Liberty (Dogs of World War II)

Kirby Larson

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Liberty (Dogs of World War II)

Liberty Dogs of World War II Fish has a knack for inventing His annoying neighbor Olympia has a knack for messing things up But when his latest invention leads Fish to Liberty a beautiful stray dog who needs a home he and Oly

  • Title: Liberty (Dogs of World War II)
  • Author: Kirby Larson
  • ISBN: 9780545840712
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fish has a knack for inventing His annoying neighbor, Olympia, has a knack for messing things up But when his latest invention leads Fish to Liberty, a beautiful stray dog who needs a home, he and Olympia work together to rescue her.At the Higgins boatyard, where the boats that just might save the Allied forces during World War II are built, the wartime workforce is inteFish has a knack for inventing His annoying neighbor, Olympia, has a knack for messing things up But when his latest invention leads Fish to Liberty, a beautiful stray dog who needs a home, he and Olympia work together to rescue her.At the Higgins boatyard, where the boats that just might save the Allied forces during World War II are built, the wartime workforce is integrated and includes women and the disabled However, a friendship that crosses racial lines is not the norm in 1940s New Orleans.Fish, who suffered from polio and whose dad is away fighting in Europe, looks up to Mr Higgins, and he s thrilled when one of his inventions helps Mr Higgins s engineers unlock the mechanics of the landing crafts Mr Higgins inspires him to be bold and brave As Fish enlists the help of unexpected friends and allies to save Liberty, he finds his perceptions of the world of race and war, family and friendship transformed.

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      236 Kirby Larson
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    One thought on “Liberty (Dogs of World War II)

    1. Jana on said:

      I am really happy that I had the opportunity to read Liberty by Kirby Larson because I think it is going to be a terrific book for middle grade readers. This is a historical fiction novel that I'm really looking forward to sharing with students. It has characters and situations that kids will recognize from their own lives and from other middle grade novels that they're likely to have read. It also will allow kids to step back in time to the 1940s and learn more about World War II and what it mu [...]

    2. Mary Lee on said:

      This is the best of the Dogs of WWII series, in my opinion. The way Larson wove the story lines is impeccable. I knew what was going to happen, but I had no idea how she was going to get there! There were surprises around every corner. So many things to love about this book -- the main character overcoming his body image (polio), the interracial friendship, the girl power (main character's sister who aspires to be an engineer), the great quotes:"Don't let others set the bar for you.""We do not k [...]

    3. Charlie on said:

      Enjoyed reading this story of a dog and his friends that took place during WW11. It's about friendship that crosses the racial lines and a real passion for believing in their quest to do the right thing. Excellent story for the young and older generation (that's me). Won this free book from for an honest review.

    4. Alex Baugh on said:

      t's 1944 and Fish Elliot and his sister Mo have moved to New Orleans from Seattle while their dad is overseas fighting in the war. Now, Mo is working for Higgins Industries, manufacturer of LCVPs (or Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel), and spending time with her new boyfriend, Roy. Fish, who had contracted polio when he was younger that left him with a weakened leg, loves to tinker and invent things. While working on a trap to catch whatever is eating up his neighbor Miss Zona's Victory Garden, [...]

    5. Anne on said:

      A sweet but predictable story about a boy named Fish who likes to invent things, his nosy and irritating neighbor Olympia, and a dog named Liberty. There are lots of things to like about this historical fiction novel set in WWII New Orleans where there is room for women and disabled people to work in the big factory, but a friendship between a white boy and a black girl is cause for alarm. Another draw is the precious dog named Liberty who is rescued through patience and then needs to be rescued [...]

    6. Margie on said:

      Without authors and illustrators willing to research our historical past, many windows into these time periods remain closed. Their efforts deepen and broaden our views beyond textbooks. When their focus is on people and places in realities other than our own, their books are like a time machine we can hold in our hands.In her series Dogs of World War II author Kirby Larson takes specific aspects of the war enlightening and captivating readers. She begins with Duke ( Press, August 27, 2013) acqu [...]

    7. PamPage on said:

      A new historical fiction by Kirby Larson, set in New Orleans during WWII. Fish is a young boy with a leg damaged by polio and his best friend is his neighbor, Olympia. Fish lives with his sister, Mo because their father is fighting in the war and their mother died giving birth to Fish. A dog enters Fish's life and this creates complications but also joy for him. Another story with a German soldier, Erich, is a part of this book and I could not wait to see how these stories would come together. F [...]

    8. Kristen on said:

      Another cute dog/WWII book from Kirby Larson. This one takes place in New Orleans, where ships are being built and POWs are being held. I like that there are other issues addressed in the book along with the struggles of a country at war: race relations and segregation (Fish is white and his friend Olympia is black), the treatment of the disabled (Fish has trouble walking due to a bout of polio), and what it means to be a hero.

    9. Cara Cahill on said:

      I am a sucker for dog stories, so of course I was excited to read this one. I fell in love with Fish And Olympia-both are characters that my students could easily relate to. I think this book is a great way to help kids move into different genres. I love how Larson intertwines the stories of the characters so flawlessly.

    10. Jan on said:

      Another great addition to Kirby Larson's Dogs of World War II series. I'm really hoping she writes at least a few more of these as I really do love them. Kids who love to read about dogs will enjoy this heartfelt story and also learn some interesting, but probably little known facts about some things that were happening here in the states (specifically New Orleans where this story takes place) during the war. I say that because I didn't know about a lot of the things I read about in this book. L [...]

    11. Barbara on said:

      Watching how Kirby Larson pulls together the different threads of a story is fascinating no matter what she writes, but it is particularly interesting here in this book set in 1940s New Orleans. Fish Elliot has survived polio with only a bit of a limp to slow him down, and he and his older sister Mo do all right for themselves while his father is fighting in WWII. She nurtures his interest in building and inventing and allows him to roam the streets as long as he comes back by dark. When Fish se [...]

    12. Pam on said:

      I listened to an electronic version of this book.In the 1940s, Fish (who is working on strengthening his leg after having polio) and his older sister Mo get along just great, but Mo has a new beau. Fish loves inventing things, to the delight of his Neighbor Olympia. Fish invents a device to trap a stray dog, because a neighbor thinks the dog is getting into his chickens. Fish names the dog Liberty, and begins to train the dog.Mo works for the local ship builder. One of Fish's inventions gains th [...]

    13. Diane on said:

      "Inside each piece of wood waits its true self, yearning to be revealed by the carver This is true of people, too. We do not know what lies within until we are prodded into action."Michael "Fish" Elliot is a budding inventor and a polio survivor, though he still walks with a limp. He feels like he is a disappointment to his father and that he is the reason his Dad enlisted in the army. After Pop leaves, Fish and older sister Mo move to New Orleans from Seattle in order for Mo to get a job. She [...]

    14. Ingrid on said:

      I have read both Dash and Duke that feature a dog and are set during World War II just as this book is too. Fish and his neighbor Olympia become friends as they come to the aid of a stray dog that Fish names Liberty. The book is set in New Orleans and although Fish (white) and Olympia (African American) are neighbors they don't go to the same school because of segregation. The story gives you a sense of what life was like for families waiting at home for loved ones fighting in the war. A German [...]

    15. Memory Toast on said:

      I've been meaning to get around to this for a while and glad I finally did. Reminded me of aKristin Levine book. Some part history, some part sweet, some part sad and weighty, some part inspiring, and always about the beauty of and meaning of friendship.

    16. Tanja on said:

      I absolutely agree with Kirkus Review, "Practically perfect". Kirby Larson's books are historical fiction for young readers at its very best: thoroughly researched, with likeable casts of characters, suspenseful storytelling with lots of important messages embedded, and more. I loved that this story is narrated from different perspectives.

    17. Laurie Mc on said:

      Well written and entertaining. I wish I had a young kid to read this to! It could be a favorite to a young child!

    18. Patricia on said:

      Loved this book! Great job weaving the details from New Orleans and the time period and tying the story lines together. Great characters too. Love this series and the author.

    19. Carol Baldwin on said:

      When Alan Gratz, a prolific NC author, presented a workshop at SCBWI-Carolinas in 2010 on Plot and Pacing, my blog was only a few years old and I was learning how to review books. Fast forward to 2016, and I've decided to integrate writing craft instruction as much as possible into my reviews. LIBERTY (, 2016), by Kirby Larson is the third in her Dogs of War series for readers in grades 3-7. As Gratz stated in the opening of his workshop, a good story must include conflict. "Kids won't read bori [...]

    20. Sadie Forsythe on said:

      I won this here on and attempted to read it to my children. Unfortunately, at 6 & 9, I don't think they are quite old enough to understand a lot of the historical aspects of the novel and they lost interest about 60 pages in. Eventually, we just stopped picking it up at night and it sat unattended on the coffee table. Tired of looking at it, I read it just to finish it so I could put it away. I think when a little older my girls will enjoy Liberty and I definitely think it's a book worth re [...]

    21. Sue on said:

      Fish and his sister Mo have moved to New Orleans from Seattle, after their POP joined the army. Mo has a job working for Higgins ship building company and Fish attends school, his new friend is Olympia, an African-American that lives next door. Fish had polio and suffers from a leg that has atrophied, so he gets bullied at school or just left out of things. Then he finds a stray dog, Liberty and befriends the dog.Liberty is frightened by thunder and gets away while they are giving her a bath. Bo [...]

    22. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* on said:

      Larson, Kirby Liberty, 240 pages. Press, 2016. Content: PG (some mild animal abuse, attempted drowning of puppies).Fish tries not to let the consequences of polio let him down. His father is away fighting in Europe and Fish looks up to Mr. Higgins, an important inventor who has important contracts with the military. He catcher Mr. Higgins eye when his older sister Mo takes one of his inventions to work. More importantly to Fish, is the stray dog that he is seeing around town. He tries to befrie [...]

    23. Linda on said:

      Fish, the protagonist, is dealing with many things in his life. He can't run as fast as the other boys due to one leg being shorter due to polio. His father is off fighting in the war and he is living with his sister, who works for Mr. Higgins, the largest warship manufacturer in the U.S. When Fish encounters a stray dog needing a good home, he is determined to make this dog his but other forces are at work to prevent that from happening. Along the way, Fish is helped by his neighbor Olympia, wh [...]

    24. JoJo Ames on said:

      This historical fiction would appeal to upper elementary/middle grade students. Fish is a young boy, disabled by polio, living with his older sister, Mo. They reside in New Orleans during World War II. Their widowed father is away fighting the war, and Mo works for a local ship builder. The strength of this story is seeing Fish grow, emotionally and physically. With the help of Olympia, an African American neighbor girl, Fish strives to rescue a cur dog, he names Liberty. Alternative chapters fo [...]

    25. Kathleen Guinnane on said:

      Another good WWII dog book from Kirby Larson. I enjoyed both Duke and Dash, but Liberty takes a special spot in my heart because it takes place in New Orleans. Fish finds a stray dog and eventually catches her, with some help from the neighbor girl, and names her Liberty. Fish lives with his older sister who works at Higgins boatyard where they're making boats for the D-Day landing. She has dreams of becoming an engineer, but is currently working in the office. This book has a bad guy (who cages [...]

    26. Suzanne Maley on said:

      A heartfelt story that takes place in New Orleans during WWll. The story focuses on Fish, a boy with polio, who is cared for by his sister Mo. Their father is away fighting in the war. Their neighbors, Olympia and her grandmother help them a lot. As you read you may not realize until you are fully committed to the story (or if you looked closely at the cover) that Fish is white and Olympia is Black. The story incorporates real life Mr. Higgins whose company made boats for the Navy that Eisenhowe [...]

    27. Stephanie on said:

      I won this book in a giveaway.The story is told in alternating viewpoints. One is a German soldier and the other is a boy named Fish who lives in Louisiana. I enjoyed hearing from both characters, but would have even liked to see them each develop a little bit more. Fish and his neighbor, Olympia, aren't the best of friends in the beginning of the story. But when he tries to save a dog who seems to have no home, Olympia wants to help. Fish names the dog Liberty and she plays an important role i [...]

    28. Serina on said:

      Solid historical read in the 40s thats about a boy and his dog he names Liberty. Its around world war 2 and he has polio in one leg. He has a spunky neighbor thats black. He's paranoid that she'll make fun of him but as time goes by, he gets comfortable with her. There's mention of the segregation and prejudices of the time. Its not the main focus of the book, just something they have to deal with. Really dealing with the uncertainty of living during a war. Alternates with an interesting story o [...]

    29. Julie on said:

      I have resisted reading other "Dogs of World War II" books, but it was available in e-book format from the library, and so I took a shot. I'm glad I did. While I have to wonder if this is just a regurgitation of other stories in the series, on its surface, I enjoyed "Liberty". It touches on serious subjects (like racism and segregation, the devastation of war and particularly World War II), but the focus of the story is on a stray dog and the two kids who rescue her. For kids in elementary schoo [...]

    30. Hayley on said:

      Liberty is a touching story with a boy and a dog at the heart of a tale set in New Orleans in 1944: White 5th grader Michael ‘Fish’ Elliott is working hard to overcome the effects of polio on his leg, and when he adopts a stray dog, Liberty, she gives him the incentive to try harder. Ms. Larson skillfully squeezes in a lot of thematic weight with the support characters without getting didactic. See my full review here.

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