The Wishing Tree

William Faulkner

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The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree A strange boy with red hair leads a birthday girl and her companions on a hunt for the wishing tree which brings them many suprising and magical adventures

  • Title: The Wishing Tree
  • Author: William Faulkner
  • ISBN: 9780685332443
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A strange boy with red hair leads a birthday girl and her companions on a hunt for the wishing tree which brings them many suprising and magical adventures.

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      113 William Faulkner
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    One thought on “The Wishing Tree

    1. s.p on said:

      ”On the night before your birthday if you get into bed left foot first and turn the pillow over before you go to sleep, anything might happen”So begins the magical, whimsical tale The Wishing Tree by none other than the great William Faulkner. Dulcie, a young girl, wakes on her birthday to find a mysterious stranger in her room who whisks her, the other children, the maid Alice, and a 92 year old man away on a magical adventure full of wishes come true. This rare book is actually quite good [...]

    2. M. on said:

      Gerçeğin düşle birbirine karıştığı büyülü bir çocuk kitabi. Çevirisi de oldukça güzel.

    3. Siv30 on said:

      ספר חביב אך לא מייצג של הכתיבה של פוקנר. אגדה על ילדה ביום הולדתה יוצאת למסע לעץ המשאלות עם חבורת ילדים והמטפלת שלהם אליס. אותה אליס היא דמות פארודית ונוקדנית, מעצבנת ונודניקית של אליס מארץ הפלאות."בחיים שלי לא ראיתי חייל שניצח במשהו במלחמה. מצד שני, מלחמות של אנשים לבנים בדרך [...]

    4. Larnacouerde SH on said:

      "Doğum gününden bir önceki gece yatağa sol ayağınla girer ve uyumadan önce yastığı ters çevirirsen her şey olabilir." Yaa. :')

    5. Rita Gonzaga on said:

      O Faulkner colocou o seu coração nesta pequena história - e ainda bem que o fez, porque nos permitiu, assim, aumentar o nosso. Devíamos todos ler mais livros infantis. Estes que nos lembram porque é que começámos a ler em primeiro lugar, e que nos dão vontade de perpetuar o vício. De ler aos outros e de os fazer crer - como nós já cremos outrora- na fantasia e na maravilha da magia.

    6. Victoria on said:

      Çocuk Kitaplarını gerçekten seviyorum Anlatılmak istenenler çok masum ve güzel duygular. Aslında bence insanın her yaşta okuması gerekiyor. Ama maalesef ülkemizde pek hoş karşılanan bir durum değil ne yazık ki

    7. Mehmet Kır on said:

      Kitabın kurgusu fena degil ama biraz tat ve tuz konusunda eksiklikleri vardı. Yazarın dili oldukça yalın.** 2 yıldız / 2 stars **

    8. Silvia Sirea on said:

      Un nonno che scrive una storia per una nipotina è un cosa di enorme dolcezza; se poi il nonno in questione è William Faulkner, allora, questa storia, bisogna proprio leggerla - e in un baleno!Ogni bambina o bambino – e oserei estendere il concetto anche ai non bambini - vorrebbe vivere le avventure di Dulcie, la piccola buona protagonista che il giorno del suo compleanno si sveglia e, ad accoglierla nella sua stanza, trova un bambino con i capelli rossi che le prospetta grandi avventure. E D [...]

    9. Val on said:

      I doubt you will find this on the bookshelves of children's libraries today. I found it stuck in with the other great Faulkner tomes in my local library. A short little read---if you will, a Southern Alice in Wonderland. Of course it is brilliant; isn't everything by Faulkner brilliant? This was the only children's book he ever wrote and it was personally written and bound for an eight year old for her birthday and never meant to be published. It is rare and out of print--you can still procure i [...]

    10. Paula on said:

      a short but good fairy tale that caught my attention for half an hour and fulfilled my need for some magic.

    11. Marisa Bantjes on said:

      Sweet memory of memorable childhood reading. I never realized it was written by William Faulkner, his only work for children, and that it is now a quite sought after rare itemIt is the story of the dream experience of young Dulcie and an assortment of companions searching for the Wishing Tree on the eve of her birthday. The moral of the story, taught by St Francis who appears in the dream experience, is that if you are kind to helpless things, you do not need a Wishing Tree to make things come t [...]

    12. Cybelle on said:

      Ótima tradução. Leitura fluida e envolvente! Cheia de mistérios!

    13. Anatl on said:

      A very christian morality story that feels outdated to me, and contains way too many stereotypes.

    14. Fraggle on said:

      Tiene una hermosa moraleja. Me encantan las historias para niños porque son hermosas sin ser demasiado complicadas. 💕

    15. Erica Bombardi on said:

      Edição primorosa, todo colecionador deveria ter.A história é interessante, mas não funciona mais para nossas crianças. Gostei de ler pois é curtinha, mostra a cara do escritor em um momento de descontração (ele escrevia histórias infantis para presentear filhos de amigos. Meu filho mais velho teria odiado certamente, ele está na fase do presente = brinquedo), tem design nota 10.***Exquisite edition, every collector should have. The story is interesting but no longer works for our chil [...]

    16. Nayeli on said:

      So, I visited the US Embassy Library and I had about an hour to kill, I found this book hidden among the other huge tomes by Faulkner, the book jacket description caught my attention: a rare story by the author, with various handmade editions, never before published, it was also a 1964 first edition hardcover book, and illustrated. To my dismay I found it was treated badly by whoever read it before me, as it had writing all over it, albeit with pencil but some pages had basically the whole story [...]

    17. Kaung Myat Han on said:

      Quite a short book. I managed to read it within a half hour give or take. I've never read books by the Nobel-Prize winning American author William Faulkner before. So, I decided to give it a try by picking up this short fairy-tale like story "The Wishing Tree". A nice read but mediocre at best though. Faulkner is best known for his stream of consciousness writing style in books like The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying. He also wrote hundreds of short stories too. The best part of this book [...]

    18. Brad Wojak on said:

      This is an odd little novella, and I waffled between 3 and 4 stars. Imagine if you will "Alice in Wonderland" retold by Faulkner, and you might come close to this book. I had no idea that Faulkner had writen a children's book, but once I found out, I headed to my local library to check this one out. It is a quick, and slightly disjointed read. If you are a Faulkner fan it's well worth a look.

    19. Ana Chávez on said:

      4.5/5 This little children's book was so much fun to read. It was so magical and whimsical. You can see the influence of philosophy and religion hidden every now and then. But it is also just a mix of magic and nonsense.

    20. André on said:

      De uma delicadeza e inocência ímpares, esse conto é muito gostoso de se ler.

    21. Margie on said:

      I read this just for fun, because I had never read it and it's a very cute little story with a wonderful moral.

    22. Tammy on said:

      This is one of my favorite books, maybe because I got it when I was very little. Maybe it's the juxtaposition of fantasy and reality and wishful thinking.

    23. Storm on said:

      Hard to follow. Seems like it has a pretty neat idea behind it but it was choppy and wasn't easy to get into the story at all.

    24. Brian on said:

      Sort of the kind of kid's book you'd expect from Faulkner. Weird squinty children, purposeful deceit, comic abuse. Not particularly essential.

    25. Jackson Matthews on said:

      What a wonderful, sweet, and inspiring story. Dulcie's birthday wish for an exciting day comes true with some lessons to carry her throughout many days more.

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