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Katie When Katie O Callaghan left Ireland in search of a better life in America she never dreamed that she d end up having to flee Boston and head West less than a year later But after suffering at the han

  • Title: Katie
  • Author: Rachel Wesson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Katie O Callaghan left Ireland in search of a better life in America, she never dreamed that she d end up having to flee Boston and head West less than a year later But after suffering at the hands of her greedy Uncle, she is forced to take the only way out she can marry a stranger out west Daniel Sullivan is in need of a wife if he wants the bank to lend him moWhen Katie O Callaghan left Ireland in search of a better life in America, she never dreamed that she d end up having to flee Boston and head West less than a year later But after suffering at the hands of her greedy Uncle, she is forced to take the only way out she can marry a stranger out west Daniel Sullivan is in need of a wife if he wants the bank to lend him money for his new business Too bad the only girl he s interested in one he met during a train robbery is already taken Katie is determined to honour her promise to marry her fianc despite losing her heart to Daniel.

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    One thought on “Katie

    1. Ðawn on said:

      Pretty good, especially for a freebie.This is a clean romance . Kissing only, which is ok to me as long as it has some really sweet romance. This one is very sweet, and I did not mind so much that it was clean. It was a bit too Godly though, but not terribly.The heroine leaves Ireland to go to Boston with her sister to stay with family, looking for a better life. Ireland is stricken with famine, and her family's farm was recently confiscated by the English.Boston turns out to be almost worse tha [...]

    2. Cindy Nipper on said:

      Katie (Clover Springs Mail Order Bride Book 1) I received an advance cope from the Author for the purpose or reading and reviewing.From the moment, I started reading this book I was drawn in. An Irish family leaves Ireland to find their way in America. Leaving their Father behind with the grave of their mother, the two young girls seek to start over again. Picked up on the American shores by her cruel Uncle, Katie quickly discovers this is not what her dreams are made of.Oh the woes of the immig [...]

    3. Sandie Laughner on said:

      I absolutely loved this book!! I was captivated from the first page. A clean mail order bride story with twists and turns. I can't wait to read more from Ms Wesson. :)

    4. Scarlet Fanning on said:

      Katie O'Callaghan and her younger sister Ellen leave Ireland after their home is burned down and their mother's death. They are coming to America for a better future. They are met by their father's brother, but he turns out to be a disappointment. Katie seeks a mail-order bride contract and accepts a rancher's contract.On the train west to Colorado, Katie is attracted to Daniel Sullivan, who is also on the train. He is also attracted to her. They met as the train is being robbed by outlaws. Kati [...]

    5. Sharon Rudolph on said:

      Great bookThis was a sweet, fun read. I really love the mail order bride books and this one was a great book to read, I look forward to reading Mary's book and Ellen's book . The characters in this book for fun and I felt a real connection with them. The storyline was wonderful I read the whole book in one sitting.

    6. Jackie Blatt on said:

      Katie Clover Springs Mail Order Brides Book 1A delightful and very good book to read. It's an interesting story about how they were so different than the other mail order brides I've read. A little mystery and a good time reading.

    7. Heather on said:

      This was a bookbub book and I liked the name of the book and the idea of a girl coming from Ireland becoming a mail order bride. It's an interesting time in America's history. This was the first in a whole series of books but could be a stand alone book also.

    8. Sylvia Joseph on said:

      Turning Tragedy to HappinessVery well written love story great discreption of what happens on the boats where people pay good money to go to a better world, things are rough and tough. Enjoyed the story very much. I suggest it as a good read for any age.

    9. Donna Bagby on said:

      Katie-Clover Springs Mail Order Bride 1Katie is the first in this series about the life and struggles of young Irish teen immigrants who have come to America. This was a good story and showed how Katie had to be strong for not only herself but for her younger sister. When things do not work out at the uncle’s, she arranges to be a mail-order bride out West. There is much danger, excitement as well as romance with a good twist to the ending.

    10. Whoeps on said:

      I love Clover Springs! Once I started this book I had to read the whole series.

    11. Karyn Porter on said:

      Good, quick readThis a good book and a quick read. I liked the story and couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more about what happens to the rest of them.

    12. Ashley Lavering on said:

      Light and funA good story with lots to root for. Enjoyed the love story and the characters.a nice fast read that ends happy.

    13. Kyle Kelman on said:

      Sweet storyThis is an easy read, rather predictable ending, but the characters are genuine and the history of immigrants from Ireland after the famine is interesting.

    14. Kathy on said:

      Katie O’Callaghan and her younger sister Ellen have been sent away from the destitute family situation in Ireland. Her Uncle Joe and Aunt Margaret agreed to take them into their fancy Boston home. However, they are forced to be servants rather than being treated like family. After almost a year, Katie realizes she has to get Ellen out of her uncles’ caustic home. She reads an ad in the newspaper for Mail Order Brides and applies. The last thing Mortis Cassidy, living near Clear Creek, Colora [...]

    15. Stephanie (Between the Coverz) on said:

      Katie and her sister Ellen left Ireland to find a better life in America with their uncle. However, it was not the life they were expecting. The aunt was very demanding and the uncle was hardly around. Katie realized that she had to get away for her and her sister. An ad for a mail order bride caught Katie’s attention so she started planning for a new life. What Katie didn’t plan on was being stuck in Clover Springs, Colorado for several days with no money after a train robbery gone wrong. B [...]

    16. Ruby Johnson on said:

      PredictableAs far as mail order bride stories go, this was a little different. The groom was a crook and his brother was a robber and killer. However, the hero just happened to need a wife to get a loan and he wanted the heroine. The story was going at a good pace then just fizzled out. If you like western historicals this may be the book for you.

    17. Carol Mcgrath on said:

      Mail Order Bride -A new series.This was a very good book. Katie came from Ireland with her sister Ellen. They lived with their Uncle Joe and his wife who treated them more like servants then relatives. Katie decided to become a mail order bride so she could keep her sister with her. Enroute to meeting her husband there was a train robbery and she ended up in Clover Springs. Daniel, who was a passenger bon the train suggested she stay at his mother's house. Her intended finally came to claim her [...]

    18. Melissa on said:

      Katie and her sister Ellen leave Ireland and arrive in Boston expecting a chance at a new life. Their uncle and aunt aren't looking to help their nieces, they just wanted free servants. Katie answers a mail order bride ad in hopes of getting them that new life. Stepping out on faith the girls head to Colorado. A train robbery changes things and they end up in the small town of Clover Springs.Daniel wants to buy the mercantile in town but one of the bank's requirements is that he be married. Ther [...]

    19. Cissie on said:

      This is a sweet new mail-order bride series by a new author! Ms. Wesson has done an excellent job in writing Katie and Daniel's story. Two girls escape an unfortunate situation in Ireland, only to enter into more troubles once they get to America. Things appear to get better for Katie, as she accepts an offer to be a mail-order bride. Except trouble is always lurking, waiting to derail life's plans. Enter Daniel, our heroI believe I read the whole story with a smile on my face, as Katie and Dani [...]

    20. Shirl on said:

      Katie is a wonderful story. It had be pulled into the story from page one. The life and times were new and hard for this young girl and her sister, but she had the spunk and will power to survive. The story made me cry angry and heart warming.A new country, new uncaring relatives and a new start as a mail order bride. Would this end their troubles? Would going out west to marry a stranger work? Would surprises follow her and her sister at every turn.This was a book I couldn't put down and loved [...]

    21. Tamara DiGrazia on said:

      Great bookA great story of a girl coming of age and her little sister leaving Ireland to start a new life with her father's family in America. She finds that her uncle and aunt just wanted them to work for them. To free herself she becomes a mail order bride and travels to Colorado. Things go south quickly and plans are thwarted. She encounters racism, a sense of family, love, and danger. The story is how she overcomes it all and comes out on top.

    22. Denise on said:

      This is such a sweet story. The Hero and Heroine are two people, that if they would just admit to it, would be a very well matched couple. The problem-she is betrothed to someone else. I love the way the author managed to disentangle the Heroine from her promise.The supporting cast of characters is wonderful. I can't wait to read their stories.(I received a copy of this book from the author for a review.)

    23. Sandra on said:

      Wow, my first book by Rachel Wesson. For me it had it all. This is a Christian, Historical, Western. Romantic, love story with a little twist. The characters of the story were well developed and the town was described so well, you could just imagine walking down the street to the Mercantile. It had the characters you just fall in love with, but also the busy bodies you love to hate. Can't wait to start my next book by Rachel.

    24. Bethany Swafford on said:

      When her uncle's idea of providing a home is in fact slaving for him and his wife, Katie determines that the best way to care for herself and her sister is to be a mail order bride. Recently, I've read a lot of the mail order bride stories I've read. This one was.good. There were a few missing punctuation marks in places. Katie was a nice character, though by the end I was exceedingly annoyed with her.If you enjoy clean, mail order brides, you'll probably enjoy this one.

    25. Kathy on said:

      Katie and her sister Ellen were sent by her father in Ireland to his brother in Boston so that they could have a better life. However it didn't turn out that way so Katie decided to become a mail-order bride and take her sister with her. The trip ended with a train robbery and murder. The train was damaged and repairs would take several days. Daniel who was also on the train took the two girls to his mothers boarding house. Things get compacted from there.

    26. Kirsi Johnson on said:

      Not BadThis was a cute, quick read. There was some inconsistency in the main character's backstory (mainly about her family), but overall this was a good read. Can't say that I'm putting it at the top of my list, but I'd read another book in this series. For those interested, this was a clean read.

    27. Amanda Hicks on said:

      I really enjoyed the first part of the book and about halfway through everything sped up and abruptly ended. Knowing that this book is the first of a series of books makes me want to grab the next book to continue the story, but I really do not want to invest the time to follow other characters. I think I'm good to leave it here.

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