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Argonauts Some called her a sorceress though what she did was science Medea was a genomancer a programmer of human genetic code She could extend someone s life turn an ugly duckling into a startling beauty

  • Title: Argonauts
  • Author: Kevin Kneupper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some called her a sorceress, though what she did was science Medea was a genomancer, a programmer of human genetic code She could extend someone s life, turn an ugly duckling into a startling beauty, and cure the most stubborn of diseases She d have spent her life helping those who needed it, if only she could have But the Argo Corporation didn t pay her to help peopleSome called her a sorceress, though what she did was science Medea was a genomancer, a programmer of human genetic code She could extend someone s life, turn an ugly duckling into a startling beauty, and cure the most stubborn of diseases She d have spent her life helping those who needed it, if only she could have But the Argo Corporation didn t pay her to help people It paid her to remake their warriors into the ultimate fighting machines Men with claws, and teeth to match Men with the reflexes of cats and the strength of a bear What was once the stuff of fantasy was now real, and corporations the world over were all using genomancers to build armies of their own Medea was comfortable in her lab, and she would have stayed there given the choice She was one of the few who still had a job, now that most of the world s occupations had been automated away, and she lived a life of relative luxury But she didn t count on being pulled into the machinations of two of the biggest corporations on the planet And she didn t count on meeting Jason Jason was a shareholder, one of the few, and wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of the masses He was tall, handsome, and rich, and he could have lived an idle life of ease He d chosen to be a warrior instead But his father had kept him from fighting any actual battles, and years of grueling training left him with disgust for anyone who d stoop to using a genomancer to cut to the front of the line Now Jason s father is dead, and things have changed He s been summoned by Pelias, the CEO of the Argo Corporation, and assigned to a dangerous mission in a strange land full of wonders And he hasn t been given a choice about who he ll take with him Medea She was born in the city they re heading to, and she s indispensable to the mission Now Jason is forced to protect someone he sees as a cheater, someone whose genetic shortcuts can only taint a warrior s honor He can t stand her, and he can t stand what she does for a living But he ll need her if he expects to survive the trials to come Can a warrior and a scientist find love despite the conflicts between them How will the wonders of the past echo in the wonders of the future What will people do to themselves when every bit of their genetic code can change in an instant And will they still be human any when they re done

    Argonauts Argonaut Liquors Official Site Subscribe to receive the latest news and offers from Argonaut Liquor Argonaut Greek mythology Britannica Argonaut Argonaut, in Greek legend, any of a band of heroes who went with Jason in the ship Argo to fetch the Golden Fleece Jason s uncle Pelias had usurped the throne of Iolcos in Thessaly, which rightfully belonged to Jason s father, Aeson Pelias promised to surrender his kingship to Jason if the Argonauts Define Argonauts at Dictionary Argonauts definition, a member of the band of men who sailed to Colchis with Jason in the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece See . Argonauts definition of Argonauts by The Free Dictionary And now, after having been long on the way in this fashion, we Argonauts of the ideal, courageous perhaps than prudent, and often enough shipwrecked and brought to grief, nevertheless dangerously healthy, always healthy again, it would seem as if, in recompense for it all, that we have a still undiscovered country before us, the boundaries of which no one has yet seen, a beyond to all Toronto Argonauts Official Site TORONTO The Toronto Argonauts announced today the club has signed International WR Derel Walker Walker, , played games for Edmonton last season, catching The Argonauts Maggie Nelson An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, language, and family Maggie Nelson s The Argonauts is a genre bending memoir, a work of autotheory offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language.At its center is a romance the story of the author s relationship with the artist Harry Dodge. Argonauts timelessmyths Apollonius of Rhodes Argonautica Of all the accounts about Jason and the Argonauts, the most authoritative version came from Apollonius of Rhodes His work titled the Argonautica, which was an epic poem written during the mid rd century BC.People usually referred to this epic by other English titles, such as the Argonauts or the Quest of the Golden Fleece. The Argonauts Graywolf Press Maggie Nelson s The Argonauts is a genre bending memoir, a work of autotheory offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language At its center is a romance the story of the author s relationship with artist Harry Dodge This story, which includes the author s account of falling in love with Dodge, who is Jason and the Argonauts Jun , Directed by Don Chaffey With Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack, Gary Raymond, Laurence Naismith The legendary Greek hero leads a team of intrepid adventurers in a perilous quest for the legendary Golden Fleece.

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    One thought on “Argonauts

    1. Emma on said:

      3.5 StarsI love mythical retellings and this is certainly one of the most innovative. Kneupper has taken the details of 'Jason and the Argonauts' and moulded them into a high tech, futuristic thriller. It shouldn't work, but it does. The ancient Greek names and themes actually seem to feed perfectly into the world created by the author. The quest to find the Golden Fleece is reworked as an attempt by one Corporation to steal data from another, each massive, powerful company formed along the line [...]

    2. Koeur on said:

      koeur.wordpress/2016/05/2Publisher: Book Enthusiast PromotionsPublishing Date: March 2016ISBN: 9781530820290Genre: SciFiRating: 2.4/5Publishers Description: Some called her a sorceress, though what she did was science. Medea was a genomancer, a programmer of human genetic code. She could extend someone’s life, turn an ugly duckling into a startling beauty, and cure the most stubborn of diseases. She’d have spent her life helping those who needed it, if only she could have.Review: A pretty co [...]

    3. Shannon on said:

      I received a copy of this book from BookLover CatLady in return for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you.Although it took me until I was more than halfway through to click to the Jason and the Argonauts story (I know bad moment for me) I loved the book, I think the only thing I wasn't partial to was the change in paces throughout it.But, the thought of modifying and mutating your genetic code to improve your looks or other aspects such as building the ultimate army, it sparked my curiosity r [...]

    4. Brie on said:

      Disclaimer: I'm not actually familiar with the original Jason and Medea story, only the very very basics, so this review is mostly a reaction to this story as it is.It took me until the end of the book to realize what to call it. Part guilty pleasure and part entertaining fanfiction-eqsue retelling. I love retellings and this book offered a unique concept for retelling an ancient story. The plot was highly active and kept a brisk pace, and I think there's no denying that the characters were thor [...]

    5. Sharon on said:

      Book Enthusiast Promotions and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Argonauts, in exchange for an honest review.Medea works for the Argo Corporation, turning ordinary humans into super beings called the Argonauts. When Jason, who has now become a major shareholder for the Argo Corporation due to his father's untimely death, is summoned by the CEO, he is assigned a very dangerous mission. With Medea tasked to go with Jason, will they be able to put their obvious differences aside, in [...]

    6. Enzo on said:

      If you are a fan of the Percy Jackson novels you'll find the similarities are there. Maybe not the same style of which Riordan is so good at. But mixing sci-fi and mythology is quite fun. A great re-telling of one great Greek hero. For those not yet understanding "Argonauts" tells the story of Medea the sorcerer/witch from the legend of Jason. As in Jason and the Argonauts. Yes, the one that went after the Golden Fleece. In this book Medea is a genetic engineer, in the city/corporation of Argos. [...]

    7. Mandy on said:

      I thought this book was ok. The author spent very little time developing the characters or their relationships. When Jason and Medea's relationship became romantic I was completely confused, I literally turned back pages to see if I'd skipped pages. It went from Jason strongly disliking her to taking her in his arms in a matter of paragraphs and as a reader I had zero understanding of where that came from. The plot line had potential but in the end it fell short.

    8. D.C. Triana on said:

      “…You’re exactly what the Argo Corporation needs in a warrior. Looks like today’s your lucky day. Welcome to the Argonauts.” What if you could change any aspect of yourself, from your nose to the color of your eyes, to your actual body type? That’s what Medea does. She concocts DNA codes that create super soldiers called Argonauts. She is one of the best genomancers in the city of Argo.Then there’s Jason…the startlingly handsome, yet obnoxious shareholder. He’s a fighter who li [...]

    9. J.A. Kalis on said:

      The novel is a very original and futuristic take on one of the oldest heroic myths, the ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. It’s brilliantly written. I was impressed by the author’s imagination and his ability to craft such a fantastic tale. He created a gripping new reality set in the future. The scenes and settings are vividly described. The characters are well developed. The storyline is moving, engaging and flows smoothly. The story gripped me from the beginning and kept m [...]

    10. Mark Palmer on said:

      DID NOT FINISH! I read good things about this online, but I found it slow, tedious, and uninteresting. I managed to get to Chapter 6, just over 50 pages in (about 18% of the book) before I had to take a break. It has been over a year and I have not been able to bring myself back to this story. I don't know if it is the writing style of the author, or this book in particular, but I'm giving up. The "They Who Fell" series sounds interesting, but I won't be taking a chance on it anytime soon - ther [...]

    11. Haley Legg on said:

      Great retelling!This was a great retelling of Jason and the Argonauts. Use of the original ideas was well done with a futuristic and very relevant slant. It is sci-fi, but built and told in a way that is entirely believable.

    12. Mylinda on said:

      This book was okay. It is not anything I thought it was going to be. I kept waiting for it to get better. This definitely what I call a young adult book with not much emotion.

    13. Ashlyn Barnard on said:

      Loved every bit of it.An ancient myth told in new standards. I was skeptical at first, but then I found myself enjoying the intellectual talk behind genomancy and really getting into it all. It seemed a bit slow at first, but it picked up nicely and eventually things ended in a satisfying way. I would defintely recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind reading all the technical talk.

    14. Dave on said:

      While I'm fine with a simply written story, I really found the writing pretty lame.

    15. Linda T Kirk on said:

      Loved. This. Book.I'm a fan of updated stories, especially fairy tales. This is not an updated version of a fairy tale. It is the sci-fi version of one of my favorite sword-and-sorcery movies of all time and I absolutely loved the re-telling of the story. I'm hoping the author will write new versions of the old Sinbad movies as well. I'm already a fan.

    16. Lisa P on said:

      Kneupper does a great job of bringing the story of Jason and the argonauts to a genetically enhanced future.

    17. Cmadler on said:

      After I finished this, I was like Austin Powers: "Yes, Yes, Yes! NO NO!"In theory this book was right up my alley: a science fiction take on the Greek legends of Jason, the Argonauts, the Golden Fleece, and of course Medea. The concept was strong and for a while the delivery was pretty good too. Midway through the book, though -- right around the time Medea and Jason started falling in love -- it started to slowly go downhill.If I'm really being honest though, what ruined it more than anything w [...]

    18. Amanda on said:

      Starting this book, I didn't know it was a retelling of Jason and the Argonauts until it mentioned the golden fleece for the first time. I'm not very familiar with the Greek story anyway so it was fun to just read the book as a stand alone.The story immediately sucked me in and I couldn't wait to read more. The sci-fi setting was incredibly imaginative and realistic. I can imagine our world eventually developing into the world in this book. The possibility of programming genetic DNA as if it wer [...]

    19. Melek on said:

      Some sort of a disclaimer: I didn't know the myth about Jason and the Argonauts, so I read it as an original novel, not as a retelling. I don't know how related it is to the myth and frankly, I don't care. Now that we're through with this, meet Argonauts: Argo Corporation's warriors. They jump from buildings, they get shit done, they kick enemy ass only in the vids. Behind the scenes is another story entirely. Jason doesn't know about this though, he only knows that he wants to be one of them an [...]

    20. Tammi on said:

      This is a futuristic, science-fiction retelling of the classic Greek mythological fable, Jason and the Argonauts. This story comes complete with a plethora of characters from the fable, including Jason and Media, Circe, Mopsus the seer, Tiphys the Argo's pilot, the Argo itself, Pelias and Aeetes, Phineas and the Harpies, Khalkotauroi the bulls, the skeletons, The Golden Fleece, and. uncommon in Mythologya happy ending!In this retelling, there are 5 major cities in the future and they each compet [...]

    21. Michael on said:

      This is a science fiction re-telling of the Jason and the Argonauts Story from Greek Mythology. Pelias is the troubled CEO of Argos, one of the top 5 conglomerates in the world (another being Walmazon). He constantly worries about keeping his position. People at this time are either one of the few rich and powerful shareholders in the corporations, work for the corporation, or are stakeholders. The majority of the Stakeholders cannot find employment because automation has replaced them. Stakehol [...]

    22. Ross Armstrong on said:

      I received an advanced ecopy from Netgalley for an honest review.This is an interesting futuristic YA reworking of the Jason and the Argonauts story told from the perspective of Medea. In this world, Medea is a genomancer, able to alter peoples' genetic makeup to make them whatever they want to be. She also uses her abilities to cure disease and help those unable to help themselves.Jason is the son of a shareholder, one of the wealthiest people in the Argo Corporation, He just wants to be a warr [...]

    23. Alyssa Lane on said:

      So this book was cute, but it was not as good as the They Who Fell series.It was so cutesy? Sometimes a little too cliche for my taste. I got super excited in the beginning because I really wanted Medea and Tiphys to be a thing (another Ron/Hermione set up), but instead, of course, it had to be Jason. It was just so over the top mushy. I like romance, but this wasn't very convincing. They go from not being able to stand each other to instalove in a week all while on this deadly mission.And then [...]

    24. Elizabeth on said:

      Starts out strong, but struggles in the endI like the premise a lot! Two ideas are there, and the framework for an interesting series is laid. That being said, the character interactions just fall woefully short. In the beginning you get a brief idea of what the personalities for the two main characters are, but it feels like those traits are abandoned a quarter into the book. Medea starts out seeming like a pretty confident character, but just turns into a puddle the second Jason starts giving [...]

    25. T.J. Lantz on said:

      Combing the mythological stories of the Argonauts, with futuristic genetic manipulation, Kneupper has crafted an exciting sci-fi tale that reimagines an old story in a fantastic new way. Following the adventures of Jason, a super-soldier and product of the genetic code enhancements provided by Argo Corp, and genomancer Medea, Argonauts is faced paced, without skimping on immersive world building or short changing the plot. Argonauts is well-written clear, clean prose, strong characterization, a [...]

    26. Ashley on said:

      This is a scifi re-telling of a story from Greek Mythology, one that I was not familiar with before reading this book. I personally did not find this book interesting, and perhaps had I of known about the original story I would have. The two main characters in this book are Medea and Jason. Medea who is a genomancer, which is a genetic scientist of sorts. She has the ability to change human DNA to change humans into whatever they would like -- particularly warriors in the case of this story. Jas [...]

    27. Misfits farm on said:

      An interesting read – a futuristic version of Jason and the Argonauts going in search of the Golden Fleece. Many names are the same as the traditional story but the difference and setting are worlds apart!This Jason has done everything he could to join the Argonauts and has been rejected every last time of his many applications. On his fathers’ death he finds out why- his father blocked him. Medea is a Genomancer whom we learn more about than any other character. A clever woman with a heart [...]

    28. Martin Perks on said:

      I remember the story of Jason and the Argonauts well, especially the film from the sixties. This is sort of a new take on that, except that it’s set in the future in a world controlled by the Argo Corp. Genetic engineering is now the norm, and while some people have been helped to be cured of horrific diseases and made beautiful after they were born ugly and so on, other’s have been made into fighting machines, at the Argo Corp’s beck and call. Medea is the person in charge of genetics whi [...]

    29. Kari Underwood on said:

      Better than I expected, a fun read!I rated this 4 out of 5--four for the excellent plot work, the suspense and creativity of the sci-fi world, and the romance that grabs you right in the feels. The fifth point loss is because of the few times I felt that in their high tech digital world, there were some obvious moves the characters would have made but didn't, because the story was being sent in a purposeful direction. It is nitpicky though. Overall, I was satisfied by the writing style and drawn [...]

    30. Dmcl on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This story was engrossing and I found myself very caught up in the classic story of Jason, Medea and the Argonauts as it morphed into this tale of a quest set in a dystopian future. I kept looking up the mythological adventure so that I wouldn't miss any of the parallel details unfolding in the future. If you love mythology and fantasy literature, then this novel will be right for you.The author is an exceptional writer and the characters are [...]

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