The Spell Thief

Tom Percival

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The Spell Thief

The Spell Thief Meet Jack and his talking chicken Betsy Red Rapunzel Hansel and Gretel and a host of other Little Legends as they have fantastic new adventures Get to know your favorite fairytale characters like

  • Title: The Spell Thief
  • Author: Tom Percival
  • ISBN: 9781447292098
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Jack and his talking chicken Betsy, Red, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and a host of other Little Legends as they have fantastic new adventures Get to know your favorite fairytale characters like never before in this magical new book series.Life for Jack is great he s got a magical talking hen named Betsy, he lives in a town where stories literally grow on trees, anMeet Jack and his talking chicken Betsy, Red, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and a host of other Little Legends as they have fantastic new adventures Get to know your favorite fairytale characters like never before in this magical new book series.Life for Jack is great he s got a magical talking hen named Betsy, he lives in a town where stories literally grow on trees, and all his best friends live there with him That is, until Anansi, the new kid in town, arrivesWhen Jack sees Anansi having a secret meeting with a troll everything changes Trolls mean trouble and Jack will stop at nothing to prove that Tale Town is in danger Even if that means using stolen magic

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    One thought on “The Spell Thief

    1. Melisa on said:

      A cute story with a good message!My four year old enjoyed the story, as well as the illustrations, as a read aloud and my six year old found that it was at a good reading level for him. The fairytale themed characters were a fun aspect of the story which I think I appreciated more than my boys!This is me being super picky here, but didn't love the use of the word "idiot." While it's not exactly a "bad" word, it is in our house, and it's not a word I really want my small kids reading and repeatin [...]

    2. Debbie on said:

      5 stars as rated by my 7 year old daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed the story and the illustrations.

    3. Aaron on said:

      A great book to read with seven year old. She was able to read it to me as well. Plenty of familiar characters and plot points from other fairy tales, and some original humour mixed in.

    4. Sharon Tyler on said:

      The Spell Thief is the first book in the Little Legends series by Tom Percival and is currently scheduled for release on December 6 2016. Jack (of the beanstalk fame) and his magical talking chicken, Betsy, have always been great at making new friends. But when Jack spots Anansi, the new kid in town, talking to a troll in the Deep Dark Woods, everything changes. Everyone knows that trolls mean trouble, and Jack will do anything to prove to the rest of his friends that Anansi is a troll spy. Even [...]

    5. Sarah on said:

      Gained from netgalley I have been reading this chapter book to my 6yr old daughterThis story didn't hold my daughters interest for as long at a time as some other chapter books have done though to be fair it is aimed at 7+ readersI liked the idea of incorporating fairy tale characters such as Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretal, Jack (from Jack and the beanstalk) and building a story around them it gave my daughter characters she had heard of as a starting point, my daughter told me she liked the girls [...]

    6. Beyond the Pages on said:

      I thought that this was such a uniquely presented story. It was visually appealing, playful and quite humorous. The storyline was easy to follow, but with that said, I confess that it was so different than what I had anticipated. I believe kids will certainly enjoy this book. I would also add that I think this book would make a great read aloud for the family unit. There are many lessons and talking points that can be explored. Rating: 3/5Recommend: YesNetGalley

    7. Robert Marsh on said:

      Loads of fun with some seriously wicked humor. Excellent artwork as always. Another winner for Mr. Percival.

    8. Melanie on said:

      The girls and I laughed so hard reading this book. There are tons of pictures and the story is a good one. Jack and his friends live in a town called "tale town" with a tree in the center that records their stories. One day, a strange boy comes in on a ship and everyone likes him, except for Jack, who say him talking to some suspicious gnomes and then caught him fibbing about it.Jack then sets off to prove how bad the new kid is, and manages to dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole as one pl [...]

    9. Kristi on said:

      My two 7 year olds loved this book, and there were parts I really enjoyed: Jack's storyline about the consequences of rushing to judgement about a person, and how to repair the damage that often arises from that, is one. The illustrations were also super, and I automatically love any story that has a hen as a sidekick. However, I had higher expectations from a modern take on fairytale characters. Nevertheless, I enjoyed how much my children enjoyed the story, so we will continue with book 2 in t [...]

    10. Brandy on said:

      Read this aloud, all in one go, to Violet (age 4) today. We liked the characters based on familiar fairy/folk tales and the imaginative setting (love the treetop cafe!), but I was less thrilled by the storyline and occasional slightly-too-gruesome references. But points for the excitement level and cool illustrations that kept us reading and the take-home message (according to Violet) that “it’s about being kind.” 3.5 stars and we’ll definitely check out the rest of the series.

    11. Serenity on said:

      This was a cute little beginning chapter book. The middle seemed to drag a little, and the moral was a bit heavy handed, but that kind of fits with the fairy tale motif. I was disappointed that the download did not read well on my kindle. The illustrations were broken up and the text was choppy in places. I would like to see a print copy. I will most likely purchase this for my library. *I received an eARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley*

    12. Marissa on said:

      The first book in a fun chapter book series by Tom Percival! Great twist on the fairy-tale genre in the Little Legends series! Great illustrations and easy to read for 2nd grade and up! Full of excitement and humor, your child won't be disappointed with The Spell Thief! Definitely going to be adding this and all the Little Legends books to my school library! Recommended for ages 7 - 10 yrs.*A DRC was given for an honest review.

    13. Alyson-Magaly-Alexy on said:

      Chronique complète : au-boulevard-du-livre-enfants.________________________________________Anansi est nouveau en ville. C'est le meilleur ami des araignées, ce qui lui procure quelques avantages. De plus, il a un bon sens de déduction ainsi qu'un côté comique. Mais Jack est sûr que Anansi est un troll et il est prêt à tout pour le démontrer, même si cela crée de la bisbille. Les sorts que Jack décide d’exécuter ne se passent jamais comme prévu et il est tellement déterminé à d [...]

    14. Megan Marvel on said:

      Overall, cute story for upper elementary/middle schoolers, but I must say that even though Jack was quite a jerk, his friends can't really be called his friends. They immediately ditched him for the new kid (several times) and wouldn't hear him out. That's not true friendship. I don't want kids learning from this terrible example.

    15. Kalyn on said:

      My 3rd grade daughter and I read this book and she loved know the characters and how they seemed more like her. This was a fun read for both of us.

    16. mypoppingthoughts on said:

      My 5 y/o super love the adventures of the characters as well as the pictures of the book. Now I am awaiting for this book to be available here in my country for me to add it in our little library. :)

    17. Cat on said:

      Quick fun read for young fairy tale lovers! I'd guess 2nd grade up would enjoy this silly story. It's a fun take on fairy tales most children will be familiar with. Worth a read!

    18. Heather on said:

      My daughter absolutely loved reading this book together and can't wait to read the next one!

    19. Library Kerry on said:

      4.5/ 2nd-4th: Well written book for beginning readers. Just wish it would be in a lower reading level. Might be a good read aloud.

    20. Jennifer on said:

      A little higher than the early, early reader chapter books.Ages 7 & up.

    21. Carla Johnson-Hicks on said:

      What a great idea for a book and series. Taking characters from fairytales, folktales and Mother Goose and spinning new stories around them. I liked that the characters were described in depth at the end of the story. I also think this will arouse interest in some of the fairytales and folktales that are getting forgotten in this time of superheroes.This is a great book for late primary children looking to read "chapter books". Red (Red Riding Hood), Jack (Jack and the beanstalk fame), Rapunzel [...]

    22. Bruce Gargoyle on said:

      I received a copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.3.5 starsTen Second Synopsis:When new kid Anansi moves to town, Jack (from the Beanstalk) can't shake the feeling that there is something shady about him. After Jack tries to prove his theory, things start going from bad to worse, and Jack must decide how far he is prepared to go to get to the truth.As early chapter books featuring rehashed fairy tale characters go, this one is of quite a high quality. The Little Legends series fea [...]

    23. Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary) on said:

      The Spell Thief is a cute and engaging story that is perfect for beginning chapter readers. It can easily be worked through alone, or be a great story for parents to read with their children. The illustrations are wonderful. Even though they're not colored, the kids look like they could step off the page at any moment and go cavorting across your desk. Simple but expressive, each character looks unique and memorable. This first Little Legends book features the well-known Jack (minus his beanstal [...]

    24. Stephanie Cover2CoverBlog on said:

      I was very excited to have gotten the first few books of this series from the publisher - I am really enjoying Fairy Tale re-tellings lately and this is a great Middle Grade adaptation.This is the first book in the series and we meet Jack, Red, the Twins - Hansel and Gretel, and the new guy Anansi. Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) is having concerns about this newcomer and is very suspicious of him. This leads Jack down a very dangerous plan to find out what Anansi is hiding (if anything).The [...]

    25. Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews* on said:

      The Spell Thief by Tom Percival is a super cute read that teaches the values of trust, honesty and respect. Percival puts a new spin on several classic nursery rhymes. The book inventive and imaginative. The story follows the adventures of Jack, Hansel, Gretel, Rapunzel, and Red. In his haste to prove his mistaken opinion of newcomer to the group, Anansi, Jack makes several very bad decisions. He nearly loses the respect of his friends when he becomes consumed with proving Anansi is not trust-wo [...]

    26. michelle on said:

      I read this one with my 6 year old and she really enjoyed it. The story was simple, but a fun twist on fairy tale characters and had a lot of important lessons for Jack to learn about friendship and believing the best in others instead of the worst. A good series for young elementary aged kids.

    27. Teresa Edmunds on said:

      "Little Legends" is quite appropriate for this book because there is very little in the story from the original fairy tales of Jack in the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and others. Readers looking for fractured fairy tales or twist on old classics might be disappointed. What you will find though, is a story of friends overcoming misunderstandings and learning to forgive and be honest with each other. Jack thinks that the new kid, Anansi, is a Troll spy. But when none of his friends [...]

    28. Betsy on said:

      Although I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, all opinions are my own.This was a partially illustrated book and was BEAUTIFUL. I loved the artwork. The story wasn't as fantastic for me, but it was still pretty good. You get to follow Jack (from Jack and the beanstalk) and his talking chicken Betsy (how can that not be good!?) When the new boy comes into town, Jack knows there is something up with him. He goes a bit overboard trying to prove it. So, he tries multiple ways to [...]

    29. Steph on said:

      I did not enjoy this fractured fairy tale much. I think the "average" 2nd/3rd grader won't know who Anansi is and that will take away greatly from the story. On the other hand, this did cause me to purchase an Anansi book for my library so once that gets circulated I might end up purchasing this story for my kids. I just didn't enjoy it the way I do The Land of Stories, but maybe that's not a fair comparison because this is geared toward another age level. Ah well, my personal rating would be a [...]

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