Gods and Monsters (Justice League of America)

Bruce Timm J.M. DeMatteis Thony Silas

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Gods and Monsters (Justice League of America)

Gods and Monsters Justice League of America The prequel to the critically acclaimed animated film from an all star lineup of creators including Bruce Timm BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES J M DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL Thony Silas BA

  • Title: Gods and Monsters (Justice League of America)
  • Author: Bruce Timm J.M. DeMatteis Thony Silas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The prequel to the critically acclaimed animated film, from an all star lineup of creators including Bruce Timm BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES , J.M DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL , Thony Silas BATMAN BEYOND and many In this alternate universe, the Justice League isn t a team of the world s greatest superheroes who protect Earth from evil and save it from diThe prequel to the critically acclaimed animated film, from an all star lineup of creators including Bruce Timm BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES , J.M DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL , Thony Silas BATMAN BEYOND and many In this alternate universe, the Justice League isn t a team of the world s greatest superheroes who protect Earth from evil and save it from disaster No this Justice League is a trio of ruthless heroes who answer to no one and will stop at nothing to destroy their enemies The names are the same, but not the people they re attached to Superman is the son of Zod, Batman is an inhuman vampire, and Wonder Woman is a tragic former resident of New Genesis These are the world s best and only hope Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE GODS AND MONSTERS 1 3, JUSTICE LEAGUE GODS AND MONSTERS SUPERMAN 1, JUSTICE LEAGUE GODS AND MONSTERS BATMAN 1, and JUSTICE LEAGUE GODS AND MONSTERS WONDER WOMAN 1.

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      151 Bruce Timm J.M. DeMatteis Thony Silas
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    One thought on “Gods and Monsters (Justice League of America)

    1. Anne on said:

      Looking at the reviews, I think this might not be for anyone who hasn't seen (and liked) the movie first. I suppose the reason for this one was to give fans a bit more background on each of the three main characters.For me, this was perfect! For anyone else? No idea.While it's titled JLA, these aren't our Justice Leaguers. Superman is Zod's son who fell from sky and was raised by Hispanic migrant workers. Wonder Woman is the granddaughter of Highfather, and ultimately betrayed (unwillingly) her [...]

    2. Chelsea on said:

      So, this started out as interesting.The first story is about the origin of Hernan, son of Zod. It details his life being raised by hispanic immigrants in the south. His father believes in the American dream but Hernan thinks he's just fooling himself. They're migrant workers and they've been asking Hernan to hide his abilities his entire life. It's clear that his family loves him, even as they sometimes fear him. Hernan is an angry character, very unlike Clark. He curses America, his family, God [...]

    3. Steve on said:

      I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review. This felt like a 90s cartoon throwback of an elseworlds story. It didn't grab my attention at all, and the artwork was very simplistic, like a beginner trying to capture his/her heroes. 2 stars, recommended only for fans of the JLA: Gods and Monsters movie.

    4. Carla on said:

      **I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**Superman (Issues #1-3)Rating: 2/5After leaving his sister in a wheelchair, Hernán Guerra starts hating his powers and does his best not to use them. Years later, after an incident with his neighbors, Hernán leaves his town and the guilt he feels drives him to seek all the pleasures that life can offer.I seriously couldn't like this guy, there's just something in me that keeps me from pitying a wealthy m [...]

    5. Patrick on said:

      To be fair I saw the Animated movie long before I read this, and I'm a bit of a Bruce Timm fanboy. I liked this. It's very different than most stories you will read, and also felt like an elseworld story, which is cool. The only issue I didn't like was the Wonder Woman one shot. That was too far out for me. Batman Being Kirk Langstrom and also a Vampire was very interesting. I won't spoil anything else. But I recommend this if you grew up watching Justice league or Batman the Animated series. I [...]

    6. Jacob on said:

      Public library copy. Nothing to write home about. I liked the Rick Leonardi interior art and Darwyn Cooke covers, but little else. The cartoon was okay and this book wasn't any better or worse. At $23, it's far too expensive to buy considering how little I enjoyed it.

    7. Quinn Rollins on said:

      Bleak. There are pieces of it I really liked--or wanted to. The Superman story in particular, having Kal-El be the son of migrant farm workers, had a lot of potential. But overall the darkness became oppressive. Not a fan of the darkness, the blood, the despair. Go figure.

    8. Kate on said:

      Holy balls this was painful. Full review to follow, after a gallon of bourbon and two dozen tramadol to numb the pain.

    9. Wing Kee on said:

      I read all the issues separately but here is a review of all 4 tie in stories.Superman:Short but powerful gut punch of a comic.I like Elseworld stories and alternate version and this ones a good one. Not only is it from Timm but it takes the Superman character but does not turn him bad, but just different.World: The art is simple and straight forward, with good character designs. I love the world building here, it takes it's time and at the heart of this is a character tale which is deep and com [...]

    10. Jim on said:

      I really enjoyed the movie, so I was really looking forward to these prequels. Wow. Superman’s backstory was intense. Of course it was well-written. It was Bruce Timm. (And J.M. DeMatteis.) Wow. Batman’s story was even better. And darker. And more intense. I would love to see more stories on these characters. They’re a slightly different take on the heroes. Dark heroes. Both searching for some form of redemption. And Wonder Woman? Bekka? She didn’t call herself anything in the story. She [...]

    11. Patrice on said:

      The art and story were both really well done (for all the art styles involved). The alternate characters placed into the classic archetypes were well developed and compelling in each origin story. The shift also allowed for grittier stories and subject material and made room for (in some cases requiring) a more flexible moral perspective for the characters. Lots of gray areas here. There were additionally, alternate variations of familiar characters from elsewhere in the DC universe in addition [...]

    12. Sergio Ponce on said:

      I picked this up because the different takes on the characters sounded interesting. In that sense the comic is not disappointing. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are all different, two of them being completely different people.For me the weakest part of the books were the exposition boxes. I thought they were fine when going through the new origins but after that they were unwelcome. Particularly the over preach-y ones by a reporter who I will not name. Aside from that I think it's an enjoyab [...]

    13. Derrick Johnson on said:

      My kind of heroesI really enjoy this take on DCs big three. I am tired of comics where the bad guy is allowed to return and kill, kill and kill. It’s nice to see ‘justice’ done to those that would normally be allowed to come back and kill and kill again.

    14. Adan on said:

      An interesting take on the DC trinity, in which Superman was raised by Mexican migrant parents and grows up to be an asshole, Wonder Woman is Bekka, a refugee from New Genesis, and Batman is Kirk Langstrom, a vampiric killer. But most importantly, the Wall is POTUS, and that's amazing.

    15. Ashley on said:

      Actual Rating: 2 1/2 stars. Rounded down for the simple fact that 3 stars stands for "I liked it" and I feel that it was "ok".I have yet to watch the film that this prequel graphic is paired with, despite the fact that I own it and have since last year. I discovered this hardback at a used bookstore and I thought it to be source material from which the movie was based on. Since the price-tag attached to the hardback was only $4.95, I figured that I would add it to my collection, even if it didn' [...]

    16. Victor Orozco on said:

      I haven't seen this Animated Movie yet, and I don't think that I will.This was just to weird for me. A Kryptonian raised as Mexican immigrant, a New God stuck throughout the twentieth century and a Vampire fighting crime.I can't take this seriously. I like the beginnings of each, but afterwards when they team up? Its so unbelievable, that I could barely read this any longer.F

    17. Matt on said:

      Collects Justice League: Gods and Monsters issues #1-3, Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Superman issue #1, Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Batman issue #1, Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Wonder Woman issue #1Bruce Timm is the mastermind behind "Batman: The Animated Series," as well as many of the other great DC animated series. He created this dark, alternate universe version of the Justice League in which the three main heroes are completely different people than the ones that usua [...]

    18. Norman Cook on said:

      Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a great alternate-reality version of the DC trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This is a darker take on the familiar heroes, with compelling origin stories and complicated relationships. Sometimes the mainstream versions of these heroes, especially Superman, are too caught up in years of continuity and narrow interpretations of their personalities to produce interesting new situations and conflicts. Branching out with skewed versions enables the w [...]

    19. Ron on said:

      JLA: Gods and Monsters provides an alternate world where the usual suspects (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, etc.) play out. The three main characters each are given origin stories and then a three issue Genesis storyline brings them together and has a Justice League of America established at the end. The characters are grim with Batman plonked out without explanation in regard to his origin. The narrative voice of Lois Lane is clearly biased. All things comb [...]

    20. Jennie Taylor on said:

      I really liked the darker, more cynical retelling of the origins of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I've always been a fan of comic book art, and the darker artwork in this was great. I really liked the spin where the heroes weren't quite as heroic as we have seen in the past. They each struggle with a very dark side, and it makes them much more relatable. I like that there is a running narrative from Lois Lane, who isn't the Superman fangirl we all know from previous Superman incarnations, b [...]

    21. Theediscerning on said:

      Why on earth go to the ends of having decent-sized prologue episodes establishing a completely different Superman to the one we know, a very abnormal Wonder Woman – oh, and a vampire Batman? Because if you did the decent thing instead, and used real characters to tell your story and not bastardise other people's, you'd not sell a single copy. That's because your main plot is ridiculous – excessively wordy, infodump after exposition after pointless debate after countless character discussion. [...]

    22. Drucilla on said:

      Other than the fact that I hate Wonder Woman's outfit with the fire of a thousands suns, I really like this alternate universe. I first watched the animated movie and thought it was (with my limited DC knowledge) a truly original take on the DC big three. I was very excited when I heard they were doing a prequel comic. While the movie tells their origins, the comic fleshes the characters out and describes how they (reluctantly) came to be the Justice League. I really hope there's more done with [...]

    23. Chad on said:

      I love that DC is bringing back the Elseworlds concept. However there aren't any likable characters in this book. Everyone is awful so there's no one to root for.Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    24. Douglas Joseph on said:

      I was not a big fan of the art. The stories were interesting and fun. It was good setup for the movie.

    25. Ogreart Art on said:

      I have posted my review on my webpage. Come on by for a visitbsbookshelf/201

    26. Kevin on said:

      Very different take on the JLA Trinity. I would like to see more in its own multiverse ongoing comic.

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