was clichéd and not well done in my opinion. I know this is fiction but Mel's character was a little unbelievable in her actions. I couldn't relate to her in the position as a state attorney and I was quite frankly a little disappointed, but then "The Mighty Storm" also by this author is one of my absolute favorite books and I tend to be more critical of authors that I know can write a really [...]

    18. Melanie Cesa on said:

      When quarterback Grayson Knight gets arrested, the assistant State Attorney, Melissa St. James, is more than he bargained for. There’s no denying the chemistry between them, but is there more to the story than Grayson is letting on? Can she uncover the truth of what is going on without giving in to her desire for Grayson and destroying her career?A short, sweet, and sexy story mixed with some good tension and excitement.

    19. Chanpreet on said:

      This is a really quick read. I was surprised by how thoroughly the story was told in a little over a hundred pages. I would've loved to read something from the male point of view, otherwise the story was great!

    20. Xiaver Tovar on said:

      I love Samantha Towle, but this book was kind of stupid :(

    21. Connie on said:

      Fifty more pages and this would have been 5 stars! Great story but under-developed. The characters Melissa, Grayson and even Matt are terrific; the suspense page-turning, but just way too short!

    22. Deborah on said:

      What a spicy, quick read!! I love Samantha Towle and her style of writing! When I read the blurb on this one, I knew I had to read it! It is co-written with James Patterson and you could see his input. The styles mesh and I loved their finish product!Melissa, Mel, is the assistant state attorney living in Miami. She's biding her time till she can be the next state attorney by working over and above what's expected of her. When the biggest case of her career lands in her lap, she tackles it with [...]

    23. Autumn on said:

      Assistant State Attorney Melissa St. James has a job to do and she does it exceptionally well. It’s up to her to make sure that the bad guys are held accountable for their crimes. No amount of money or fame could ever cloud her judgement. At least that’s what she thought before she met Grayson Knight.Grayson is not only the quarterback for the revered Miami Dolphins but now he’s also a suspected criminal. He’s been arrested while in possession of enough drugs to keep all of South Beach i [...]

    24. Shannon on said:

      Sacking the QuarterbackThe Characters:Melissa St. James in the beginning is a career minded young lawyer with drive and motivation. Somewhere along the week or so this book covers this all changes. She is still motivated but her goals/priorities change. Grayson Knight star athlete and all around boy next door trying to keep his family safe. The Story:Something about this book has left me… unsettled. I think it’s the way Mel changes throughout the story. Everything happens so quickly that it [...]

    25. Amanda Gylling on said:

      I've heard so many good things about Samantha Towle's writing and so was glad when I saw this novel in the store. Novellas are one of the best ways to try out an author and see if you like them without committing to a full-length book. I also really wanted to read this book because it's a sports romance, specifically football, and I love sports romance. This story includes a female lead who is a lawyer which I don't typically enjoy. Lawyer stories never appeal to me but I liked this female lead. [...]

    26. Joan on said:

      Quarterback Grayson Knight has a squeaky-clean reputation. So how did he manage to get himself arrested for drug possession? The answer to that question doesn’t bother assistant state attorney Melissa St. James; she’s determined to see justice served.But when she interviews the popular athlete, it’s clear to her that he’s hiding something. And as she digs into the case, she finds too many questions and far too few facts. But he won’t budge from his initial statement, and her boss is in [...]

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